24 Free Bootstrap Gallery Templates To Mesmerise Visitors

Bootstrap gallery templates help you to create an interactive and modern looking gallery easily. The most common gallery style followed are grid and masonry. But if you are a developer who likes to find inspiration and tweak it to your custom needs, these free bootstrap gallery templates can help you start your project from the ground.

Common users can download these templates and can install them directly on your site to showcase your amazing photographs. Remember all the templates in the list are raw templates, in some of them you may get working functionalities and in most of them, you can find only outlines. To help the common user we have also listed Bootstrap website template with gallery options. Choose the best template for your website based on your needs.

Divi (WordPress)

divi photo gallery website template

You can build a gallery website for all sorts of different professional and amateur intentions. Instead of doing things the hard way, you can entirely simplify the process with Divi. This ingenious web layout is equipped with an outstanding collection of over one hundred predefined designs for your convenience. In short, Divi has something for everyone, no matter how picky your taste might be.

In addition to that, Divi also rocks a functional page builder for any additional corrections and improvements. Of course, there will be no coding necessary. On the other hand, you can call the process of customizing Divi visual coding if you will.

Along with the many layouts, there are also tons of extensions, responsive editing, filters, effects, animations and 24/7 support. Divi is also translated to 32 languages what makes it a one-of-a-kind site canvas.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

jevelin photo gallery website template

Jevelin is a gallery website template that will surely spark your interest. It is a complete solution for building pages and starting fresh online projects. With the thirty and counting demos, you can get your feet wet in an instant. Once you choose the demo that fits your taste best, install it with a single click and begin modifying it if necessary. The amazing customization functions of Jevelin allow everyone to establish a website that meets their heart’s desires. It is a lot simpler than you think.

Additional goodness of Jevelin contains mega menu, parallax effect, Slider Revolution, social sharing, custom widgets and complete search engine optimization. You also get a lifetime worth of free updates for a website that will always keep up with the trends. Now it’s your turn to take action and materialize your ideas with the adaptable Jevelin.

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Dopi (WordPress)

dopi gallery template

Dopi is dope – that is the shortest introduction to this marvelous web design. It is a multi-functional layout for an assortment of different intentions. With Dopi, you will have a breeze setting up sites for agencies, architects, designers, creative agencies, freelancers, law firms and many more in between. When you pick from the available designs, you can enrich the default setting with the use of Elementor drag and drop page builder. Nowadays, you do not need to have coding and design skills to establish a striking online presence.

You can create custom header and footer, showcase your beautiful imagery, even sell goods online and start a blog. The options and possibilities with Dopi are very many and that is something you will soon find out. Needless to say, the layout of Dopi is responsive, mobile-ready, optimized for SEO and fast loading.

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Sun - Bootstrap gallery template

A super minimalistic look is what you get with the incredible and always impressive Sun. It is a free Bootstrap gallery template that you can utilize for an assortment of different purposes. In short, every creative individual who is looking to push his or her works can benefit from Sun greatly. Since the tool is Bootstrap-based, you know already that it is 100% flexible and mobile-ready. Your Sun website will work on all devices like a dream, from smartphones and up to desktop computers. On top of that, Sun makes sure the experience is intact regardless of the web browsers they use.

Sun has a filterable portfolio section, a framed web design and a few different home variations. It might be simple and clean, yet the professionalism and expertness of Sun are of the highest degree.

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Photography free photography website template

Photography is, of course, a free website template for photographers both amateur and professional. In addition to that, Photography is also versatile and highly adaptive to work with other gallery-style websites. In other words, if you need to create a portfolio for your marvelous design and any other services you offer, Photography is a page canvas that will do you well. With a full-screen slideshow, Photography creates a strong first impression that will help you win over fresh guests, fans and potential clients.

Moreover, Photography opens images in a pop-up, features a working contact form and does not miss a blog section. The latter, you can use to share your story, write about your work and any other news and information you would like to put out. Get known with Photography and shine online.

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photon free template

If you are looking for a way to do things differently on the web and not have the same style of website that the majority runs, you came to the right place. Here is Photon, a free Bootstrap gallery website template with originality and uniqueness written across the entire design. While Photon keeps things relatively simple, it is still an out of this world tool that will quickly place you ahead of the competition. Photon works ideally with photographers but powerful enough to use it for something entirely different.

With a home page that consists of a carousel and nothing else, you will surely spark everyone’s curiosity. The menu opens in a sidebar where they can access to other sections of your page. Photon also comes with a clean and working contact form, social media buttons and services section with pricing.

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louie free template

As a photographer, you definitely need to own an online portfolio where you can share your talent and work with the global audience. Louie is the free gallery website template powered by Bootstrap Framework that you absolutely must check out. With a scheme like this, you can start scaling your photo project and gain new gigs regularly. Even if you are just a hobby photographer, with a website, you can do so much more for yourself.

Louie has sticky sidebar navigation, split-screen slider, social media icons, newsletter subscription and a full blog-section. Indeed, you should consider starting writing a photography blog and take your project to the next level. When they become interested in getting in touch with you, everyone can use the integrated contact form and learn about your location by taking a peek at Google Maps.

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photogallery free bootstrap gallery template

This next free Bootstrap gallery website template is pretty self-explanatory. PhotoGallery is for building nifty and distinctive photo gallery website for photographers and other creative individuals. With a ready-to-use layout, you will need to spend a lot less time working on your site compared to building one from scratch. After all, you have the design ready and set to push the boundaries for you. Besides, you step things up by adjusting and improving it according to your needs and make PhotoGallery your own.

It all happens with the enticing and lovely home page. The first page they visit should create a positive impact on all your visitors, and that is something PhotoGallery succeeds at every time. There is also a full categorized gallery page included in the bundle, as well as blog, contact form, Google Maps and social buttons.

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capture free template

Capture is a creative free gallery website template based on the popular Bootstrap Framework. That said, Capture guarantees a responsive and extendable website that will also seamlessly adapt to retina screens and web browsers. The performance of your page will be of the highest standards no matter what device they use to browse the world wide web. It is crucial that they experience your page without a hitch, what indeed increases your potential.

The trip with Capture starts with a grid gallery that offers you to share with everyone your best works. There is also an extra gallery page where you can also put on display all the other images of completed projects. Write a compelling about, start a blog, link your page to your social accounts and give them access to your talent with a working contact form, Capture is ready for everything.

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Riddle free gallery template

If you are looking for a free Bootstrap gallery template, you should do yourself a favor and check out Riddle. Regardless of what your profession and expertise are if you need to show your work to the world, it is Riddle that will help you do it. With its wide, bold and sophisticated web design, Riddle is here to take care of your web space and get you known. It is a responsive and mobile-ready tool full of amazing features and assets you can take to your advantage.

Straight away, Riddle hits you with a filterable portfolio section which beautifully displays your completed projects and entices visitors. Along with the super smooth index page, Riddle also comes with other internal sections for about, work and contact. Also, there are call-to-action buttons strategically placed across the web design for potential clients to get in touch with you whenever they want. Speaking of getting in touch, Riddle has integrated working contact form.

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Halo Free Template

Halo is a free Bootstrap gallery template with insane flexibility and great extendability. Meaning, whatever end product you will create with Halo, it will smoothly appear on all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops. On top of that, Halo is also cross-browser compatible so your gallery page works seamlessly all the time no matter where they come from. By following all the newest web and tech guidance, you also do not have to worry about stability and solid performance of your page.

With Halo, you can swiftly set up an online portfolio that will showcase your spectacular works and increase your potential. Spark their interest with the full-screen slideshow and get them intrigued to learn more about you and your talents. Lovely hover effects, contact form, blog section and full about page with testimonials is all what you get with the impressive Halo.

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Transcend Free Bootstrap Gallery Template

Go above and beyond with Transcend free Bootstrap gallery template and expand your reach to new territories. Do not be surprised if all of a sudden, your inbox gets flooded with business deals. The remarkable Transcend in combination with your spectacular works can take you exceptionally far. But first, let’s focus on the actual template and how much you can accomplish with it. Transcend is definitely a tool that will amaze you with its cracking look and high performing layout.

Among a vast amount of features, full-screen banner, parallax background and on scroll content load are the ones that pop up. Other goodies are testimonials slider, animated statistics, social media icons, newsletter subscription widget and back to top/scroll down buttons. It is all there, ready and set for you to take full advantage of and reach the level of success you always wanted to see for yourself.

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strategy free template

With the right strategy, you can do a lot of stuff while simultaneously save yourself plenty of time and effort. When it comes to establishing your dream website, you should drop everything and take a peek at the Strategy free Bootstrap gallery template. Whatever creative work you do that you want to push and bring online, it is Strategy that will help you do it in style. The web design of this refined tool is very minimal and simple, yet cutting-edge and advanced.

Strategy brings your works right in front of your visitors, giving them a chance to examine your creations in great detail. You can tell all about your process, how you approach each project and create an in-depth presentation for everyone to observe. Strategy also has a fantastic and full-width call-to-action button at the bottom of the page which takes potential clients straight to the integrated and functional contact form.

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stellar free template

So, you finally decided it is time to step up your game and get your project blooming, but you somehow do not really know how to approach it? No biggie, that’s when we come into play. First thing’s first, you need a website. After all, a solid internet presence is still one of the best marketing tools to push yourself to new heights. Instead of building a page yourself, pick Stellar free Bootstrap gallery template and win big time. Have your website up and running in as short period of time as possible, promoting your work and incredible skill.

Stellar is a site skin both freelancers and agencies can use with ease. It is a simple to employ template, 100% responsive and fully compliant with modern web browsers. All your content will pop up fluently on handheld and desktop devices so no one misses anything. If you are ready, Stellar is ready times ten.

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Bato Free Template

When simplicity meets expertness, you get Bato. This free Bootstrap gallery template is a bundle full of features and assets that will help you appear on the web like a professional. If you are tight on budget, the deadline is just around the corner or you are a newbie developer, choosing Bato is the right thing to do. With the majority of work executed for you in advance, you only need to enrich Bato with your content and details and you are ready to go.

Bear in mind, while you can utilize Bato as is, you can freely improve and enhance the web design, too. Indeed, Bato is fully customizable and easy to use for everyone to get the most out of it. Unique and full-screen slider with pagination, on scroll content loading, subscription form, cleanness, you name it, Bato provides all the needed for you to stand out from the crowd.

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Pemodule is a colorful modern website template made for photographers and studios. Within the boxed width layout design all the web elements and the contents are spread out evenly. This template will be helpful for the freelancers to share their stunning photographs.The sleek animation effects and smart layout design manages to get user attention easily. The gallery section of this template is designed like a grid with an equally spaced square. The developers have used hover effects to show the details about the particular photograph. The cool color gradient adds more lively feel to your rich photographs. Other features you get with this template are a carousel, parallax effects, and neatly designed contact form.

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Creative Agency Free Website Template

Droppler is a full-page album style bootstrap gallery template. The creative and modern design of the template makes Droppler a perfect fit for the agencies as well. Though it is a photography website template by default, an equal amount of importance is provided for the texts as well. In the homepage bold texts are used to describe the project, using the read more link user can see the project in detail. The Droppler uses subtle animation effects for the transitions and for the web elements, which look elegant and professional.

It is a multi-page website template, so you need not worry about adding extra pages to the template. The Droppler also provides you the option to add video to the template easily. To give users a distraction free website experience, hamburger style menu option is used. The Droppler template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Yaseen is an interactive website template for bloggers, photographers and studios. With beautiful image background and cool overlay colors this template helps you to showcase your photographs elegantly. The gallery section is designed like a grid with regular sized rectangles. Below each image spaces are given for you to add contents about the image and also have an option to add a call to action buttons.

Apart from the gallery section you also get animated counters, line icons, and neat fonts. You also get a neatly designed subscription form along with this template. The Yaseen template follows gradients as the color scheme and hamburger style menu option to display the navigation menu.

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GoCrepe is a colorful website template for the image rich websites. With beautiful light color gradient overlay, the background images look pleasant. Since it is a template for the image rich sites, this template can be used for the restaurant websites and the photography websites. This template includes all the necessary features and web elements you need to create a professional website. The use of light stroke line vectors adds richness to the template. With this template, you get visual effects like hover effects, parallax effects, and neat transition effects. The content blocks follow split design, so you get space to show image and texts simultaneously.

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Glint is an agency style modern looking website template for creative professionals. With the full-width design layout, this template gives you plenty of space to display your mesmerizing photographs. The texts on this template are bold and clear so that the user can read and interact with your website easily. To make this template more interactive, animation effects and visual effects are used. The transition effects are simple and clean. The gallery section is designed like a long rectangle, to hold the portrait images well. It is a one-page template, so you can manage your site easily. Since there are no other pages to describe, the homepage is made long enough to accommodate all the important section you normally need in a profession site.

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Po-Portfolio free template

Po-Portfolio is also a creative agency style bootstrap gallery template. In the homepage, you have nothing but gallery section. With this template, you can impress the user with your beautiful images. The hover effects and animation effects are also done so well in this template. By default, this template uses tinted orange color as the color scheme. If your brand has a color, you can tweak this template to your brand color to create more branding on your site.

This is a multi-page website template, out of the box you get a page like about and services pre-designed for you. The only slight drawback of this template is the font size. The font used is neat for reading but if you increase the fonts size it will be easy to read even in small screen devices. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Personal Free Template

Personal is a portfolio website templates for the creative professionals like graphic designers and photographers. It is a simple looking website template, whose soul single purpose is to showcase your work, that is it. There is not even a navigation bar in this template. But the design of the template is clean and professional looking. If you are looking for website template only to showcase your products, this template could help you.

In the header section, you have a big static hero image as a background. With bold texts, you can make a strong self-intro about you. There is also an option to add social media profile links like Facebook, Dribbble, Behance, and Instagram. If you like to customize the template, it won’t be a big issue. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Cocoon free template

Cocoon is a brand focused bold website template for the studios and agencies. It is a one-page website template, so the user doesn’t have to navigate between the pages to find what they want. The template looks classy with bright colors and bold texts. The grid style gallery section with equal space between the square shaped image holders. In the header section, you have a text slider to give an interactive introduction about you and a call to action button. On hovering over the images you get a card which shows the image title, call to action button and number of likes. Other useful sections you get with this template are services, sign up form, about and neatly designed contact form. More info / Download


By default, Yummy is a food blog template. So eventually you get plenty of place for your images and modern image holder with this template. With the full width design and lots of white space this template helps you to present your photographs neatly to the user. It is a multi-page template, so you get ample amount of page templates to add to your site.

In the header, you get image slider, with links to the corresponding posts. The visual effects on this template are done with great care, it manages to get visitors attention as well as includes many user-friendly. The gallery section (in this template archive page) follows a rounded rectangle image holder arranged in a floating style, that shows the number of likes and comments. Apart from the main page section you also have a full-width footer widget to add your Instagram images. Since it is a blog template from the core, you have the option to group your posts based on tags and categories for better content management.

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What’s Your Gallery Style

These are some of the best free Bootstrap gallery templates you can use for your site. To help you get an even better idea about implementing the template gallery option, we have also listed bootstrap website template. The HTML website templates are best to showcase your work, but if you expect more functionality on your site it better to opt for a WordPress theme. If you are new to web world and wondering how to select a theme for your site and how to setup, check out our website setup guide. It is always better to see thousand templates or themes before settling with one, so feel free to check our other WordPress theme collections and website template collections.

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