22 Best Editable Party Invitation Templates in 2019

Be it for a large gathering or a small tea party, these cool invitation templates come very handy. Most are PSDs and are very simple to edit and customize. Whether you are hosting a wedding, graduation, birthday, or deep house party, we have a template for you. You can make it look professional with little work invested.

Pick the party invitation template that would suit your motif best, and start from there. Let the invitees know where the venue is and at what time and date the socializing starts. You can then make other small but impactful improvements to your invitation. Change the color of the background and text, choose a different typography, and tweak all other elements. There are quite a few things you can upgrade to make your preferred template match your party theme.

Below are party invitation templates that we handpicked for you. Do yourself a favor and save plenty of time by using any of these. There are tons of different templates to choose from! If you try to hunt for one yourself, you might undergo a never-ending search for the ideal party invite for your needs. So, we did the hard work for you and came up with the following list.

Luxuriate invitees with these invitation templates for parties. Inform folks about celebrations, festivities, and even after-parties. They will be happy to go after receiving such awesome cards, even those sent via email (you can do that, too).

Stationery Mockup Against a Flat Surface

stationery mockup against a flat surface

If you are looking for a way to see how your invitation design looks real-time, this mockup is a great solution to get you going. Instead of creating an entire appearance from scratch, just select the tool and let it save you a ton of time and energy. While you can utilize the template exactly as is, you can, of course, fine-tune it, too. In other words, change the color of the flyers and cards, as well as the background. Play around with different possibilities until you come up with the look that fits your style best. Don’t forget, you can add both images and text to the layout and even test things out before you hit the download button.

Mockup of an A6 Flyer

mockup of an a6 flyer

Stunning and very appealing to the eye invitation template which you can effortlessly use for parties and all sorts of other gatherings. In short, if you fancy the look of the design, by all means, utilize it for whatever you find it a fit. You can quickly upload your image, add text and even change the color of the flyer. Keep the leaves and the lively pink background, which only spice up the experience of the realistic presentation of your creation. When it comes to text, you have multiple font options, and you can also reposition it and change the color.

Mockup of a Christmas Invitation Card

mockup of a christmas invitation card

If you are hosting a Christmas party, this awesome and detailed invitation card will do you well. First and foremost, you can dive all in, starting working on the outcome without the need to break a single drop of sweat. For as long as you have the design ready, you can experience speedy and spectacular results in a snap of a finger. You might just want to add your art and you are ready to roll. While the background is fixed, you can change the color of the flyer and implement some additional text if necessary. With the right tools, creating solid presentations becomes child’s play.

Mockup of an Open Invitation Envelope

mockup of an open invitation envelope

Here is a full-blown setup of two invitation cards, an open envelope and all sorts of other stuff. If you truly want to make the presentation of your invitation template design as realistic as possible, this is one fine solution to consider. And to test things out, you can easily make edits to the existing template, add your images and text. For your information, each of the two cards has a working surface, meaning, you can add two different images (for instance, front and back design). Last but not least, you can alter cards color, too, and keep the branding intact.

Horizontal Invitation Mockup

horizontal invitation mockup

Another way of making the presentation of your invitation card design a lifelike experience is this following, amazing template. Instead of having it on a desk or any other surrounding, take things a step further with a woman holding the card. Have in mind, this template goes beyond adding just your design. Instead, you can quickly change the color of the woman’s sweatshirt, background and the card. As for the background, you can also keep it transparent if you already have other plans with the template. The options are at the tip of your fingers – create a banging portrayal and make a difference.

Autumn Dinner Party Invitations

autumn dinner party invitations

Are you planning to invite a bunch of folks over for dinner? Maybe you have a restaurant that’s celebrating a particular event with a fantastic feast. Would you like a certain event to be remembered in style? Whatever the case may be, this beautiful autumn dinner party invitation comes helpful for all sorts of purposes. Add all the necessary information, and use the design as is. Send it out for print, and voilà, you have the cards ready for a dinner party that smells of autumn! Two sizes are available: 5×7 in. and 4×6 in. You can test out more variations first before you print the invites in bulk. Who’s getting hungry already?

Christmas Party Invitation

christmas party invitation

This is an elegant Merry Christmas invitation template for upcoming parties at nightclubs. Still, you can make it special and use it for your home celebration, too. The design features golden snowflakes and more gold sprinkled all over the card to add a luxurious feel to it. Of course, you do not have to use the template strictly for Christmas parties. You can freely use it for your business New Year promotional party or any other winter event just as well. Anyone who will get their hands on this invitation will rush to mark their calendars so as not to miss it. Who could even say no to such a classy invite to a party?

Tea Party Invitation

tea party invitation template

Sometimes, instead of going for ham on your birthday party, you only want to drink some tea, eat sweet treats, and chat. For that, here’s a gorgeously layered-PSD invitation template that will be fun to edit. The card has spaces for the subject, date, location, and the RSVP. Needless to say, you can use it for other gatherings, like garden, flower, and outdoor parties. The lovely design fits such events. Notably, the template features only free fonts, which you can find on the Download page. However, if you would like to use a different one, you can change it to the exact one you fancy. With this functional template, you can have your first draft ready in seconds.

Graduation Party Invitation

graduation party invitation template

Are there new graduates in the house? If so, you’d better go and celebrate in style. For the graduation party invitation, here is an elegant template using a black background with a white-and-gold typography. It is outstandingly beautiful and professional. The design is fully editable and print-ready, too. Also, although the theme is graduation, with a few adjustments, you can easily use the template for invites to other school and college events or parties. The layout has the following specifications: a 4×6 inch bleed size, CMYK colors, and both AI and PSD files.

Glow Birthday Party Invitation

glow birthday party invitation template

For a birthday party, or even an anniversary, this cool glow invitation template is open for a wide specter of events. If you would like to have a distinct impact on everyone you invite, then this card is ideal for you. Bright colors on a black background make for a superb and very eye-catching contrast. With well-organized and accurately labeled files, customization is simple. The free fonts are replaceable, too, but there’s probably no need to do so, since everything works out perfectly.

Birthday Party Invitation

birthday party invitation template

Along with specific invitation templates for weddings, birthday party invites are among one of the most popular. If you need one, we have a few to get your needs sorted. Here is one variation with just the cutest design you can think of for a kid’s party. Balloons are all over the place with an adorable font on a green background. A simple and straightforward design wins all the time. Of course, you can change the colors and the text in accordance with your motif. The fully editable PSD file, which is organized and labeled, will make it a breeze designing the excellent birthday invitation. The predefined template implements three free font types, but use whichever you fancy.

Vintage Birthday Party Invitation

vintage birthday party invitation

No matter the party you are to host, birthday, house, childbirth, you name it, a vintage-inspired template makes your invitation one of a kind. Two colors are available, but you can alter the color and pick your favorite. Change the text, too, or leave the free fonts that are already used. This vintage birthday party invitation is big and bold and features all the necessities. The important details are in the center and clearly visible. Below the location, all the way down at the bottom, is the RSVP. Everything is in one template. You just need to modify it per your needs, and you are ready to send out the invitations.

Party Invitation Card

party invitation card

Companies hosting parties on a regular basis need different invitation cards tailored to specific events. This basic party invitation card uses simple shapes, yet it still looks very professional. You already know the gist of it—keep things as simple as possible, and it will work best. Moreover, you can change colors, text styles, and even dimensions to make the template meet your branding. With that, everyone will immediately get your message. However, the template is not only for companies, as just about anyone else, can use it, too.

Live Music Flyer

live music flyer invitation template

Is there a live music event happening in your town for which you’ve been hired to take care of the invitations? If the deadline is just a couple of days away, use a template and save yourself a whole lot of time. The live music flyer sports a large image of the artist (or the band) with all other needed information about the concert or show. Edit and change the text (colors, too), and get their fans familiar and hyped for the upcoming event. This is a quick and attractive solution aimed more towards DJs. Still, you can use it for other individual musicians and bands that are coming into town as well.

Autumn Cocktail Party Invitation

autumn cocktails party invitations

Cocktail parties are not only for summer. Autumn can be a perfect time to throw these kinds of parties, too! As a matter of fact, isn’t the whole year long ideal for an occasional cocktail party? To each his own. If you or your organization is putting up an event, by all means, have an invitation template for parties to do most of the work for you. There is no need to do things from scratch when gorgeous tools are available for you to take advantage of.

For autumn, specifically, here is a convenient template that turns you into a real designer yourself. With a few changes, you can have the final product ready as quick as saying “falling leaves.” Each well-organized layer has images, texts, and a background. This provides you with even more creative freedom with the template itself. In addition, it allows for remodeling, for you to use it for other seasons quickly.

Deep House Party Poster/Flyer

deep house party poster flyer invitation template

Deep House Party Poster is ideal for informing and inviting folks to pub and club parties and concert events. The original look of the template stands out and is definitely the kind that draws attention. It sparks curiosity, something that you undoubtedly want to achieve. The poster sticks with you and makes you mark the date right away. The template supports many color options, allows easily editable text, and features a scalable layout. With a few unique tweaks, you can have wonderful party invites ready and set to attract a wide audience.

Beach Event Ticket

beach event ticket invitation template

The Beach Event Ticket template offers an editable PSD file for all your event needs. Can you imagine having your very own ticket for a party? Use this template to sell tickets for a forthcoming event or to send them out as invitations to a big party you are hosting. Be creative, and think outside the box. With these tickets, you can effortlessly make the best impression on your invitees and target audience.

Rock Flyer/Poster Template

rock flyer poster invitation template

Here is an invitation template for all the rockers out there. This is a PSD flyer or poster for promoting all sorts of rock and metal music shows. Invest some time to customize it to suit the band’s theme. The layered and editable template allows you to transform it into a true masterpiece with ease. If you are still figuring out what to do with regards to the invitation material, this could be the solution you’re looking for.

Dinner Invitation

dinner invitation template

A rehearsal dinner is predominantly a practice used in the United States, but other countries are slowly adopting it, too. It’s a dinner after the wedding rehearsal that takes place a day before the ceremony. Of course, this pre-wedding event also requires its own invitation. Use this dinner invitation template for that, but know that it is not only used for rehearsal purposes. You can use it for any other event that matches its design. It also features smart objects for changing images, organized layers, and print bleed. That said, the template is printable, editable, and customizable. What you will notice straight away is the simplicity with just the right amount of details to it. As far as colors go, three are available, but you can make further changes if you do not feel that they are the right option for you.

Simple Elegant Invitation

simple elegant invitation template

An elegant invitation template for parties is always a good choice. You need not wait long before you can have it ready for your coming event. Included are exclusive versions for wedding and birthday parties with four alternative colors. You can edit the colors and text and make them match the overall theme of your wedding. Add every detail needed to be included, as well as the RSVP, and you are ready to hit the mail boxes. Do it in style, and make the elegance speak for you.

Wine & Dine Event Chalk Flyer Invite

wine dine event chalk flyer party invite

Wine & Dine is a chalk-style postcard with a distinct feel to it, which you can use to push a future dinner event at your restaurant or at your house. After all, the template was not exclusively made for restaurant owners only. Anyone who finds it useful for their party can use it, since it is very easy to edit. You can add your personal touch to it and scale the size. Also, white-and-black versions are available, and you can introduce different colors to the layout, too. Play around with the functions, and optimize it to its full extent.

Tropical Summer Party Flyer Template

tropical summer flyer invitation party template

Have some good vibes and good times with the Tropical Summer Party Flyer template. With bright colors and summer-ish art, you will have no problem drawing in visitors to attend your party. Whoever receives this invite will not be able to say no to it. Instead, everyone will eagerly await the event to finally take place.

Specifically, there are three PSD files available (three color variations), each of size 4×5 inches. The template is well organized with guidelines and features an editable text. Furthermore, the most important part is most certainly the “free drinks” section.

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