22 Most Promising Free Event Website Templates 2019

If you are planning to host a conference, a meetup or a party, look no further and help yourself with these free website templates. Along with the fact that they are all free, you also get great starting points for your fantastic pages. Whoever finds himself in a hurry, you can quickly and efficiently build a website with the one event template you like the most. Make it a special and unforgettable experience which starts with a magnificent page.

You can now easily spread the word about your upcoming show. All it takes is a tiny amount of “elbow grease” and you are ready to promote your page with like-minded people. You can even use these free event website templates for weddings, Christmas parties, rock concerts and other whatnots.

You might be an event organizer or an event management agency with a constant need to build niche websites. If so, make sure you download a bunch of tools from the list you find further down the page and always have them at your fingertips. Or simply re-visit this collection and choose accordingly.

When it comes to websites for events, the most important assets are large pictures, quick access to info and, of course, time and date. Share gorgeous images from previous events and make the upcoming one look as appealing to the eye as possible.

Sites built with any of the free event website templates will help you market the big day and turn page visitors into attendees. You can even capture guests’ emails which you can later use to advertise them similar events, shows and exhibitions.

In case you need a complete solution for your website, you can help yourself with free WordPress event themes.

All Colorlib Website Templates

We have a huge selection of free website templates that you can find here.

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Divi (WordPress)

divi event website template

Event organizers or even as someone who is hosting a single event, do yourself a favor and build a website. With a striking online presence, you raise your potential almost instantly. And to create such a page, you should get your hands on Divi. To make a long story short, Divi is a versatile solution for an assortment of different intentions. For events and conferences specifically, Divi comes with sample material which you can put into play straight away. Doing the work will be a small breeze even for someone who is a first-timer.

Once you have a website set up, everyone can learn more about the event, the speakers, the schedule and even purchase tickets. There are oh so many options available with a page which you can manage and maintain without breaking a single drop of sweat.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

jevelin event website template

Jevelin unlocks a new horizon of possibilities for someone who is in need to craft an event page. In fact, if you are interested in other types of web spaces, you can do them, too, with Jevelin. But right now, we will focus solely on events, conferences, forums and other types of gatherings.

With Jevelin, you can spread the word out for the upcoming event like a pro from the get-go. Have a page as your online event ambassador, which will help you welcome on board even more attendees. And they can even reserve a seat straight from your website.

Moreover, Jevelin creates a website which will operate like a dream on all devices, smartphones, tablets and desktops. It also works flawlessly on all popular web browsers and retina screens, offering excellent performance at all times.

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Spker (WordPress)

spker event website template

Spker is a dedicated event web design with four nifty demos and all the other inner page layouts that you will find of great use. Before we dig even deeper, you need to know that Spker is coupled with Elementor page builder, offering you to fine-tune the layout precisely to your taste. With no coding knowledge, you can now establish a professional and sophisticated website that will push your event or conference to new heights.

Other valuable amenities of Spker contain event schedule, speaker profiles, detailed venue and map, pricing plans, registration form and a special section for sponsors. Additionally, you can also start a blog and share more with the community on the topic of the event and other useful information. By going with the out of the box variation, you can have a page up and running in minutes time.

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theconference free template

Needless to say, The Conference is a free conference website template which you can utilize for a number of different events you host. The tool is modern, clean and professional looking, perfect to adapt to numerous purposes out of the box. Indeed, you can use it exactly as is and attain outstanding results with your website. However, you can still perform tweaks and improvements until you fully fine-tune The Conference to follow your needs precisely.

The features and assets, The Conference has available for you, are many and highly rewarding. It is a Bootstrap Framework template what means flexibility and responsiveness are inevitable. Your page will work smoothly on all devices and web browsers for an always impressive experience. Go ahead and put The Conference to use, it is free after all!
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confe free template

With a free conference and event website template, you can do so much more for the gathering you are hosting. With Confe, you can start a website that will create a comprehensive presentation of what to expect from the upcoming event. Of course, you can also employ your fresh page to sell tickets online, avoiding using any 3rd-party platform entirely.

There is a lot more to Confe!

Confe comes with a full-screen banner with parallax effect, strategically placed call-to-action buttons, countdown timer, sticky navigation and a special speakers page. The layout is mobile-ready, instantly reshaping to smartphone and desktop computer screens. It is also optimized for performance and search engines, as well as fully in harmony with modern web browsers. Get your forthcoming event, conference, meeting or forum known thanks to a brand new page you are about to realize with Confe.

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eventalk free template

Events, live talk shows, conferences and gatherings of all sort that need extra exposure can now attain spectacular results with Eventalk. In this day and age, without a website, you are leaving a ton of money on the table. Have a website as your online ambassador that pushes it to new heights. Announce the time and date of happening with the countdown timer and create a thorough presentation that will knock everyone’s socks off.

With Eventalk, your page will work on mobile, tablet and desktop devices without a hitch. The tool also ensures excellent performance, fast loading speed and cross-browser compatibility. Take Eventalk’s cleanness, professionalism and expertness to your advantage and have a greater chance of succeeding. With the powerful web design and all the greatness it brings to the table, Eventalk is here to make a change for you.

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eventure free template

Eventure is a clean and modern free event website template that creates an attention-grabbing web space. No matter what kind of business event you are bringing to your local area, it is an absolute must to have a website dedicated to it. Not only can you use the page to sell tickets, but you can also go in-depth, sharing more on the topic and even introduce the fantastic speakers. With the countdown timer, they will be unable to miss the event. Moreover, feature the entire schedule and they can prepare for each segment in advance.

Some of the additional features of Eventure are sticky navigation, contact page with form and Google Maps, newsletter subscription and a blog section. Create a complete online presence with Eventure and shine online with all of your light.

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Sunfest Free Template

If you are an event organizer or even if it is only that one summer fest you host annually, Sunfest is the free event website template that sorts you out with a web space. It is a modern tool based on Bootstrap Framework and rocks a broad range of fantastic features. Above the fold, every visitor sees a big banner with date, countdown timer and call-to-action buttons. They can go and buy tickets right away if they are already familiar with the forthcoming fest.

However, for everyone new to your experience, let Sunfest display the complete lineup and give them a better idea what to expect. You can also expand Sunfest with a blog section and push other upcoming events you work with. The final creation will be a neat and trendy website that will drive even more folks to attend your summer fest.

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Conference free template

If you would like to keep all the information about the forthcoming conference on one page, then Conference template is the tool for you. Indeed, it is a free one-page website template which allows you to do just that. No need to be browsing several pages to find the time and date along with a few extra words about the big day. For your attendees, you can have it all beautifully ordered and presented on one page. They can quickly check what it is all about and whether or not it fits their schedule.

Conference is a popular Bootstrap HTML5 template which comes as a free or premium version. No need for you to be building and designing a page all on your own. Pick Conference and start seeing results in the shortest amount of time possible. Call-to-actions, speakers, registration, pricing, event schedule and more, Conference template has it all.

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Evento free template

Evento is a free responsive one-page event template for shows and events that are happening each and every day throughout the whole year. The template works on Bootstrap Framework, HTML5 and CSS3 what makes it adaptable enough to suit almost any type of celebration that you are yet to host. Event organizers, you need not spend a dime to create an outstanding online home for the gig you are excitedly bringing to your local area.

The free event website template, Evento, is open for personal and commercial use for as long as you give proper credit to the developers. From nice colors, awesome features and overall fantastic design to clean and commented code and SEO friendliness, you get it all. Evento will help you spread the word and attract even more folks. Do not be surprised if the event sells out in no time.

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Event free template

Event template is a modernistic tool for almost any product based website. Of course, it aims towards events of all kinds. It is a flat Bootstrap template, fully responsive, which was designed using HTML5 and CSS3. If you need a contemporary template with great features to promote your application, Event is a great option for you.

Cool on-scroll animations, great choice of colors and different sectors to tell everything about your product to persuade the customer. Statistics, testimonials, video embed, newsletter subscription and FAQs are some of the features that will benefit you greatly. Event template also has a working contact form to save you even more time. Your online presentation for the amazing event’s mobile app you are launching just got sorted.

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Advent Free Template

When constructing a site for parties and celebrations of any sort, look no further and start designing with Advent free event website template. The template goes straight to the point with a nice animated banner with a count-down timer and call-to-action. Without doing much scrolling and browsing, the visitor can instantly inform himself about the exact time and location of the big event. This could be a business dinner party, a Christmas event, a special shopping event, you name it, whatever comes to mind, Advent is here to take care of it.

Advent template is responsive and features many plugins to make the final product a dynamic one. Parallax effect, lightbox, popup, fireworks, tabs, these an many more extensions were used to build a sophisticated and free events website template. Are you ready to party?

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Agenda Free Template

Agenda multi-page free event website template is versatile enough for you to use it with any type of music site. Be it for a musician, a band, a DJ, an orchestra, anything, events, too. On the other hand, if you like the design, you can quickly customize it and use for different types of event sites as well. With any of our free website templates for events, you do not have to stick to the same topic as the template does by default. They are adaptable and you do not even have to do much to use it for something entirely different.

What you get with Agenda template is a swipe-friendly slider, excellent navigation bar, hover animations, categorized photo album and more. With its multi-purpose approach, Agenda is fantastic for event organizers to cover all their artists and bands in an organized manner.

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May the name Eventasia not fool you. The template might feel like it aims towards a specific audience, however, it is more like a multi-functional template for your music websites. You can use it to create a personal website, for a band, fan club and even radio station. Of course, in each, you can incorporate event section or build an entire website for shows and concerts with Eventasia template.

Eventasia is a free website template with a responsive layout and cross-browser compatible. It comes with a parallax background and uses plugins for gallery lightbox and gallery hover effect. Furthermore, the web design of Eventasia is modern and stylish with smooth scrolling and a well documented code. As far as the latter goes, it only means that you will not face any issues when customizing the template. You are fully equipped with Eventasia template for the new big gig that is happening in your town next month.

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Hence the name, Conference HTML5 template is a Bootstrap event management template ideal for conferences. Sophisticated and professional template with a friendly HTML and CSS code so everyone can build the needed conference websites. Undoubtfully, you will witness great outcome once you release your fresh page to the online world.

Conference is a template which you will not have a problem persuading visitors with. It has a trendy web design, responsive and retina ready for all the high-tech mobile screens. You can use it for seminars, congresses and even sports events. The template is cross-browser compatible, light and rich in features. The code of Conference template is optimized for SEO so your sites will get ranked quickly. That is crucial for a conference website since deadlines might be super short. Meaning, browsers need to display the newly crafted sites as fast as possible.

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megakit responsive free event website template

Megakit is called the way it is called for a reason. Who knows, sometime in the future, you might need more than just an event website. You might want to expand or even build a totally separate page in another niche. This is especially important for freelance developers. In other words, Megakit is a free multi-purpose website template for all sorts of shows, concerts, events and other whatnots. Pick it up and use it to deliver a website which will grab the attention of even more people.

Some of the major features of Megakit template are superb UX and UI, parallax effect, great color choice and modern and elegant look. Everyone can find what he or she is after in a snap. Without the need of investing too much of your time and effort, you will effortlessly create a professional website. Make it stand out and use it to promote the seminar.

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ballet bootstrap free event website template

With some creative thinking, you can quickly turn Ballet Bootstrap website template into a page advertising a show. Even if you own a dancing school and host an occasional event, Ballet is an all-in-one solution for you. Share your services, showcase your best performances with a stunning portfolio, introduce the team and share the location with integrated Google Maps. Working contact form, newsletter subscription box and social icons are all part of the template.

Ballet treats you with an elegant and fresh web design, hover effects, Google Fonts and Font Awesome icons. It is based on Bootstrap Framework, uses smooth scrolling and jarallax effects. A responsive slider welcomes everyone to your dancing event website and takes them on a journey through body movement. One, two, three, dance!

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xmas free christmas event website template

Xmas is a free event website template exclusive for the holidays season and all the amazing festivities that come with it. If you are hosting an annual Christmas celebration, create an invitation in form of a jolly website. Share the event schedule, gallery and announce party organizers. With Xmas template, you can make the event invitation so appealing no one will be able to resist it. Everyone will be happy to come to make memories together.

If you are hosting a payable Christmas event, Xmas also comes with pricing section which you can use for different plans. Countdown timer, testimonials, contact section and all other necessities for a fully functional event website come part of Xmas template. It also uses plugins for snow animation, date picker and smooth scroll to name a few. Other than that, Xmas template is responsive, stylish and sophisticated. Are you ready and prepared for the big Christmas party?

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Events Planning

events planning free wedding website template

While Events Planning template is a customizable tool for all sorts of events, its main focus is weddings. Whether you are a wedding organizer or bride and groom who are building a website for the D day, Events Planning template comes ideal for both. Once you go live, everyone will fall in love with your marvelous wedding website. In other words, everyone invited to the ceremony will make sure they will not miss it.

Events Planning is a free and 100% responsive Bootstrap wedding template with a tasteful design to luxuriate visitors with it. It uses Font Awesome and Glyph Icons, Google Fonts and different plugins for slider, menu and gallery. The free wedding events website template has every section carefully designed to meet your expectations. You will have a blast designing the desired website for the commitment ceremony.

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Events Venue

events venue free event web template

For more wedding event sites, here is another astonishing free event website template that goes by the name Events Venue. To truly make something special, you do not have to develop and design a custom website. With a fabulous free template, you can reach the same levels of amazingness. And the best part? You do not have to do much and have it build quickly and efficiently. While you already have a ton of work and obligations with the wedding itself, you do not have time for building the website. Or in case if you are the wedding planner and there are several ceremonies you work with, your workflow stays intact.

Marvelous parallax background, slider and a jaw-dropping gallery bring the online experience to an entirely different level. Provide all the information about the time and date, location and other necessities about the nuptials. Events Venue template can also be excellent for wedding agencies, photographers, cake designers and the like.

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impression free event conference website template

Impression comes both as a free and a premium template exclusively designed and developed for events and conferences. It is a professional Bootstrap HTML5 template with which you are guaranteed to create a remarkable first impression. The layout is mobile friendly and the design sleek and modernized. No matter your prior experience with building websites, all sites that are put together with Impression will look as pro as possible. Impression is easy to use and simple to modify.

Google Maps integration, CSS3 animations, fully working contact form and event countdown are some of the goodies you get with Impression free event template. For your information, you can even start a blog since an entire section of Impression template is dedicated to journaling your events. Start with the free version and only upgrade with premium if you think it is necessary. Otherwise, stick with Impression free template forever.

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steam flat free event website template

If you are an event organizer, hosting new events over and over again, Steam free event website template cannot be a better pick for you. It is a clean, modern, elegant, innovative and clever tool for building multi-event websites. Steam is a responsive flat web template that uses HTML5 and CSS3 as a foundation. Many editable features only spice things up and make it that much more powerful.

You can also use Steam template if you are launching a mobile app. With the available elements, Steam comes as an all-around product that covers sites in a variety of niches and industries. There is a blog, a pricing, an about and a bunch of other pages ready-to-use out of the box. Steam is a multi-page website template which will help you call attention to all the events you host. Or maybe you plan to build a platform or mobile application which collects local events and presents them all in one place.

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