20 School And Teacher Website Builders 2019

Grab any of these best school and teacher website builders and you can have your full online presence sorted out with ease. Regardless of the software you put into play, it is a guarantee that your page will rock the online space. While many builders come with predefined material out of the box, you can also introduce your creative spirit and customize layouts and components accordingly. No worries, there will be no coding involved – perfect for someone who has never in their life created a page yet.

As far as a website for school or university goes, it gives you a platform where you can share different news, events, and other educational topics. It is perfect for all,– teachers, students and parents.

Moreover, when it comes to teachers’ websites, it is a perfect marketing channel where he or she can share with everyone their skills, talents and specialties. Even if they are doing their own studies and researches, a website is perfect to go in-depth with the findings.

Now is the right time to go online with a sophisticated, modern and stunning page which these first-class school and teacher website builders will help you set up in a snap. Look no further and start spreading the word out like a pro. Check the tools below, pick accordingly and see the success you deserve.


wix school and teacher website builder

Designers from various fields have esteemed Wix for its consistency and dependability. Everything this builder touches turns into gold. Because of this, you can gain confidence in sharing your wonderful content with the entire world. This school and teacher website builder is perfect for bringing your educational institution online flawlessly. Each of this builder’s templates is fully responsive and intuitive, as it resizes your content and images to fit any device or screen width automatically.

Prolific designs include stunning elements and sections that will take everyone’s breaths away in an instant. Add blogs, effects, animations, slideshows, margins, paddings, icons, fonts and so forth. These will make your website look more professional and vibrant. Bear in mind, Wix also has a cool ADI feature which is nothing else than an artificial design assistant. Yes, let ADI do most of the work for you and craft the right page in little to no time.

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weebly school and teacher website builder

An educational website totally deserves the best treatment since it furnishes learning and development. Weebly can provide these needs wholeheartedly. This school and teacher website builder will take care of everything from design and integration to hosting. It even has various tools to help you achieve your overall goals as quickly as possible. You can choose from more than 70 templates, all responsive and stunning. In other words, it is a guarantee that your page will look gorgeous on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers.

You will also get the chance to create your own blogs or let your students publish their own, with supervision. Weebly is complete with multimedia features like photos, videos, audio players, documents and more. Customer service is also top notch, ready to address your questions 24/7. By the way, with Weebly, you can start for free and only upgrade to a pro plan when and if necessary.

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vevs school and teacher website builder

Create a conducive teaching platform as easy as 1, 2, 3, with Vevs. Loaded with trailblazing features, this school and teacher website builder can provide you with nothing but the best amenities you can find on the market today. No experience in coding? Well, this builder shoulders the complexities for you. You only need your own ideas, plans, and a few minutes, then the rest will flow seamlessly. In short, you do not need to have any prior experience and skill in web development; with Vevs, anyone can hammer out the right website for their project.

With tons of professional templates to choose from, you will absolutely find the winning design combo for your unique ideas. You can lay down one on one music lessons, art and craft tutorials, academic curriculums, driving courses and more. Vevs is content-driven, so expect top-of-the-line user experience with its friendly interface.

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ning school and teacher website builder

Powering loads and loads of sites worldwide, Ning has kept its top-notch standard on an all-time high. It only shows that this school and teacher website builder is the best one out there. It provides flexibility, convenience and functionality in creating the ultimate classroom online. Ning has all and everything you need to get your educational project online and make it popular. Schools, universities, kindergartens, teachers, students, all are welcome.

A dependable online tool, Ning lets you connect with your students in the best possible way. Pick from various adaptive themes, each with its own distinct settings for easy customization and compatibility. Speaking of customization, you can modify the default look to your likings effortlessly. Core functions include analytics, security, content management and monetization options, perfect for your needs. There’s more to mention about Ning, but it’s better to explore it all by yourself and witness the power first-hand.

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Educator Pages

educator pages school and teacher website builder

Just when you think your school cannot get any better, Educator Pages launches its site-building platform to elevate your academic space. This school and teacher website builder has a complete, specialized platform that allows you to run your learning business smoothly. Whether you are a novice or an established administrator or teacher, these tools are here to support your endeavors. You can create as many pages as you want, and there is no need to learn how to code or do design work. Educator Pages is a responsive page builder perfect for utter newbies, as well as pros.

Upload custom images and videos to deliver your content smoothly and effectively and bring more value to the community. Update your students regularly with easy-to-access notification features. Education Pages has a premium package, but you can get the basic features for free; choose what suits you best and move forward.

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ukit school and teacher website builder

Guarantee a satisfying user experience by partnering with uKit. Loved by individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide, this school and teacher website builder’s name has been a mainstay in the industry. It employs a systematized platform for your online portal, letting you focus on the topics at hand instead of the complicated web designing.

Build your own extraordinary design by combining your style, content and concept. All pages are accessible on all devices, so the artistic value will stay intact. Just drag and drop blocks instead of putting a bunch of intricate code, and you can be ready to roll.

uKit supplies over 350 ready-made templates in loads of different categories. It also includes tools for promoting your website over and above. From newsletters and social media to statistics and online chats to name a few, uKit has it all and more.

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edublogs school and teacher website builder

Edublogs is truly a splendid builder because it prioritizes on conceptualization and outstanding performance, ensuring a great experience at all times. This school and teacher website builder rouses your originality and keeps things lively for every learner and educator. Having said that, it also takes the business seriously. With specific themes in store, you can design your site in a way that captivates your audience in one glance.

Edublogs’ templates have flexible layouts, so you can readily present your courses on all devices, as well as in whatever method you prefer. Core features include activity reports, global projects, privacy control, student account creation and more. Get started by trying it out now, no risk and no credit card required. You read that right; you can kick off your education blog for free and move to premium plans only when it takes off.

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squarespace school and teacher website builder

Squarespace provides everything one needs when it comes to building a website for teachers or schools. It is a modern, easy-to-use and super powerful website builder with a ton of ready-to-use content. You can start right away and have a fully functional page live in a few. No complicated tasks and no chance to mess things up, with Squarespace, anyone can establish a sophisticated education-related page.

What’s more, Squarespace also has you covered with domain names and web hosting so you can truly manage and maintain your online presence from a single account. Very convenient, indeed! Every page also comes with a mobile-ready layout, SSL certificate, search engine optimization, 24/7 customer support and website metrics. Once you get the gist of it – which will be instantaneous – you will have a ton of fun establishing the ideal website for your purpose. Spread the word out and shine online with Squarespace.

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heek school and teacher website builder

Education is one of the most indispensable treasures we will ever receive in our lifetime. Share the blessing of learning through Heek, a school and teacher website builder that is ideal for colleges, universities, pretty much any educational institution. This builder’s editor is very high-tech, utilizing an artificial intelligence designer to ensure convenience. Of course, your input will greatly translate, and your content’s quality will not be compromised at all. Although the tool is based on a powerful foundation, using it will be kids’ stuff.

Present your subjects wonderfully with templates that are super adaptable and trendy. Soon, Heek will also be adding program tables and directories into their interface, so watch out for those. For now, though, enjoy other features like admission pages, contact forms and newsletters and enter the world wide web with a bang. The options are within reach, ready and set for you to put them into play.

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myeduwebsite school and teacher website builder

If you can spare a few minutes of your time to publish a flawless education website, then MyEduWebsite is within your reach. It’s a school and teacher website builder known for its functional and friendly features, having its specialization on the field. Providing the fundamentals in web building, it’s no wonder why this builder has been favored by teachers, educators, tutors and administrators. MyEduWebsite is one of the simplest and most beginner-friendly tools to get your school page online and start attracting new potential students and sharing knowledge.

Insert texts, titles, photos, logos, files, forms and many more to your heart’s content and fine-tune the look accordingly. Along with the pre-built templates, MyEduWebsite also makes it easy to attach new pages and create a comfortable navigation. And if you ever need any additional support and assistance, you can always hit up MyEduWebsite’s support team.

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jimdo school and teacher website builder

Get a kickstart with your website and try Jimdo out. Freedom and versatility are two attributes that put this school and teacher website builder on top of its competitors. Jimdo is very generous when it comes to the features and functions it has in store for you. Along with the basics, you also get free hosting, search engine optimization tools, SSL security and custom domain name, which will uplift your online presence even more.

While you gain access to numerous predefined web designs, you can also modify them according to your concepts as well. No need to stick to default settings if they do not match your regulations. Increase engagement with your prospects by adding a blog and track the performance of your school or teacher website with analytics. Additionally, this builder has an eCommerce orientation, which makes pitching to potential students a lot easier. Thousands of users have trusted this builder, and it is your turn to become one of them.

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bookmark school and teacher website builder

A devoted teacher fully knows the value of education. If you are one of the few who appreciate this experience, then Bookmark school and teacher website builder will gladly open its doors for you. Since its creation, many web designers both amateurs and pros from different fields have relied heavily on this builder. If you are interested, then here’s how it works.

Creating a website is so easy, you barely need to do any work yourself. Bookmark revolutionizes that into a much simpler format. It features an artificial intelligence designer that gets you going quickly. Bookmark’s AiDA will do the major part of the work for you, anyway. It only requires a few basic information about your project and it will produce the page for you. Believe it or not, you can use Bookmark for free, too!

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zoho school and teacher website builder

Zoho is a name that defines a genuine companion for your learning website. This fantabulous school and teacher website builder is packed with awe-inspiring features that turn “simple” into “successful”. For example, you can instantly publish a site with almost no effort. Coding is so overrated; that’s why Zoho took it away for you. How cool and awesome does that sound? Of course, you can still add elements if you are adept enough. In fact, you can be a beginner who never in his or her life made a website yet and still succeed at it with Zoho.

Web security is also the main problem with sites nowadays. Thanks to Zoho’s privacy measures, that will not be much of a problem for your web space. All of its themes are responsive, which makes browsing your page from any device and platform hassle-free and fun. Every Zoho website is enhanced for SEO to ensure the possibility of improving your online mark.

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webflow school and teacher website builder

With the dope visual editing process, Webflow is a school and teacher website builder that you should not miss. As a matter of fact, Webflow is a multipurpose page editor that you can employ for any type of page you want; there are no limits, at all! Also, you do not need to worry about any of the technical stuff, like responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility. When it comes to Webflow, the software follows all the latest trends and regulations, making sure that your final educational page works smoothly all the time.

You can quickly and effortlessly manage and maintain your online presence with the powerful Webflow. Even when it comes to web hosting and SSL certificate, Webflow has you sorted out in full. Last but not least, get involved for free and even use Webflow forever without spending a dime if it matches your expectations. There are even a hundred hours’ worth of tutorials for your convenience.

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strikingly school and teacher website builder

Designing a website used to be fun, but certain complexities make it a bit demanding. We are talking about coding and advanced design tasks here. Well, Strikingly has the perfect solution to this issue. This school and teacher website builder lets you personalize layouts, add spectacular features, integrate media forms, build amazing pages and more, regardless of your prior experience or coding skills. Many beginners and experienced developers use Strikingly, essentially because it is easy and fast to use, yet the results are still breathtaking.

You can get features such as forms, blogs, analytics, social feed, domain names and more. Your students will be happy to find out that Strikingly enables them to consume less data with their browsing, as well. All that’s left to do is to take action and enjoy the amazingness that Strikingly treats all its users to.

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ucraft school and teacher website builder

Unpretentious, approachable and reliable. These three words describe Ucraft the most. Whether you are starting up a simple online school page or you wish to establish a web platform for a university, this school and teacher website builder can help you find the most appropriate template and layout for your taste. Share more details about your institution by posting blog articles and give back to the community even more. Even if you would like to sell something, you can do it in a breeze with Ucraft.

With Ucraft’s analytics, SEO and social media tools, you can reach out to learners more effectively and efficiently. Made for all devices, you can definitely view and edit your site without hang-ups. Contact Ucraft’s support team now for more details or dive in full-tilt and start experiencing the powers of Ucraft yourself. And if you need additional inspiration, you can first take a peek at some of the website examples built with Ucraft and go from there.

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elementor school and teacher website builder

Elementor and the versatility it brings to the table allow you to use it for any project, business or personal venture. You can indeed use Elementor as a school and teacher website builder. To cut a long story short, there are no boundaries when it comes to Elementor. The features, predefined layouts, high adaptability, you name it, Elementor features it all and then some. Bear in mind that if WordPress is your content management system of choice, you can couple it with Elementor and make your lives a whole lot simpler.

There are already millions of users who are successfully managing and maintaining their websites with Elementor. The final web design will be mobile-ready, pixel-perfect, cross-browser compatible and in-tune with all the other modern web and tech trends. While Elementor is a great solution for a beginner, it also suits skilled developers as well. Enjoy!

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wpbakery school and teacher website builder

Hence the name, with WPBakery, you can “bake” any WordPress website you want. Seriously, all you need to have when working with WPBakery is an open-minded approach to building a website. Other than that, let WPBakery take care of everything else! Utilize all the fantastic and handy amenities that it has in store for you out of the box, and you can have a functional and active school or teacher website live sooner rather than later. Indeed, even when it comes to building school, university, college, teacher, student or online courses pages, you can make them happen all with WPBakery.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop technology, coding knowledge is not necessary to make the magic happen with WPBakery! Also, WPBakery has loads of elements, sections, templates and add-ons at your disposal for you to speed up the process even further.

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IM Creator

im creator school and teacher website builder

If you are looking for a great builder you could use long-term, then IM Creator should be your pick. Being one of the best school and teacher website builders is quite an overstatement. But with the millions of users who have tried it, that recognition quite matches. Coding is so old school nowadays, especially in the web designing industry. Everyone wants an easy-to-use, convenient and simple interface which saves time and effort. With IM Creator, you can achieve this goal and even get more out of it to incessantly develop your site.

Publishing your website is just the first step to creating an online presence for your school. Consistency is vital to obtain success, and IM Creator can lend a hand when you need assistance. Spread the word out, spark interest in more students and share your expertise with the world.

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websitebuilder school and teacher website builder

Transform your plain website into an interactive learning environment with WebsiteBuilder. This school and teacher website builder lets you achieve your teaching goals in just a few minutes and no more than a few steps. When it comes to presenting your services, school and other whatnots on the web, make sure your website is sophisticated and the cream of the crop.

Choose from available templates that will push engagement with your students to an entirely new degree. All of them are fully modifiable and can fit any concept you might have. WebsiteBuilder is very spontaneous, user-friendly and responsive which encourages you and your students to visit the website more often. You will also get custom domain registration and hosting to launch your school page right away. Optimize your site with SEO, enjoy fast loading speeds and track the performance with analytics tools.

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