25 Easy-to-edit Computer Mockups & Photos

In today’s world, the usage and benefits of computers are myriad. And to meet people’s growing demand, the models of computers are also upgrading. Other than their usefulness, computers have grabbed a good position in the consumer market for their appearances as well. In today’s post, we have listed 20 easy-to-edit computer mockups with stylish designs. These mockups are very useful for designers because with these they can showcase their designs in the best possible way. Also, companies can find these computer mockups useful for presenting their products and business websites on trendy computers. Be it a web developer or an app developer, everybody can use these mockups for their presentations. So, go through this post till the end and find the one that can meet your needs perfectly.

Now without further ado, let’s start the discussion.

Front Shot of an iMac Mockup

front shot of an imac mockup

This awesome computer mockup features a front shot of an iMac. With the professionalism and sophistication of this magnificent and powerful device, you can create a top-notch presentation. Whether you are creating a website design, you craft wallpapers or would like to showcase the flexibility of your online store, do it quickly with the use of a mockup. You can now get things moving forward in a snap of a finger due to the simplicity and quick editing process. Thanks to Placeit, you do all the work in-browsers, from adding your iMac screenshot to editing the background color. You can also crop and reposition the image if needed.

Render Mockup Featuring a PC

render mockup featuring a pc

From an iMac to a PC, here is another computer mockup that waits for your attention. If you would like to see how your web design appears on the screen of a PC, this is the ideal template to choose. You can test things out right away since you only need to upload your image and you can be done already. Have in mind, you can also copy and paste the image URL. Moreover, this mockup offers you to change colors both of the background and the bottom surface. Make it vibrant and energetic or keep things professional and minimal, whatever works best for you. Have in mind, it takes you little time to test all sorts of different combinations before you find the one that sparks your interest the most.

iMac Mockup on a Small Glass Desk

imac mockup on a small glass desk

This computer mockup gives a very industrial feel to it, yet you can employ it for an assortment of different wants and needs. It features an iMac on a glass desk in front of a cement wall. Along with attaching your iMac screenshot or any other image, you can also create a text overlay. For your information, you do all the work in-browser, thanks to the newbie-friendly Placeit. If you would like your design to fit the mockup seamlessly, make sure it is of 1920 x 1080 px dimension. Now get involved and try all bunch of different variations which will give you a better understanding of how the final design would look in reality.

Desktop PC Mockup Template

desktop pc mockup template

For everyone who would like to spice up the experience, here is an amazing computer mockup in the office, featuring two female coworkers. Both are attentively checking the screen, which can easily feature your design. Upload your image or copy and paste the URL, whichever option you choose, Placeit makes sure to display it instantly. After you upload the image, you can also crop and reposition it according to your preference. But if you follow the 1920 x 1080 px dimension to a T, all will work out smoothly as soon as you upload it. No need to be tech-savvy, as everyone can use Placeit like a pro from the get-go.

Vintage Apple Lisa Computer Mockup

vintage apple lisa computer mockup

If you would like to take it back in time, here is a computer mockup of Apple’s Lisa. Keep things fun and exciting without the need to break a single drop of sweat. All you need to do is to pick the image you would like to display on Lisa, upload it and you are good to go. Bear in mind, the working area of the screen is 720 x 540 px. In short, if you would like to go entirely against the norm, you now know how to make things happen to stand out from the masses. Just use an Apple Lisa mockup, append your design to it and you have the outcome all sorted out and ready for the audience.

Desktop Mockup

This modern desktop mockup is ideal for all types of uses from showcasing your work to clients to designing website headers and much more. The mockup consists of 5 files, each is available in PSD format with smart objects to make it hassle-free for you to edit as per your need and choice. The entire layout of the mockup has organized layers. Therefore you can easily rearrange them according to your preference and design an impressive mockup scene. All the useful features of this mockup have made it valuable for graphic designers. 

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Computer on Stage Mockup

This amazing computer mockup is the perfect option to showcase your website design presentation with realistic effects. It includes 13 high-resolution PSD files, each having smart objects to help you customize easily. As the mockup has the screen replacement feature and well-organized layers, you can replace the design with your own work and create a presentation of your own.

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Feminine Computer Mockup 01

If you are looking for a computer mockup that has an elegant appearance and feminine touch to its look, your search ends here. This is a computer mockup, featuring mint, pink, and blue office themed styling and a photorealistic appearance. You can find one JPG horizontal image and one PSD file, both having high resolution, in this mockup set. The PSD file has well-organized smart object layers that make the editing process quick and hassle-free. With this mockup, you can promote your product, sell your product in a retail listing and post on social media platforms. Moreover, you can use this as a banner in an online marketplace or on your website. It is guaranteed that the final result will be impressive and mind-blowing.

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Computer & iPhone Mockup Bundle

This is actually a computer with an iPhone mockup set. But the appearance you can find here clearly says that the mockup has a complete office set appearance. A stylish office with elegant furniture and accessories, a terrarium, and a fur throw – you will find everything you love to have in a personal office space. It includes PSD files that are easily editable. You can place your design into the computer (which is actually a Macbook Pro), the iMac and the iPhone. This mockup set is useful for website portfolio projects. You can showcase your responsive website design on three types of devices easily. If you find any problem editing, just check the labeled layers of the high-resolution PSD files and pop in your designs in a breeze.

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Styled Computer Mockup

This is a computer mockup, displaying a trendy and contemporary computer design, placed on a table surrounded by beautiful flowers. The whole appearance is in blush, pink and white colors combination. Therefore its appearance adds a supremely elegant touch to it. You can use this mockup for website, social media and digital marketing. Be a graphic artist, blogger, marketer, ecommerce business owner or creative entrepreneur, everyone can find this mockup extremely useful to meet their individual requirements. The ultimate goal is to get online exposure through own design, and that can surely be achievable with the help of this mockup. So, what are you waiting for? Get this mockup, place creative designs, add filters and showcase your presentation to impress the world.

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Feminine Computer Mockup 12

Another computer mockup with an elegant and feminine appearance is available here. You can see here in the image how the combination of pink and gold color has added grace in the look. The mockup includes a JPG horizontal image and a PSD file, both having high resolution. You can easily edit the PSD file and replace the current design with your creative artwork that conveys your brand image. Get this mockup today and use it for showcasing blog or website designs, online promotion and social media marketing. 

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Computer Mockups Stock Photo Bundle

A stock of computer mockup photos is available here in high resolution. All the fourteen images are portrait-oriented and show contemporary designs of laptop and desktop that you will just love. With these images, you can present your design in various angles with different views. Instantly use as they are or place your text, CTA, print design, screenshot, website, card, stationery, promotional features, headline or product shot. This mockups photo bundle is perfect for social media, blogs, online stores, and businesses. 

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SALE – Computer Mockup Smart Photo

This is a fully editable computer mockup, displaying modern laptop design. It has a minimalist appearance. You can easily edit the PSD template with the help of its smart layers. Replace the screen image and rearrange other elements as per your taste and preference. Within just a few moments, your final presentation can be ready. With your presentation, you will surely meet your clients’ needs and satisfaction.

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Mint & Pink Computer Mockup Stock

This is a professionally designed computer mockup photo that is essential for businesses. You can see here how beautifully the photo conveys a sense of professionalism and elegance together. Therefore with the help of this, you can create a great impression for your brand. You can use this image for your blog, header, banner, logo presentation, social media promotion, website design showcase and more. You can crop the image or overlay elements onto the image as per your choice. However, you cannot edit it in any other way, such as changing the colors of the objects. This is a beautiful and useful mockup image that you can choose for showcasing an impressive presentation of your design work.

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Styled Stock + Computer Mockup

This professionally crafted computer mockup stands ahead of other basic computer mockups for its graceful, tender and photorealistic appearance. Other than the iMac, this mockup displays many other objects that help you create a presentation of full office setup. In this set, you get five high-resolution JPEG photos and a PSD file. You can easily stylize it with your creativity. So get this mockup now. Wow your clients and customers with the designs that can convey your style and creativity.

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Styled Desktop Mockup

This is a stylish desktop mockup, having a photorealistic appearance in pink and white combination along with desk accessories. You can get this stock photo and use in website, social media and digital marketing. Whether you are a graphic designer, a blogger, a marketer, an online store owner or a creative entrepreneur, this mockup photo is the ideal choice for you. Use it as it is to get an elegant presentation. Also, you can crop and use it as a pinnable blog post header, and social media image, announcement banner, stationery design presentation, ebook cover and more. Play with your creativity and reap the maximum benefits.

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Vintage Computer Display Mockup

The vintage design evokes the feeling of nostalgia. It elicits a sense of history, stability, trustworthiness, and value. Now you can present your website design in a unique way with a touch of vintage style. This vintage computer display mockup helps you do that perfectly. The mockup includes a PSD file, having high resolution and available with perfectly isolated shadows, objects, and reflections. You can easily customize the design with the help of smart objects. And the best thing is it comes with a help file that guides you throughout the designing process.

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Vintage Computer Mockup

This is another excellent vintage computer mockup, created for professional usage. This high-resolution mockup is the perfect choice for those who want to showcase their web design, landing page design, and app design with realistic effects. No matter whether you are a professional, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, you can rely on this mockup to showcase your designs. It is easily editable. Just change the screen image in any angle included with a single click, choose any color you want, and create a flawless presentation that can never fail to impress your clients. 

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Desktop Computer Mockup Styled Stock

This is another expertly designed computer mockup photo that displays a computer along with other accessories. It provides a complete desk look that usually any working person has. Its photorealistic appearance makes it the perfect option to pick. You can use it for designing blog images, creating headers & banners, presenting logo designs, promoting something in social platforms and designing websites. If you find this useful for your next project, get this now and start customizing it.

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Desk Computer Mockup

Do you want to see your designs in a realistic way? Then choose a mockup that can cater to your needs and help you improve your creativity. Here is a desk computer mockup, considered as an awesome tool for branding designs, websites, UI designs and other projects you would like to see on a desktop computer screen. You get the chance to display your design in the most effective way with an excellent presentation, great creativity, and usability to transform your regular work to something amazing. Its advanced functionality and smart object feature make this a perfect option to depend on. Simply place your design into the smart object and you will get 3D high impact product shoot.

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Styled Stock Photo Computer Desktop

This is a computer mockup photo, having a beautiful appearance and high resolution. You can personalize them as per your requirements. You can use this in a variety of ways and multiple posts. Create a presentation in such a way that can reflect your personal style. Add a filter or convert them into something amazing. It is available for instant download. So, without wasting much time, get this stock photo now. Let your creativity stand ahead from the crowd by organized, professional and flawless designs.

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Black & White Styled Desktop Mockup

If you are searching for a desktop mockup, then this black and white styled desktop mockup can fit your need perfectly. It displays a simple desktop design placed on a desk, surrounded by other objects. The whole appearance of the photo conveys the look of personal office space. You can easily download it and use it for website design. Also, you can use the image in social media to leave a strong impact. It enables you to insert your designs without any hassle. Therefore, grab the chance to make a flawless presentation of your design work. Get the file and enjoy customizing!

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Vintage Computer Mockups

A premium quality vintage computer mockup is available here. It allows you to display your designs into a digital photorealistic showcase. It includes 8 JPG files with a white and gray background, 8 PNG files without background and 8 PSD files. The mockup is easily editable with smart objects. You can change the color of some elements with just a click. Perfectly isolated shadows, objects, and background in this mockup help you customize everything easily. In other words, you can get an awesome result by editing this and that too in a hassle-free way. Above all, it comes with a help file that guides you throughout the process. 

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Purple Desktop Computer Stock Mockup 

Having an organized and minimalist workstation can make anyone feel energized to work. It helps in boosting productivity. In addition, it brings a positive effect on business. Here is a desktop computer stock mockup that displays a computer placed on a tidy and organized desk. With the help of this, you can display your graphic design flawlessly. You can showcase any website design on the computer along with the desk design. The whole appearance of the image helps you have a complete presentation that can never fail to impress your clients and customers.

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Pink-Gold-Themed Desktop Computer Mockup Stock

Another professionally designed desktop computer mockup styled photo is available here. It is simply hard to ignore. It displays a black and white computer screen along with a keyboard and some other objects placed on a table. Furthermore, the whole appearance of the layout is photorealistic, simple and organized. Customizing it is very easy. You can crop the image or overlay items on to the image. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t you think this can be really useful for your upcoming graphic design project! If you do, then get this now. Use it for creating a presentation of blog image, website design, banner and header design, logo design, social media and more.

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In conclusion,

It is clear that all the above-discussed mockups and images are useful for showcasing your creative designs to clients and in your portfolio. You can make your presentation engaging and impress your audience. However, finding the right mockup that can enhance your designs with adequate styling is important. You can go ahead with any of these mockups that can fit your requirement and choice. You will certainly get a fantastic final result that will help you win over your clients and customers.

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