24 Top Free Hotel Website Templates To Attract Millennials

Online is the first place where the millennial generation seeks for an answer. Owning a website for your hotel’s helps you to reach more potential customers. A survey says half star difference in Yelp rating affects your hotel or restaurant business by 27%.

Owning a website for your hotel is not an option anymore, it is a must factor. These free hotel website templates help you to make modern hotel website. In this list, we have listed both HTML and WordPress free hotel website templates to help you choose the best template for your site.

Divi (WordPress)

If you are serious about your hotel business, you would definitely want to sport a solid online presence. Even if 3rd-party platforms are doing exceptionally well for yourself, still, do yourself a favor and take things to a new level with a website. After all, it is easy to use and you can scale your business to new successes, too. In fact, your page might become so popular, you will skip the 3rd-party platforms and avoid all the fees.

To create a site that will shine online, Divi is a striking solution that will do you well. With the countless collection of predefined contents, you can start your thing immediately. Just import the sample that does the trick and go from there. Divi is also compatible with all devices, browsers, popular plugins and other whatnot. Additionally, you can comfortably customize Divi to follow your branding regulations with the user-friendly page builder.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

Jevelin is a multi-concept web design with tons of options to create the page of your dream. For everyone in the accommodation space, start spreading your services like a champ with a striking online presence. With Jevelin, you can create nearly any page you fancy. Even if it does not suit your taste precisely and you would like to tweak it slightly, you can do that, too, with the use of WPBakery drag and drop page builder. By keeping things simple, avoiding coding entirely, anyone can benefit from the great Jevelin.

Along with the index and internal page demos, Jevelin also contains custom-made shortcodes, mega menu, parallax effect, smooth scrolling and all sorts of extra specialties. It even comes with video tutorials for everyone who is a first-timer. After you see the video, your confidence will build up and a fully functional website will appear in front of you sooner rather than later.

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Colina (WordPress)

colina hotel website template

Colina is a magnificent hotel website template with all the necessary goodies that will get you going in little to no time. Of course, you do not need to be an expert web developer to see success with Colina. Anyone can now bring into being a page for their hotel and any other accommodation business without breaking a single drop of sweat. First and foremost, Colina brings to the table three different, stunning and interest sparking demos and multiple internal page layouts. All is predefined and ready to use for you.

Other treats of Colina include online booking and reservation, hotel icons, King Composer, social media links and widget-rich footer. Utilize the full-screen slider to capture their attention as soon as your page loads and make them hungry for more. Colina also follows all the current web trends to ensure smooth and stable operation of your fresh hotel page.

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Free HTML Hotel Website Templates

HTML website templates help you to make straightforward websites. Since the HTML templates do only the pre-designed job it is designed for, they are faster and act light on the server. These free hotel website templates help you to make trendy websites. The HTML5 website templates and Bootstrap compatible website templates give you modern design layout, and they are also mobile responsible. Following free hotel website templates help you to display your hotel services and foods elegantly.


sogo free template

For accommodation businesses, we bring an extensive collection of stupendous free hotel website templates. Each is unique, original and brings a lot of amazing features and other specialties to the table. Here is Sogo, a Bootstrap Framework website template that gets things going on the web swiftly for you. With a design like this, you will have no trouble sparking interest in those that land on your page. Take them on a little adventure and they will already be booking a room for their next vacation.

Following are some of the features that you get with Sogo: parallax effect, sticky navigation, date pickers, excellent photo slider and categorized food and drinks menu. One thing is for sure, Sogo does not disappoint with the level of expertness it delivers to all of its users.

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theriver free template

Whether you run a boutique hotel or a motel, either way, you need to have a website going on. Sure, you can rely on 3rd-party platforms, but do yourself a favor and take things to a new degree with a dope page. TheRiver is the free hotel website template that will instantly cater to your needs and regulations. If it does not follow your requirements out of the box entirely, you can always perform customization tweaks and make TheRiver match your branding.

Full-screen slider with advanced search function, transparent and sticky navigation, modern look and an assortment of other goodies are at your fingertips. Pick TheRiver as the way how you would like to appear online and start something big. The layout is also responsive and mobile-ready, making sure your website looks stunningly on all devices and web browsers.

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suites free template

To be 100% frank with you, whichever template you pick from this collection, it is a guarantee that the final product will be a superb one. If you decide to stick with Suites, you will undoubtedly appear as professional as possible on the world wide web. This free hotel website template speaks sophisticated from the very top to the very bottom of the design. It kicks things off with a full-screen slideshow with parallax effect. Create a strong first impression and have them hooked on your incredible imagery.

Moreover, push all types of rooms you offer and let them know how much they cost per night. If you have a presentational video, you can use it as well since Suites fully supports any type of media. Another cool feature of Suites is the countdown timer which you can employ for special promos that you plan to run.

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deluxe free template

Hotels and resorts, Deluxe is the free website template that will sort you out with a neat and elegant website. Whit a cutting-edge online presence, you can positively impact all your guests and potential visitors. Besides, make sure they start their trip before they even book a room. By realizing a spectacular page, you can do a whole lot for your business and truly take it to a whole new degree.

Deluxe practices all the latest web trends, like mobile-readiness, search engine optimization, cross-browser compatibility and a marvelous slider. Along with the index page, Deluxe also contains rooms, restaurant, about, blog and contact sections to make your lives a whole lot simpler. What’s more, contact page already has a working contact form and Google Maps. No time to waste, Deluxe is here to please your needs.

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casahotel free template

Offer everyone who visits your website to experience your hotel by checking out different imagery of your location, your rooms and other offerings. Casahotel is the free hotel website template with a touch of elegance and opulence. It features a full-screen banner with a parallax effect that will encourage everyone to start scrolling and investigating your hotel, resort or other vacation retreats further. They will have a blast that is for sure.

Some of the features of Casahotel are menu overlay, rooms availability function with date pickers, on scroll content load and a fabulous gallery. Casahotel also includes a fully functional reservation form that is an absolute must of every modern hotel website. Include a testimonial slider and build trust in all your soon-to-be guests. Take the right approach to web design with Casahotel.

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islagrande free template

More elegance coming your way in the form of Islagrande. It is a mobile-ready and Bootstrap Framework based free hotel website template that will elevate your online presence and increase your potential. In case your hotel, motel, lodge, inn or guesthouse is missing a page, it is an absolute must that you create it – like, now. You do not know yet how much money you are leaving on the table without a website. Take things into your hands and make a massive difference for your business.

Islagrande rocks all and everything a standard hotel website requires to operate successfully. Along with showcasing your impressive rooms, Islagrande also offers you to push the boundaries with a restaurant section and other amenities. It is the right tool that you should consider to bring into being a website that will get you going strong.

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major free template

If you would like to express your luxury and comfort, Major is the right free hotel website template for you. It is a sophisticated, responsive, flexible and extendable site canvas that suits your expectations without trouble. And if you would like to tweak it, you can do that, too! Major is organized, easy to use and customizable, making sure it plays by your rules. Indeed, you might just want to add your content and details and leave all the rest as is as well and win the online game like a pro from the start.

The features are there, from an advanced search option and parallax effect to sticky navigation, gallery slider, newsletter subscription and a contact form. Go ahead, download the scheme and bring your luxury hotel to the next level.

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radisson free template

If you have come so far, you definitely need to get your page up and running as quickly as possible. With a ready-to-use free hotel website template, you transition your idea to reality sooner rather than later. Radisson is here to make things happen for you in a unique, original and tidy way. The web design of Radisson has an immaculate and minimal touch to it, ensuring that all your content is put right in front of your potential guests. They can take an in-depth look at your rooms and even read more about your special events and other happenings. Indeed, Radisson also includes a blog section which you can strategically utilize for content marketing.

Like that would not be enough, Radisson indeed ensures 100% mobile-readiness and search engine optimization. There are a newsletter subscription widget, Instagram feed and contact form included in the kit as well.

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The Palatin

thepalatin free template

The Palatin is a free hotel website template with a fluid layout thanks to its Bootstrap Framework foundation. Meaning, with The Palatin, your outcome will be flexible and cross-browser compatible, working on all devices and web browsers like a dream. The Palatin also features sticky navigation, mega menu, multiple internal pages and an awe-inspiring home. The full-width slider with zoom-in and zoom-out effect creates a solid first impression that will be the first step to winning your visitors over.

Share outstanding images, showcase your exact location with Google Maps and offer them to get in touch with you via the integrated contact form. Once you start to study The Palatin’s live preview page, you will immediately understand its power. But do take the extra step, edit and adjust it and make it complement your branding.

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samira free template

No doubt, your website will look modern and trendy if you settle to use Samira free hotel website template. It is a tool that provides a speedy solution to complete building your must-have online presence for your hotel or resort. In fact, it does not really matter what accommodation business you run, Samira adapts to it without hassle. You can also make improvements and adjust it to your likings. Samira is user-friendly, making sure you get the most out of it even if you are a beginner.

Slider, on scroll content load, gallery, newsletter, animated statistic and news section are some of the goodies Samira treats you to. Just like all the other templates you find on this list, Samira is also mobile-ready, in tune with web browsers, supports retina screens and ensures killer performance.

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Luxuryhotel Free Template

Luxury Hotel is a full featured hotel website template. If you are searching template for a hotel that offers room, then you should try this template. Since this template is a resort style website template, you get options for food, rooms, and services by default.

Below the header image itself, you get an advanced search bar. In the search bar, the user can select the type of room, date and can check the availability. You also get price card style layout to show, room rates. You can show the room ratings, price and a button for booking.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework. You can also display your food images elegantly on this template. In the service section, neat icons are used to depict the services.

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cozy free template

For nearly any accommodation business, hotels especially, here is Cozy. It is a banging, up-to-the-minute and highly optimized free hotel website template with a vast array of assets. Not only do you need to spend zero money on it, but Cozy also make sure you save yourself plenty of time and effort. From a modern web design to all the necessary material you require to bring into being a superb web space for your place, start attracting new potential customers and have your rooms booked 365 days.

Massive slider, availability and booking forms, full-width Instagram feed and widget-rich footer section are a few of the specialties of Cozy. Of course, the tool is also entirely mobile and retina-ready, as well as in tune with all the major web browsers. No need to worry about your site’s performance, it is always going to be of the highest standards.

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Bright Hotel

brighthotel free template

Bright Hotel is a free hotel website template that almost guarantees you to win over loads more customers, thanks to its eye-catching web design. What’s special about the tool is its minimalistic and immaculate look. Instead of using fancy stuff, Bright Hotel does things uniquely and straightforwardly. And this is always the winning formula if you do not know precisely what you want on your website.

However, there are still plenty of goodies you gain access to once you download Bright Hotel. Full-screen slider with parallax effect, reviews, call-to-action buttons, sticky navigation and even a blog section, it is all there in the Bright Hotel package. Achieving great results and a thriving hotel is something not very impossible once you have a solid online foundation up and running 24/7. Do improve Bright Hotel template if necessary and have the exact web space live in a breeze.

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royal free template

It does not necessarily need to be a luxury resort or boutique hotel to use Royal free hotel website template. While it is best suited for the mentioned, Royal instantly adapts to other needs and regulations. In addition, you can also modify and adjust the page canvas however you see it fitting your business best. No need to keep limiting yourself to the exact out of the box look when Royal is powerful enough to face all sorts of different projects and challenges.

As for the features, it is no secret that Royal has very many. Once you start further investigating Royal’s live preview page, you will notice the premium feel it has to it. Even if it is free, the tool is still a cutting-edge solution to set yourself up with a banging internet presence quickly. Have your entire accommodation business automated and grow to the next level. With the right site, you are about to bring into being, you can attain those goals comfortably.

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Luxehotel free template

If you run a hotel or even a chain of hotels, give your business extra shine online with Luxehotel free hotel website template. It provides a great assortment of features which will help you attract new visitors with ease. The web design of Luxehotel is super clean and appealing to the eye, the layout mobile ready and compatible with all modern web browsers. The tool comes with a search option that includes check-in and check-out date pickers, as well as the number of adults and children.

Luxehotel also has a food and drinks menu, supports videos and allows you to start writing a blog. Speaking of which, once you check the live preview of the blog section, you would want to use it as its own page. By all means, go ahead and make Luxehotel a standalone blog if you find it fit. Other than that, you can also offer a tempting bargain to everyone who subscribes to your newsletter which, as well, is part of the Luxehotel package.

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You can use Tour for all sorts of business pages related to the travel industry. While it is a template for travel agencies by default, you can narrow down its features and tailor it to hotels only website, too. All free hotel website templates provided by us are simple to use and effortless to edit and maintain. The same applies to Tour. That said, feel free to use it for your hotel if you enjoy the layout.

On scroll content load, catchy hover effects, blog, back to top button and testimonials to build customer loyalty, Tour takes care of it all. Feature your most popular travel destinations, hotels you recommend and start capturing visitors emails upon your website’s launch. Tour also has many inner pages, parallax effect and a hotel finder. Organize your hotel business and sort out all your bookings online and avoid using sticky notes and other old-school stuff.

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If it is luxury resorts, spas, hotels and villas what you specialize in, refresh your website with Villa. You can even have this straightforward and professional template as an inspiration and come out with a cutting-edge masterpiece. Everyone that ever visits your website will not have a chance to hold back and book your rooms right away. Villa makes the experience browsing your hotel rooms and other services you offer an unforgettable one.

Customize Villa per your needs and make it suit your business requirements to the last detail. Although a free item, you can still do quite a lot with Villa and construct the website for your boutique hotel you always wanted to own. A page is one of the first steps to market your project and push it to the new levels. Go ahead and see what is possible with Villa, it is free after all.

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Travelix free template

Travelix is an amazing free travel website template, but with a few simple tweaks, you can use it for your hotel and other related projects, too. The web design is crisp, responsive and optimized for fast loading speed and search engines. Get ranked high and drive in even more organic traffic that may turn into trustworthy and loyal customers. Advertise special deals with the full-screen slider, offer convenient navigation with the transparent menu and implement a simple to use hotel search feature.

See Travelix’s full potential by visiting its live preview page and be amazed by the beauty and comfort. Offer listings, news page, active contact form with Google Maps and compelling about page, Travelix gives you a chance to strike the hotel industry with a bang. Do not forget to connect your website to your social media accounts and show the world how sociable you are.

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No matter if you are a hotel owner or a travel agency, Platina is ready for both. Out of the box, Platina is a free travel agency website template, but you know all our templates are easy to modify and highly adaptable. That said, you will not have any issues altering it to your demands and spark the interest of an entirely new clientele.

Nowadays, everyone is using their desktop computers, heck, their mobile phones, to book their next vacations, that’s why your online presence needs to be completely flexible. With Platina, you do not have to worry about responsiveness and device and browser compatibility. It is all carefully packed into the design, ready for you to take it to your advantage. Let visitors start enjoying the forthcoming stay over at your place early, starting with your website.

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Pato is a fresh, modern hotel website template. It is a feature packed website template.You get all the necessary web elements, features and segments you need in a hotel website. You can install the theme and use it right away.

This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework. It is a well coded and perfectly optimized website template. In this template, you get parallax scrolling, sticky menu bar, carousel and a reservation form.

It is a multi-page website template. The homepage of the website is designed intuitively so that the user can know all the features in your hotel easily. The content blocks effectively handle both images and texts well.

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Free Hotel Website Templates For WordPress

WordPress website templates are always easy to maintain and update than the HTML template. The premium food website theme gives you the option to reserve table and manages visitors. When you integrate WooCommerce to the site, you also sell foods easily on your site.

It doesn’t mean that you always should buy the best premium WordPress theme to make a website. There are some best free WordPress themes, which gives you premium template look and finish. You can use plugins to integrate the features you want. Following are the best free hotel website templates for WordPress.



Travelify is a boxed width style WordPress multipurpose website template. This template is primarily designed for the travel bloggers. But with the neat design layout and useful web elements, Travelify can also be used as hotel website template.

In the header section, you have big image slider with content blocks for holding the title. You can use this slider to describe your hotel and services. This template gives you multiple layout options to choose from. Out of the box, it is translation ready and mobile optimized. This is a WooCommerce supported WordPress theme so that you can sell your services from your site effectively.

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The Choice is Yours

These are the best free hotel website templates you can use for your hotel website. Since it is a free website template, some of the templates give you more options and some give you only limited features. Select the template that fits your needs. If you need any help in selecting the best theme for your site, share your thoughts below in the comment section, and we will help you select one of the best hotel website templates. To get a better idea about the templates, feel free to check our other posts.

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