23 Best Real Estate Agent Website Builders 2019

To grow your brand to a new extent, do things like professionals with real estate agent website builders. If you came here, you know exactly what you are after. You are looking for a way to expand your reach and boost your business above and beyond. Without a website, you would definitely have a hard time achieving the results you want to see for yourself.

Whether a real estate agent or agency, these simple to use site builders are here to sort you out with a cutting-edge web space. Although you might be super busy with all the open cases, you should have no excuses not to create a business-driving page. As soon as you realize how quick and straightforward it is, you will know what you were missing all up until now.

And if you happen that are just starting out, enter the real estate industry with a bang. Have it all in perfect order and appear at pro-level right off the bat. Let your potential clients experience your expertness at all times.

Give them the opportunity to tour the house or the apartment, they fancy, using nothing but your website. Create enticing listings and increase your potential. Before they even pick up the phone, they might already know if it is a yes or if it is a no. Just a few more words of encouragement and persuasion and they are ready to sign the papers.

Let me ask you one simple question: Do you have a website yet? If not, you better get one today and avoid leaving all that money on the table.


wix real estate agent website builder

Express creativity and discover endless opportunities. Wix is a real estate agent website builder that enables you to create a professional page and even manage your blog. It includes a wide variety of ready-made templates for brokers and realtors. With that said, it is 100% guaranteed that this builder showcases your listings in the best possible way. You are free to create everything, whether you prefer your site designed for you with Wix artificial design intelligence or you want to customize it hands-on with the Wix Editor. Do your thing and get your brand out there in a snap.

Customer satisfaction is also a top priority of Wix. When you are ready to proceed, you always have a team of experts at your side, willing to assist and support you on your journey. It will almost be too easy to have a real estate page up and running knowing you have no coding and no design knowledge.

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placester real estate agent website builder

Secure outstanding new deals with your customers by leading them to a site made by Placester. This real estate agent website builder knows specialization all too well. It enables realtors and brokers to brandish their expertise in the field and stand out from the masses with innovation. Select from twenty interest sparking templates which are all captivating and functional. Furthermore, Core features of Placester include IDX integration, content library, lead capture forms and a lot more.

Are you new in the industry? You don’t need to worry, as Placester has more than one thousand resources to guide you on your journey. You are also backed by a top-notch support team so you will never get lost. It takes you only a few minutes to set up a fully active page and start attracting potential new clients. If you are ready to start making moves, take Placester to your advantage and use it to its full potential.

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weebly real estate agent website builder

Weebly is a multi-purpose and simple to use drag and drop site editor with powerful features and assets. With the available layouts, you can speed up the process of site development and have one up way sooner than you think. In fact, if you like the web design out of the box, it might require you only to add a few basic information and other content and you are ready to roll. It, indeed, is as easy as it sounds. You will appear professional and sophisticated on the web, engaging more people to start making moves toward their new place.

With Weebly, you get custom fonts, parallax effect, content reveal, image editor and video backgrounds. Your page also does not miss analytics for you to track the performance of your page. Besides, Weebly also comes available as a mobile app so you can always have access to your web presence.

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tilda real estate agent website builder

If real estate is what you are the best at, you surely need to own a carefully crafted page that pushes your services. Tilda is a fantastic real estate agent website builder that will sort you out with a page. It will take your business to the next level. And even if you do not have any skills with coding and design, you can still achieve remarkable results. Tilda comes with predesigned website layouts, as well as over 450 content blocks that fit just about any project. You can also come up with custom blocks by utilizing the included Zero Block function.

In short, you will have a blast crafting the desired and must-have site.

Tilda strongly focuses on typography and visual content what will amaze and impress all you realtor site visitors and have them hooked. Your page will also be fully search engine friendly and compatible with Google Analytics. Have your internet presence under full control and see how well it is doing.

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site123 real estate agent website builder

If you are looking for the best real estate agent website builder, you came to the right place. Here we have some generic page editors and some that are industry oriented. Site123 is one of the former, providing you a broad specter of options and possibilities to help you shine online. Even if you don’t have any background in web design, you can still bring into being a page that will make people’s jaws drop. Including yours! Site123 follows all the modern characteristics of a standard, yet advanced, website. Speaking of which, that would be cross-browser acclimatization, mobile-readiness, search engine optimization as well as free domain registration.

Hence the name, Site123 only requires three uncomplicated steps and you can be live and ready for business already. By keeping things simple and newbie-friendly, Site123 gives everyone a chance to unlock their creative mind and use it for web development. Do not even give your imagination a chance to stop you.

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webflow real estate agent website builder

Go with the flow or go with Webflow, which one will you choose? If you are in need of a solid web space that will help you get your business to a new degree, the latter is the option you should stick to. That said, Webflow is a real estate agent website builder with all the needed and then some. However, you should know that Webflow is powerful enough to create all sorts of different pages with. But in this case, since we are speaking about the real estate industry, you can use Webflow for such sites just as well.

Just like with all other software options you can choose for your needs, Webflow also requires no prior knowledge in regards to web development. You can “code” it all visually without the need to touch a single line of code. As novel as all this may sound to you, there is nothing challenging about it. Have the freedom you deserve to create the best possible online appearance for your listings and real estate services with the easy-to-use Webflow.

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squarespace real estate agent website builder

Known for catering to a wide array of industries, from restaurants and events to artists, Squarespace is now available for agents and brokers as well. This real estate agent website builder boasts a platform that can help you grow your client listings and highlight your properties in the most effective manner. You get to choose between many striking templates that will make you appear like a pro as soon as you start your online venture. Push the envelope with your CTAs brought by Bedford, impress your customers visually with Five or modify lines and grids with the classic Avenue theme.

All Squarespace delivers is created with an all-in-one platform in mind by top designers. Moreover, feel free to first check a few of the real estate website examples build with Squarespace. Use those as an inspiration or just to see how much is possible with this banging service. Get your professional services spread amongst a wider audience.

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jimdo real estate agent website builder

Whether you are making one page or a few, even if in different niches, Jimdo is the tool to consider. In our case, we will call it one of the best real estate agency website builders. Seriously, with Jimdo, you cannot go wrong. First and foremost, it comes with two built-in methods you can choose to create a page.

First, the most interesting one, is the Dolphin method. Dolphin is nothing else than an artificial intelligence web designer that does the work for you. On the other hand, Creator is the one that will offer you more space on your journey to a victorious website materialization.

As for the web hosting, you also do not need to worry about that. Jimdo offers all its users to host their website for free. In fact, even the website, you can create free of charge. However, if you would want to look as professional as possible, you would need to start with the Pro plan.

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webstarts real estate agent website builder

Simplicity is beauty, according to a rumor. If you want to get the message across effectively without overexerting on design, then Webstarts might be for you. You can use it as a real estate agent website builder that focuses on minimalism and elegance. It highly prioritizes content and it demonstrates an amazing portfolio grid. Webstarts is also packed with a bunch of useful features to offer the best solution for both property agents and brokers.

While emphasizing on simplicity, it does not compensate on the resolution, being retina ready, as well as fully responsive. With Webstarts, you can showcase any listing in a great way, leaving your visitors and potential clients impressed with the awesomeness of your website. Make it special, enrich it with your personal touch and stand out from the crowd without hassle. Above all, you can perform all this magical stuff without the need to be an expert at it. Yes, I am talking about establishing a website with zero coding talent.

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webnode real estate agent website builder

Choose a website design that defines quality more than quantity. Presenting Webnode, a real estate agent website builder that is ideal for agencies who wish to display their properties and expertise. Webnode has a clean, contemporary and unique style that enables the highest quality websites out there. It also comes with hundreds of cool templates and elements which you can mix and match to your likings. You can edit, update and customize Webnode with the very many features it comes with.

Webnode is also highly responsive and retina-ready so whether you view it on your phone, tablet or desktop, the web design will always be stunning. Enjoy a five minutes site launch process and take to your benefit the included SEO tools. In addition, you can craft blog pages and implement content marketing to grow your real estate business organically. All it takes is to fill the registration form and you can begin hammering out your ideal web space.

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ukit real estate agent website builder

You can do things by yourself 100% with the awe-inspiring, sophisticated and out of this world, uKit. This is a generic and multi-functional website builder that caters to the real estate industry perfectly. Without a single drop of sweat, you can have your page up and running, attracting new clients and growing your business to new successes. Once you start with uKit, you will realize how effortless web design is. And you will not need to ask a designer nor a programmer to help you out. Although chances are very slim, the only one you might contact is uKit’s loyal customer support who is always ready and set to assist you.

Along with predesigned layouts, uKit also supports custom fonts and colors, is based on a grid system and has no limits. With the drag and drop builder, you have the power to forge the modern and trendy, yet one-of-a-kind, look you always wanted your page to have.

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intagent real estate agent website builder

Unleash the creativity within you with the magnificent Intagent. This real estate agent website builder works well with brokers and realtors who possess an artistic and meticulous side. It can be used for many purposes for you to come up with the ideal page you desire. Intagent has a sleek and professional design built upon the latest technologies and web regulations.

Intagent has a custom content management system and client relationship manager features that deeply strengthens your bond with customers. Besides, your site will be fully responsive and flexible, compatible with any browser or device. Create email campaigns faster and easier with their Drip email marketing feature and keep your subscribers informed about new offerings.

Lead forms, Google Analytics, search engine optimized and various IDX options await all Intagent users, as well. Make it special with this dedicated site creator and you can start seeing great results coming your way shortly after.

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strikingly real estate agent website builder

Step up your website with a striking web design made by no other than Strikingly. This real estate agent website builder has multi-purpose characteristics, but it fits well with those who aim to manage their properties online. Strikingly also provides multiple looks for you to find ideal one quickly. It is comfortable to use platform that lets you seamlessly customize your pages to suit your brand to the T. It is 100% responsive, meaning, Strikingly websites support modern devices, from smartphones and all the way up to desktop computers.

You are guaranteed to rock an eye-catching design that will spark their interest and make them intrigued to learn more about you. Add a simple blog, pick up a custom domain name and integrate social media feeds, all and more with Strikingly. They also have a dedicated support team willing to guide you in every step to ensure perfection in creating your page.

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moonfruit real estate agent website builder

Moonfruit provides multiple possibilities to create the desired page in style. It is a real estate agent website template that quickly adapts to your needs and regulations. However, with Moonfruit, you can create other types of pages, too. It is the versatility and the flexibility of the page editors that allows you to go against the norm and hammer out something remarkable. Besides, you do not really need to have any coding skills to get things moving in the right direction. Moonfruit is structured in a way friendly to beginners and even those who have never in their lives put together a website.

From predesigned templates, drag and drop control and multiple content blocks to stock library, attractive animations and complete SEO optimization, Moonfruit sports it all and then some. Regardless of your level of expertise, approach web design with an open mind and have a real estate page up and running without a hitch.

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squarebob real estate agent website builder

As a real estate agent, you, quite obviously, would like to have a website up and running smoothly. Instead of hiring someone to do it for you, go with a real estate agent website builder, like Squarebob, and have full control over your online presence. With the tool, you can now quickly and effortlessly construct the necessary page to showcase all your properties. Of course, you need to have zero experience in programming and designing; that’s why all these builders were put together in the first place – to make sure everyone has an opportunity to craft a real estate page.

Even when it comes to hosting your web space on the internet, that is something you do not need to worry about. Let Squarebob take care of the majority of work for you while you successfully market houses and apartments you would like to push over and above.

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8b real estate agent website builder

Due to its versatility and instant adaptability, you can employ 8b as a real estate agent website builder comfortably. Before we even continue, you need to understand that 8b costs nothing. Yes, that is correct, you can now have your page live, promoting your real estate, for free. No, you do not have to pay for web hosting either. How is that even possible? Well, if your name is 8b, a ton is possible. It simply works.

Building and creating with 8b is as follows; you choose the layout, edit it, upload your content and publish it. This is the briefest explanation of how 8b operates. I know, right, it is almost too easy to be true. And there is one more killer feature of 8b that you should be aware of. What’s that? It is a convenient mobile website builder. It allows you to bring into being your real estate agent website using your smartphone or tablet only.

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yola real estate agent website builder

If you are looking for a powerful and dedicated real estate agent website template, Yola is one to take into consideration. From hosting and domain names to predefined templates and practical page builder, Yola has it all and a whole lot more. Instead of struggling to build a web presence or paying a big chunk of your budget to hire a web developer, you can now invest little time and money and be online in a small breeze.

Also, Yola sorts you out with appointment scheduling, enticing photo gallery and Google Maps widget, too. Deploy, manage and maintain a high performing real estate listing website with Yola and never look back. While Yola keeps all your real estate in order, displaying it professionally, you can focus on taking your business to new heights 100%. Get yourself involved with Yola for free and enter the real estate industry with a bang.

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vevs real estate agent website builder

Many site builders out there promise versatility but lack specialization. That is not the case with any of the tools you find in this collection. We keep you on the right track at all times. When it comes to finding the best real estate agent website builder on the planet, you can rely on Vevs as it is mainly focused on the industry itself. Be the master of your website by adding and managing properties, setting their prices and updating statuses. Moreover, create very detailed profiles to improve your properties’ value.

The advanced property search lets your clients filter their searches as to preference and other criteria they demand. Vevs creates a comfortable experience both finding the right apartment, house or other property and examining it in great detail. For a more realistic impression, you can even upload digital floor plans. No one offers this feature but Vevs. By the way, you can pin your property locations on Google Maps to increase visibility.

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duda real estate agent website builder

Duda is the software you need to match your awesome properties and skillset exactly. This real estate agent website builder has a clean, neat and tidy style which exudes taste and sophistication. You can use it to market realty effectively or showcase your experience and skills as a broker or agent. Duda follows all the latest tech and web practices. It is fully responsive and pliable, so you and your users will not have a hard time viewing and customizing your page. Duda comes with various sections to fit your needs and push your boundaries.

Duda also provides you with constant product updates, convenient marketing material and sales tactics to keep you on top of your game. It is truly the best choice for you if you want to attract the clients and step things up. Get your personalized page online in a breeze and start seeing the difference you were after.

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zillow real estate agent website builder

Zillow is an established real estate website already, and it has its doors open to anyone who wishes to follow its footsteps. It is a real estate agent website builder with DIX integration to elevate your site to the next level. Setting up your website is very quick and easy, thanks to all the convenient features Zillow comes with. With this in mind, make sure you craft the page which is just as professional as you are and does not lack performance. You even get the web designs for free, all of which are done beautifully and professionally.

Zillow’s MLS integration helps your clients to find the most suitable property for their needs. This adds an element to user experience, which is why Zillow is the way to go. Boost online presence with the optimized search engine optimization tool and you have the perfect website for real estate. Of course, there are also other perks that you get that will benefit you greatly.

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websitebox real estate agent website builder

For a one-time payment of only $99, you will get everything with Websitebox, with no extra, hidden or monthly fees included. This real estate agent website builder is for realtors anywhere in the world. Moreover, its low cost saves you more money in the long-run compared to other builders who charge you with monthly subscriptions. Pick from their designer-class templates, all of which are unique and appealing. Of course, they are also mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible for an always smooth and fluent experience.

Websitebox’s features include MLS integration, search engine optimization, customize relationship management, one for all control panel and website hosting that lasts eternally. Seriously, all Websitebox requires is one payment and you can have your page up forever. Get started with assurance of a 30-day money back guarantee and see if Websitebox is a fit. Keep things at a professional level across your entire business and make sure your page is of cutting-edge quality.

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Agent Image

agent image real estate agent website builder

Are you running out of ideas? Tired of boring and bland concepts? Transform your site into something revolutionary with Agent Image. This real estate agent website builder has the best team of designers and developers who work with passion to provide you with the most seamless website you can proudly call your own. This site editor works on a semi-custom fashion where you choose a template from their gallery and customize it to your preference. Every page design is lavish and flexible. Of course, it is also optimized to follow all the latest SEO practices.

Operating for eighteen years now, Agent Image services thousands of realtors and agents all around the world. Their experience is unmatched when it comes to web design and contributing the industry with a top-notch offering. Agent Image comes with a bunch of different packages to give you more options for a fast site realization. Start strong and shake the industry with a banging real estate website.

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godaddy real estate agent website builder

From being one of the world’s largest cloud platforms to being one of the best web builders out there, GoDaddy surely turns anything it touches into gold. Today, GoDaddy is a real estate agent website builder that offers affordable rates when it comes to domain and hosting. Realtors, agents and brokers would love the fact that his builder emanates a professional online appearance. GoDaddy lets anyone create a fast, hassle-free website, complete with extensive features and assets. You can manage and maintain your real estate page from one location. There are also numerous exclusive templates ready-to-use for you to speed up the process of establishing your banging site.

When it comes to customer support, GoDaddy is sure a winner, with their 24/7, reliable and trustworthy peeps who are more than happy to answer your queries. Try this builder for free and you will never regret it. Get your brand out there and take things into your hands.

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