20 Best Open Book Mockups Available with High Resolution

Are you looking for the best possible way to present your design idea to your client? Use a well-designed mockup. With a mockup, help your clients visualize your idea through photorealistic presentations of your designs. A mockup acts as a useful tool, helping you provide a creative context to showcase the future of your design for the clients’ projects. And when you use a photorealistic mockup, it can set your design presentation apart from the rest.

In today’s post, you will get to know about such photorealistic mockups of open books, magazines, and diaries. All the mockups can help you make your presentation pitch creative and eye-pleasing. 

Without further ado, let’s talk about these open book hardcover mockups.

MyDiary – Open Book & Diary Mockup

This is an open book mockup that you can use for showcasing your design in websites, PDF presentations, web applications and more. You can present your design in an open book, a diary, a notebook or an agenda. The highly-detailed design of the mockup makes it simply hard to ignore. You can edit the whole design and present your own artwork. The layered template and resizable features make the customization process quick and hassle-free.

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Soft Cover Open Book Mockup

This is a softcover book mockup that helps you showcase your design on the cover and the insides pages of a book. With this, you can present your client’s print design close to actual print on the softcover edition. Using its smart layers, place your pages and cover design. Add an attractive background design of your choice. And if you face any difficulties while using the mockup, just go through the simple instruction file that comes with it.

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Open Book or Magazine Mockup

This is a high-resolution open book mockup that you can use to present your design in a book or magazine. Prepared for A4 300 dpi pages, this template has wonderful realistic print artifacts. It works with both light and dark designs and backgrounds. With the help of the smart layer, you can edit the design, adjust the color effects, modify the background and make other customizations easily.

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Open & Blank Book Mockup

This mockup displays a simple book template set. You can see here the blank cover and inside pages of books. With the help of smart layers, you can place your design on the blank cover and inside pages just the way you want. Its elegant design and high resolution make your final presentation look simply fantastic. Also, its photorealistic appearance helps you give a realistic preview of your design to your clients.

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Colorful Open Softcover Book Mockup

This is a colorful open softcover book mockup that helps you showcase your book presentation with a professional and elegant touch. It includes one fully layered and easy-to-edit PSD file. You just need to double click on the smart object in the PSD file, replace your design in it and hit save. The background design, effects, lines, shadows, and lights are fully editable. Feel free to get this mockup now and use it for your upcoming projects.

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Open Hardcover Book Mockup

This is another open book mockup, but here you get the design on a hardcover book. It includes 2 fully layered easy-to-customize PSD files. Other than changing the design of the book cover and inner pages, you can customize the effects, lights, background, and shadows as well. The smart layer feature makes the customization process quick and easy. For any kind of guidance in the designing process, you can go through the tutorial file that comes with the mockup.

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Vintage Open Book Mockup

Vintage designs on books arise feelings, awake memories and help readers get involved with the books in a wonderful way. So, why don’t you impress your readers with some beautiful vintage art on books! To do the work easily, use this vintage open book mockup. It has a grunge effect on wood background. The whole design shows a winter theme. You can stick to this theme and place your text. You can also customize the whole thing using smart layers. To edit the template, simply drag your image and text onto the smart object, hit save, and get your presentation ready.

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Open Booklet or Magazine Mockup

This is a high-resolution open booklet or magazine mockup that can display the interior spread and the front cover of a book or magazine. To edit the template, all you have to do is paste your page into one of 6 specific smart objects available here, and you are good to go for your portfolio or client presentation. If you want to design a presentation of a  saddle-stitched or perfect-bound book or magazine, you can even remove the staples. Furthermore, you can adjust gradients, remove pages (if it is a small publication), modify shadows to accommodate specific lighting you have in mind.

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Simple Open Book Mockup

This is a simple open book mockup with the help of which you can present your logo design, sketches, etc. It includes high-quality Photoshop-compatible PSD files. With the help of its smart layers, you can customize the whole thing as per your needs and preference. If you find this mockup useful for your next project, download it now and use it to create an impressive presentation of your design work.

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Open Sketchbook Mockup

This open sketchbook mockup set includes 2 photorealistic PSD files for presenting your sketches. A pen and the shadow effects have increased the realistic appearance of the mockup. You can move the pen as per your preference. Also, make sure the artwork you place on the sketchbook should fill the whole smart object so that you can avoid breaking the perspective. This is a useful template for those who are looking for the best possible way to present their sketches and other designs for web projects. So, whether you have a personal or a commercial purpose, use this mockup to highlight your artwork in a perfect way.

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Open Book, Magazine, Booklet or Brochure Mockup

This versatile mockup is useful for presenting your designs in a book, a magazine, a booklet or a brochure easily. It shows the inner pages of the book. It has 3D rendering, high resolution, and perfect dimension to make your final presentation look simply flawless. You can easily customize it and use in both commercial and personal projects. Feel free to download it and use it to get your desired presentation within just a few clicks.

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Old Open Book Mockup

In today’s age, the publishing industry is adding a vintage touch to various book designs to attract readers. Do you have a client who is looking for creating vintage deigns on books? Impress your clients easily with the help of this old open book mockup. This mockup displays the open pages of an old book. It helps you place your artwork with a vintage touch and realistic effects on any new book. You can easily place the content on the pages using the smart object feature. All the images and textures available in this set has high resolution. You can choose the available texture and add your content. You can also add your own creative texture and have the desired presentation.

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Open Notebook Mockup

With this open notebook mockup, you can add your design and customize it with a few simple steps. You get five different styles of notebooks. Also, there are options to select for background design. The Photoshop-compatible PSD file is fully layered and thus very easy-to-customize. The tutorial file in PDF format is also available to guide you in using the template. If you want to showcase your designs in an interactive way, choose this mockup and let your presentation look professional.

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Open Sketch Books Mockup

If you have any drawings or graphic designs and want to present those creative ideas with a professional touch, then choose this open sketchbook mockup. It displays the cover and inner pages of a sketchbook. You can easily place your artwork in it and present it to the clients. It has 6 different marks on each page. Smart object helps you customize easily and combine shapes as per your choice. In other words, this is one mockup with numerous possibilities.

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High-resolution Old Book Mockup

This is another open book mockup with a vintage touch. The book here has a bit distorted look with yellow pages, golden corners, red ribbon and scratches on the cover. The handmade illustration has made the mockup simply hard to ignore. This high-resolution PSD mockup with a transparent background is completely editable via smart layers. Open smart object, put your design into it, hit save and your job is done. Within just a few clicks a beautiful presentation can be ready.

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Open Hardback Book Mockup

This realistic hardback book mockup helps you showcase your designs on a book cover and the inner pages of a book easily. It includes 11 high-quality PSD files, each having smart layers and easy-to-edit features. The separate background with the handheld hardback object is also editable. You can change the case board color as well. Go through the help file that comes with the mockup to get the proper guidance of using it.

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Wrapping it up,

All the above-discussed mockups are equally useful for showcasing your creative designs on covers and inner pages of books, notebooks, diaries, and magazines. Be it impressing your clients or saving for your personal profile, you can use these mockups to do everything easier for both personal and commercial purposes.

Get the mockup that suits your next project requirement and enjoy editing!

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