24 Best Tank Top Mockup Templates 2019

If you are in the apparel space, a tank top mockup will come very helpful. It does not matter whether you run a streetwear brand, a surf clothing store or you are pushing fitness products, a tank top is an essential piece of clothing. Today, you can craft a beautiful and life-like presentation of your designs or even a simple logo with any of these nifty templates.

In the collection below, there is something for everyone. Moreover, all the mockups are very simple to use and some do not even require to use Adobe Photoshop or any other photo editing software. In other words, you can improve and adjust the layout in-browser entirely. Indeed, very newbie friendly if you will.

A tank top mockup is a fantastic solution for gaining new inspiration or raising hype for a new product drop. And if you work with a client, you can also create a photo-realistic presentation of the possible final product. This way, you can “pre-test” the design before sending it out to the print shop. It allows you to make additional corrections for the outcome to be exactly how you expected.

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at some of the finer and most quality mockup templates of tank tops.

Tank Top Mockup of a Group of Friends at a Bachelorette Pool Party

tank top mockup of a group of friends at a bachelorette party

Let’s kick things off with an impactful and very cheerful tank top mockup featuring five ladies at a bachelorette pool party. What’s special about this template is the fact that you can use five entirely different designs for each tank top. On the other hand, you can keep them all in harmony with a single artwork. Moreover, each tank is also fully editable with colors. One thing is for sure, this template allows you to establish a striking outcome that will capture everyone’s attention in an instant. With so many functions, you can also play around with the possibilities and see what would work best.

Mockup of Three Tank Tops

mockup of three tank tops

Another bridal-inspired tank top mockup with great attention to detail. It contains three tank tops, each editable and customizable. Frist, you can change the shade of the garment to any color you want by using the color picker. Moreover, the upload feature allows you to import separate designs for each piece or the same one for all three. Whatever your main objective is, you can now realize it quickly and effortlessly with a lovely template. Lastly, you can also attach a text overlay for any special message you would like to share. Have the final product ready in just a few clicks and amaze everyone.

Tank Top Mockup Featuring a Smiling Woman

tank top mockup featuring a smiling woman

A simple, modern and trendy tank top mockup of a smiling woman. For a realistic presentation of your superb design, this nifty template will come very handy. And if you like to keep things simple and relatively minimalistic, you surely did come to the right place. By hitting the upload button, you can slide in your design and see it appear right away. Moreover, the template also gives you a chance to change the color of the tank, as well as the color of the background. Make it pop with vibrant colors or keep it professional and sophisticated; the options are there.

Tank Top Mockup of a Smiling Surfer Guy

tank top mockup of a smiling surfer guy

As mentioned earlier, surf shops (and streetwear brands) are very likely to offer their fans tank tops. And if you are in the process of realizing a fresh new design, use this tank top mockup and see the possible final product. If it is a fit, perfect, and if not, the mockup gives you all the rights to test it out as many times as you want to find the best solution. Have in mind, once you upload your design, you can also crop and reposition it. The working area is of 750 x 1200 px dimension. Of course, you can also change the color of the tank to any shade you fancy.

Mockup of a Male and a Female MMA Fighters

mockup of a male and a female mma fighters

More action, more fun and more photo-realistic tank top mockups for you. This exclusive one features a female and male MMA fighters, all warmed up and ready to go into the ring. If you offer MMA equipment and stuff, this is by far one of the best mockup templates that you can get your hands on. Look no further, head over to Placeit platform and make the presentation happen in a small breeze. Since you can edit the mockup in-browser, you know you will have the final product ready to go in little to no time. All it takes are a few clicks and you are done doing the work.

Surfer Guy Sitting in the Sand Wearing a Tank Top Mockup

surfer guy sitting in the sand wearing tank top mockup

Another wonderful, phot-realistic and easy to use tank top mockup template for everyone in the surfer (and yoga) field. Let’s face it, it is your imagination and out of the box thinking that will define what for you will use the mockup. Go with the flow and establish a striking demonstration of your fresh new design. Capture everyone’s curiosity, promote it on social media and drive more potential buyers to your online store. On the other hand, use it for your own testing and figuring out what would work best so the end item will come out exactly how you want.

Women’s Tank Top Mock-Up

womens tank top mockup

Amazing and highly detailed female tank top mockup template. In the kit, you get two PSD files that translate into front and back views. The template is of the highest resolution, coming in 5000 x 5000 px. Indeed, you can go very into detail with the presentation of your design, even when it comes to showcasing close-ups. Moreover, the front view has four separated parts and the back three. Meaning, you can alter the colors for each part individually, making it as colorful as possible or keeping it all white, or black, or green, heck, any color you fancy.

Women Tank Top Mockups

women tank top mockups

If you would like to add your design, quote, logo or any other creative to a female tank top in just a click, you can do it now with this mockup template. In the bundle, you get twelve stunning and life-like PSD files, which all have smart object layers. As for the latter, it allows you to drag and drop your design to the working area in a very simplistic way. Moreover, the mockup treats you to three different female models, as well as four different poses and the vintage effect. Instead of hiring a professional photographer and models to get the photo shooting done, simplify the process with a mockup.

Men Tank Top Mockups

men tank top mockups

For a male tank top mockup, here is a wonderful one which delivers a whole bunch of different approaches to showcasing your designs. To be more precise, there are three male models and four different poses/angles, which together call for twelve PSD files. You can quickly change and alter the color of the garment, the color of the background and attach any artwork you prefer. One cool feature of the template is the vintage distresses artwork effect, which you can turn on with a single click. For a quick solution to your tank top design presentation, here is an excellent alternative for you.

Women Fitness Kit Mock-up

women fitness kit mockup

Everyone who is working out, regardless of the exercise, enjoys wearing a tank top. And now, you can create a sports tank top presentation for women. The bundle includes several different outfits, covering tops and bottoms. There is also a tank top mockup included in the kit which you can fine-tune and alter according to your taste. You can change the color of the garment and the stitches and append your design, logo or text via the smart object layer. You can also combine different items or use each individually. For a sportswear brand, you now have a great way of presenting your items professionally.

Girl’s Tank-Top Mock-Up Set

girls tank top mock-up set

To create a wonderful presentation of your new tank top design, all you need is a mockup and all the rest becomes history. Here is a great alternative for a girl’s tank with four different files, meaning, four different items. All the templates come with organized layers and separated background for easy editing and customization. Along with adding your designs, you can also change the color of the garment and the background. And if you need additional support and assistance, see the included help file first. However, editing via smart objects is a piece of cake anyway.

Girls Tank Top Mock-Up

girls tank top mock-up

A big set of fully editable tank top mockups for women apparel brands. In the kit, you will find fifteen different templates, fully organized and commented. Even an utter beginner can easily get the most out of each mockup, making sure the outcome is of the highest quality. Change colors, add designs, you name it, it is a guarantee that the outcome will be top-notch every time. Before you dive in, you can also first watch a YouTube tutorial to ensure smooth editing and improving process. If you are ready to create a realistic presentation that will amaze and inspire, enjoy this bundle of mockups now and make a difference.

Sport Tek LST356 Racerback Tank

sport tek LST356 racerback tank

If you are particularly interested in using a Sport Tek LST356 Racerback tank, then this is the mockup for you. There are eight different templates included for you to take to your total advantage. Also, the mockup ensures 4K quality to create the most outstanding outcome that you can possibly imagine. Tons of different color options, automatic fabric wrapping and custom tag are just some of the features of the mockup. You can then use the outcome across all sorts of different promotional mediums, on your website and in newsletters. Speed things up when it comes to the demonstration of your tank designs now.

4 Women’s Tank Top Mockup Scenes

4 womens tank top mockup scenes

A nifty set of four women’s tank top mockups best for apparel and fashion brands. Each mockup is its own unique scene, which instantly captures everyone’s attention. Along with the tank top, the mockups features envelope, gift box, necklace, ladies’ shoes, jeans, hangtag, label and more. Of course, you can hide or show each item individually to make sure the outcome appears exactly how you fancy. You can edit shadows, effects, colors, background and append your artwork via the smart object layer. Follow the simple step-by-step guide on how to execute the realization of a life-like presentation first and make it happen comfortably second.

Bella + Canvas B8800 Mockup Gray

bella canvas B8800 tank mockup gray

A lovely and beautiful Bella + Canvas B8800 tank top mockup in white marble. If you already know what you are looking for and this is the exact template that sparks your interest, you are in luck. In just a few clicks, you can now have the template under your possession, all set to present your designs realistically. An excellent solution if you need to showcase your client how the final design would look, as well as for any other promotional intentions. You are just short moments away from bringing into realization a superb demonstration of a tank top, decorated with your custom design.

Girls Tank-Top Mock-Up Set

girls tank top mockup set

An array of varying girls’ tank top mockups for a first-class presentation that will grab everyone’s awareness. Firs and foremost, do not forget to check out the included video tutorial and get the gist of it first before you take action. In the package, you will discover ten different files of ladies rocking a blank tank top. Each template is editable with fresh colors and elegant designs, ensuring you a striking and photo-realistic final product. Have in mind, you can now establish several different looks and appearances in a small breeze, keeping the professionalism intact. That’s that, no get involved and enjoy the outcome.

Tank Top Mock Up Ocean Sea Decor

tank top mock up ocean sea decor

If you dig summer and sea vibes, then this is the tank mockup for you. It sports loads of different decorations, making the overall experience very interest-grabbing. Of course, in the middle, there is a fully editable ladies’ tank top (Bella Canvas 3001). You can change the color of the tank and add any type of art or design via the smart object layer in Photoshop. Simple and quick customization process for the outstanding and impressive outcome. Whether you plan to use it on social media, on your website, for your portfolio or to inspire a client, this template works great for an assortment of different aims.

Tank Top Mock-Up Set

tank top mock-up set

Treat yourself to a set of eleven tank top mockup templates and enjoy establishing A-grade presentations. All the layouts come with organized layers for effortless editing and improving methods. Changeable colors, displacement maps and 4000 x 2667 px dimension are just some of the features of the set. By having access to eleven mockups, you have a brunette woman in a blue skirt and white sneakers readily available to rock your brand like a pro. Editing the color and importing your design of the tank is a child’s play. No ifs, no buts, no maybes – take charge now and have the final solution set to influence in close to no time.

A collection of top-notch free tank top mockup templates

Trendy Tank Top PSD Mockup

trendy tank top psd mockup

If you are in the position where you would just like to quickly test out your designs and do not want to spend a dime on a tank top mockup, we bring you a few free alternatives. These are all of the highest quality, making sure the final product will stand out a mile.
The mockup features a young woman wearing a beanie, black, knee ripped jeans, white sneakers and a white tank top while checking her smartphone to see what tune is playing next. With the use of the smart object layer, you import your design in Photoshop and have it appear on the tank top in a click. Drag and drop and you are done.

Ladies’ Tank Top PSD Mockup

ladies tank top psd mockup

Here is a simple and detailed tank top mockup for the ladies. It features three tank tops, each editable with colors and your designs. Have in mind, two colorways are available out of the box, but you can enrich the design with any custom shade you want. It is an easy and effortless process of putting together the right presentation of your design, whether it is an artwork or just a quote. As far as importing your design goes, just drag and drop it and you are good to go. Now open Adobe Photoshop, download this mockup and make things happen.

Black & White Tank Tops Design

black white tank tops design

To create a photo-realistic presentation of a tank top design, you need to invest zero money to make it a realization. Just take any of the free tank top mockups that we have in store for you and make a difference. This particular one features two layouts, offering you both the front and the back view of the tank on a wooden surface. Moreover, the items come in black and white colors with a simple method of sliding in your designs. Thanks to the smart object layers, you just drag and drop your creative and all the rest instantly becomes history.

Male Tank Top Design Mockup in PSD

male tank top design mockup psd

For everyone who is into colors and whatnot, here is a male tank top mockup for you. Nope, our collection of templates is not only about the women, we care about men, too. Anyhow, if you would like to speed up the process of bringing into being a realistic demonstration of your work, take this mockup to your advantage. It is undemanding to use, making sure you get the most out of it without breaking a single drop of sweat. It is a PSD mockup template with amazing customization features and functions. Take things to the next level and enjoy the outcome speedily.

Woman Tank Top PSD Mockup

woman tank top psd mockup

A tank top is a piece of clothing that we can wear throughout the whole year. In the winter, it works as an additional layer of clothing, which helps us keep warm. And in the summer, well, it does the complete opposite, along with emphasizing our toned bodies. For a ladies’ tank top on a hanger mockup, this is by far one of the most promising solutions. On top of that, it is entirely free of charge. Download it, import it to Adobe Photoshop and you can already enrich it with your design, a logo or some text. Of course, you can also change the color of the garment.

Women Racerback Tank Top PSD Mockup

women racerback tank top psd mockup

If a mockup is free, it does not instantly mean the outcome will be half-baked. Not in our case. Here is an astounding free tank top mockup template with both front and back views. It comes in high resolution, making sure even the close-ups end up being top-notch. Other goodies of the template contain multiple color support, realistic shadow layers and adjustable background. Keep the branding intact, introduce your design and take the presentation to a whole new degree. With the end product, you can get the excitement going on social media and on your website, too.

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