20 Best Free One-Page Website Builders 2019

With our collection of the best free one-page website builders, you can have your page up and running in no time. But this is just the beginning of the hype that you are about to get hit with. Sure, these site editors might be free, but there is just so much more to the whole experience than the fact that they do not cost you a dime — and that’s already saying something.

One of the main reasons why you are very likely looking to get things sorted out with a builder is to avoid coding. You can now have a single-page website crafted with zero programming skills. In other words, you do not have to touch a single line of code. Plus, you do not even need to be a designer!

What these free one -age website builders also do is they take care of all the technical parts. It is a guarantee that your final masterpiece will be responsive, mobile-ready, in-tune with web browsers and optimized for high-end performance and loading speeds.

If you are ready to take action, you better do it right now. Regardless of what your goal is, with any of the one-page site editors below, you can realize your ideas and bring them to life.


wix free one page website builder

If you are in need of one solution for all your web design problems, it is Wix that does the trick. This free one-page website builder is an impressive service that happens to be extremely easy to use. With Wix, you can manage and maintain your page easily and effortlessly. You can also start building your web space immediately and have one up in close to no time. Everything you require your website to have are packed and available for you to utilize. No doubt, Wix is a powerful tool with a broad collection of features to take to your advantage.

Wix offers you complete design freedom. In other words, you do not have to limit yourself in any way. Skip your imagination holding you back and attack constructing your ideal online presence with an open mind. You can do so much more for yourself and your market and push your name out there. Wix gives you access to web apps, offers cool scroll effects, helps you create stunning galleries and a whole lot more professional features. Get your business booming with Wix.

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Get a website companion that has the complete package. Choose Weebly as your eCommerce or classic website tool to ensure your success as an entrepreneur. This free one-page website builder offers modern and elegant design templates, all of which captivate your customers’ attention. They are broken down into several categories to meet many users. Create pages for events, portfolios, businesses, you name it, with Weebly, all is possible. Slick design meets functionality as this editor provides advanced and relevant core features and assets.

As for the features, Weebly has loads at your disposal. Custom fonts, parallax effect, animations, image editor, site search and complete video and audio support. Affiliating with Weebly opens a whole lot of opportunities as you get exclusive privileges to use reputable apps such as Shippo, McAfee, MapJam, Marketgoo and about 200 more. Want to manage your site anywhere? Weebly will let you do so leisurely as well.

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elementor free one page website builder

With over a million users and counting, Elementor surely does things the right way. This free one-page website builder has various elements which you can customize to create an awesome web space. You can also use the default setting, add your content, and you are ready to rock. Choose from hundreds of layout pages, portfolios and other templates, all of which are pixel perfect and responsive. Also, you can find a selection of widgets and extensions which can elevate your site. Spice things up!

Set up your preferred page architecture, from height and width to column positioning and other whatnots. After designing your striking website, you can export and import any template to use with other pages, too. All designs do not require any coding, so whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will definitely find Elementor to be a convenient tool. Besides, Elementor is also fully compatible with all languages and offers RTL support as well.

Make sure you do not miss our Elementor review here.

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instapage free one page website builder

Instapage gives you all the resources to build yourself a landing page quickly and efficiently. Of course, you do not need to have a coding buddy to complete the building process. With this powerful and simple-to-use free one-page website builder, you can make a page all by yourself. You can do things your way and immediately see the results.

In this day and age, you can have an online promotional material up and ready to go live with little to no prior knowledge. Thanks to Instapage’s amazing Instablocks and global blocks, you can use, reuse, rearrange and delete all kinds of different blocks to suit your project best.

With Instapage, you also gain access to many (200!) customizable templates for lead generation, webinars, ebooks, events, you name it. You can even go with what is available and start improving on it, fill it with your branding and skyrocket your business.

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WPBakery Page Builder

wpbakery free one page website builder

If you already decided that you will base your site on WordPress, you better use WPBakery Page Builder and avoid the hassle. WPBakery Page Builder is one fine free one-page website builder for both beginners and professionals. Both can come up with expert-looking internet appearances that will amaze and impress everyone who pays your website a visit. While you can keep things super simple, clean and minimal with WPBakery Page Builder, you can also go complex and diverse. Do what feels right to you and have WPBakery Page Builder help you on the journey of realization.

It is the convenient drag-and-drop page builder that WPBakery Page Builder comes with that offers you quick and reliable execution. WPBakery Page Builder is compatible with any WordPress theme and allows you to come up with custom layouts, too. Once you get your feet wet, you will notice how simple everything is. Get started today for free and forge the page you always wanted to run.

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IM Creator

im creator free one page website builder

Sure, you can invest a ton of money in the design and development of your site. Still, some pages do require a heavier investment but for the most part, you can do it in full all by yourself. No matter how wizardry that sounds, with IM Creator, you can accomplish all the once hard tasks in a matter of a few mouse clicks. Here we have another striking free one page website builder that is simple to use, modern and professional. With millions upon millions of sites built already, there is no doubt IM Creator will not help you create one, too.

Not just with IM Creator, but with all other page editors, all levels of users can establish a website as well. It is way easier than you think, thanks to the user-friendly interface each one sports. Moreover, with IM Creator, your pages will be fully flexible and mobile-ready. What’s more, IM Creator follows all the latest web and tech trends and gives you full control over the search engine optimization of your web space. Create a page that will stand the test of time with IM Creator now.

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pixelhub free one page website builder

Construct a website brick by brick, for optimal customization and ease of use. Try PixelHub, a free one-page website builder that is super easy to set up and fun to use. Starting up with a minimalist approach, you can brandish evergreen content which represents your personality and ideals. Bear in mind that messing up with PixelHub is quite impossible, as every step is broken down for you to assemble. When you are done editing, adjusting and improving, publishing your site is just a click away.

PixelHub is a fast and straightforward tool for developing all kinds of pages without editing the code. It supports multiple social media networks, which give you the opportunity to gain the media attention you need for your business or portfolio. What’s also crucial is that PixelHub-built pages are all optimized for modern mobile users. Your sites will work smoothly on all devices, as well as all popular web browsers.

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mobirise free one page website builder

Hence the name, Mobirise is a free one-page website builder with 100% mobile-responsiveness in mind. While some services are controlled online only, Mobirise is an offline app for Windows and Mac. You can effortlessly set up a single-page site for your online resume, portfolio, promotional page and landing page. Of course, you can also go creative and innovative with Mobirise and do things differently compared to what the majority is doing. But first, you need to know that touching and editing code is a thing of the past with Mobirise. Someone who is not technical can now construct a page on their own, too.

Out of the box, you can have a website up and live swiftly with Mobirise. Kick things off by picking the available content and start improving on it by dragging and dropping the exact blocks you want to run on your site. Set parameters, edit content and refine the looks, and do check the preview before you hit the publish button. Simple? Yes, it is!

To get an even better impression, read our Mobirise review.

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ucraft free one page website builder

Unleash your creativity even without depending on complicated stuff like coding. Ucraft, a free one-page website builder, provides your needs in producing a professional page. Simply drag and drop the content — the one that is preset for you, and the one that you will upload yourself. From then on, you can further edit the layouts to your flair and style. And make sure you do not limit yourself in any way, shape or form. Craft the ideal online presence as Ucraft allows you to do just that. Push your works and entice and impress everyone who visits your online portfolio.

What’s more, Ucraft also contains a powerful eCommerce platform with more than 70 payment and shipping methods. That said, you can start a business with Ucraft immediately. Other builders say they offer free services, but these are usually limited stuff. With Ucraft, you will additionally get cloud hosting and subdomain, and even an option to connect your own domain free of charge.

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tilda free one page website builder

All until this time, you might have never really thought about building a page on your own. Especially not because you are far from being anywhere close to tech-savvy. No worries, that is when free one-page website builders come into play. You can do your things with ease and do not need to have any coding knowledge. Not only that, but you will not even see any of the code with Tilda and all the rest. Instead of doing any learning first, you can start the process immediately and have a website set up sooner rather than later.

Tilda is a solid editor with over 450 predesigned blocks and a newbie-friendly interface. Whatever Tilda does, it does it with style and fashion so your outcome feels modern and sophisticated. While you can solely rely on the ready-made blocks, you can also come up with your own designs and tailor them precisely for your project needs. Every site built with Tilda is also SEO-optimized, responsive, loads exceptionally fast and connects with Google Analytics.

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readymag free one page website builder

It is kind of ironic that freedom and versatility do not usually go together in one sentence, yet they actually complement each other. Well, Readymag does make it happen! This free one-page website builder is suitable for any kind of web publication, including magazines, portfolios, presentations and the like. Due to its wide scope, you gain total control over your creative work. That’s right, no boundaries nor limits at all! No need for that pesky coding process as well, as Readymag believes that design does not require too much technicality.

With Readymag, you simply lay down a wonderful canvas to guide you in painting picturesque content. You have complete freedom when setting yourself up the single-page website you are after. Of course, you can avoid starting with a blank page and move forward with one of its many ready-to-use canvases. Readymag also offers you SSL certificates, Google Analytics compatibility and content protection with a password.

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site123 free one page website builder

In this day and age, building a site is almost like saying 1, 2, 3. Yes, that simple! Of course, you need to have a set of tools and services at hand to make it happen, but we already took care of that. SITE123 is a free one-page website builder with numerous options and loads of possibilities to bring your dream page to life in a snap. While all that might sound too unrealistic, believe me, it is all the brutal truth that you can take to your benefit. Unlock the hidden developer inside you and get creative with your web design by utilizing the killer SITE123 editor.

The whole experience starts by selecting the right website template. There are ready-to-use layouts for business, photography, music, technology, CV and health and wellness websites to name a few. You can even pick sub-niches and SITE123 will give you the right layout for your needs. From then on, you can enhance and adjust the scheme further and tailor it to your branding needs precisely. Working with SITE123 only takes three simple steps and you are live, attracting new visitors and potential clients.

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8b free one page website builder

To build a stunning single-page website, you do not really need to pay a hefty price tag. In fact, you need not pay anything. When it comes to 8b, this free one-page website builder gives you a powerful base to forge the right online presence for your needs and regulations. And if you use all the content as is, you will have a page up almost too quickly. However, you will want to improve the ready-made templates and make them follow your branding requirements.

What’s more, 8b is for every creative mind out there, as well as small business owners. Due to its high adaptability, 8b will instantly adjust to your needs, ensuring you that you can establish your page swiftly. Besides, 8b also includes a mobile website builder which gives you an opportunity to make a page from the comfort of your mobile device. Get yourself involved and let 8b do the magic.

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pagexl free one page website builder

In a mere five minutes, PageXL guarantees the creation of a complete and active single-page online presence. This free one-page website template is no joke. Without the necessity to know how to code, you can go after bringing into being wedding, artist, freelancer, portfolio, business and organization websites to name a few. Instead of having multiple pages covering all segments of your projects, let a single one do its trick. All a visitor needs to do is to scroll up and down and learn more about you almost instantly. Very convenient indeed.

Let’s continue, shall we? All your web design creations will also automatically be mobile-friendly and cross-browser compatible with PageXL. Besides, PageXL also takes care of search engine optimization. And when you are not around your computer and would like to make changes to your website, you can do it using nothing but your handheld device. That’s that; your action is all PageXL requires next.

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webnode free one page website builder

You are closer than ever to bringing into being a page that you can pride yourself on. Surprise everyone and let them see that you are a real deal on the web. While all this sounds a lot of fun, you might start questioning yourself, “How can I do it if I have no programming skills?”

First and foremost, with Webnode free one-page website builder, it will take you only about five minutes to complete your page. Secondly, Webnode does not require to edit a single line of code. The service even has many different web designs available for you to choose out of the box and speed things up even further.

With Webnode, you can build business and personal pages, online stores and blogs, too. In fact, you can go after forging nearly any type of website that you are in need of. And do not forget to enrich it with your signature style and stand out a mile.

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Onepage Website

onepage website free builder

There are only two plans that Onepage Website has available; the 0€ and the 1€. Yes, even if you do decide to upgrade, Onepage Website is probably one of the cheapest website builders that you can currently find on the market. However, if you would like to start with the free solution, by all means, go for it and use it for as long as you want. It is as simple as that. Some of the features Onepage Website include five blogs, eight images, Google Analytics integration, working contact form and mobile action buttons to name a few.

In brief, three steps are all it takes to get online with Onepage Website. You first choose a preset layout, improve it with your custom content, and you are all set up to go live. Nothing complicated and surely nothing that even an utter beginner could not do. Make your page stand out with Onepage Website.

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jimdo free one page website builder

We get it, some developers want a quick and easy website, while others prefer one with a more expansive design. The bottom line is that both desire a pristine, seamless site for their customers or prospects. Good news, Jimdo is a free one-page website builder that gives you the best of both worlds. Notice that Jimdo is so simple and uncomplicated, anyone can use it – even complete newbies! Regardless of the level of your experience, make sure you employ Jimdo to its full potential and forge a page that will wow all your visitors.

You can try the Jimdo Dolphin if you are after convenience or are just in a rush. All you do is connect with the service, answer a few quick questions and Dolphin takes care of all the rest. Meanwhile, if you are more of a meticulous type, then Jimdo Creator will suit you best for sure. With the Creator, you build your site step by step and even add blog posts and an online store if you want to.

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webstarts free one page website builder

Break away from the traditional website building approach by getting in touch with WebStarts. This is a dope free one-page website builder that enables you to carry your brand’s portfolio and products effectively without having to rely on limited options. Just like with all other builders you find in this collection, with WebStarts’ drag-and-drop editor, you have no boundaries at all. After selecting a design that best resonates with you, you can get a custom domain and start boosting your online presence.

It doesn’t stop there.

Optimize your page for search engines, connect it with social media platforms and start driving immense traffic. What WebStarts also does for you is it hosts your pages in the cloud and has a team of professionals always accessible to you. With WebStarts, you will never be lost and have a site up quicker than ever. Everything you need is all here, gathered in one neat and handy package for you to enjoy.

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bookmark free one page website builder

You will need a lot less time than you think when it comes to engineering your web page. It is Bookmark free one-page website template that does all the hard work for you. All you need to do is to put to use all its many great features and have a web space up in a mere minutes. Yes, if you go with the predefined templates, you can start pushing your products and services in as little time as humanly imaginable. And you can start for free and only upgrade when you grow your page to a certain volume.

It is AiDA, the artificial intelligence design assistant, that supports you during your site development process. You only need to type the sector you operate in and she will come up with the right design for you in about 30 seconds. From then on, you edit images and content and you are all set up to go live, get more clients and grow your business to a new degree.

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websitebuilder free one page website builder

Your internet presence totally deserves the best treatment. WebsiteBuilder can give you just that with utmost confidence. WebsiteBuilder is a free one-page website builder that takes care of everything, from design and domain to integration. It also includes analytics tools to improve your site performance and make it more visible. Always know how your page is doing and where your visitors are going once they land on your site.

Moreover, you can choose from hundreds of pre-made templates, all responsive and crystal clear. You will also get the chance to create your own blogs, paired with your photos or the ones WebsiteBuilder has in archive for you. You can quickly get access to over 150,000 pictures from Unsplash and use them on your web space. Of course, those are for free, too. No matter what your niche is, WebsiteBuilder alters and adjusts to all almost instantly. You can also sell items online with the eCommerce integration.

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