10 Best Photo Sharing WordPress Themes 2019

A picture is worth a thousand words. Indeed! Photography is an art that typically makes events memorable, significant and timeless. These days, photo sharing has become one of the most popular and effective ways of communication. No wonder why we see a lot of photo sharing websites on the web that offers awesome services worldwide. We can find sites that offer photo sharing for free while we may also find sites that implement a charge to host and share images. If you plan to build a photo sharing website soon, you better check out this list of photo sharing WordPress themes we’ve handpicked for you.

Photo sharing has now become a common way to communicate. Its existence in the digital world is not just limited to personal life but has become a great part of marketing strategy for many businesses. If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to venture on photo sharing business, you can skip the tedious task in building it from scratch. So, why not focus on how to grow your website instead of building it your own? Well, with photo sharing WordPress themes you will no longer have to spend time on coding. With these themes, you can instantly build a creative, visually appealing, and easy to navigate photo sharing website without difficulty.

We’ve collected this premium photo sharing WordPress themes to give you the perfect solution for your photo sharing website’s needs. These themes are built with plugins, latest web technologies, widgets and shortcodes that make them not just effective but powerful. The themes included in the list also features clean, slick and professional design. Therefore, the high-quality photos you will post or publish will look fantastic and attractive. If you’re in need of a photo sharing WordPress theme, you probably need to see this list!


aruna photo sharing WordPress theme

Looking for the best photo sharing WordPress themes? Are you thinking of acquiring the perfect theme for your photo sharing site? If you’ve landed on this page, I bet you’re really looking for the best theme to accomplish such a website. Photo sharing business needs to have a website that lets users easily post their photos or creativity. The site should also have a good user interface so users can easily navigate on your site. If you’d love to build your site with robustness, security, good functionality and aesthetically pleasing, you should consider using a WordPress theme for that. Here’s Aruna that we’ve handpicked for an intuitive business solution.

Aruna is a content sharing WordPress theme built using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3. It is fully responsive and is retina ready. Hence, your site will always look slick on all devices which can boost more mobile traffic and could mean higher conversion rates. Aruna has a front-end posting module that lets the user easily post a photo/image, video, quote, slider or any other. The theme also allows a user to save or bookmark the content they love as it integrates the booking system. Of course, Aruna is a sharing and is social-oriented theme built to help share photos or any content in your website.

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syncope photo sharing WordPress theme

There are many ways that you can build your business online. If you plan to create a photo sharing website, you can pick excellent photo sharing WordPress themes from different online markets. You can opt for Syncope, a photo sharing WordPress theme that has a clean, simple yet elegant design. It features front-end submission that users can register and log in to your site. This theme is compatible with BuddyPress to create a community within your site and users to communicate, follow each other, send messages, etc.

Syncope contains 20 photo filters so users can upload their photos, crop them as they wish, and use the filters as they desire. Since this theme is fully responsive, your content will look good on all devices. It’s also Retina-ready so the images or photos added in the site will always have high resolutions. Moreover, Syncope is fully compatible with WooCommerce so you can sell anything on your site. If you wish to write blogs for your users, it’s not a problem with Syncope, as you can post blogs in different layouts just as you wish.

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facepress photo sharing WordPress theme

Photos play a great role in making websites look aesthetically pleasing. When effectively used, these photos can help drive more traffic to your website as they are shared on social media. Therefore, a photo sharing website can turn into a successful business if you know how to market it. Here’s FacePress, a WordPress theme with multiple skins and layouts. This theme allows your users to easily upload content such as photo, audio or video while the user profile page allows the users to edit their account page with ease.

FacePress also lets you create unlimited custom posts and categorise them accordingly. Basically, you can create posts such as papers, people, locations, portfolios, galleries, etc. As FacePress has built-in registrations forms, your users can register or login to your site using their Facebook accounts. Moreover, the theme also has unlimited widgets, sidebars, shortcodes, that can make the site even more user-friendly.

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uploader photo sharing WordPress theme

Websites that offer awesome resources are truly in demand. The best part of photo sharing websites is that as an owner, you can monetize with your site through subscription, advertisement spots, etc. If you need a theme for such site, you should be looking at these photo sharing WordPress themes. Here’s Uploader that allows you to create an advanced media sharing site in no time! It also lets you manage your own social community and content sharing website. It comes with classic and modern demos so you can pick which one best suits your taste.

Uploader has all the features you need to be able to run and manage a photo sharing site with ease. It has a front-end publishing and built-in member system so users or member of your website can easily manage their profiles, shared contents and other details. In addition, this theme has 8 custom widgets to enhance website content visibility. Uploader also features infinity post loading. As this theme is built with SEO optimization in mind, your site is search-engine-friendly, too — a good way to boost your website.

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pin photo sharing WordPress theme

Photo sharing websites are one of the best ways to promote and market businesses. But in return, the site owner can also monetize with it through the placement of ads. Let your eyes feast on these photo sharing WordPress themes we’ve collected to aid you in building your website. Here’s Pin, a Pinterest style front-end submission that can help you create a fully functional photo sharing site in no time! Pin is a WordPress theme built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. With Pin, you can insert as many as 5 ads anywhere in the homepage.

With Pin theme, you don’t need to have the coding skills to build your site. As this theme lets you install it with just one click, you will never have difficulty in building a website. The live search feature of Pin can add to the user-friendliness of your site. That means before the user finishes typing their queries, they can get plenty of keyword suggestions of what they’re looking for. Pin also features pagination or infinite scroll, unlimited sidebar, sticky header and more exclusive, interesting attributes.

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foot photo sharing WordPress theme

Photos are indeed very important for the web community. Without photos, your website will look dull and lifeless. That’s why there are numerous photographers who want to share seamless and engaging photos to the online space. If you plan to provide photo sharing services, you might want to see Foot, a useful theme we’ve added in this photo sharing WordPress themes. Foot has features that can make a photo sharing website stand out. It offers front-end submissions where users/photographers can submit their awesome shots with ease, to be spread across the web.

The theme also contains widgets, sidebar, drop down and gallery images, etc. that contribute to the outstanding performances of the theme. Foot has 10 awesome widgets for showing recent posts, popular posts, latest reviews, popular reviews, most used tags and more. All of these can be easily implemented through the use of widgets. Basically, this theme has 6 unique demos that can be imported easily. For a more powerful user interface, Foot is built with flyout navigation for mobile and tablets.

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Video News

video news photo sharing WordPress theme

Content without images is not that eye-catching, right? Needless to say, photos can make your content more attractive, meaningful and can do so much for any business. If you wish to have the best photo sharing WordPress themes for your upcoming website, you can use Video News. It’s a WordPress magazine/newspaper theme that can also be a perfect solution for your photo sharing website needs. It has two demos that have different styles – the red color scheme and the black one. With Video News, your website is just a click away as this theme can easily be imported using one-click demo installation.

Video News features front-end submission for users to submit their own media content. The theme is full of widgets that make it user-friendly. Furthermore, if you wish to place ads on the pages or homepage, that’s also possible with Video News. Through the use of sliders, multiple images or videos can be displayed well. These compelling images or photos can draw new visitors into your site and can boost it in the long run.

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katla photo sharing WordPress theme

Build photo sharing websites with beautiful photo sharing WordPress themes. Here’s Katla, an effective user-generated content theme that’s also perfect for photo sharing sites. Katla allows users to upload and share contents with ease. It also allows other users to vote up or down as an indication of content appreciation or devaluation. Katla was built using HTML5, CSS3 and is fully compatible with Bootstrap 3.

Katla contains the live demo customizer that lets you see the changes you want to implement in your site. Whether you want to apply sidebars to your homepage or not, show or hide adspots, change the background color or the background image, etc., all of these can easily be applied, and you will be able to see instant results in no time! With this theme, you can create a very interesting and eye-catching website in just a few clicks.

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snaptube photo sharing WordPress theme

Photo sharing websites help photographers, entrepreneurs, or creative individuals to showcase their creative works for personal or business purposes. As photos play a vital role in the overall design of websites, sharing free or premium photos on the web community is truly valuable. Here’s Snaptube, a video WordPress theme that can also be applied in building photo sharing websites.

Snaptube has advanced options that make it flexible, powerful and intuitive. It lets users submit content such as videos or images without hassle. Once the content is added on the site, other users or visitors can share it with ease. The theme is also fully compatible with BuddyPress, AdRotate and WordPress Video Gallery that can enhance the look and feel of your website.

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videotouch photo sharing WordPress theme

There are various photo sharing WordPress themes that you can find on the internet. However, it may be hard for you to acquire the best, feature-rich themes. Well, you may check out VideoTouch, a Video WordPress theme that can also be the perfect solution for photo sharing websites. This theme lets users upload content without accessing dashboards. It also features a beautiful mega menu for easy navigation and maximization of SEO performance. If you want to place ads on your homepage, you may also implement it without hassle, as this theme provides several ad spots. Altogether, this theme can help you create a powerful website with a responsive and mobile-first design.

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