22 Best Restaurant Menu Mockup Templates 2019

We hand-picked the best and most beautiful restaurant menu mockup templates for you to put on the tables and get people craving your delicacies. Moreover, all these mockups are also super simple to use for you to put them into play right away and see immediate results. Ah, how stunning the outcome will be when you stuff it with your foods and drinks that others can indulge in.

When designing a food and drinks menu, the question occurs: What approach to take? Do you want to keep it clean and minimalistic, or would you like to make it colorful, rich with details and vibrant in colors? Well, the choice truly is yours.

What’s cool about a menu mockup is the fact that you can utilize it for testing out all sorts of different variations and possibilities. All the templates that you find below give a photo-realistic presentation that will help you decide on the final creation much more relaxed.

As a designer, this is an excellent way to share with your client the idea for a menu that you have. On top of that, you can also get the hype going on social media or on your blog and newsletter, sharing the brand new design of the menu with your loyal customers.

Take things to an entirely new degree and enjoy making moves with any of the mockups that you find below. Note, it takes just a few clicks, and you have the end product already available.

Woman Looking at a Menu

woman looking at a menu

A beautiful and lovely menu mockup featuring a woman looking at what she will order today. With a simplistic surrounding, the mockup emphasizes your food or drinks menu first and foremost. By hitting the upload button, you insert your design and have it appear immediately. Have in mind, the working area is of 550 x 1100 px dimension. Moreover, the card also allows you to change the color of the paper to any shade you fancy. Last but not least, append a text overlay to the template and have the final design ready to go. Even if you lack time, the presentation will still be outstanding.

Young Woman Reading a Vertical Restaurant Menu Mockup

young woman reading a vertical restaurant menu mockup

Now, when the drinks are on the table, it’s time to get some snacks in. On top of that, maybe it’s lunch and you are starving for some comfort food. Or you are done eating but still have some space left for something sweet. Anyhow, here is a nifty vertical menu mockup featuring a woman at a restaurant or cafe shop, examining all the goodies that are available to wolf down. Either you add a menu design that covers the entire card or you import a smaller one and alter the color of the paper, both options are possible. Not just that, regardless of your approach, you can expect the killer end result every time.

Menu Mockup of a Woman at a Cafe

menu mockup of a woman at a cafe

While sometimes, a menu is a single piece of paper and all the other times, it is a booklet. It all comes down to the number of dishes the restaurant has in store for its customers. Anyhow, if you are looking for a booklet-type of a menu, here is the mockup that will do the trick with ease. With a woman staring at an open menu, you get to put on display two pages, rich with your outstanding dishes, drinks and other specialties. Just slide in your images to the left and the right page and that’s all the work you need to do. Sure, feel free to fine-tune the mockup according to your taste additionally.

Booklet Menu Standing on a Small Dining Restaurant Table Mockup

booklet menu standing on a small dining restaurant table mockup

A booklet menu mockup on a dining table with a bottle and a glass of water already waiting for the next customer. Spice things up with your creative design, which might not necessarily mean foods or drinks. The mockup features the front page of a booklet menu, meaning, it can beautifully display a restaurant logo or any other design you fancy. Get as creative as you want, since you can quickly come up with multiple variations of the menu design that will help you pick the winner simpler. Use the outcome to showcase your client or even for an extra boost of hype of social media.

Coffee Shop Menu Mockup

coffee shop menu mockup

This is one of the best coffee shop menu mockups that you can currently get your hands on. It is simple, to the point, making sure the final display is of the highest quality. The template features a wooden table, a cup of coffee and a vertical menu. There are three customization functions available for you to benefit from. First, of course, is the option to upload your design. Second, you can change the color of the menu. And third, you can enrich the presentation with additional text overlay. All this, you can execute in-browser over on the Placeit platform.

Mockup of a Young Woman Reading a Menu While Sitting at a Restaurant

mockup of a young woman reading a menu at a restaurant

Can you actually make a life-like presentation of your menu design without the need to hire a photographer and a model? Well, you already know the answer. All you need is a mockup and all the rest instantly becomes history. Here is a wonderful template of a woman checking the menu, deciding on which dish to try this time. It features an open menu which means, you get to add two designs to the mockup. With the simple upload function, you can upload left and right images and see them in action right away. Additional customizations are changeable paper color and an option to add text to the template.

Menu Template Lying on Top of Black Plates

menu template lying on top of black plates

Make the presentation of a menu as realistic as possible, and you have all the tools here to make it happen. With a mockup, you can quickly establish a life-like demonstration of the idea you have for a menu. This approach also helps you award your client with the material they might not have expected in the first place. You know how the saying goes: always overdeliver. The mockup features a full dining set with a menu right on top of the plates. Append your design to the cart, change the color if necessary and spice things up with the text in the form of a call-to-action or any other message.

Complete Menu Pack

Complete Food Menu Set

A complete collection of menu material for restaurants and cafes. In the kit, you get an array of ten different pages, two social media post templates and one business card. You can employ the mockup out of the box or improve and fine-tune it according to your taste and regulations. You can keep or hide particular details, style the design with your images and, of course, add custom text. If you are looking for a multi-page menu mockup, then this is one of the best alternatives out there. You can start immediately and enjoy the exceptional result in the blink of an eye.

Food Menu Design Template

food menu design template

This next menu mockup is packed with outstanding features and options for you to create life-like presentations. In the kit, you will find 28 files, both PSD and Ai, offering you an array of different variations to execute a menu demonstration like a champ from the get-go. Some of the styles include a trifold menu, table tent and an A2 menu. All the files are entirely editable and adjustable, making sure you alter and refine them according to your needs and branding regulations. Last but not least, these mockups are also entirely print-ready. Create a realistic presentation first and go from there.

Restaurant Menu

restaurant menu

When creating a restaurant menu, all you need is a mockup template and you can already start playing around with different variations. This wonderful solution is packed with excellent features that you can take to your total advantage. There are four PSD and four Ai files in the kit, all available with bleed. What’s more, each file is also layered and organized, so the editing process is a small breeze. You can now craft a beautiful menu without the need to start from the ground up. Get your hands on this restaurant menu and execute the creation of a nifty design right away.

Tropical Food Menu

tropical food menu

If beach and tropical vibes are your thing, this is the ideal food menu for you. The mockup comes in a bunch of different views, which make sure to create a complete presentation in little to no time. The design is predefined and fully available for you to pack it with your details and information. Either you work with a client or you would like to engage your audience with something fresh, have this tropical food menu mockup do its thing. Needless to say, expect to capture their attention in a snap and have them study the dishes and the drinks in great detail.

Retro Picnic Food Menu

retro picnic food menu

From tropical to a more picnic, retro-style menu mockup. This one includes both PSD and Ai files, so all and everyone out there can take it to their advantage. The template comes with entirely editable text, images and colors, so you can modify it according to your meticulous taste. With a mockup, you can create all sorts of different combinations and possibilities of a menu, which will help you pick the best one much easier. But if you dig the default look, feel free to stick to it and only add your contents. Just edit the vital parts of the menu and you are ready to roll.

Wedding Menu Mock Up

wedding menu mock-up

When it comes to a wedding, dinner is something that follows almost always. Sure, all is pre-set and readily available. However, you still might be interested in letting attendees know about what they will have for dinner. That said, create a lovely and appealing to the eye menu that will do the trick. When it comes to presenting the design and having a better idea of how the outcome would look, let a mockup do its thing. Of course, you can also go entirely against the norm and use this template for a completely different intention. One thing is for sure, regardless of the main objective, it is a guarantee that the outcome will be spectacular.

Wedding Menu Mockup

wedding menu mockup

To some extent, a very similar approach to the menu mockup compared to the previous one, yet entirely different. Does this even make sense? Well, I am sure you get the gist of it. Weddings, special events or even restaurants, anyone and everyone can utilize the mockup and see it rock their design and put an extra shine on it. All sorts of gorgeous details decorate the template with the menu card being right on top of everything. If you would like to create a strong first impression, look no further. Hammer out a tasty and delicious presentation that will knock everyone’s socks off.

Classy Dinner Menu

classy dinner menu

If you would not like to overwhelm your customers with too many dishes and delicacies, a single page menu is more than enough. This one features an A4 menu mockup that you can use for presenting both the front and the back design of the menu. The file is entirely customizable, making sure you can enhance and improve it with your signature design to the very last detail. Also, the mockup works for an assortment of different intentions, which makes it a multi-purpose solution. What’s more, the file is also entirely print-ready, so you can send it out to the print shop as soon as you are satisfied with the design.

Restaurant Breakfast Menu

restaurant breakfast menu

Some restaurants and coffee shops have a separate menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In some instances, some places even offer breakfast only and only drinks afterward. If you are in need of creating a menu for your delicious breakfast options, this is the most attractive alternative for you. The appearance is clean and minimal, emphasizing the content first and foremost. You can use the mockup to display both the front and the back design, so you have a better idea of how the final product would and will look like. A mockup is always a great solution to test things out, thanks to the realistic appearance.

Cocktail Menu Layout

cocktail menu layout

When it comes to a restaurant menu, the first thing we think of is food. However, you can create a menu for drinks, cocktails, beer, coffee, you name it, too. If cocktails are on your mind, this stunning menu mockup will do the trick with ease. First and foremost, there is a help file included in the kit for you to study first. This ensures smooth and flawless use of the mockup template. Moreover, with the different views and two cards on a single layout, you can present different designs and see what works best. Test things out first before you send it out for print.

List of the best free menu mockup templates

Simple Menu Design PSD Mockup

simple menu design psd mockup

You do not always necessarily need to make outstanding designs, full of details and whatnot. Let’s face it, is the design that you would like customers to focus on or the main content? When it comes to a restaurant menu, a few special details here and there could work great, but keeping the overall design simple and clean is best. If simplicity is your cup of tea, here is a free PSD mockup that you should consider. With the template, the final product will be a very photo-realistic presentation that will turn heads. For your information, you can employ the mockup for personal and commercial use.

Photorealistic Restaurant Menu PSD Mockup

photorealistic restaurant menu card psd mockup

A delicious and very eye-catchy menu mockup for a life-like demonstration of your design idea. Since the template costs you nothing, you can put it into play right away and have an outcome ready to go in close to no time. Moreover, if you have multiple ideas for the menu, you can easily execute them all and present them to your client. With a realistic presentation like this one, you will help them better visual the physical product, after it comes back from the print shop. The mockup features a menu, lady’s hands and a bowl of fruits on a marble table.

Photorealistic Menu Card PSD Mockup

free photorealistic menu card psd mockup

Let’s face it, pretty much each and every single menu mockup you find on this list has a realistic touch to it. The following one is no different, featuring a chopping board, a salad, tomato, bay leaves, spices, dark surface and, of course, the menu. The size of the menu is 3.5 x 6.5 inches. With the use of the smart object layer, you instantly slide in your design and have the outcome ready to go already. Personalize and brand the menu cart in just a few clicks and present it to your clients or loyal customers. Nothing should be holding you back, so take charge and make a difference.

Standing Menu PSD Mockup

standing menu psd mockup

As a restaurant owner, you would want to have a large menu right on the front door. In some places (the more touristic one), this is a common practice. With this approach, a potential customer can quickly check what is cooking over on your end. Not to mention, take a peek at the prices. This standing PSD mockup of a menu is as photo-realistic as it can get. Download the mockup now – it is free! – import it to Adobe Photoshop and drag and drop your design via the smart object layer. And that, my friends, is all the work you truly need to do.

Restaurant Menu Stand PSD Mockup

restaurant menu stand psd mockup

Here is another restaurant menu stand mockup in PSD for your convenience. It features an actual restaurant/coffee shop situation featuring a woman ordering a drink. You can now enrich the life-like presentation with your design in just a click and enjoy the outcome right away. It is a fully layered template with a smart object layer for the effortless editing process. If you would like to capture everyone’s attention right off the bat, you better make sure a menu stand does the trick. And now, you can try and test all sorts of different ideas and variations that you have for a menu. It’s free, yet the end result will be top-notch.

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