15 Best Membership Website Builder Software 2019

You can now start building your community like a pro with the right membership website builder. Whether you sell services and products on a recurring basis or you would like to give access to your premium content only to paid/sign-up members, these tools will help you make it do it.

Skip selling stuff to anonymous users, when you can encourage them to create an account and give you their info. And this info, you can use to get to know your customers better, as well as for future marketing campaigns. The options are endless when you have a large enough audience under control.

There is an assortment of full-blown membership website builders out there and all sorts of different plugins and extensions which will get you going in no time. They are affordable, easy to use and perfect for all levels of users, from beginners to experts.

Instead of scouring the web yourself, we did the work for you, collecting only the best options which you can implement into your business. From online courses, monthly product packages (Dollar Shave Club) and access to premium blog posts, eBooks, forums and other types of communities, create the exact membership website that you want.


subhub membership website builder

For a small monthly fee, you can gain access to a complete membership website builder that goes by the name SubHub. From the web design to web hosting and support, SubHub offers it all for you to take to your advantage and create the ideal page for your needs. There is no right or wrong way what for you would like to utilize the powerful features and functions of SubHub. Whether a subscription-based business, sharing custom, highly-researched content or you would like to create a community for your organization, you can make it happen all and then some with SubHub.

SubHub rocks quite a bunch of handy features that will ease the process of starting a membership page. From different approaches how to make money to ready-made responsive layouts, forums, events and in-depth analytics, the SubHub package is full of amazingness.

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Wild Apricot

wild apricot membership website builder

Managing and maintaining your membership portal becomes a piece of cake with Wild Apricot. It is a striking membership website builder that makes your lives a whole lot simpler. One tool that covers it all; one account from where you can hammer out the perfect page for your fresh new business. Or if you would like to expand your existing project with a membership area, Wild Apricot is definitely the software you should not miss checking out. Indeed, you can easily connect Wild Apricot to your current site and make it look ten times more appealing and useful.

Wild Apricot is perfect for an assortment of different purposes, like associations, clubs, non-profit organizations, churches, societies, you name it. Some of the features of Wild Apricot are online database, website builder, online payments, event management, communication through email and a mobile app. The latter makes your membership page work smoothly on all mobile devices which works in benefit to the owner and the end user.

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webstarts membership website builder

Webstarts is versatile and multi-purpose software which you can utilize as a membership website builder, too. While it does not specify in creating community and membership-based pages, you can use an app that will help you expand your page with a membership addition. To get the gist of it, you can also start with Webstarts for free and go from there. You will instantly notice how simple and quick crafting a page is. Thanks to the various predefined layouts and other components, anyone can hammer out a nifty web space with Webstarts.

When working with Webstarts, you also do not need to worry about stuff like web hosting and domain name registration. You can do it all from within your account what speeds up the process even further. Not to mention, Webstarts makes sure that your final product will work on all devices and browsing platforms flawlessly. After all, it follows all the latest trends and regulations for your page to stand the test of time.

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blackbaud membership website builder

Blackbaud is a powerful, sophisticated and advanced membership website builder ideal for organization. If you would like to scale your project to the Moon and then Mars, you should get your hands on Blackbaud. It covers all specters of building the website for your purpose, making sure you get the most out of it right off the bat. Blackbaud is great for non-profit organizations and fundraisers, helping you welcome on board more donors. In short, with Blackbaud, you can hammer out a fully functional and active online fundraising platform.

Once you get hit with the amazingness, Blackbaud brings to the table, you will have no trouble launching new campaigns regularly. Through its user-friendly management system, you can now customize and personalize the campaign; tailor it to a target audience precisely. Blackbaud also supports dynamic email campaigns and all sorts of digital marketing solutions to truly take your organization to the next level.

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membershipworks membership website builder

MembershipWorks is a complete membership software that connects with multiple content management systems fluently. You can now create any type of membership page once you gain access to all the perks and goodies that MembershipWorks has in store for its users. The limits truly are none when it comes to MembershipWorks. It will now be a small breeze managing your members, events, donations, registrations and all the rest that comes along regardless of your past experience. Even if you are a beginner, you will still witness a successful start of a membership page.

As far as the features go, MembershipWorks has a ton. Event calendar, members directory, online payments, forms, members-only content, custom fields and smart member search are just some of the amenities of this dope tool. For everyone just starting out, MembershipWorks also comes with professional support and a lot of training material for you to never feel lost.

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White Fuse

white fuse membership website builder

You only really need one platform that keeps your membership-related project organized. With this approach, you have a clearer overview and a much better chance to scale your community to the extreme levels. White Fuse is a membership website builder software for anything from communities, fundraisers, charities and many others in between. With the stunning, modern, responsive and high performing website, you will boost your clientele, donors and leads. Customize the look according to your needs and regulations without a sweat.

With White Fuse, you will have no trouble managing all your contacts, events and donations, as well as sending out personalized notifications. With brandable forms, White Fuse makes sure you grab the attention of more donors. White Fuse also sports automatic membership renewals, members-only content, Direct Debit and integrated member database. Before you dive in, you can also schedule a demo first and see White Fuse in action.

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podia membership website builder

Podia is a membership website builder that takes care of all parts of your online presence. Now, you don’t need to rely on a bunch of different tools to keep your membership page alive. With Podia, well, that is all you need – no 3rd-party plugins, no nothing. That said, when you would like to start banking on your passion, bring it into being with the contemporary Podia. No ifs, no buts, no maybes; Podia is the complete package of goodies and convenient functions that will realize your idea in a snap.

Let’s just list down a bunch of features, all the rest, you better discover yourself since we don’t want to ruin all the fun for you. In the Podia kit, you will find everything for online courses, memberships, digital downloads, email marketing and loads more. With over twenty thousand active users and counting, you know that Podia is a serious deal. You can also get things moving forward with the 14-day free trial and see how easy Podia actually is.

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shopify membership website builder

First and foremost, you need to know that Shopify is a stupendous eCommerce software for establishing any kind of online store you want. However, you also need to understand that the tool comes with what seems like an endless amount of features and apps. Meaning, if you couple Shopify with the appropriate membership app, you can relatively quickly set up your desired membership website.

For a small investment, you can take your membership and subscription project going in no time. On top of that, you don’t really need to hire a coder nor a designer to make a page with Shopify. The software is beginner-friendly and will never ask you for any prior programming knowledge. Moreover, Shopify also comes with outstanding ready-to-use templates which you can take to your full advantage. While you can use them out of the box, you can also adjust and brand them if necessary. There are no boundaries when doing the work with Shopify.

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weebly membership website builder

Weebly is another multi-purpose website builder, giving you a chance to set up your membership platform quickly. Bear in mind, similarly to Shopify, when you utilize Weebly for creating your web space, you will need Paid Members app to get going. Once fully set up, you can play around with countless features and functions that Weebly gives you access to. There are actually three pricing plans when it comes to the Paid Members app. If you are just kicking things off, the Basic plan will suffice. You can upgrade anytime anyway.

Some of the features you can take to your advantage are adding customers to your membership area instantly, Stripe and Paypal payments, MailChimp integration and more. The tool also automatically removes expired members, keeping your space organized. Weebly is perfect for online courses, coaching, digital products and even subscription boxes.

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webzoly membership website builder

Webzoly is an excellent membership website builder with a horde of goodies that anyone can profit from. You do not really need to be tech-oriented to be able to utilize Webzoly to its full potential. It is the perfect software for first-timers, yet it fluently caters to advanced users as well. With Webzoly, you create your own rules. In other words, whether you are after building a membership site, online courses platform or just about any other type of page, it will be a small breeze producing it with Webzoly. Also, you can incorporate your signature style to it and customize the website to your likings.

In a few simple steps (three steps, to be exact), you can have your page up and running. First, you create an account on Webzoly. Second, you build, design and create the ideal online presence of your membership page. And third, well, you are now ready to go live and start attracting new members and grow your community to new heights.

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ning membership website builder

Since it fits the topic perfectly, we bring you Ning, a membership website builder which will let you establish your own social network in a jiffy. You can now start your journey online with a niche or generic community, integrate different social media, and of course, your distinct touch. Regardless of the idea you have for your community, Ning is fully furnished with all the material that you might be in need of. Building an online platform and growing your community has never been easier, with Ning.

There are definitely a ton of features that Ning brings to the table. From stunning, modern and flexible themes to monetization options, SSL certificate, hosting and domain registration, Ning covers all the technical parts and more. Create groups, forums and polls, start a blog and organize events; it almost feels like Ning has a never-ending collection of amenities!

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memberdash membership website builder

Hence the name, Memberdash is a membership website builder that works with existing pages. What this means is that you can now expand your current online space with a membership area and protect your content from random visitors. This will encourage them to sign up, create an account and gain access to your compelling material that they surely do not want to miss. For your information, Memberdash works with all of the top website builders, as well as static HTML sites.

Memberdash adds a login form to your website which ensures a flawless user experience. After they create an account, all your members can manage their profiles easily. Memberdash also provides a powerful admin dashboard which gives you an in-depth overview of the performance of your membership site. By the way, you will also find a drag-and-drop builder to create custom pages and layouts, specifically tailored to your web space.

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subbly membership website builder

As the name suggests, Subbly is an excellent platform for building subscription-based pages, ideal for business people and marketers. On the other hand, you can also employ Subbly as a membership website builder. It comes with all the necessities, like a page editor, checkouts, billing, pre-defined themes, and the list of features goes on and on. If you are planning to start a subscription box, your search ends here. Subbly is one of the best solutions for your business that will help you expand it to new horizons.

With Subbly’s functions, you can customize and fine-tune the platform to match your branding regulations to a T. Thanks to the drag-and-drop page builder, you need to have no prior experience to come up with an impressive web design for your page. Subbly offers two pricing plans, but you can start your 14-day trial free of charge. This gives you more than enough time to see what is possible with Subbly.

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hivebrite membership website builder

Hivebrite is a magnificent software that creates private, non-profit, alumni, volunteer, corporate and any other community portals you can think of. It supplies all the tools and material that you need not just to build and establish your community page, but to manage and maintain it effortlessly, too. You can customize the platform to the very last detail, altering it according to your taste and requirements. Guess what the best part is? Indeed, you do not really need to have any involvement in making such websites. Hivebrite is for everyone, newbies particularly.

Running your community page with Hivebrite will be a small breeze. From analytics, reporting and content management to communication, events, online payments and engagement features, Hivebrite has it all at your fingertips. Ticketing, invitations, calendar, mass updates, sharing, yes, Hivebrite includes way more than you will possibly need. Go all in with Hivebrite and create the most sophisticated and high-quality community platform with ease.

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doodlekit membership website builder

When you implement the right apps, Doodlekit instantly becomes a membership website builder. Overall, it is an all-around page editor for building all sorts of pages, from simple blogs to advanced web platforms. And if you would like to protect your pages and make them accessible only to members, you can do that, too, with Doodlekit. You can also specify which pages you show to which members. Feel free to play around with different options and find the one that fits your needs best.

Other than that, Doodlekit contains ready-made templates, an option to create forums, traffic statistics and search engine optimization. To get your feet wet, start with the free plan, familiarize yourself with the platform and start making moves. While Doodlekit comes with numerous features, you need to have no programming knowledge to be able to use it.

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