25 Best Paper Mockups for Your Next Project

Choosing a mockup for showcasing any creative design is a wise decision to take. It is useful for representing the structure of information, visualizing the content and demonstrating the fundamental functionalities in a static way. With a well-designed mockup, you can provide a realistic impression of how your product would look. Isn’t it simply amazing!

Today, in this post, we have compiled 20 best paper mockups that help you display your brand promotion, logo design and their artwork in the easiest yet impressive way.

So, without further ado, let’s start the discussion.

Letterhead Mockup Featuring an Unrolled Sheet of Paper

letterhead mockup featuring an unrolled sheet of paper

If you are setting up a presentation for a paper design that you are currently working on, we have a ton of mockup templates available for you to benefit from. Thanks to the Placeit platform, you can speedily set up a professional and sophisticated solution that will help you demonstrate your idea realistically. Use the end product to send it out to your client, on social media, in emails, you name it, the options are unlimited. When it comes to editing this paper mockup, you can change the color of the background, the color of the paper and import your image. In addition to that, you can also add a text overlay if necessary.

Mockup of a Paper on a Plain Color Surface

mockup of a paper on a plain color surface

A clean and minimal solution for your paper sheet presentation, particularly letterhead size. With super swift customization process, you can now have a full-blown presentation all set up in little to no time. In case your designer sent you the design, you can still make good use of the mockup as it requires very little work. On the other hand, as a designer, you can employ the template to gain inspiration, as well as for a quick and life-like presentation of your work. Without the need to sweat, you can now get things going forward in a snap of a finger. You can also come up with multiple solutions, which you can later compare against each other and pick the winner.

Mockup of a Cropped Paper with a Binder Clip

mockup of a cropped paper with a binder clip

A wonderful paper mockup with an editable background and paper color. With the upload function, you import your design, which you can beautifully present in a close-up look. The paper also comes with a binder clip which creates for a nice detail. You do not have to be a pro to be able to use this mockup template. Also, you can perform all the work in-browser without the need to use photo editing software. Simple and quick inclusion of your work and voila you are done doing the work. Look no further and make the most out of it now.

Minimal Mockup of Two Paper Sheets Over a Two-Color Background

minimal mockup of two paper sheets over a two color background

To spice things up even further, this impressive paper mockup will undoubtedly capture everyone’s attention. It is a tool very easy to use, perfect for displaying your works of art. Since there are two sheets of paper, you can, of course, introduce two different designs. Moreover, the template also comes with a two-color background to make a more vibrant atmosphere. You can individually change the color of each background, as well as each paper sheet. On top of that, you can always append a text overlay, too. You can now make a photo-realistic end product swiftly, without the need to leave the browser. Placeit is a fantastic solution that unlocks a whole new horizon of possibilities.

Mockup of a Hanging Paper Sheet

mockup of a hanging paper sheet

Whether you would like to showcase a branded sheet of paper, an image, an artwork, you name it, take this paper mockup to your advantage and make a difference. It is a cool mockup of a hanging sheet of paper that calls for an interesting and life-like presentation of your creative. Whenever you work with Placeit, the whole process happens in a small breeze. Let’s face it, you just upload your image or design, change the color of the paper and the background and that’s it. In as little time and effort, you can come up with a striking presentation that will make an instant difference.

Wrinkle – Fold Paper Mockup

This is a fold paper mockup, displaying natural wrinkles and a photorealistic appearance. It is an ideal option for those who want to design stationery with a simple yet authentic vibe. With the help of the smart layers, you can easily replace the current design with your own artwork. Also, you can increase or decrease the size, change color, modify background and more. The photo-based textures included in this set make it perfect for bringing natural and personalized ambiance to your portfolio, social media posts and online store. You can find a PSD file in this set that includes 30 wrinkle types and 5 paper options. You can customize each of the texture in countless ways. For more guidance, go through the help file, comes in PDF format with this mockup set.

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Shadow Brand – Paper Mockups

Do you want to showcase your brand identity in a unique way through stationery? Then use this set of paper mockups that includes various items like flyers, postcards, rack card, and business cards. The 25 light shadow options, 12 paper products, 11 background options, and various design elements make these mockups simply hard to ignore. With the help of well-organized smart layers, you can modify any element you want. You can swap the design and get your own personalized presentation that can never fail to impress your clients.

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Gift Wrapping Paper Mockup Set

When you use custom made wrapping paper for sending gifts, scrapbooking, crafting, and using in posters and wall art, it looks simply beautiful. Also, it adds a personalized touch and makes your craft special. To design a personalized wrapping paper easily, use this gift wrapping paper mockup set. This Photoshop-compatible mockup set includes 11 PSD files, giving 10 different views of colorful wrapping papers. You can change the color and design as per your choice. furthermore, you get various background options, such as wood, stone, marble, custom color, neutral and white. Get this useful mockup set today. Use it for designing wrapping paper on your own, preview your design on the template, and impress your clients and customers easily.

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Fold – 6 Wrinkle Paper Mockup

This is another paper mockup, named Fold. It has a natural wrinkle texture. You can use it for creating a photorealistic stationery design presentation with simplicity and elegance. Use its organized smart layers and swap out your own designs with just a few clicks. You can also change the color and size of the paper, modify background and more. The versatile paper mockup includes layered PSD file, 6 wrinkle types, and 3 paper options. Therefore, you can easily arrange, combine and customize everything just the way you want. Its high resolution and realistic effects help you have a flawless presentation as the final result.

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A4 Paper Mockups

A simple, modern and well-organized paper mockup is available here with keen attention to detail. It offers you the chance to edit and adjust an A4 paper as per your needs and preference. It includes 4 high-resolution PSD files, each having smart layers to help you customize easily. If you already have a creative design idea in your mind, place on the template and get the desired result. Also, you can play with different design and color options and see what sparks your interest the most. After all, by using a mockup, you can avoid the wastage of paper at the time of trying different options before making the final decision.

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Isometric A4 Paper Mockup

This is an excellent paper mockup that displays isometric A4 paper from different angles. The entire template is editable and ready to showcase your beautiful designs. Other than modifying the paper designs, you can change the background as well. In other words, with this mockup, you can create a realistic presentation of your paper stationery design and promote your brand. If you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, you can get this mockup and simply go ahead with customizing. Within just a few moments you can create a fantastic presentation on your own.

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Wrapping Paper Mockup

Whenever there is a birthday or retirement of an employee or any special holiday, there should be gifts from your company. And because of the nature of these occasions, you should make your employees, associates or clients feel extra special through gifts. Therefore, use customized wrapping paper to give gifts. And designing a customized wrapping paper can become an easy task if you opt for a mockup to do that. Here presents a wrapping paper mockup that can help you. It includes high-resolution and easy-to-edit PSD file. You can see in the image that it displays a colorful design of wrapping paper. You can stick to this design and place your business name and logo. Also, you can change the entire thing and create a whole new wrapping paper. The mockup helps you have a preview of your final product.

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Handmade Paper Mockup Set

Are you looking for a paper mockup that can help you stand ahead of your competitors with your design? Then use this handmade paper mockup set. It includes 16 deckle-edge paper mockup templates, each is displaying elegantly hand-crafted design vibes. Its beautiful texture, watercolor canvas, and pastel paper design can help you have a stunning presentation of your work. From fonts to lettering, doodles to illustration – everything in this is hand-crafted. With smart objects, you can make the customization in the templates easily. Use this mockup set to showcase lettering, typography composition, illustration, etc. with utmost creativity.

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Creased Paper Mockup

This creased paper is a set of 9 high-resolution files, each giving perspective for presenting A3, A4 or any similar format design. The modeled and rendered perspectives are available with proper dimensions and excellent light setup. You can easily customize the whole thing as all the elements, such as shadows, objects, textures, and ambient lights, are separated. For more information or guidance, you can go through the detailed PDF instruction manual that comes with this mockup set.

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Street Art – Paper Poster Mockups

Do you have any creative design ideas for posters? Are you thinking about promoting your work and brand through customized posters? If the answer to both these questions is yes, here is a paper poster mockup with which you can get a radiant photo of your poster, advertisement or any other design printed. This is an easy-to-edit mockup set. It includes 2 poster formats (A4 and US), 16 crumpled paper textures, 3 organized paper styles, and 13 wall backgrounds. You can choose from this wide variety and create your own presentation of poster design.

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Wrapping Paper Mockup Set

A customized wrapping paper looks unique and beautiful. It adds a personal touch to the gifts. Also, if you use it for commercial purposes, you can promote your brand effectively. Designing a customized wrapping paper is now easier than ever with the help of this wrapping paper mockup set. In includes easy-to-edit Photoshop-compatible PSD files with 8 different views. You can change the color of the paper, remove objects and modify background as per your choice. Well-organized smart layers in the PSD files make the editing process quick and hassle-free.

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Gift Wrapping Paper Mockup Set

Another pretty and colorful gift wrapping paper template is available here. It includes layered and editable PSD files. You can use it to showcase your custom designs. In the 10 PSD files, you get 10 different views of a wrapping paper. The high resolution and the photorealistic appearance help you have an excellent quality presentation with realistic effects. You can easily change the color and design with the help of smart layers. You will find various editing options. Use this mockup for both personal and commercial purposes. Get indulged in craft presentations that can impress others.

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Floral Wrapping Paper Mockup Set

Your brand name evokes a lot of things about you. Simply beyond a memorable logo, a brand name can bring name, fame, and prosperity to your business. Personal labeling is one of the most common ways to promote a brand or a company name in the marketplace. If you are a manufacturer or a supplier of wrapping tissue papers, inserting personal label on those papers can help you promote your business. Here is a wrapping paper mockup set that can help you design such a personalized wrapping tissue paper easily. It includes 7 PSD files with 7 different angles of floral-designed wrapping tissue paper. Get this mockup set now and enjoy customizing.

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Paper Mockup

This is a paper mockup, displaying simple designs. It is commonly preferable for presentations of textures, patterns, and logos. With the help of its smart layers, you can change the paper color, edit the paper design, modify the background color, adjust the shadows and reflections to get your desired presentation. The files you can find in this mockup set are available both in JPG and PSD format. If you have any creative design idea in your mind that you think will look good on paper and help you promote yourself, then use this mockup to have a preview of your work.

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Paper Mockups Bundle

Instead of offering you a simple and plain paper mockup, we have combined a bunch of paper related items together in a bundle to meet your varied needs. This paper mockups bundle comprises of 26 PSD files with customizable flyers, posters, cards, books and office documents. You can find here 4 different paper textures, all are equally useful and beautiful. You can easily customize the paper texture, design, and background. Within just a few clicks you can make a presentation look just the way you have ever imagined. For any guidance, you can go through the help file that comes with this bundle and includes video tutorials.

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A4 Paper Mockup

If you have creative design ideas for A4 paper, this professionally crafted A4 paper mockup can be useful for you. With this mockup, you can test and try your design easily. This high-resolution mockup is driven from the need to display sketches and illustrations into presentations and publications in a simple yet stylish way. Just drag and drop your design and it will appear on the A4 paper immediately. When you have your designs, it will need very less time to edit the mockup and get your presentation ready. Other than simple designs, you can test and try various typography and more.

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Stack of Paper Mockup

This is a high-quality fully customizable Photoshop-compatible mockup, displaying a stack of simple papers. This mockup is perfect to use for having the preview of any element that you want to print on a single sheet of paper, such as posters, letterheads, flyers, etc. Other than editing the paper, you can also change the background color and adjust the effects as per your need and taste. Get this useful mockup today and enjoy customizing!

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A4 Vertical Paper Mockup

This is an excellent mockup that displays a bunch of A4 white paper sheets in a vertical layout. You can use it to showcase your sketches or letterheads. Also, it is perfectly suitable for your upcoming editorial projects. The bundle includes 3 PSD files, each having smart object features and well-organized layers. You can easily customize the mockup template layer by layer. Within just a few clicks you can get the desired presentation that can never fail to impress your clients and target audience.

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Wrapping Paper Rack Mockup

Now you can design beautiful wrapping papers and include your logo or business name to add a personalized touch and promote yourself. This wrapping paper rack mockup displays a rack full of wonderful looking wrapping papers. You get 6 designs of wrapping paper on a waterfall-style wall rack. It is very simple to use. Just fill artwork layers using pattern swatches, or alternatively clip artwork into the layers. There is a detailed instruction file comes with this mockup, offering you tips to edit, ways to scale pattern designs in illustrator and more.

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A4 Swirl Paper Mockup

Do you have design ideas and want to print those designs on an A4 paper? Then this mockup can help you. So what does make this A4 mockup unique? Actually, it has a perfect swirl design of the paper displayed here that makes it unique. The mockup is available in PSD format. You can easily edit the template via neatly organized layers. Whether you are working on your own projects or for clients, make things appear attractive on a banner, flyer, poster, brochure or other print elements with this mockup.

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In a nutshell, 

The above-discussed mockups are extremely useful in presenting your designs and branding in a photo-realistic way. Impressing your clients becomes simply cakewalk when you choose the right mockup that can suit your project needs perfectly. So, have you found any mockup here useful? Feel free to share your views.

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