17 Stunning Candle Mockup Templates 2019

With oh so much content available on the web, we made a comprehensive collection of the best candle mockup templates for you to benefit from. First thing’s first, all these are a small breeze to use, edit and improve with your designs and creatives.

In some instances, you efficiently execute all the work online, in-browser. On the other hand, you need Adobe Photoshop, search for the smart object layer and slide in your image. Both options allow everyone to get the most out of the mockup and create a photo-realistic outcome.

A mockup is also an excellent opportunity to test out the logo, the text and the label design. This way, you can be sure that it is not too big or too small, also that the positioning is perfect. No need to run into any inconvenience when you know exactly what you are getting, thanks to the life-like demonstration.

Moreover, with the end product, you can excite your client or audience, use it on social media or even in your online store. Get everyone to absolutely want that candle either for themselves or for a gift for their loved ones.

Needless to say, candle fire calls for a warm and cozy atmosphere, especially during cold, winter nights. However, a candle is also a great way of making your house smell good. Make it Christmas-ish or create a relaxing environment with a lavender scent; the options are endless.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at the best candle mockup templates that you can get your hands on now. Use them as inspiration or to create an outstanding presentation of your unique and attention-grabbing design. The outcome is just a few clicks away, ensuring you fast results while keeping things of the professional level at all times.

Candle in Glass Mock-up

candle in glass mockup

For the most part, we buy candles in glass. For companies who would like to stick their labels on a candle, here is a collection of five mockups that will help you present your creation in all sorts of angles. With the effortless inclusion of your logo or any other design, you can speedily come up with a wonderful presentation. Have in mind, you can also change wax to any color you want for a particular scent you are looking for. Last but not least, the template features a foil stamping effect and an editable background. And if you are new, you can also watch a video tutorial first and go from there.

Candle PSD Mock-ups

candle psd mockups

An awesome set of twelve outstanding candle mockups in PSD with smart objects and customizable colors. Some of the templates feature a glass candle only while the others are with pedestal. Also, the candles come in different shapes and sizes, so you easily find the one that fits your taste best. Moreover, this bundle of goodies is perfect if you are working with multiple clients, or you offer several different candles on your eCommerce website. With an excellent presentation, you can also get the hype going strong on social media and raise your potential through the roof.

Candle Mockup

stunning candle mockup

Here is a high-quality and highly detailed candle mockup that you can edit and adjust accordingly in just a few clicks. In short, all is editable and modifiable so you match the template to your likings exactly with ease. Via the smart object layer, you upload your label design, edit the color, turn on or off layer shadow and more. As for the colors, you can change the shade of the wax and the background as well. The dimension is 5500 x 5500 px, which calls for an outstanding outcome that will capture their attention easily. Finally, there is a help file included in the package, too, for your convenience.

Candle & Box Mock-Up

candle box mockup

A fully editable and adjustable mockup of a candle that produces a fantastic and life-like presentation. Instead of setting things up yourself from scratch, you can choose any from the available six mockups and go from there. You can alter the color of the dropper cap, wax, nib and glass to any color you fancy. Moreover, you can use any background color, design or pattern that you fancy. With a simple drag and drop technique, you also insert your label design. In conclusion, if you would like to establish a striking and realistic presentation of a candle and a box that comes along, this is the mockup set that is perfect for you.

Candle & Gift Box Set

candle gift box set mockup

You remember me mentioning that a candle can be a lovely gift. That said, if you would like to make the presentation that screams gifts, this is the candle mockup for you. The package contains five different views of both the candle and the gift box, as well as each item individually. The amazing customization features and functions allow you to create the exact demonstration of your idea that you want. In short, you can change just about everything that you see on the template. With that in mind, you can turn on your creative thinking and go full-whack with the superb ideas you have.

Candle & Box Mock-up

psd candle box mockup

A candle and a box are what you get with this next mockup template. Sure, many sell just the candle, but if you would like to take things to a whole new degree, you better include a box, too. And with this mockup, you can quickly see how the final package could look. With the six available life-like demonstrations, you can create a presentation of your candle and box that will turn heads. Just wait until you see all the vital functions this mockup comes with. The effortless editing via smart objects, four ready-made filters, varnish effect, you name it, the kit has it all and then some.

Scented Candle Mock-ups Set

scented candle mock-ups set

There are candles with natural smell and there are candles with a lovely and pleasant scent. If the latter is your cup of tea, here is a mockup that exclusively focuses on the scented candles. With the four ready-made angles, you can quickly create a fantastic presentation that will spark everyone’s curiosity. What’s cool about the mockup is the awesome generator that helps edit all four views in just one click. In other words, you change the design in one aspect, and it automatically replaces the existing design with yours on all the others. This approach definitely saves you even more time, yet the outcome stays at the same professional level.

4 Printable Candle Labels

4 printable candle labels

This is an outstanding set of candle label mockups that will help you establish a stunning presentation. Not just that, but you will get to do it in a small breeze. Thanks to the sophistication and high quality of each template, you can be very detailed with your demonstration, and the mockup will display it with cleanness. You get four labels of a 3 x 3-inch dimension in five different formats. It is all organized and customizable with just a few clicks. To be more precise, you can use your custom creatives, as well as edit colors and fonts accordingly.

Glass Candle Mockup

glass candle mockup

This mockup of a candle gives access to two templates, a regular one and a lit one. But this is just the beginning of what is possible with the mockups. You can speedily customize the template, so it matches your branding regulations to a T. Alter the color of the wax, add you label and enjoy the end product ready to impress in just a few clicks. Due to the amazing quality, you can also create close-ups and keep the high quality intact. With the easy editing process, you can quickly test out a few different variations before you find the one to stick to.

Modern Candle Mockup

modern candle mockup

If you would like to skip the classic candle look, here is a nifty glass candle mockup for you. It feels almost identical to the previous one, however, the shape of the glass is different. On the other hand, the amazing customization features are pretty much the same. You can change colors, alter highlights and shadows and fully modify the mockup to your needs and requirements. Luckily, it will take you little time and energy to get things going. Without breaking a single drop of sweat, you can now set up a presentation that will boost sales.

Candle Mockups Bundle

candle mockups bundle

A lovely package of candle mockups with all sorts of amazing details and decorations. If you are especially looking for a mockup of a lit candle, you better not miss checking this one out. You will be impressed and amazed by the fact of how simple working with a mockup is. With all set and ready to go, you just slide in your content and the work on your end is completed. You are left with a wonderful presentation of a candle and a label that you can later showcase to your client or use for marketing campaigns. Make it pop and enjoy the result.

Glass Candle Mock-Up With Box

glass candle mock up with box

To create a colorful and vibrant demonstration of your candle design idea, this mockup template will do the trick easily. In the kit of goodness, you get six different PSD files of the highest quality. Moreover, you can change all and everything, from wax and glass color to box design and background; make it follow your or your client’s branding regulations precisely. You can also alter the intensity of the shadow and reflection and make an outcome that will astound everyone. You do not always need to undergo a complex task for a stunning result; with a mockup, you can make it a reality in a small breeze.

Candle Glass Package Mockup Set

candle glass package mockup set

This one definitely deserves to be the featured candle mockup of this listicle, right? It is beautiful and very appealing to the eye template with a box and an option to use either cotton or wooden wick. There are a whopping nine different scenes to take to your total advantage. For your information, the candle size is 8 x 8 x 9.5 cm and box size 8.5 x 8.5 x 10 cm. Moreover, you can change the color of any element, making sure the outcome practices your exact style to the very last detail. Easily editable and adjustable with an addition of a help file that will assist you at your life-like presentation realization.

A collection of the best free candle mockup templates

Candle Package Set PSD Mockup

free candle package set psd mockup

Mockups are a fun and photo-realistic way of displaying your designs and ideas. What’s also cool, well, you do not always need to invest a small chunk of your budget to get your hands on a professional mockup. In fact, we bring you several free candle mockup templates which you can put into play right away. Here is a charming layout featuring a candle and packaging that you can use for displaying different angles or for two entirely different scents. Along with adding your label design, you can also refresh colors and change the background, so it suits your style like a dream.

Frosted Container Wax Candle Mockup

frosted container wax candle mockup

Instead of only focusing on candles in glass containers, here is one with a frosted look. If you are looking for something different, here is the one that will surely do the trick. Also, the candle is not like any other candle you find on this list; it is a two-in-one candle aka a candle with two wicks. Slide in your logo, quote or any other design and make an instant difference. The mockup comes with the handy smart object layer, which makes editing it a piece of cake. Download it now and make things happen immediately.

Free Candle Mockup in PSD

free candle mockup in psd

If you would like to push a book and two candles with one presentation, you came to the right place. This outstanding and fully customizable solution is a pack full of goodies. You can alter and fine-tune all and everything you see on the mockup. From the book cover and pages to both candles, the stem and the background, it is all customizable for your convenience. Moreover, the file is fully organized and commented, so you will have a breeze making it follow your branding directions. Last but not least, the quality of the mockup is on point, too, for fantastic close-ups.

Gorgeous Candle Scene Mockup

gorgeous candle mockup scene

A rose and a candle go very well together. That said, if this is the type of photo-realistic presentation that you are after, here is the ideal candle mockup for you. Very romantic if you will. It comes in a PSD format which you can enrich and improve with your design in Adobe Photoshop. You hear me saying it already, but I will do it again; making changes and creating a life-like demonstration is a child’s play with any of the mockups that you find on this list. And you do not even need to spend a dime to benefit from this gorgeous scene that can be yours in just a click.

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