17 Best Hair Salon Websites Design Awesome Inspiration 2019

Special occasion calls for gorgeous looks which primarily include professional hairstyles. Luckily, you can find experienced and professional stylists that can make your hair better and stronger. They can enhance the look of your hair and improve self-confidence aside from relieving stress. With the great demand for such services, many passionate, professional stylists in this industry, start their own hair salon. Today, you can find various hair salons that provide wonderful services and products to clean, condition, cut, strengthen, style and color men and women’s hair. With such competition, you should always include a web presence for your marketing strategies. Here is an awesome list of hair salon websites design that will serve as your inspiration in building your own online presence.

In this modern era, most people look for products and services online. Thus, picking just the right brand and services is just at one’s fingertips. As an entrepreneur, you should always ensure that your brand stays in the competition. Therefore, planning and creating a great website for your business is a top priority. This list of hair salon websites design will never fail to give you the idea on how to craft your own hair salon website.

If you have the skilled and professional stylists on your hair salon business, never miss the chance to stand out in the competition. Check out this list, create a good website and make your brand shine!

Ginger Salon

Having a clean, modern and elegant design, Ginger Salon welcomes its audience with captivating slider. For customers to efficiently book appointments, this website ensures that booking is clearly accessible. Ginger Salon uses the cool sticky header for increasing customer retention. Moreover, this website promotes its brand by adding a pop-up video just below the header. Guaranteed to improve conversion rates, Ginger Salon comes with descriptive and attractive call-to-action buttons. Meanwhile, this awesome website lets you buy hair care products too that will surely improve the quality and looks of your hair. What’s more? It also provides various Salon locations so customers from different places will know where the nearest salon branch is preferable.


Lavish Salon

Modern, clean and minimal design, Lavish Salon makes it easier for customers to book an appointment online. It uses off-canvas navigation to showcase the website menu. It displays a list of stylists who are greatly passionate about giving the best hair care experience possible. Lavish Salon also comes with the Lookbook page to showcase sets of hair styles to choose from. This website also presents different services for both men and women. On top of that, Lavish Salon understands the benefits of blogging for a website. Hence, it never fails to impress potential customers with informative blog articles. This way, Lavish Salon can have an exceptional boost in search engine optimization.


The Parlour

The Parlour is another great website that’s dedicated to hair salon business. It makes use of a cool slider on the header with big and clear images along with awesome CTAs. The Parlour ensures that website visitors find it easier to navigate through its sticky menu. Whether they want to know the story behind the business, see how skilled the stylists are, know if they’re looking for more passionate stylists or instantly book an appointment, they can easily navigate with The Parlour. This website also displays its services and products so customers will know what to expect upon setting up an appointment. If you wish to find the nearest branch of The Parlour Salon, it wouldn’t be an issue as this site will help you find its locations.


Versa Salon

Special occasions such as a wedding, prom, debut, are just one of the important events that need a skilled and professional stylist. Of course, adding a nice touch to the hair can greatly enhance one’s look. With Versa Salon website design, a customer can easily book appointments with the stylists. The website uses big and attractive images to showcase some of their awesome works. It also uses a great call-to-action button to convert visitors into customers. In order to make your brand stand out, you must have relevant marketing strategies. With Versa Salon, it gives promos and gift cards and even discounts for referrals. Testimonials effectively help convert more prospects so this website ensures people access some of the testimonials available for references.


Urban Lift Salon

If you’re looking for an urban type of hair salon website design, you may want to take a glimpse at Urban Lift Salon. It has a simple yet elegant design built for salon services and products. It’s a one-page website that renders a brief content such as the about section, services, products and booking. This website also uses sticky headers to ensure navigation is always visible to the user- thus, it can improve retention. Urban Lift Salon also presents its outstanding stylists with a cool photo of the team.



While some websites stand out with vibrant colors, some sites are just irresistible with grayscale designs. Purecny is another clean and minimalist website that has a cool grayscale design. It uses an off-canvas menu as part of the user-friendly website design. The call-to-action buttons of this website are carefully placed on appropriate spots to motivate an audience of becoming customers or clients. Basically, this website ensures that the audience can access the about us section/page to meet the highly skilled stylists; excellent services for different men and women’s needs; location of the salon and getting in touch.



Having a captivating headline, Fringeny is ready to tell the audience that they have the best hair care services to offer. It’s even more meaningful, visible and stands out with a descriptive call-to-action below the headline. When it comes to images, this website never fails to use clear and substantial images on different pages and sections. What makes this website more impressive is its awesome visual hierarchy that explicitly denotes the element’s level of importance. Of course, booking an appointment is much easier with this website. You can access it on the sticky header, primary call-to-action, and on services section. Thus, visitors can easily be converted to potential customers.


Groom Service Beauty Bar

Just the right amount of white spaces, charming images and captivating taglines can do well to the success of one’s website. Groom Service Beauty Bar is one of the best hair salon websites design that deserves to be on this list. It has a large and eye-catching headline along with its primary call-to-action and a supporting image. The website uses the sticky header including social media integration. Another excellent feature of this hair salon website is its amazing display of hair designs through the use of flickity slider/carousel. Hence, admin can present the most popular hair styles that visitors can opt for on their appointments. Other essential pages of the site include a blog, services, wedding, contact and more!


Fabio Doti Salon

Men and women deserve a grandeur appearance on special occasions and events. And Fabio Doti Salon wants to offer a splendid hair care experience to the everyone with the experts. This hair salon website design showcases the most important elements a website must have! From the best headline and supporting headline, call-to-action, social media integration, down to Instagram feed Fabio Doti Salon presents content nicely. In addition, it includes a newsletter subscription section for further marketing purposes. Other notable pages that this website includes are the services, staff or hair care experts, portfolio, contact and more!


Appel Nouveau Salon

Appel Nouveau Salon is a unique, modern and minimalist hair salon website design. It welcomes visitors with 3 major options on the homepage including hair, care and visit that serves as a navigational bar. Moreover, you may also access other pages of the website on the right sidebar menu. If visitors need to acquire information about the team members of Appel Nouveau Salon, that’s pretty easier to access along with the services, products and of course the contact page. For online booking, this website enables potential customers to book without much hassle.


Hedwig’s Hair Salon

Simple, easy-to-navigate, one-page hair salon website design, Hedwig’s Hair Salon makes it easier for their customers to book an appointment efficiently. Basically, it presents various personalities with different hairstyles on the header using a slider. It makes use of a sticker header too where you can navigate from the services menu, about and location of the salon. This website allows a visitor to access the Instagram account of the website that’s included in the menu.



A website that features great content, easy-to-read and easy-to-navigate is totally amazing. Having Forzakappers for hair salon websites design, you’ll get inspired with its clean and modern look. It welcomes website visitors with a bunch of big, supporting images on the hero header. From there on, each interested audience can make appointments with Forzakappers easily. For displaying the services it offers, the site uses the accordion content. From styling the hair, cutting, coloring, structure treatment to hairpieces these are the available services Forzakappers experts offer to customers and clients. It also presents the list of professional stylists it has for customers to keep in touch with.


Butchers Salon

No matter what type of business you’re in, it’s always best to consider adding web presence to your marketing strategies. For hair salon business, a good website that will cater to your needs is a must! You can reach more potential customers, create brand reputation while maintaining your vision – to enhance one’s confidence and wellness. Butchers Salon has a nice and simple website design. It promises an “eco-friendly and ethical salon found in the heart of London”. It allows visitors to book online or call their business through the primary call-to-action on the hero header. The huge, gallery-like menus contribute to the user-friendliness of the site apart from the sticky header Butchers Salon implements. If you wish to see more of their Instagram stories and posts, it’s also accessible on the site.


Taylor Taylor London

Taylor Taylor London is another inspirational hair salon website design that helps create online credibility. It utilizes the off canvas sidebar as part of the navigational strategy. It also looks elegant with its grayish marble background with minimal yet compelling content. This website ensures that visitors can access the booking button on the header (call-to-action). As it is important that visitors will have an idea about the services Taylor London offers, it features different ways to enjoy their hair care services. If you’d like to see it’s galleries of images and videos of the salon’s hair styling, that’s also possible. Moreover, this website offers fabulous and useful products that one can avail of online.


Jet Rhys

Modern and innovative websites are great ways to improve brand awareness. In this set of hair salon websites design, Jet Rhys is ready to inspire you to build a credible hair salon website. Whether you’re passionate about this niche or an entrepreneur trying to find ways to boost your brand, Jet Rhys is a nice and creative model for building online visibility. This site uses a video background on the hero header that demands attention to the visitors. Furthermore, this site makes a good impression with the set of hair care experts they have displayed in a creative manner. It basically uses a slider on showcasing those experts. Being featured in different magazines, Jet Rhys inspires other entrepreneurs to showcase success indicators that will help a lot create a first good impression.


Neville Hair And Beauty

Neville Hair And Beauty is worth your time checking as part of your inspirational hair salon website. This website design is one of the awesome and unique designs that passionate stylists can look into. It welcomes visitors with a full-screen carousel- showcasing different images of fresh-looking hairstyles of models and its amazing services. Meanwhile, it uses the off-canvas menu for displaying the navigation. Visitors can opt for the about page, services, news, shows and other relevant options. Of course, potential customers can always make bookings easily and instantly. Check out how lovely this website can be as an inspiration for your next salon website!


Millennium at Midtown

A good headline, great supporting image and good copy can truly help your website stand out. Millennium at Midtown didn’t ignore such features on its website. It makes use of a center menu and an informative header. It’s where you can easily access the services menu, gallery, blog, gift cards and more! Apart from that, it never neglects to add its social media icons on the header too to increase more conversions. To make the website more impressive and compelling, it adds a video tour of their lavish facilities. What’s more? The Instagram gallery is also included in the site to increase customer retention and drive social proof as well.


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