21 Amazing CrossFit WordPress Themes For Communities 2019

Without a doubt, the technological revolution is the crown jewel of human achievement. We have earned the ability to communicate instantly, and project images and sounds at the speed of light. But these almost godlike abilities come at a certain cost. It used to be the case that the entire population used to contribute physically to the economy. A vast majority of jobs and tasks would require intense labor or training, with only a few scholarly pursuits that stood as exceptions. With only animal and human muscle to power the world, our bodies were pushed to their limits.

Nowadays, only a few activities require intense effort, because machines can do all of the heavy lifting. Walking for miles used to be a daily routine, now they are praised as events similar to marathons. Even the burden of strenuous calculation has been lifted, due to the advent of computers. Of course, these changes are not negative things, it’s just that our bodies still need to be engaged. Try as we might surpass our lowly condition, our health and even our sanity are dependent on maintaining a good physical condition. Even activities that do require effort have very restrictive movement patterns, neglecting most muscles and straining others. The need for a better-regimented life is obvious, given that in many developed nations, diabetes and obesity are the biggest killers.

Introducing CrossFit WordPress Themes

These things are entirely avoidable and negligible for most people. In fact, the fitness community is an ever-expanding entity, whose enthusiasm and fervor are as evident as they are undeniable. Despite the popularity of the fitness movement, its ranks shun uniformity, as there are plenty of nutritional styles and exercise patterns that people adhere to. One of the most prolific is CrossFit, which has transcended its origin as an exercise philosophy and has become a competitive sport in itself. If you wish to promote such an activity, or simply want to participate in the craze, the first viable step would be to set up a proper website, By far, this method’s effectiveness is unparalleled, given the low cost and expanded reach of the online medium.

Sharing tips and proposing new routines, or simply setting up meetings with other enthusiast is made easier. You would be surprised how an activity that started out as a health necessity could become a lifelong passion. There are currently an estimated 5000 CrossFit-specific gyms in the United States and over 10,000 on a worldwide scale. That being said, nobody will ever visit your site if the content is bland and not stimulating.

Thankfully, there are many online platforms that can not only host your page, they can also support a strong community of theme designers. WordPress is one of these instances, given its worldwide reputation and its highly accessible content. It creates an equal playing field, where massive corporations and corner stores can mingle. As soon as you can find an enticing WordPress theme, you can set up your website and climb to the top of search engine results.

Let’s take a look at some of the best CrossFit WordPress themes:



Jevelin is a gorgeous and colorful, technologically cutting edge and easy to use, modern and highly responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. It’s a fast and flexible set of tools for the uncomplicated crafting of engaging, sophisticated websites covering a variety of interests, industries and endeavors without a hitch and requiring no coding knowledge whatsoever. Jevelin’s curated collection of full-fledged demo websites and polished template pages supply you with a solid base to start off on the right foot every time, while meaningful and easily accessible advanced admin customization settings let you fine-tune your headers and footers, your widgetized side areas and enticing Video Parallax background sections with minimal effort and professional quality results.

Jevelin is a favorite theme for crossfitters, long distance runners, marathon runners and all sorts of similar, related niche market fitness websites, because its smooth graphical environment incorporates a myriad convenient shortcodes and features, such as advanced Google Maps API resources that allow you to map out your crossfit routines within a few clicks so all your visitors can stay up to date on the hottest trails and latest group runs or hikes. Jevelin makes it easy to stay fit and connected with your audience! Try Jevelin now!

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Webify is a spectacular tool for building pages of all kind. If you are in the CrossFit and fitness space, you can utilize Webify for establishing such site, too. In the bundle, you will find very many predefined samples which you can improve further according to your needs and regulations. Also, Webify comes with tons of inner pages and several other amenities, like headers, footers, shortcodes, modules and blocks. You have it all ready and set for you to put into play. No need to have any prior experience either; with Webify, anyone succeeds at making a page.

Moreover, Webify is responsive, cross-browser compatible and follows all the latest trends and regulations in web development. The performance will always be of the highest degree when it comes to Webify. Invite more activities-hungry individuals to join your programs and take your business to the extremes.

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Athlete Fitness


Athlete Fitness is a completely visually attractive and stunning, deeply engaging and wonderfully functional, modern and trendy, functionally rich and very full featured, technologically cutting edge and resourceful, innovative and professional, serious and energetic responsive WordPress fitness, gym and sports website theme. It’s a theme designed with the raw power and utter flexibility to effortlessly muscle the demands of a whole slew of diverse website needs and requirements, but that has been specifically and uniquely powered for servicing websites of an athletic nature.

With a ton of technological power under the hood, including premium plugins like the Visual Composer, Master Slider, EventOn, Full Event Calendar and Event Detail, Athlete Fitness is wholly ready to handle all sorts of crossfit events you can come up with, and prepared to bring people together under the flag of athleticism and healthy physical activity. With an integrated and functional Fitness Class and Trainers management system, Athlete Fitness is a natural fit for crossfit athletes, athletes studios and gyms and pretty much every organization or group of people with a strong focus on building their bodies through intensive physical activities across a wide range of locations and environments. Try Athlete Fitness today, and take off!

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Fitness Zone


Fitness Zone is a powerful and functional, attractive and graphically bold and outspoken, visually impressive and polished, tech-savvy and supremely resourceful, convenient and full-featured, hip and trendy, appealing and vibrant, energetic and highly functional responsive WordPress sports, health, gym and fitness theme. It’s a comprehensively designed theme that has been created as an all-encompassing alternative for webmasters without any coding background or skill level. It helps  to easily and effortlessly create their own professional quality sports, health, gym or fitness websites in a flash. Without having to write any code themselves, and with completely amazing modern visual effects and powerful features and functions.

Fitness Zone includes a ton convenient, relevant athletic and crossfit-related shortcodes and features for you to build your sports website quickly and without any hassle, with a built-in visual page builder that lets you drag and drop dozens of select, custom built elements into your pages so you can be up and running with your website within hours, from scratch, or within minutes, using any of Fitness Zone’s professionally designed, readymade demo websites and page templates, which can be quickly visually customized and branded through the advanced Theme Options in the Admin Panel. Full responsiveness means your crossfit athletes will readily access your website even when on their mobile devices without skipping a beat.

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Kalium is a sleek and stylish, dynamic and engaging, youthful and fresh-faced, easy to use and highly responsive WordPress creative website theme for professionals. It’s a fresh and innovative solution for projects and endeavors spanning a range of interesting industries and niche markets or applications, with a special focus on the needs and requirements of creative professionals. To that end, Kalium has been equipped with resourceful demo websites and convenient page templates, powerful page builder plugins and tools like the LayerSlider plugin to streamline the design and development process greatly. It makes your life easier and your work smoother.

This theme is perfect for crossfit athletes and enthusiasts that are looking to establish an online home for their activities where their friends and fellow crossfit trainers can gather to read your multimedia posts about your recent routines or upcoming hikes and runs, showcase your handsome high resolution crossfit visual imagery and video in unique styles and arrangements, both modern and eye-catching. Highly customizable, Kalium’s crossfit demo templates can be turned inside out within a few clicks, no coding required. Mobile-friendly and SEO enhanced, Kalium is guaranteed to broaden your audience and attract more traffic. Check out Kalium today, and see for yourself!

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Maruthi Fitness

Maruthi Fitness WordPress theme is perfectly suited for fitness and gym websites. Its design is highly purpose-oriented, including an exclusive feature that acts like your personal time table. Using it, you will be able to track your schedule, cases, trainers, new posts, testimonials, reviews and individual pages. Creating and implementing such a theme can prove troublesome, because you have to make sure that it works on the overwhelming multitude of devices that are available. That ability to function on all platforms is called full responsiveness, and it grants the user a higher degree of versatility and it instantly doubles or triples the potential audience.

The theme options are extensive, and very easy to manage. This set increases user friendliness, as the developers realize that not all of their customers will be programmers. The key to accessibility is not only to provide your theme with technical advantages, it also necessitates ease of access for the user. Basically, if you are able to type and use a computer, you will be able to setup your awesome Fitness and sports website. It should be mentioned that no resolution or clarity will be diminished when the content is viewed on mobile platforms.

However, all of these useful features would be useless without a strong Search Engine Optimization programming. When people want to find a site, they simply type it in their preferred search engine. In turn, that engine targets keywords and establishes an order of priority. Without a strong SEO theme, only your personal friends and members of your family will be able to find your web page. Thankfully, Maruthi Fitness is optimized and ready for use.

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JustFit is an amazing theme with a superior design. It is SEO ready, guaranteeing that your content will be showcased on the top page of search engine results. It is very adaptable, fully responsive and dedicated to health and fitness. Your site can be accessed by users with tablets and smart phones. The multilingual support can eliminate any language barrier, assuring that every line can be translated. This theme is not limited to a single page. As your business grows and your customer base diversifies, you can add it to other sites. Users can rely on the Support forum for quality information. If a problem cannot be resolved, the development team is willing to help.

The theme encourages you to go as creative as you want. Customization is very easy, thanks to the Options Panel. You can utilize the Photoshop PSD files in order to modify the theme’s designs or code. You are free to incorporate most third party plugins, but they are not covered by the support system. This product is streamlined to perfection. Your pages can be constructed in a short amount of time, thanks to the Drag & Drop sections. In addition, you do not need to alter the code while adding or rearranging sections.

Customers appreciate a site with fast loading times and it will amaze them. It leads to a better experience for users, encouraging them to return. The sliders are superb, as they can properly showcase your articles and posts. JustFit is AdSense optimized, resulting in more ad revenue for the owner of the site. Small details can improve your page’s appeal. A charming 3D pop can be seen while clients are scrolling, due to the Parallax scrolling effect.

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Fitness Sport Gym

fitness sports crossfit wordpress theme

This is a very impressive WordPress theme, which supports achieving healthy living through consistent physical activity. Dancing, Yoga, Boxing or CrossFit, all fall under this category. The developers oriented its design to serve its purpose. It includes plenty of nifty options for health and fitness.

They have included a very informative setup guide. Also, the made it quite intuitive, and you could navigate it without support. However, it’s refreshing to see the programmers offering tips for their loyal customer base. Setup is easy and entertaining, that it encourages creativity and experimentation of layout and presentation. Useful guidelines are also available in a more accessible video format which is a bonus for buyers.

They also streamlined the customization process, thanks to the drag and drop page builder. Simply clicking and dragging your sections is enough and no coding knowledge is necessary. This is very important, because many companies choose to hire third party developers, and pay them to set up their online profiles. This theme spares you from paying expensive fees, and allows for a more direct customization. You can just do it on your own.

There are multiple pages available, including the standard home page, A light version of the Home Page, an “About” page, or a Parallax and One page menu section. The programmers of this theme are far from novices, with over 9000 customers that choose to do business with them. Upon purchase, you will be gifted with a lifetime of constant updates and support. This guarantees unending improvement and adaptation for your cherished content. Their support system is also complementary, with eager representatives waiting to solve every single issue that you might have.

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Fitness is a crisp and responsive WordPress gym and yoga business website theme. It’s a powerful solution for webmasters from all backgrounds and skill profiles. Making creative, modern and engaging websites is quick and intuitive with Fitness. Your visitors will find your pages impressive and your graphics polished and perfected. The creators also packed this theme with templates that you can import with a single click to hit the ground running. Homepage layouts and inner pages for gym, yoga and workout applications are available. It’s versatile and dynamic, and can handle sophisticated video content with ease. Dynamic class-defined pages and dedicated blog layouts are at your disposal as well.

Crossfitters in particular find in Fitness a natural, robust partner. The Visual Composer makes layout customization simple and accessible without any coding whatsoever. Awesome shortcodes let you share your schedules and showcase your routines. Tons of styles and settings let you build your personal brand on your website in a fast and thorough manner. Built on Bootstrap, Fitness is responsive to the core and completely mobile-friendly. Connect with users on tablets, phones and laptops in flawless visual perfection. Fitness is the definitive WordPress theme for every crossfit trainer. Give Fitness a go today!

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Pearl is an all-inclusive WordPress theme original on its field. It has a multipurpose concept that makes every demo a unique creation for the topic. It is useful any kind of business and professional purposes. Of its many incredible demos, you will find Pearl for fitness people or healthcoach. Pearl healthcoach is the definition of guidance for your everyday life but online. On general features, you count with easy to use Visual Composer page builder. This makes no coding needed for customize theme options. The capacity for image quality is also high and retina ready.  You will find 800+ Google Fonts, SVG icon uploader and WPML compatibility for texts. Special demo features include success stories and event planning with calendar display. You will get to set a blog to talk about health and exercise.

The developers made pearl to make business and thus, provide WooCommerce integration for shops. Make profit out of special nutrition products or exercise equipments. Post videos, routines, workouts and more! Slider Revolution will let you craft the most amazing slides. Personilized treatment and contact can also offered. Pearl also comes with a child theme and incredible custom support available at all hours! Use this amazing powerful original tool from Stylemix Themes! Use Pearl healthcoach!

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In the case of this WordPress theme, its name pretty much clarifies its purpose: It is designed to enhance and support professional fitness websites. It’s compatible with WordPress 4.1+ upon purchase. You are not just buying a theme, you are getting a product that will be constantly improved and tweaked by the developers, as time goes on and issues arise.

One of its most important features is the Visual Composer Page builder, which now covers all of the theme’s demo pages. You can easily import your sample data and content into this theme. There are also 50 elements that are exclusive for FitPro, accessible through the user friendly GUI. The developers hand crafted every element of this theme and designed it to reach the highest standards of this industry. You can implement this theme on any fitness/sports club, gym or personal website. The developers took their time to research the industry and not just release a mediocre product.

Its main focus is versatility, accessibility and the implementation of an attractive and elegant design. It includes a multitude of features that are all targeted at its specific niche, with the ultimate goal of becoming the best website theme in its category.

You can also install it on the pages of salons, law firms, beauty clubs, spa, or any other business that seeks professionalism and flawless consistency. If you want to sell any product or service, you can take advantage of the prolific Woocommerce plugin, facilitating the creation of an awesome online store. Of course, when you are running a gym website you will need to organize events. Thanks to the Event calendar plugin, you can achieve this with a minimal amount of effort.

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Gym X

Gym X is a WordPress theme that specializes on gym, fitness and sports. It is easy to customize and with responsive layouts. Gym X also comes with 4 columns for posting material. It does not matter if you are a long time hardcore crossfit trainer or a medical yoga beginner. The main market is everyone who loves fitness. The developers designed GymX to present a world of products, information and motivate you to work out! Gym X provides 12 predetermined tags for all the workout styles, you love the most. It features WPML multilingual support so reading instructions becomes a simpler task.

Additionally, the theme provides the perfect calendar and trainer with a simple click. Set up your own workout sessions indoors or outdoors. Hire and contact different trainers or find a new workout space. Gym X comes Visual Composer, making it an intuitive responsive theme. You will also have access to Google Maps for your locations searches. Create health blogs, diets and regimes entries on its different pages. Gym X pays attention to provide the best kind of customer support from experts. An Elite Author creation, and an Envato quality checked theme. Lifts or dead weight, alone or with company, anywhere you are. Get the best fitness motivation experience with Gym X!

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prowess crossfit wordpress theme

Prowess is a powerful CrossFit WordPress theme for boosting your business’ web presence and taking it to new heights. On the other hand, you can easily use Prowess for other types of businesses, like fitness, yoga, gym and other sports activities you specialize in. Prowess adapts to the industry you are in quickly and effortlessly with the very many ready-to-use sample layouts it comes with out of the box.

In the Prowess kit, you will find nine demos, a BMI calculator, timetable plugin and numerous other inner pages to complete the creation of your CrossFit website quickly. To start on the web like a professional, you need to go with Prowess and all the rest becomes history. Utilize the amazing elements, components, pre-built shortcodes and tailor Prowess’ web design to your requirements precisely.

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kette crossfit wordpress theme

Elegant and professional web design awaits every Kette user. Additionally, this cracking CrossFit WordPress theme is an ideal solution to bring your fitness and gym business to a wider audience and grow it to the level of extreme. First, check out the four included demos and decide which best resonates with your style and tone. Bear in mind, although you can use each demo as is, you can also modify and alter it however you fancy.

Kette is mobile-ready and responsive, easy to use and perfectly compatible with retina screens and web browsers. It contains class timetable, Unyson page builder, background customizer, supports RTL languages and sports Instagram gallery. For everyone working with WordPress themes for the first time, watch Kette’s video tutorials and get the gist of it. Kette applies to both newbies and professional developers.

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Gym & Fitness


This theme is an innovative and bold theme developed specifically for crossfit. Additionally, the creators carefully created this theme to help gym and fitness centers effortlessly create a website in an instant. It’s fully responsive layout adjusts smoothly to almost all types of devices and screen sizes to ensure that your target website visitors get the optimum viewing experience no matter what kind of device they prefer to use. Its comprehensible theme options makes theme customization really enjoyable. This theme offers countless color options to help you get the website design that suits your brand identity.

Also, it comes with 4 custom post types and unlimited widget areas so you can straightforwardly build different pages for the classes or fitness program, about page, membership, blog and a lot more. It allows you to showcase a presentable pricing table for all membership plans so visitors could see the services and plans you offer. Additionally, the ‘Join the Class’ feature helps you produce more leads. This theme also includes custom social sharing buttons so users could share your contents straight from your website. It’s fully compatible with WooCommerce so setting up an online store and selling crossfit and sports related products is very practicable with this theme. This theme is child theme ready to make sure that you will never miss any future theme updates.

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athetics wordpress theme

Athetics is a universal WordPress theme for everything sports-related. Needless to say, you can utilize Athetics as a CrossFit WordPress theme, too, and promote your facility online. There are two main home page demos available for you to put into play, as well as multiple other internal sections. Moreover, Athetics fully supports RTL languages and allows you to translate it to any language you want. Also, when using Athetics, you are guaranteed mobile-readiness, cross-browser compatibility and retina-friendliness.

Athetics includes lots of cool features like featured classes, class timetable, membership tabs, pricing plans, online consultation form, testimonials and more. The options you have with Athetics are unlimited, ensuring you to have a chance to create the exact website that suits your CrossFit business to a T. Keep things first-class with Athetics, promote your services and stand out a mile.

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fitmax wordpress theme

Fitmax is a versatile gym, fitness and CrossFit WordPress theme with striking layouts. In the kit, Fitmax delivers all the must-have material for a fast realization of your sports page. Thanks to the integration of Elementor drag and drop page builder, coding knowledge is not necessary. Other goodies include WooCommerce, Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7 and full Gutenberg compatibility. Of course, these are just a small portion of the entire collection of predefined content that you have access to when choosing Fitmax.

You can select between dark and light layouts and adjust and alter default settings to your likings. It is also very possible to use Fitmax out of the box as it already comes with an eye-catchy web design anyway. Some of the sections, you will find Fitmax sporting, are countdown timer, reviews, slider, services, club cards, programs and more. It also follows all the latest web development practices for your convenience.

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wizefit wordpress theme

WizeFit is a contemporary CrossFit WordPress theme with an elegant and trendy dark design. The layout of WizeFit is fluent, flawlessly readjusting its structure to all devices, handheld and desktop. Of course, WizeFit also does not miss cross-browser compatibility, as well as speed and search engine optimization. Install the demo data with a single click and start benefiting from its perks right away. No need to be tech-savvy either; WizeFit is powered by Elementor website builder which requires no programming knowledge.

Whatever sports, fitness and health-related you would like to push, WizeFit is the right solution for you. Along with promoting your CrossFit programs and facility, you can also start writing a blog and sell product online. WizeFit has all and everything preset for you to use and complete building a top-notch page quickly.

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Fitness Premium Gym

fitness premium cossfit theme

If you want a WordPress theme that can get your fitness website to the top of search engine rankings, this is the product for you! The developers filled this theme with amazing features and constructed it on an impressive Bootstrap framework. Despite its power, it is very welcoming and user-friendly. You may just be starting on the WordPress platform, or you may be a veteran. Regardless, Fitness has your back! You can use this theme without advanced knowledge or coding skills. They did their best to cram their product with options, while maintaining it with a steady level of accessibility.

It will fit on any screen, regardless if it belongs to a desktop computer, or a tablet. Additionally, the developers took their time to pay attention to market trends, and optimize it for search engines. Also, they ensure a high place in any search ranking. Custom widgets are available, and the color palette is without limit. In addition, they have added the touch and swipe function, in addition to the previously mentioned cross-device accessibility.

Here’s an interesting fact: This theme should be much more expensive, as it incorporates the Revolution slider and doesn’t charge you for it. Fitness is quite easy to install and customize, and you can finish in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the developers added extended documentation that includes premade pages and examples of useful configurations. PSD design choices, HD video tutorials and many other perks come with the basic package.

Given the amazing amount of features and content, the price of this is reasonable. In addition, you will get to enjoy a lifetime of fixes, updates and support, free of charge.

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FightClub is a versatile and adaptive WordPress theme that uses a minimalist yet elegant style. It targets gym and fitness site, although its features can fit any role or activity niche. Additionally, this skin incorporates a filterable portfolio and a details page. Also, with responsive time table pages that display details regarding classes. Also, you can even use the map location feature that shows you where the gym is, and an added contact form. You can also use the demo and treat them as examples for your own website.

The retina display guarantees compatibility with high-resolution screens, showing crisp high definition icons with ease. The developers not only focused on functionality but also on other aspects of the theme. There are also multiple color presets to choose from, resulting in a higher degree of aesthetic personalization. Additionally, the developers pride themselves in researching the specific needs of their consumers, and providing adequate solutions and guaranteeing an ideal experience. For example, FightClub includes the Front end drag and drop page builder tool. Normally, this would raise the cost by at least 25$, but they provide it free of charge. Using it, you can gain unlimited control over the layout of your post, pages and event planning.

You can translate this theme in multiple languages given the WPML certificate. You will be able to target a wider array of demographics. In addition to the $25 discount for the page builder, FightClub also includes the innovative Revolution slider which costs $19. With this plugin, the only thing that can possibly limit your slides is your imagination. The creators designed this theme to work with most popular browsers and to erase cross browser issues.

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gymbase crossfit wordpress template

This is a CrossFit WordPress theme that has received plenty of care, over the course of its lifespan. Additionally, the advantage of great WordPress skins is that there will never be a final version. Also, as the devs constantly try to improve and outperform their previous work. GymBase’s charming, minimalist design looks amazing on tablets or smartphones, as it is fully responsive.

The home page slider is quite effective, as it adapts to the resolution of the screen that is currently displaying your content. An amazing feature, one that would have been impossible just a few years ago. The theme also presents a filterable portfolio with a page for details, a blog page with a comment section, a class based on accordion sections, a responsive schedule planner, and even a tool with displays map routes that guide customers to your gym. Also, be sure to also check the live preview for more information.

For those that are not fond of traditional WordPress, an HTML5 and CSS3 version of the product is also available. You can easily build your page with the quality drag and drop page builder regardless of the version. This turns a complicated process into child’s play.

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