24 Best Personal Website Builders For Your Page 2019

With the best personal website builder, you can craft a reputable and sophisticated web presence in a breeze. If you would like to make something of yourself as a freelancer or even a job seeker, consider making a page. It is one of the best ways to advertise yourself, your skills and your talents.

Today, we bring you a compilation of the best website builders for crafting the neatest and tidiest personal pages. What’s great about these is that, regardless of your expertise, you can create a page yourself. You do not need to be a web programmer nor a designer. In other words, by using your preferred best personal website builder, you can bring into being the exact page you want to rock.

Many site editors come with a variety of ready-to-use page layouts and all sorts of predesigned web elements. Use and reuse them, come up with your own variations and even construct custom pages effortlessly. It is a guarantee that your end masterpiece will be responsive, mobile-ready, in tune with modern web browsers and performing at the highest degree.

What was once only an idea can now become a reality. Make sure you bring your experience and capabilities to the online world and start seeing the difference it brings. The future is indeed bright for you.


wix best personal website builder

As versatile, flexible and adaptable as Wix is, you can use it as the best personal website builder easily. The tool has everything you need in its members’ area for you to use and benefit from. No questions asked, you can put together the most advanced, polished and highly optimized page for all your services and works. It instantly adapts to your niche and offers you to shine online. With the numerous templates, Wix has in the archives, you can forge all kinds of personal, portfolio, resume and CV websites.

There are actually three different page building methods Wix offers all its users. The simplest, quickest and the most beginner-friendly is Wix ADI. With Wix’s artificial design intelligence, you need to do barely any work as it does the major part of site establishing for you. Once it delivers the right page for your project, all you have to do is to edit text and images and that’s it. Wix simplifies everything.

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Weebly - Best Website Builder

Weebly gives you all the necessities that you require for your page. No doubt, Weebly is the best personal website builder with beautiful and attention-grabbing personal templates part of the deal. You can simply pick the web design you prefer and start from there. Each theme you see available is fully customizable for you to alter it however you fancy. On the other hand, if you dig the look, you can also use it as is and just improve it with new texts and images. It does not matter how wild your imagination is, Weebly is here to bring to life your ideas.

With the vast number of features and assets, Weebly is a killer site editor that you will find super simple to use. Everyone can do it! Besides, you will not need to change a single string of code to make whatever tweak you would like. And that is absolutely fantastic. On top of that, Weebly also comes as a mobile app, ensuring you to control your web space from your mobile device directly.

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about me best personal website builder

You know already what you are getting with about.me. It is a site builder for freelancers and entrepreneurs alike, looking to sort out their online presences in style. Without further ado, enter the world of about.me and create a space for yourself that will represent you and what you excel at. The time has come to take things into your hands and start growing your business to the next level. There is a much greater chance of scoring all these new gig offers if your website is fully sorted out. Thanks to about.me, you can make it happen quickly and effortlessly.

about.me is a simple to use platform for which you need no prior experience. Building a website could be your never before done move and you can still successfully accomplish it. With the simple to follow set up process, you can start attracting new potential clients in little to no time. Before you know it, your page is complete and you might already start receiving new business proposals.

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wpbakery best personal website builder

If you are a WordPress user, then you need WPBakery, as simple as that. It is an advanced personal website builder that turns you into a developer and a designer simultaneously. No need to be one of those to be able to set up the well-defined and ideal page for yourself. With WPBakery, limitations are non-existing. You can go above and beyond, crafting the website that best represents you. Not only that, WPBakery makes sure it appears as professional as possible for you to spark everyone’s interest and make them intrigued.

WPBakery is a front- and a back-end page builder that works with any WordPress theme. Or you can choose from many included templates and employ loads of predesigned content elements, addons and whatnots. WPBakery is packed with goodies to ensure you a quick, smooth and reliable website launch no matter if it is your first time doing it.

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mobirise best personal website builder

Mobile-ready websites are a thing of the now. If your page is not responsive, you are doing things the wrong way. To avoid any inconvenience, just go with Mobirise as your best personal website builder. As the name suggests, Mobirise is a drag and drop page builder that creates flexible and extendable pages for all types of users. Freelancers, businesspeople, job seekers, even students, Mobirise is here to take care of your web appearance and help you succeed. You also do not really need to be tech-oriented to be able to use Mobirise. It is a newbie-friendly site editing software anyone can employ.

One of the biggest differences between Mobirise and other page builders is the fact that Mobirise is an offline software. It is available for Windows and for Mac users and you don’t need to have a background in programming to work with Mobirise. Make a unique and fascinating page that will capture everyone’s attention and make them hungry to learn more.

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webflow best personal website builder

Webflow is a super modern and powerful personal website builder. In fact, it is an all-around site editor provides you with all the right assets to bring into being your dream page. Without coding, and without any design knowledge! It is amazing to think that you can actually make a fully functional and active page without any real experience whatsoever. You get to design and build everything visually with Webflow. Personal pages become a piece of cake once you gain yourself access to this amazing tool.

Once you are ready to go live, Webflow offers you fast and reliable hosting that will keep your page running all the time. Besides, whenever you feel like you need to edit content, add new material or simply improve the web design of your page, you can always do it with the convenient editor directly on the page. Webflow is also a superior tool for prototyping websites before actually realizing them for your clients.

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mozello best personal website builder

Websites should not be omitted, regardless of what you may be proficient at. If you would like to attract new prospects and business deals to intrigue your dream employer, create a personal website with Mozello. It is an easy, straightforward and quick way to establish a solid website without the hassle. Mozello-based pages are mobile-ready, high-performing, optimized and follow all the latest web and tech trends. With this rad personal website builder, you can enter the world of the internet with a bang and thrive.

Your dreams should first become goals, and only then can you go after achieving them with Mozello. Once you understand that, it all becomes a simple task. Mozello even comes with a bunch of predefined demo websites which you can use right off the bat. Managing and maintaining your final creation will be a breeze, thanks to Mozello’s ease of use and simplicity.

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ucraft best personal website builder

With access to any of the best personal website builders listed here, you unlock yourself a horizon of possibilities. You can now launch your next project swiftly without having any technical knowledge or experience. In this day and age, making stuff is easier than ever. You have all these amazing tools, like Ucraft, for creating websites of all shapes and sizes. For personal pages, Ucraft is a fantastic site editor that provides the must-haves and loads of extra content to stand out from the masses and approach the web in a unique way.

With the integrated drag-and-drop website builder, Ucraft assures you that you can be a beginner and still be able to produce professional results. Push your incredible skills and advertise your magnificent works with a neat portfolio. By using Ucraft, you also get free web hosting and a domain name, though you can connect your existing domain free of charge.

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tilda best personal website builder

Do you want a website but do not know how to build yourself one? You want something simple to use that you can rely on. Not only that, but a platform that gives you all you need so you do not have to jump back and forth and even introduce 3rd party extensions. Such software is Tilda, one of the best personal website builders in the market today. The process of establishing your web space will feel like a game. And to play games, you do not really need to have any prior talent. You just start playing it, and the same goes for Tilda. You just start building a website with it.

Tilda has over 450 ready-to-use blocks, multiple ready-made templates, and an advantageous website builder that brings it all together. You can use what’s available as is, or you can modify it per your needs. Of course, you can create custom blocks and layouts, too. You can start for free and see what Tilda has in store for you.

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readymag best personal website builder

Web design is easy. You might think that it’s a foolish statement, but it is the reality. Why complicate things if you do not have to? Why build things from scratch? Look, even some big players use predesigned material and only alter it according to their needs. You can do, too. With Readymag, setting up a personal website is like reciting your ABCs. Nothing complicated and nothing advanced. It is a page builder that eases the process of web design and development. Out of the blue, you will become both a designer and a coder.

Create a portfolio, a presentation or any other online publication with Readymag and forget about the back-end. You can start with a pre-built web design or you can also get things moving with nothing but a blank page. Password-protect your content, have an overview of your site’s statistics and introduce different animations to spice up the experience. Readymag also connects with all major social media platforms and guarantees SEO friendliness.

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site123 best personal website builder

Simple name, simple tool, simple everything for a professional and sophisticated outcome. I know that sounds quite contradictory, but SITE123 sure does know how to do things the right way. This best personal website builder is definitely an easy-to-use software that brings your ideas for a page to life. Besides, it is loaded with a ton of content which you can pick, use, reuse, delete, you name it. With SITE123, you can do many things for an end product that will be of the highest quality. And there is nothing complicated about it, but I am sure you get the gist of it.

Stunning and 100% modifiable website templates ensure the swift start of your personal page. SITE123 has a very cool and detailed process of picking the web design for your internet presence. In short, you will have a clear idea of how your page will appear on the web. It will also be mobile-ready, optimized for search engines and registered to a free custom domain.

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8b personal website builder

With 8b, you can swiftly and effortlessly go about creating your very own website. After all, you can easily utilize 8b as a personal website builder. It has all the necessary equipment and a whole lot more. And the best part? Indeed, 8b costs you nothing, yet it guarantees that the outcome will be a dope online presence. Whether you are a freelancer, a job seeker or you would just like to own a personal website, kick it off in style with the practical and powerful 8b.

To truly understand how simple 8b is, all you need is a handheld device to make a website. With the handy mobile app, 8b ensures the creation of a site from your smartphone or a tablet. No doubt, 8b is for everyone, from those who have never in their lives built a website, to those more experienced users. In little to no time, you will have a banging page up, attracting new visitors like a pro.

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kickresume personal website builder

Kickresume is a unique personal website builder which turns your resume into a website. How cool does that sound? Instead of building a page for yourself from scratch, you can now simply employ the power of Kickresume and you will be ready to go swiftly. Bear in mind, in this day and age, you can easily stand out from the masses and impress your employer or client with an eye-catching website. Why send a boring resume if you can simply send them a link to your website? Show how serious and talented you are and boost your potential through the roof.

Moreover, Kickresume is an all-in-one builder for resumes, cover letters and personal websites. It even comes with multiple ready-made templates and a grammar check. As far as the latter goes, there are actual folks who will check your content and return it back to you polished, looking better than ever in just two days. If you are a job seeker, you now know how to get the position you deserve.

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ionos personal website builder

1&1 IONOS is another versatile and adaptive personal website builder for all and everyone who seeks to craft a page. In just mere minutes, you can have an active and fully functional online presence live, ready for new visitors. And you can do it all by yourself, without the need to hire a coder nor a designer. 1&1 IONOS has all the material, layouts and components available for you to use however you fancy. Besides, the intuitive builder is user-friendly, perfect for all levels of users, from beginners to pros.

Last but surely not least, all 1&1 IONOS websites work flawlessly on mobile and desktop devices. Not only that, but they also fit any modern web browser and come optimized for search engines. Once you create an account, you also get a free domain and a free SSL certificate to keep the security top-notch. At any time, you can also access 1&1 IONOS’ friendly support, and they will answer all your questions or inquiries.

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jimdo best personal website builder

You can do personal pages almost on autopilot with Jimdo. With this personal website builder, you get to choose between two methods as to how you would like to go after crafting your page. One is Dolphin and the other is Creator. And if you choose the former, that’s when the “autopilot” comes into play. Not literally, but developing a page will happen so ridiculously fast, you won’t even break a sweat. All Dolphin needs are some basic information about you and what you do, and in minutes time, it will come up with a stunning design for you. Now that’s something you do not see happen on a daily basis.

Moreover, if you would like to have a more customized personal website, then you should go with the Creator. Have in mind that both options are for both newbies and experts. To be more exact, by utilizing Jimdo, you can build websites without the need to edit code or even have any design talent. No obligation for any of that. You will, unquestionably, adore and enjoy how much is possible with Jimdo. Are you ready?

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sitey best personal website builder

Sitey has all the features, characteristics and goodies needed in a personal website builder to get listed here. It even comes with the basic plan that costs nothing but still includes free hosting, a drag-and-drop site builder and hundreds of adjustable templates. With the multiple ready-to-use layouts, you can save yourself plenty of time and have a first-class web publication ready and set in close to no time. But you can always tweak and improve your preferred template and enrich it with your signature touch.

It is the mentioned drag-and-drop editor that helps you change the look without dealing with the intimidating code. Besides, all Sitey websites follow the latest trends like mobile-readiness and search engine optimization, to name a couple. You can also add a blog section to your page and keep everyone updated with what is happening over at your end. Share tips and tricks about your industry and drive in more traffic, thanks to the compelling blog.

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elementor best personal website builder

Elementor is a super powerful personal website builder for all the WordPress users. You can even implement it with your favorite theme, but in some cases, Elementor comes part of the premium theme already. With the handy visual editor, you can do changes, make improvements and customize your web design in real time. Elementor is insanely simple to use, so it does not really matter what your level of experience is. Heck, you need no experience at all, as it is that straightforward. In fact, telling you that coding is not part of the game says more than enough.

If you do not have a theme yet, Elementor comes with multiple predesigned templates which you can use at free will. Edit the one you dig the most and modify it according to your needs. Later on, you can also export this same design and use it with other websites, if that is something that interests you. Get Elementor now.

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webstarts best personal website builder

WebStarts is an all-around software that provides the right tools and features for you to construct your dream page. With that in mind, we can easily call WebStarts the best personal website builder you can use right now. Starting with WebStarts is free, but the features are quite limited. However, when in need to upgrade to a different plan, you can do it instantaneously and receive all the goodies to boost your web presence through the roof. WebStarts has a ton of designs which you can choose from and improve further according to your brand.

What’s also rad about WebStarts is the fact that it comes with web hosting, domain names and remarkable design features. It is all there for you to run your personal page from one location. WebStarts gives you the ability to craft a truly unique experience which will entice your visitors and enhance your potential.

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squarespace best personal website builder

Knowing that many celebrities and other famous people use Squarespace is a strong and persuading factor that will very likely make you want to give it a try. But that’s not the only reason why Squarespace will do you well. It is the enormous amount of assets and fantastic characteristics what make Squarespace a first-class cutting-edge personal website builder. The software is built in a way that will make you appear like a true professional, even if you are not. Meaning, even if you do not know how to make a page, Squarespace is here to make it happen anyway.

Stunning, responsive, mobile-ready and greatly performing templates do the majority of the work for you. When you select your favorite one, you can edit the content and you can have an expert page up and running shortly after. Of course, you can always take the extra step and enhance the design to your likings. There is also a set of marketing tools included in the kit for you to interact with your audience and get things rolling.

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bookmark best personal website builder

Establishing your web presence is easy. Building a website is easy. Even scaling and boosting your personal brand is easy. But all these only become simplistic and straightforward if you have access to the right tools. Bookmark is the best personal website builder that unlocks a broad specter of possibilities for you. Even if you are just starting out, but do not want to show that you lack experience, software like Bookmark do the trick for you. From the very beginning, you will look like an expert and all the additional moves you will make will be even more professional.

Bookmark is a cracking technology that requires no coding and no design skills. With the helpful AiDA, the work is done for you. AiDA is your convenient artificial intelligence design assistant that will provide the best-fitting website for you in minutes time. You can always challenge AiDA to create a new look for you, if you are not fully satisfied. Become a pro and reach the level of success that will make you known with Bookmark.

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carbonmade best personal website builder

One thing is super clear, Carbonmade has one of the coolest and niftiest presentations of its software that you will see. While it is more on the fun, cartoon-ish side, that does not make Carbonmade any less professional. It is still the one of best personal website builders that will bring things into being and realize your ideas for your internet appearance. Carbonmade is, like all the tools you find in this collection, unchallenging to use and very beginner-friendly. There is no HTML knowledge necessary; you can do it all without stressing yourself over the code.

A stack full of features awaits every Carbonmade user. There are also many high-end themes available that will speed the process up for you. Before you jump in and employ Carbonmade, you can also take a peek at many websites built with Carbonmade. You can also use those as inspiration or just to see that Carbonmade is a serious deal.

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pixelhub best personal website builder

If it still feels a bit scary actually to go after creating a website all on your own, PixelHub will make an end to it. It emphasizes the fact that you simply cannot mess things up. It is impossible to do things in a way that will break your page and make things go wrong. Nothing like that will happen with PixelHub. It is another terrific personal website builder – one of the best – that you can get your hands on right now. Whether you are a writer, a photographer, an artist, a designer or any other creative and professional individual, PixelHub is the right option for you.

Easily design and develop a page with PixelHub and shine online. You have all the features at your fingertips. all you need to do is to take action. Before you know it, a full-blown website is right in front of you. And even if you access it from your mobile device, it will look just as gorgeous as it is on desktop.

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one best personal website builder

It is all very simple when it comes to One. This is a full solution to your all website-building problems. From domain name and hosting to the best personal website builder, it is all there, in One. While we might focus on other stuff some other time, it is the handy page builder that we will concentrate on now. In the bundle, you will discover all that you need to create your ideal site. You can have it up in barely any time after you choose the right template that best resonates with you.

One’s page editor also follows the drag-and-drop method, and you already know how cool it is. Moreover, there are two packages you can choose from: Starter and Premium. Both options have you equipped with a responsive and mobile-ready design, SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth and 25 GB storage. One has everything that you need, refined and optimized for the best performance.

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strikingly best personal website builder

Strikingly has by far one of the best names, but it is not just its name that makes it so striking. It is the features of this best personal website builder that make it so astonishing and extraordinary. There are already millions of users who built their pages with Strikingly, and there is no reason why you would not want to join the hype, too. Without the need to have any talent as far as web design and coding go, you can reach the same levels of expertness as advanced users do. You can easily compete with everyone and make your brand to stand out.

The editor of Strikingly is ridiculously unchallenging and uncomplicated. In short, everyone can use it — yes, you can, too! Whatever you see, you can click on it and edit it to make it in line with your personal brand. That said, Strikingly allows you to create the perfect web space that will follow your needs and regulations to the T. And once you build the page, it will fluently work on all devices without the need to do any additional editing.

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