21 Best Website Menu Templates For Creative Sites (Bootstrap) 2019

Website menu determines the overall website user experience score. It is one of the few important factors that determine the SEO score of the website indirectly. The main factors which you must consider while designing the website menu are; it must be easy to understand and must be legible; if you are adding animation effects to the website menu make sure the animation effects are quick so that the user need not wait for the option to appear. We have collected some of the best free website menu templates with the qualities mentioned above. All these templates are just inspirations, which you can make use of for your site. These templates can’t be simply downloaded and add to your existing website. The code used to make this template is shared directly to help you understand how the code works. So you can easily customize these free website menu templates.

Perspective Page View

perspective page menu

Perspective is a windows style navigation menu template. This template package contains six menu variations that cover all four sides of the screen. The animation effects are clean and sleek with minimal animation effect. The icons used to depict the menu options are also neat and bold. This type of menu navigation style best suits for app landing pages and full-page gallery templates. Orange shade is used as the default color scheme of the template if your template follows different color scheme you can customize it. The entire code used for all the navigation types is shared with you, so you can get an overall idea of creating website menu like this.

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Multi Level Menu

multi level menu

The Multi level menu is a well thought out web menu design. It is basically designed for the online shopping website templates. This web menu design reserves a standard left sidebar. Since the menu has a separate space, the developer has utilized the space efficiently with dynamic menu options and breadcrumb option. The user can easily keep track of the pages they came across with this breadcrumb design. On the plain dark theme design texts and the web, elements are clearly visible. The visual effects also look attractive in the dark color scheme. The template is in full working condition, so you can use the code to make your own web menu.

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Multi-Level Push Menu

multi level push menu

This free website menu template is pretty self-explanatory. Multi-Level Push Menu is a simple to implement tool to create off-screen navigation with multiple levels. You can use it to make a fantastic and distraction-free navigation throughout your entire website. What Multi-Level Push Menu does, it pushes your site to the side (right) and opens a simplistic, yet sophisticated, menu that takes a user to different sections of your page. If you are still in the process of adding a solid menu to your enticing website, this Multi-Level Push Menu template might be the one you should consider. After all, it is free and you can test it out for as much or as little as you want. More info / Download

Apple Menu Search Animation

apple menu search animation

Like in true Apple fashion, this Apple Menu Search Animation template keeps things simple, minimal and to the point. What for you will use this layout I do not know, but I do know that it will add a touch of elegance to your project or application. Whether purely for presentational purposes or in an actual website, implement this sample however you see it fit your idea best. The options are there, at the tip of your fingers, and you can also customize the look to your heart’s content. At the end of the day, we bring you only free website menu templates to employ with one or multiple pages or simple to play around with different options they bring to the table. More info / Download

Page Stack Navigation

page stack navigation

Page stack navigation is a tweaked version of the Multi level menu template mentioned above. But the interface in this template is completely redesigned. Instead of taking a constant sidebar this website menu template uses a hidden menu, by clicking the hamburger option entire page is taken to show the menu option. This template follows a card stack like navigation options, where the user can switch to the pages they want by selecting the pages or by selecting the menu option. These visual effects are also neat and simple, just with an overview the user can understand the navigation style on this template. This web menu template suits better for full-width creative design templates.

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Vertical Layout

vertical layout

Vertical layout is a fully animated interactive website menu template. As the name implies this is a vertical menu layout, this template also uses hamburger style menu option. Since it is an animation effect focused template, the visual effects are done with great care. The animation effects are fluid without any lag. Instead of texts, icons are used to symbolically depict the menu option. The icons used are flat and simple that meets the modern web design trend. In the demo, this menu navigation is used for one-page website template, practically this menu style fits for the one page templates only. If you can make minor changes to the template, then you can use this template for other types of website templates also.

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One Page Navigation

one page navigation

One Page Navigation is a floating style website menu navigation template. This menu style also reserves a particular space on the left sidebar but it does not mark any boundary on the homepage. But in the subpage, the menu boundary appears. The menu options just blend along with the rest of the web page design. Since this template uses only icons this design is possible. The visual effects are also clean and fluid with the use of well coded HTML and CSS framework. This type of website menu options is familiar with the creative personal website template design. Again this website menu designs also best suits for the one-page design layouts.

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Canvas Navigation

canvas navigation

Canvas navigation is a vertical hamburger style based menu template. Where this template differs from the rest of the menu design is the background animation effect you get when the menu expands. By making small tweaks to the fonts of the menu you can make this template fit in your website template. This website menu style best suits for entertaining and fun filled templates like event website templates and music website templates.

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Fullpage Intro and Navigation

fullpage intro and navigation

Fullpage intro and navigation use a creative style of website menu design. Instead of a tradition top bar menu navigation and top hamburger style navigation, this template uses bottom hamburger navigation menu. On clicking the hamburger icons the website menu takes up the entire page by sliding from the top. In order to dismiss the menu, you have to go all the way up. Design wise this is an impressive template, but user experience wise this template is not the best design. Instead of a full page design menu expansion style would fit here. This style of website menu navigation best fits for photography website templates, where you expect to give a distraction free visual experience to the user.

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Material Design Expanding Overlay

material design expanding overlay

Material Design Expanding Overlay is a colorful flat website menu template. If your site only focuses on few of your pages and the services offer this website menu design can help you. It is a unique website menu template which you can’t use or see on may websites. The concept behind this template is amazing and also creative. The use of flat material design color makes this template more adorable. This type of menu navigation best suits for personal website templates, where you can promote you as soon as the users land on your site and from the options given below they will get to know more about you in an interactive way.

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Circular Navigation

circular navigation

Circular Navigation is more or like similar to the bubble navigation menu template mentioned above. But this template has two variations in it. What makes this template differ from the Bubble navigation is the demo part is more complete and clean. Being a developer or user you will get a clear cut idea how to use it and where to use it on seeing the demo. The visual effects are sharp and quick, it does not keep the user waiting for the animation to complete. Along with the demo, a step by step interactive demo of how this menu style working is also given. For starters, this demo will be very helpful.

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Horizontal Slide Out Menu

horizontal slide out website menu

If you are looking for website menu inspiration for the mega menu option, you should take a look at the Horizontal Slide Out Menu. This template is purely designed by keeping the e-commerce stores in mind. The drop down based menu navigation design gives you ample amount of space to add your product image and the name of the product. You get up to two rows and six columns in the drop down menu option. This template uses HTML, CSS and javascript framework and the entire code used to develop this website menu template is shared with you directly. So you can make use of the code to develop your own menu based on your needs.

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Google Nexus Website Menu

google nexus website menu

Google Nexus Website Menu is an interactive website menu template. The template uses both the icons and the detailed menu in its design. The step by step based animation manages to handle both the icons and the texts effectively. Again this menu design is also a left sidebar hamburger style website menu. The animation are sleek and quick, that makes this template a perfect fit for both the classic professional websites and the creative modern websites. The developer has shared in detail about the code used to make this template. The explanations given are clear so even beginners can understand how the code works.

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Youtube Menu Effect

youtube menu effect

Youtube Menu Effect is a quick and sleek website menu template. The versatile design of this menu design makes it a perfect blend for both the desktop version and the mobile version. As a result, your user will experience a uniform menu navigation throughout different devices. As the name implies this template is designed based on the youtube menu. Where it stands unique is by its animation effects. The visual effects in the menu design are so quick so that the user can get the menu options almost instantly when they click the menu option. Like most other free website menu templates in this list, the Youtube menu effects also uses HTML, CSS and javascript framework.

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Expanding Column

expanding column layout

Expanding Column menu design is creative style menu option. This template won’t fit for all types of website. In one of our personal website template collection post we have mentioned Privado template This template actually won a special mention in the Awwwards. The template follows completely a unique design. Instead of using a traditional menu layout, the menu options are shown straight away on the whole screen. The expanding column also follows a similar design. Each menu option is a separate page, which expands on clicking the option. In this type of template, the visual effects play the key role than the design. The animation effects on this template are clean, simple and intuitive.

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Animated Menu Icon

animated menu icon

Animated menu icon is a menu design template for the mobile application. This menu design is not a quick animated one. But instead of animating the whole menu, only the icon is animated. This approach reduced the waiting time for the menu option to appear. If you are into creating interactive visual effective rich web elements, then this website menu template will impress you. Two variations are given in this template, one is a well scaled animation and the other uses a broad animation effect. The whole code used to create this shared directly, so you can make use of it to create your own custom website menu.

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Navigation Animation

navigation animation menu

This template is actually a collection of animation effects you can use in the website menu template. Whether you stick to traditional top bar navigation or sticky navigation bar, these small small animation effects will spice up your overall web design. This website meu animation effect includes fifteen animation effects. The code used to create all the fifteen is shared with you on their page. Speaking of the coding, this well coded template uses modern HTML and CSS frameworks. The end result is, the visual effects are clean and simple so that they can be used in any type of websites.

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Scroll To Top

scroll to top free menu

You might have seen this type of website menu design in many of the one-page templates. The menu options are shown just below the hero image or the header section. When the user scrolls down the menu bar stick to the top of the screen. There is nothing new in this web design, but the beginners will find this website menu template useful. The template uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Javascript framework.

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Responsive Sticky Header

responsive sticky header

Responsive Sticky Header is an interactive and modern website menu bar template. The menu bar is placed at the top bar, but the menu bar is not visible when the user is in the header section. The menu bar only appears when the user scrolls down. In the demo version, the template is used for the one-page template. This template is in a complete working condition, so you can get a complete overall idea of the design and how it works by looking at the demo itself. This template also uses HTML5, CSS3 and the Javascript framework.

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Side Navigation Menu V2

side navigation menu v2

Side navigation menu is a left sidebar vertical website navigation menu template. Like most other sidebar navigation template a particular space is reserved on the page for the menu. The hover effects are clean and simple. To show differentiate the icons colors are used, which makes some of the icons invisible on the webpage. This website menu template is just an outline and also needs some tuning to make this template look professional.

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Flat Navigation

flat navigation free website menu

Flat Navigation is a boxed website menu template which you have seen a lot in construction website templates. Instead of taking a horizontally fully stretched website menu bar only a part of a space is taken. In this menu style, you have the option to add your logo also. This type of menu template best suits for websites with fewer web pages. The flat navigation website menu template also supports drop-down menu option, in case if you need to show all your subcategories also to the user.

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These are some of the best free website menu templates you can make use of for your site. Each of the templates is unique in their own way. To help you get wide collection we managed to collect free website menu templates with different design and features. What’s your favorite free website menu template? And as a user what you normally expect in a website menu? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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