21 Best Free Restaurant Website Template 2019

According to the recent survey by Toast Tab, 56% of the people order their food through online and through the website. The same study also reveals why the people visit the website often; to see special offers on that day and new recipes on the menu.

79% of the restaurant owners accept that making advancement in the technology improves the customer satisfaction and also retain rate. Which indirectly implies that in the millennial era taking your business to online is a must.

In a highly competitive restaurant industry having a website, makes your effort to grow your business easier. The following free restaurant website templates help you to make an attractive and easy to maintain restaurant website.

The modern website template gives you a lot of customizing option and many trendy visual effects to your website. The use of HTML5 and CSS3 helps the website to have animation effects without affecting the website performance. You might also find these free website templates useful.

The following restaurant website templates are designed and developed on the HTML5 and CSS3 website only, but they are developed exclusively for the restaurant and other food-related industries.

Divi (WordPress)

divi restaurant website template

With a web design like Divi, you can go after establishing pretty much all websites. Of course, Divi also works fantastically well with restaurant and food businesses. In the kit, you will find all and everything that will get you going in close to no time. Right away, you get to choose between predefined samples which you can utilize as is or improve further. Any customization tweaks and whatnot, you intend to perform, happen with the process of dragging and dropping. Call it visual coding, if you will.

A website works great for showcasing your menu, your pricing, displaying beautiful food imagery and even allows customers to reserve a table through an online form. Additionally, you can start a blog and share all sorts of food-related contents, recipes, special deals and upcoming events.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

jevelin restaurant website template

Jevelin is a multi-concept website template with a horde of options and possibilities. One thing is for sure, creating a restaurant website will be without a hassle. After you select the demo and import it with a single click, you can already start using the powerful Jevelin and all the goodies it comes with. The outcome will be phenomenal whether you use Jevelin out of the box or you modify it entirely. No need to be a professional to have a chance and work with Jevelin. Anyone can do it, even someone who is setting up their first page.

From parallax effect, sticky navbar and scrolling animations to food menu, back to top button, testimonials slider and Google Maps, Jevelin sports it all for your convenience. You will also find a full-blown online reservation form with time and date pickers.

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Seabreeze (WordPress)

seabreeze restaurant website template

Seabreeze is a dedicated restaurant website template with three different header styles/demos. Additionally, Seabreeze also includes all the necessary internal page layouts, predefined and ready to use. Seabreeze is entirely customizable and brandable, making sure you get the most out of it without trouble.

After all, Seabreeze is equipped with the simple drag and drop coding method, which unlocks everyone a whole new horizon of possibilities. That said, you can now build a restaurant page without the need to code.

Seabreeze also includes Slider Revolution, Events Calendar, MailChimp integration, PSD files, over thirty built-in custom-made elements and more. The design is 100% responsive, compatible with web browsers and optimized for fast loading speed. If you are ready to scale your business and keep your tables occupied, get your hands on Seabreeze now.

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foodfun free template

There is a ton of fun you can have when it comes to food and creating all sorts of different dishes out of interesting ingredients. If you are known for your uniqueness and creativity, Foodfun is the free restaurant website template that you should consider using. It is a mouthwatering web design that will bring all your delicious food creations in front of the right audience. With a restaurant page, you can showcase beautiful images of your foods and share your menu and prices as well. This way, they know exactly what they can expect from your offering.

Foodfun also has a neat testimonials slider to build customer loyalty, as well as booking form to reserve a table. Both date and time pickers are included in the form for your convenience.

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steakshop free template

If you run a steak house, you will probably want to go straight to Steakshop. However, this free restaurant website template is versatile enough to work with other food businesses as well. In fact, whether you are a restaurant, a pizzeria, even a bakery, Steakshop is ready and set to get you online in little to no time. With its magnificent and salivating look mixed with your professional food pictures, you will win over more customers without hassle.

What’s more, if you would like to stand out from the masses, again, Steakshop is the tool to go for. With its original concept, Steakshop makes sure to impress all your visitors right off the bat. It features a large banner, supports video content, rocks a sticky right sidebar and displays an image gallery in a pop-up.

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rooftop free template

Whether you are interested in building one- or multi-page websites, Rooftop is ready to serve your needs efficiently. It is a free restaurant website template with a mobile-ready and flexible layout that works on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers smoothly. Even when it comes to popular web browsers, Rooftop adapts and acclimatizes to the environment seamlessly. On top of that, of course, Rooftop also ensures excellent performance for everyone to enjoy a remarkable experience.

If you have a well-thought-out website, their adventure starts online. Take them on an unforgettable journey that will lead them to book a table without giving it a second thought. You can achieve just that with Rooftop and all the qualities it has at your disposal. One click is all it takes and you can already start transforming the template into a functional website.

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luigis free template

Luigis might suit pizzerias and Italian restaurants best, but you can take to your advantage its versatile web design for other purposes, too. With a free restaurant website template like Luigis, you can start sharing your experience with people all over the globe. Thanks to your refreshing, tasty and healthy page, let them get to know your place, what you do and about the foods that will water their mouth instantly.

Let Luigis’ design do the magic and intrigue everyone who gets a chance to see your food photographies. It is the beautiful, light and easy to browse layout that will take them to your menu and later to the contact form to reserve a table. Or they will dial in your phone number and skip the waiting in its entirety. With Luigis, you can also start writing a food blog, go on a more personal level with your clients and even implement content marketing.

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pulse free template

With elegance and sophistication, Pulse is the free restaurant website template that will put your right on top. But to truly understand the power of this page canvas, make sure you first check its live preview page and see what’s possible. Pulse has a full-width slider with smooth transitions, testimonials, categorized menu, Google Maps and a working contact form. All these features are mixed with an impressive web design that will push your professionalism over the top. Along with restaurants, Pulse also suits catering businesses to a T.

Pulse is a Bootstrap template for the necessary mobile-readiness and cross-browser compatibility. You can announce news and share secret recipes with your audience via a compelling blog section, too. There are other additional internal pages readily available for you to profit from greatly.

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pizza free template

Pizza does not really need much introduction. Indeed, it is a free website template for pizzerias but works with other restaurants and food businesses, like food delivery, just as well. At no cost, you get a premium-like page template that creates a fantastic atmosphere that will elevate your overall business and form a strong and lasting first impression. What differentiates Pizza from the alternatives is the gorgeous dark layout it sports.

From a cool slider and on scroll content load to food menu, photo gallery, social media buttons and animated statistics, Pizza has all the layouts and elements your require and then some. Just like all the rest you find here, this free restaurant website template is also responsive, flexible and extendable. Regardless of the device and platform they use to browse the internet, Pizza makes sure to always deliver a first-rate experience.

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diner free template

Diner free restaurant website template is fully responsive. It is easy to customize and gives awesome display effects on devices of all screen sizes.

This restaurant website template is designed on HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap 3 framework, which makes this website load faster and also mobile responsive.With bright colors and popular Google fonts, this website template looks professional and also modern.

The food menu section is designed like a listview, when you move to other tabs the transition effects are clean. Apart from the food menu section you also have event section in this website template.

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Eatwell Free Template

Get people to eat well over at your place by introducing them to your world of foods and drinks with Eatwell. This free website template for restaurants is a real eye candy. It sports many premium features for you to benefit from and delivers the best online experience out there. Showcase your front door or push any special offerings you may be currently running with the full-screen banner. What’s more, the banner also supports a clean call-to-action button which opens a reservation form in a popup.

I know, right?

Moreover, Eatwell displays all your site content on scroll and has a delicious and categorized menu. Beautiful gallery, contact form and Google Maps are also included in Eatwell for you to have it all at your disposal for the quickest site launch. Rock the online world with a solid web presence and drive more customers to your food business.

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Restaurant by Colorlib

Restaurant free website template

Our very own and exclusive free restaurant website template with all the necessities for your food-first businesses. Along with the restaurants, you can also use it for catering businesses undoubtedly. Comfortable drop-down menu turns into a transparent and a sticky one so all visitors can quickly jump to other sections without the need to scroll all the way back to the top. However, Restaurant has a one-page layout so all is gathered in one neat page anyway.

Push your top rated dishes, showcase your mouthwatering promotional video and present your current menu. Also, do not forget to introduce your qualified chefs and go personal with your customers by starting a blog. In the Restaurant kit, you also get an active contact form, Google Maps, social media buttons and a newsletter subscription.

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marco free template

Marco is a flat design new restaurant website template based on Bootsrap 4. This website template is built over the bootstrap, which by default have HTML5 and CSS3. So you can experience a smooth and fast loading website.

Marco web template is built in a Fancy style however it can be used as per the user requirements. This responsive web template is designed with a clean flat grid system. Using of CSS3 makes the

It is a multi-page restaurant website template with the basic pages you might need on a restaurant website. The layouts are designed in a way that the food pictures are presented delightfully to the visitor.

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Caviar free template

Whatever you specialize in, it is Caviar free restaurant website template that helps you drag more potential customers to it. The tool is powered by Bootstrap Framework for pliability and extendability of your page. In other words, the outcome you are about to create will smoothly adapt to any screen resolution for outstanding performance. Clean and elegant web design of Caviar luxuriates every visitor and makes them salivate. No biggie, they can use the included reservation form and book a table right away. For your information, the booking form also comes with a date and a time picker for your convenience.

There is still more to it.

Caviar comes with a full-screen slideshow, sticky menu, on scroll content load and a back to top button. There is also a testimonials slider to let your customers speak about you what gains your customer trust.

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Luto Free Template

Luto is another mouth-watering restaurant website template. It is a one-page website template, which helps the visitors to see all about your restaurant on a single page.

This restaurant web template is designed using HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. The transition effects and other animation effects are neat and professional. Especially the menu section is designed very intuitively.

It is the only restaurant website template in this list that offers a separate section for today’s special and offers. The colors, flat-grid pattern, texture, font-awesome icons, hover animations, functionality, and alignment perfectly adds up to make this template outstanding, and it’s served with plenty of features that come in handy.

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Bakery Free Template

Bakery is a one-page restaurant website templates. This website template is the best choice for food bakery, cafe, coffee shop and restaurant website.

The detailing on this website is to be appreciated. Right from the font style to the color used, the designer has followed the famous restaurant website design trend. As soon as you land on the website template, a huge banner image with delicious food images welcomes you.

Though it is a single page restaurant website template, Bakery has all the website element you need on a professional restaurant website. The food menu section is intuitively designed in a tabbed interface; the user can easily switch between the tabs they like and find the food they want.

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No matter what type of restaurant your own, Risotto is ready to take care of your online presence. It does not need to be an Italian only one! Risotto is a versatile website canvas that delivers many outstanding features for you to shine on the internet with all of your light. From the navigation and all the way down to the footer, every section of Risotto template is designed and developed in a way very appealing to the eye.

Great attention to detail, image backgrounds, cool foods and drinks menu and every other part for the complete presentation of your food business. Of course, you will also discover a neat form for booking a table and the opening time schedule. As for the former, it has it all predefined for you to use it out of the box. As a matter of fact, use Risotto exactly as is in its entirety if it suits your requirements. Still, feel free to improve and edit it since it is too easy to do that, too.

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listing free directory website template

Listing is a phenomenal and sophisticated directory website template for restaurants. To be frank, you can use Listing for all sorts of intentions but ours, at the moment, are food businesses. It is a beautiful tool for creating listings which follows all the latest trends and technologies. Meaning, your final website creation will be a responsive and mobile-ready one. Moreover, Listing is also compatible with all modern web browsers and retina ready. Crisp clean shots of food make everyone’s eyes bulge.

With the clean and refined web design, Listing has a high potential for helping you grow your online project to the level of incredible. Grow it so large, restaurants and other food-businesses will be eager to become a listing of your directory. But at the end of the day, it is your directory that will help others succeed in the industry.

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Pato gives you all the options and features to complete building your web space for your modern restaurant in a breeze. Make a solid first impression with the full-screen slider and have them intrigued in an instant. Use the slideshow to showcase your location and to display your insanely tasty food delicacies. Or even if you are holding a special offer, let the slideshow push it for you. In short, do whatever suits your needs best.

That’s not it.

More goodies come your way in the form of parallax effect, countdown timer, reservation form and review/testimonials slider. On top of that, Pato also has a full blog section at your disposal which you can effortlessly use for a fresh food blog. As a matter of fact, use it for the creation of a standalone page if that is of your interest.

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Redcayenne free template

As hot as it sounds, Redcayenne is a free restaurant website template that spices things up on the web. It is a professional tool with loads of outstanding assets and striking characteristics. Redcayenne is built with Bootstrap and comes extremely simple to use and edit. Everything is organized and in order what makes Redcayenne a handy template for both beginners and professionals.

Excellent slider with great transitions is the first thing your site guests see. Make it so enticing, they will be impossible to resist your offerings and start scrolling to learn more about you. Advertise your restaurant, promote your chefs and, of course, display your menu. Execute it in such a hot way, they will rush using the booking form right off the bat. By the way, the form is part of the Redcayenne kit and it also includes date and time pickers.

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Coffee free template

The name of this next website templates tells you enough to know what you can use it for. However, it is the versatility of Coffee what matters most at the moment. That said, Coffee, being for coffee shops by default, can also adapt to restaurants and other food projects. If the simple and modern design of Coffee is what you are after, just change the content and it will instantly become something entirely different. In this case, Coffee becomes a free restaurant website template.

How cool is that?

Coffee warmly welcomes all visitors with a massive and attention grabbing banner. Further down, it rocks a minimalistic menu section and a neat gallery. The tool is also ready to expand it with a blog section and grabs guests’ emails with the included newsletter subscription widget. Go against the grain and pick Coffee.

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What’s Your Choice

These are the best restaurant website template with modern design layouts. Each one of them is unique from others and serves their purpose effectively. Based on your needs select the best free restaurant website template for your restaurant website.

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