14 Truly Minimalist WordPress Themes 2018

Are you ready to see 14 great Minimalist WordPress Themes perfect for you? Now you might asks us why are we only featuring minimalist themes? And the answer is pretty obvious, because it is trendy and most people like the style.

A great delusion creators think is that minimalist themed websites are easier to design. Au contraire, my friend! With the artist only having fewer tools than usual to provide a higher level of usability, while also designing a theme to be aesthetically pleasing. That is expert level artistry! How do they do it? Easy! They wisely use the space to provide a stunning visuals while using a striking typography.

The main benefit of minimalist designs are their utmost focus on content. They do so by focusing the users’ attention on the limited visuals to further heighten their value. If this is what you need for your website the most, then browse through the 14 Minimalist WordPress Themes below.

The Edge of Minimalist Designs

Minimalist designs are easy to recognize. First, their minimalism, which gives your site a lot of negative space. Second, they use a large HD imagery that really takes the center stage. Third, their outstanding typography. Fourth, the harmonious contrast between minimal content and abundant space. Fifth, since minimalist themed websites contains few content, you provide your audience with a foolproof navigation system that leads your audience to the content you want them to see. Furthermore, since they have a simplistic navigational system, you can arrange your visual content in such a way that there is a hierarchy or a step-by-step on how you want them to proceed. And lastly, the involvement of flat elements that really speaks minimalism to your targeted audiences.

Everything in a minimalist themed website seems simple. However, to create a minimalist design, a designer must have a sharp eyes and solid expertise in creating a minimalist designed themes. That is why we offer you the freedom from the extra efforts from thinking and creating a minimalist design from scratch, and offer you a pre-designed minimalist themes designed from the team Temple Monster. They are the leaders in the industry, creating a whole plethora of themes for anyone and everyone who wants to make a successful website.

These minimalist themes are designed for WordPress CMS, making the need for extensive technical skills to customize and maintain your website a thing of the past! This is the reason why WordPress is the most popular platform worldwide. You can do absolutely everything out of your WordPress themes, such as; change whatever you want to change, replace the default content with your own content, upload your photos and videos, play with color schemes and so much more! Add your personal touch and feel to your future website with WordPress. It won’t take you long with these pre-designed themes. So, take your pick and create the website of your dreams!

Dentist’s WordPress Theme

Do you need a theme perfect for your dental clinic? Then this theme is created just for you. A minimalist themed website with clean design that is very important in order to present a medical professionalism to your clients. It speaks safety, confident and professionalism of the enterprise you own. This minimalist design is one of the ‘trusted’ ones thanks to its HD imagery, abundant white space, subtle animations, perfect team and testimonials presentation, harmonious content styling, and user-friendly navigation.

Do you think a website theme perfect for presenting online agricultural companies does not exist? Think again! This minimalist designed theme with its full-screen slider shows a perfect farmland yielding heavy crops. The main menu is under it and becomes visible as you start to scroll down the website. Show your audience and future clients the products that you supply with the used of hover effects this theme features. This makes the website more interactive and fun for the audience. And lastly, it has a subtle borders that separate one content area from another, providing your audience with an easy to follow navigation layout.

Agriculture Business WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Modern Windows & Doors Responsive WordPress Theme

Do you find it hard to look for a pre-designed theme for your company’s website that sells windows and doors? Well, look no further as this minimalist theme is perfect for you. This theme features effects such as; Parallax which give the visitors the illusion of full immersion to the site’s environment, Ghost buttons which perfectly fit the minimalist layout of the theme, and lastly, a main menu with fixed position. Furthermore, you can showcase the products your company provides with the show slider. Moreover, the text comes in horizontal list. And lastly, this theme provides a simple icons that help make it cleaner, professional and understandable for your audience and future clients.

Looking for a theme that passed all the requirements needed for an appealing, modern cafe or restaurant? Then look no further! This is the perfect theme for your website. With its fair colors that prevails over the layout, creating that cozy, yet professional feeling while also making the dishes featured look delicious! The main menu is hidden, saving the page from looking cluttered. Moreover, the subtle use of bricks and wooden textures by the author imparts a unique feel to the site’s layout. Furthermore, the theme is supplied with Lazy Load effect, which allows you to embed video and audio files.

Cafe And Restaurant WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

fasResponsive WordPress Theme for Design Studio

If you want to present a design studio your own way, this theme is for you. Differentiate your company from many others with this flavorful, yet rich-in-feature minimalist themed website. The theme is not only good-looking, but also full of useful features such as; Parallax, Lazy Load effect, Bootstrap and Cherry Framework, and many more. You can read much more about the features it contains in its comprehensive documentation.

A fashion design themed WordPress. The author of this minimalist theme for fashion-related businesses makes a powerful accent on the theme’s visual appeal. Artistically designed to make your audience glued to your full-screen slider images. Providing you with features such as; Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, and Slider gallery scripts that are included by default. Furthermore, the Parallax effect makes the photos you put in even more impressive. Lastly, the theme is SEO friendly and WPML ready, making it easy to grow your presence on the internet.

A minimalist themed WordPress that can make any financial or consultant firm related website cool. With memorable logo and banners which are supplied with zooming effect to produce that professional look that your enterprise needs. Furthermore, they significantly enhanced the main navigation system. Helping your audience walked through your website easily. The company services are listed in three columns and supplied with icons, further fool-proofing the navigation system. With the red buttons and other elements featured that help guide your users’ eyes through the web page.

You might say that a car wash company doesn’t need a website, well, you’re wrong. In order for your business to reach all of its potential clients and potential business partner, then you need to create a stunning website to call them out. This is why we featured this interesting theme for car wash company. A minimalist themed WordPress that’s specifically for car wash businesses. With features such as Slider images that show the innovation and finesse the technology your car washing company uses. Not only that, the imitation of realistic environment via photos draws the users’ attention to the essential information you want them to know. Furthermore, the circular banners are also there to help you decorate the layout and grab your users’ attention. Lastly, with fully usable social sharing icons at both top and bottom of the page to easily spread out your presence online.

Exterior Design WordPress Template

Details | Demo

Corporate WordPress Theme

Here is a great solution for your corporation. Thanks to its minimalist design, the user will immediately understand that they can get a reliable partner focused on their needs and goals. The theme is responsive and cross-browser compatible, so your user won’t be limited by the choice of gadget to access your website from. The theme possess all user-friendly features of Cherry Framework.

Drondo Corporate WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Business Co Responsive WordPress Theme

Here is another solid theme to change your business future. Its main menu is hidden, to avoid cluttering your page. Two sliders will also save the space on the page. This theme presents the content neatly in a grid. Furthermore, the hover and transitional effects revive the serious layout and make it more ‘humane’.

Business Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Investment Co WordPress Theme

This theme can be used for financial companies and investment consultants. Its light-bluish layout is easy for the eyes and conveys the message of stability, reliability and professionalism. Furthermore, it has Parallax, Lazy Load effect, Cherry Framework and Bootstrap, as well as extensive documentation that will help customizing and launching your website quickly and easily. Everything depends on your desire and no level of technical expertise needed.

Investment Company WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

IT Co Responsive WordPress Theme

Running an IT company? Then this theme is a perfect fit for you. A very simple, yet efficient WordPress theme that can deliver a stunning product for your audience to see. It has everything from the start. Everything you need to create the best website is in your hands Furthermore, its has HTML plus JS animation to really bring that animation goodness in your website. And lastly, with prominent features available in the package such as: Admin Panel, Bootstrap, Cherry Framework, Responsive, WPML ready, to produce a top quality outcome you want to create.

IT Responsive WordPress Theme

Details | Demo

Financial Advice WordPress Theme

Get more customers for your financial or business company with the help of this theme. With its two sliders on the home page, to create that aesthetic simplicity. Pleasing your audience eyes, further encouraging them to look more. The oblique lines that separate one content area from another helps organize your site. While the geometric layouts gives a serious feeling. Furthermore, you can integrate audio or video files to tell more about your services.

An amazing theme for hotel presentation that will draw future clients to your business. Make them wow with the features such as; Slider and gallery viewer to showcase your hotel in the most stunning way possible. Tell your audience about the information regarding your hotel rooms, service and atmosphere. The main menu bar is transparent, giving your website that professional flare to it. The main menu becomes black and sticks to the top of the page as your customer start scrolls down. Moreover, this theme features hotel with the help of round banners, which are rare but surprisingly effective in giving that minimalistic look.

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