24 Best Website Builders for Gym & Fitness 2019

When starting your own project in the sports industry, chances are, you will need any of these website builders for gym and fitness centers. Of course, you can effortlessly use the spectacular and easy to use tools for other sports-related projects as well. Meaning, if you are a personal trainer, an instructor, own a cross fit facility or a yoga enthusiast, kick things off in style with a solid website.

Thanks to a convenient and straightforward page builder, anyone can create a professional and sophisticated website that will take their businesses to the next level.

Nope, there is no need for you to have any prior coding or designing knowledge. With the simple drag and drop technology, you can put together the dopest gym and fitness website you can think of. More or less, all these website builders for gyms have ready-to-use templates for you to benefit from greatly. But there is no need to stick to the default setting – improve and customize the layout at free will!

Moreover, even when it comes to mobile-readiness, cross-browser compatibility, SEO optimization and performance enhancement, you need not to worry about any of the tech stuff. All website editors follow the latest trends and regulations to keep you safe and secure and your website stable, running smoothly at all times.


wix website builder for gym

Wix is an all-in-one platform for building all types of websites imaginable. It provides all the necessary material and elements you require to hammer out the page you need. Indeed, you can use Wix as a website builder for gym and other sports websites without hassle. Thanks to its user-friendliness, you can now set up the precise website you desire and scale your business to new levels of success. Pick from the available contents and enrich them with your signature style struggle-free.

There are three core features of Wix you should need to know. First, there is Wix ADI, which is an artificial design intelligence function. In other words, Wix ADI creates a near complete website for you. The additional two goodies are Wix Editor and Wix Code. The former provides more freedom while still keeping you away from the code. As for the latter, well, the name speaks for itself.

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bookmark website builder for gym

An original aesthetic is truly your decision, and Bookmark will let you realize that goal. With support you get from this website builder for gym, you are certainly guaranteed the right choice. It is 100% responsive with a modern design suitable for all trainers and athletes who wish to build a website for any reason. Bookmark features an artificial intelligence designer to create your website from start to finish. This enables you to finally showcase your portfolio and services almost instantly.

Creativity is all about passion, and this is what separates Bookmark’s AI from other builders. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on unreliable developers or designers when you have a dependable, functional design assistant from Bookmark. Of course, you can also take your own path and enjoy the features and functions Bookmark provides to all its users.

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yola website builder for gym

Work out your passion and gather leads by getting the Yola builder. This website builder for gym provides numerous variations in styles, color backgrounds, content pages and custom headers, all of which are made with a professional touch. Besides, you should be aware of the fact that you can customize nearly any detail of the layouts Yola provides. Make the one you fancy most follow your branding precisely.

Yola has a responsive layout which leads to a better connection with your clients and readers. Meaning, your outcome will work seamlessly on all devices – web browsers, too! It also comes with online selling opportunities which allow you to market nutritional guides, eBooks about body workouts and many more. With progressive reporting, protected hosting, approachable customer service and boundless bandwidth and storage, you can manage your fitness website without any technical experience. Contact Yola’s support team any time; they are more than happy to guide you.

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ukit website builder for gym

uKit gets you going online sooner rather than later. As a website builder for gym, you can achieve fantastic results with uKit and all it has available in the kit for you. With over 350 ready-made designs in 38 different categories, you know that uKit is no joke. It has it all ready-to-use for you, to craft and construct a fantastic sports website that will help push your services to new heights. And to take it to another level, make it yours by customizing the layout to your heart’s content.

uKit is mobile-ready and cross-browser compatible, with fantastic typography and color options. In short, you have no limits when it comes to hammering out the website you desire with uKit. It is your kit full of amazing features and components that will place your website on top.

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jimdo website builder for gym

Are you looking for a web building guru to help you out with creating a brand-oriented design? The answer is right in front of you. Jimdo is a website builder for gyms with intuitive and welcoming features. The color schemes of this builder are very lively, adaptable and easily customizable for your tastes. The animation effects will surely blow your customers’ minds and have them intrigued. With this upfront approach in web design, you can easily spark everyone’s curiosity and boost your business.

Of course, anyone can view your website on any device thanks to Jimdo’s responsiveness and flexibility. Whether you want to build your site in three minutes or with a step by step process, it is very possible with Jimdo. The website building service offers you different approaches to building your page, but none requires coding skills. Selling anything under the sun with Jimdo’s online store integration is also possible.

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yondo website builder for gym

Simplicity is beauty, so they say. If you want to get the message across your soon-to-be-clients successfully without too much drama, then Yondo is for you. This website builder for gym centers is a clear-cut web designer focused on functionality and professionalism. It highly prioritizes content while demonstrating an amazing portfolio grid. It is also packed with a bunch of useful features to offer the best solution for your loyal customers and clients.

While emphasizing on simplicity, it does not compensate on the resolution, being pixel perfect and fully responsive. With Yondo, you can showcase any design, illustration, video or product terrifically, leaving your visitors and buyers impressed with the awesomeness of your website. With Yondo, clients can book one-on-one sessions and other live fitness sessions you offer. Payments, confirmation and other notifications are also fully sorted out with Yondo for your convenience.

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squarespace website builder for gym

The long wait for a quality website design is over. Introducing Squarespace, a website builder for gym that will lead your passion to success. Before we continue, Squarespace is a multi-purpose website builder which you can use for the establishment of a wide variety of niche and generic online platforms.

Squarespace comes with numerous concepts with uniquely different designs and elements. It is ideal for any purpose, but it is certainly hot in the market when it comes to anything fitness and health. Both techies and beginners would love this builder as it gives them the option to customize their website regardless of skill level. So come on, represent your cause, show your portfolio, tell your story and teach classes online, or invite them to join you in person. Contact the team now or never and start right away.

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duda website builder for gym

Duda is a super versatile and adaptable website builder for putting together cutting-edge and high-performing web spaces. No need to be a skilled professional to be able to create a website that suits your likings. With Duda, you can also build gym and fitness websites without trouble. The material is there, at the tip of your fingers, ready and all set up for you to use it. The available templates, you can use as is or you can step things up and modify them accordingly. No need to change a string of code.

Creating a mobile-ready website with Duda will also be easy and quick. Not all website builders offer this function what makes Duda a unique and outstanding software. Also, your site either main or its mobile extension will also be SEO-ready, retina-friendly and in tune with modern web browsers.

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webstarts website builder for gym

Do you strongly believe that your training programs or webinars are the next big thing? Then materialize the dream by working with Webstarts. This website builder for gym functions in three simple steps: select a design, get a secure domain and drive massive traffic. Simple as that! It is suitable for any device, and it is designed to be retina ready and cross-browser harmonious. Webstarts’ cool features enable you to modify content according to your tastes and preferences.

Webstarts is easy to use with its drag and drop editor, so you will never commit any mistake while using this builder. Sell those workout eBooks and begin accepting credit card payment from your website immediately, too. The options that unlock right in front of you when you unbox Webstarts are very many. Take Webstarts to your advantage and shine online.

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site123 website builder for gym

Site123 is undeniably one of a kind when it comes to web design and innovation. This website builder for gym has a lot of powerful theme options that can get you ahead of the competition. Site123 has specialized and intuitive characteristics, as shown in its well-made templates. Included in this huge collection are fonts, SEO tools, icons and colors all of which can be blended to form multiple combinations. What’s more, you also gain access to ready-made layouts which will help you speed up the process of constructing the must-have gym or fitness website.

Visual content is where Site123 excels at the most. You can simply add video covers, galleries, photo-combinations and video sequences to elevate your perfect gym website further. It is user-friendly so the term “hassle” is out of the dictionary. There are more features waiting for you to explore!

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ning website builder for gym

Are you too afraid or hesitant to build a website due to its complexities? No problem, let Ning lift the weights for you. Even if you are no programmer nor designer. This website builder for gym can work as a marketing website page to present your brand, your products, your online courses or your schedules. It is responsive, designed to be mobile-friendly and compatible with browsers as well. With its remarkable and trendy designs, Ning was made for those who want a future-proof website design.

With thousands of web fonts, animations and integrations, you will find the most fitting and supreme design for your website. On top of that, you can always improve and enhance the look of your Ning website and go against the norm. With Ning, you can go over and above by creating a social network, start a blog and do your things in its entirety. No need to hold yourself back, Ning handles any challenge with ease.

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vevs website builder for gym

The road to building a fit community may seem too hard to achieve. However, you can defy the seemingly impossible challenge with Vevs. This website builder for gyms, fitnesses and other sports intentions is your vehicle in traversing that path smoothly. Vevs ensures a high-quality and modern design, with versatile features to boot. It is also responsive based on the latest technology, seamless for any device and browser. A page can speak volumes, and Vevs assures you that every page will effectively connect to your leads by showing all the necessary information.

The best part is you could get everything ready in five minutes! How cool and fast is that for a website builder? Vevs supports online appointments, several online payments, clients logins, chat and individual groups and classes. Regardless of the sports or health related project you run or plan to start, Vevs has your sorted out in full.

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ucraft website builder for gym

Take innovation to the next level and join thousands of happy users who believe in the power of uCraft. This website builder for gym definitely fits any fitness-related purpose. It is fully responsive and Retina-ready, for anyone to view your page in HD for any device or browser. uCraft offers hundreds of design templates, images, components and more, which you can drag and drop while doing crunches.

It includes both multi-page and one-page options for versatility. uCraft also has an eCommerce potential, with a gorgeous, easy-to-use storefront, fast and secure transactions, over 70 payment and shipping methods, and other highly beneficial goodies. You can start pushing your classes or online training programs right away with uCraft. To see what is possible, there are several page examples for you to check out first before you fully dive in.

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mozello website builder for gym

Thousands of users have voiced out in unison, praising Mozello’s reliable and astounding performance. This website builder for gyms and fitness facilities is very fitting for just about any purpose. Buffs, trainers and gurus will love the platform as it is very beginner-friendly. In addition, you will get a striking collection of templates, components and features once you work with this builder. It exemplifies a drag and drop function and an elegant design to save you the complexities of web building. Focus on aiding your customers in achieving fitness goals instead. Track stats instantaneously, see how your website is progressing and improve it accordingly. A simplified social integration and SEO approach is also provided by this builder to expand your online visibility efficiently.

You have the examples as well as access to an array of traits that will put your sports project ahead of the competition. Go with Mozello and start the journey to epic success strong, not letting anything stop you.

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webnode website builder for gym

Superbly appealing — this is what Webnode symbolizes in every website. This website builder for gyms provides easy customization in countless ways. Choose from a selection of templates to start your adventure. Modify everything by dressing it up with your unique content, from blog posts to media integrations. There is no limit to your creativity here. Webnode allows you to either play by the rules or go entirely against the grain. One thing is for sure, whatever you do, Webnode guarantees a spectacular final product.

Grow your brand with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ integration to increase site traffic and gather leads. Webnode also includes complete support for SEO, fast loading speed, modern web browsers and mobile devices. In just five simple steps, you can have your gym website up and running, attracting potential new clients and wowing existing ones.

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weblium website builder for gym

When helping others build their dream bodies, time and discipline are necessary. But when building a website, it can happen in a snap of a finger. With Weblium, a website builder for gyms, you can create your ideal online presence quickly and effortlessly. It is a fantastic software, full of amazingness and handy features and functions. Weblium even provides many practical tips and tricks for your success when starting a fitness or gym website.

From home to all internal pages, Weblium delivers all the must-haves. First and foremost, you have a chance to create an attention-grabbing index page that will capture interest almost instantly. Moreover, there are training programs, membership, instructors and many other pages available with Weblium. Choose from predefined templates and make the one you fancy most follow your branding regulations. With Weblium, you can also start a fitness blog and an online shop.

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8b website builder for gym

8b is one of the simplest multi-purpose website builders out there. To boost the hype even more, 8b costs you nothing while still ensuring a responsive, flexible and fully functional website. You can pretty much start this very moment and have an active gym website up and running shortly after! Of course, 8b asks for no coding and design knowledge. You can easily be someone who has never created a gym website before and still victoriously hammer out one with 8b.

In three quick steps, you get to choose a ready-to-use template, edit it accordingly, and publish your final masterpiece. Besides, with 8b, you can also bring into being a striking page using your mobile device only. It is a feature you do not see many other builders use currently. 8b is also cross-browser compatible, Google AMP ready and offers unlimited hosting and a domain name.

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doodlekit website builder for gym

Whether you would like to build a website for a gym, fitness center, personal trainer or even for health and nutrition-related projects, Doodlekit has you covered. It is a software that literally anyone can use AND take to their full advantage, fine-tune and tailor exactly to their needs. In short, Doodlekit makes sure that you will have a modern, responsive, flexible and extendable gym website up without hassle, in no time!

Out of the box, you will have access to several templates which all are exclusive to the fitness and gym space. Whether you use them exactly as they are or improve them, it is a guarantee that the final web design will be appealing to the eye. Along with pushing your services, with Doodlekit, you can also start a blog and give back to the community even more. Get involved and start building a website that will turn heads.

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webs website builder for gym

With a solid following from thousands of customers, there is no question why Webs is the leading website builder out there. Webs is a comprehensive and multi-purpose tool perfect for fitness and training portfolios – from bloggers and freelancers to coaches and business owners. The builder includes a bunch of first-class features and beautiful templates, so you can engage with your users while they browse your content. Not only that, but Webs also comes with SEO and analytics tools to help you grow and keep your site on top of Google and other search engines.

In the bundle full of practical goods and specialties, Webs offers you to sell items online and connect your page with your thriving social media platforms. Do everything by yourself, as Webs does not require any coding at all.

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tilda website builder for gym

For a platform and design that you can trust, choose Tilda. With this website builder for gyms, your online space will surely be a cut above the rest. It is an editor that caters to businesses and professional startups and portfolios related to physical activities. Check out hundreds of truly inimitable templates and you will find the one that matches your concept in a breeze. It even has an extraordinary eCommerce feature for those who wish to sell gym equipment, apparel, eBooks or learning courses.

Select from a wide array of colors and fonts, readily available for you to mix and match. It also comes with 450+ pre-made blocks that will help you highlight your content to its maximum potential. If you strive to create a minimal web presence to push your services, Tilda is surely one of the best options for you. Get the gist of it and have a page up and running shortly after.

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weebly website builder for gym

Weebly is an extraordinary website building platform that gives you all the rights to bring into being the perfect page that will represent you on the internet exactly as you wish. No doubt, you can also use Weebly as a website builder for gyms, fitness centers, and other sports and health-related businesses. Your imagination is the only limit you have when it comes to working with Weebly. Since it requires no coding and/or design knowledge, the level of skills you have is pretty much irrelevant. You and anyone else can do it!

It is the drag and drop method that Weebly sports which ensures you a codeless website creation. Other traits of Weebly are custom fonts, parallax effect, animations, image editor, video backgrounds and handy site search feature. Analytics are also integrated into the web design so you always know what’s going on.

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webflow website builder for gym

Although Webflow is a super newbie-friendly tool for building pages like all the other website builders for gyms on this list, the approach is slightly different. Webflow encourages you to utilize the blank canvas and all the features and components to create a truly genuine experience. Of course, you can also save yourself time and pick one from over a hundred ready-made templates. Whatever suits your needs and requirements best, the option is yours.

With Webflow, you get to code your website visually. You will never need to touch a single string of code, yet the outcome will always be a real masterpiece. Add animations, fonts, pick custom colors and implement elements and sections that will best resonate with your gym project. One thing is for sure, working will Webflow will feel more like playing a video game, which is always rewarding.

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pagecloud website builder for gym

A single image can paint a thousand words, and with Pagecloud, you can express yourself uniquely and generate a grand amount of leads. This website builder for gyms is graphically sophisticated, remarkably collaborative and easily customizable. It is also fully functional with its fast loading speeds, search engine optimization, efficient code, great documentation and responsive features. Any fitness professional would love its engaging templates. All of the themes can motivate readers to take action and bulk up or stay fit right after checking out your site.

Pagecloud has hundreds of ready-made pages, as well as stylish and elegant elements. It has an easy-to-read and highly intuitive blog page style covering all forms, like standard, image gallery, slider, video and audio. At any time, you can reach out to Pagecloud’s team of experts who are willing to help you out on your journey. In short, you will never feel lonely!

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IM Creator

im creator website builder for gym

When you first start on the web, chances are, you might be looking for a quick and free solution to get your website going. On the other hand, if you are already making moves on the internet, a professional premium tool will do the trick for you. Well, IM Creator is for both. Whether you are a newbie or a professional, IM Creator is your ideal website builder for gyms. Indeed, using it for nearly any other intention is possible, too. That said, if you have multiple project ideas, you can realize them all without a hitch.

IM Creator follows all the search engine optimization standards, comes entirely responsive and mobile-ready. Besides, when you are ready to scale your website, you can do it smoothly with IM Creator just as well. You can also write a blog and sell products and other digital items online with IM Creator. The options are endless when employing IM Creator.

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