26 Best Free Website Builder And Hosting 2019

To have a free website builder and hosting at your fingertips, you have your entire web space under complete control. You do not need to worry about coding, designing and keeping your page live 24/7. It is all done by the software of choice with a small input from your end. Once you see how simple it all is, you will laugh.

That said, it all happens from one location. You get to craft and design your page and later host it without the need to switch accounts or whatever. Moreover, you need no coder or any additional support at all since all comes pretty self-explanatory. Although page builders come with friendly customer support, it is very likely that you will not need it.

Bear in mind, while some of the free website builder and hosting services we compiled for you are entirely free of charge, the others offer a free trial. In most of the cases, that means fourteen days for free, and then you get to decide whether to continue or switch to another software. However, since you will have a website up in a snap, two weeks are more than enough to test the waters and start seeing some results as well.


wix free website builder and hosting

No doubt, Wix is the best free website builder and hosting provider both at the same time. You get it all and everything else that your project requires. You get to create a fabulous website and you do not need to worry about any of the technical part whatsoever. It is Wix that does the trick for you regarding page establishment and web hosting. You see, I told you that you will smile at the fact how simple and easy it all is. Web design is quick and straightforward in the modern era, we live in. There are so many tools available, you need no prior knowledge to make things happen.

Wix even comes with an innovative artificial design intelligence (ADI) feature, which does the major part of the work for you. All you need to do is to answer a set of very basic questions about yourself and your project and ADI will then come up with the ideal website style for you.

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Weebly - Best Website Builder

Stylize your page to your likings with the amazing Weebly. You are looking at a free website builder and hosting tool made for every individual with a strong passion for creativity. They include designers, marketers, developers, agencies and other creative minds, like writers and even eCommerce business owners. Either create from the ground up or choose from numerous ready-made templates. By using the drag-and-drop method, you can craft a website without changing a single line of code. And with the step-by-step guide, Weebly makes things even easier for you.

Some of the core features of Weebly are the app market, unlimited fonts, fantastic scroll effects and plenty more. What’s more, Weebly-based sites are responsive, making them compatible with any mobile device. You can establish company or eCommerce websites, blogs, too. Benefit from SEO and speed optimization, get your name out there in style, and score higher rankings in search engines.

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shopify free website builder and hosting

If you are here, you are probably looking for the best website builder ever, right? Well, Shopify is absolutely the one for you. It is a free website builder and hosting tool with an eCommerce platform suitable for any online store. You will be amazed and impressed by how easily and quickly Shopify adjusts to the needs of your web business. In a snap, if you will! All templates Shopify rocks are mobile-ready and effortlessly customizable.

With Shopify, you also get full access to HTML and CSS, making your website simple to manage even after it has already been published. However, you do not really need to be a coder to be able to use Shopify and bring into fruition a solid eCommerce page.

Keep track of your business with analytics and always know how well your store is doing. You can also link Shopify with tons of apps and plugins that will simplify your entire web presence — heck, even your overall business.

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bigcommerce free website builder and hosting

Bigcommerce allows you to try its service free of charge without the need to enter your card. Can we call it a free website builder and hosting provider? Well, to some extent we can but if you truly want to experience it long-term-wise, you will need to open up your wallet to get things rolling.

Anyway, Bigcommerce is, as the name implies, a serious eCommerce platform for forging unique e-stores with ease. No matter what you plan to sell, you can do it effortlessly with Bigcommerce and get your brand known. With the available layouts, you can kick start your online project and get things moving in the right direction with barely any work. And no, you do not need to have a background in coding to have the ability to work with Bigcommerce. It is all very newbie friendly, accessible to all levels of users.

Make sure you enrich your Bigcommerce online store with your signature touch and personalize the shopping experience. With the smoothness that Bigcommerce delivers, shoppers will be happy to return and complete more purchases.

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tilda free website builder and hosting

Tilda is simple to use and straightforward to employ software that sorts out your entire web presence. Regardless of what type of page you would like to launch, Tilda is here to assist you on your journey. It has all the material you need to complete the perfect page as quickly as possible with as little effort as possible. Moreover, it also offers you to benefit from the included web hosting so you do not need to rely on any 3rd-party provider.

Tilda has over 450 predesigned blocks and many full website templates. The latter vary from online store and blog to event and business websites. There are also various different forms for reviews, event registration, surveys and newsletter subscription to name a few. Tilda has a strong focus on typography and visual content. All this tells you is that your products, services and other works will stand out, grabbing everyone’s attention.

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ucraft free website builder and hosting

Establish your website’s foundation beautifully with uCraft. This free website builder and hosting platform has a modern and clean design. It is updated with the latest technology, enabling you to drag and drop files instead of coding them. Choose from hundreds of designer templates that you will surely love through the roof. This simple, minimalistic site editor is uncomplicated to use, perfect for both beginners and experts in web design. All files are well documented and commented. You will have a breeze coming up with a one-of-a-kind page all on your own.

Other key features of uCraft include multilingual tool, logo maker, online store, blog pages and more. It is SEO and speed ready as well for a remarkable experience. Last but not least, expect a friendly support team to help you with any of the concerns you may have. Start the adventure right now with uCraft and hammer out a website, as well as host it, using nothing but one account.

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volusion free website builder and hosting

Make your vision come true and make it more appealing to clients by getting Volusion. This free website builder and hosting suits eCommerce business owners of all niches. There are numerous themes to select from, all fully responsive, easy to customize and designed to sell more. Combine the look you fancy with multiple font and color styles to satisfy your branding needs. It is hard to believe your very own eyes how simplistic all is when working with Volusion. Especially if you find the ideal web design out of the box. You only need to edit it with your content and you are ready to start selling.

Aesthetic versatility is what this editor promises as you can navigate it on any browser or device with its pixel-perfect features. Volusion is powered with all the eCommerce necessities such as pricing, marketing tools, shopping cart, payments and more to meet the demands of today.

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squarespace free website builder and hosting

Do you prefer a web design that makes a lasting impression on customers through infinity and beyond? Then Squarespace is your answer. It is a free website builder and hosting companion that works whether you want a professional website, portfolio or online store.

Before we continue, let me just remind you that Squarespace is one of those services that offer a free trial. That said, it is not an entirely free tool but gives you enough time to get the gist of it.

Squarespace is easy to modify, and no matter how good or bad you are in designing, the end product will always look clean, appealing and stunning. It pops up well on all browsers and modern devices, retina screens, too. You can enjoy Squarespace’s other features, like domains, email marketing, logos and loads more. Boost your online presence with its SEO features as well. Have your web space under complete demand and grow to new heights with the impressive Squarespace.

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jimdo free website builder and hosting

Jimdo is no stranger to realizing your ideas and getting your projects to thrive and grow to new degrees. It is a highly adaptive and super versatile free website builder and hosting software, ideal for your business. Or even if you are interested in launching a personal page, you can do that, too, with the convenient Jimdo. The service helps you make an appealing and eye-catchy page that will help you win over even more visitors and potential clients. Do use it to its full potential and see how much you can accomplish with no prior experience.

Two of the biggest advantages of Jimdo are Dolphin and Creator. The former one is artificial intelligence web designer that creates pages for you in just three minutes. That is so ridiculous to even think about. Have a page all set up in 3 minutes? Moreover, Creator is the more advanced feature but still friendly enough to all newbies even those who do not know how to code.

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webstarts free website builder and hosting

Webstarts gives you the solution to both build and host your page without the need to spend a dime. That is correct, Webstarts is a free website builder and hosting service with a wide specter of possibilities. Basically, Webstarts covers everything you need to get things moving in the online space like a pro. Speaking of professionals, you do not really need to be one and still attain the same level of quality. Thanks to Webstarts’ editor, your site can look expertly and sophisticated from the get-go. Of course, you can later edit and improve it according to your users’ engagement.

In just a few simple steps, you can have a 100% active page live and ready for business. At any given time on your journey to a successful site launch, you can reach out to the friendly support team and they will assist you anytime. Manage and maintain your website from one location and save yourself time and energy.

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webnode free website builder and hosting

“Create your website for free,” that is what you get hit by once Webnode’s page loads. And it is pretty much all you really need to know. Of course, there are all sorts of different perks Webnode provides to ease the process further and have you enter the online world as fast as possible. It only takes a few minutes of work and you will have the page you are after ready and set. It is that quick and straightforward with Webnode.

With Webnode, you can construct business, personal and eCommerce websites without a hitch. Moreover, it is a guarantee that all your creations will work smoothly on all devices and browsers as well. That said, expect full compatibility and responsiveness to always deliver an experience of the highest degree.

Choose from a selection of ready-to-use templates and modify them however your heart desires. No need to stick with the default features so feel free to make configurations if needed.

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8b website builder and hosting

When you are just starting out on the web, you really need one software to build, manage and maintain your website successfully. Instead of doing it all separately, just pick up a free website builder and hosting and you are ready to roll. That said, you already are seeing quite a bunch of different tools here and we have even more for you.

Another remarkable builder that cost you nothing is 8b. It is easy and convenient, perfect for someone who has not yet created a website. In brief, 8b is ideal for freelancers, job seekers, photographers, entrepreneurs, writers, you name it, 8b handles them all. All these tell you that although the simplicity and user-friendliness, 8b is quite a powerful software. In the modern era, you don’t need to be a professional web developer and still get a chance to come out with a sophisticated page. Let 8b do most of the work for you while you enjoy marketing your products and services accordingly.

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yola website builder and hosting

Yola is a free website builder and hosting; in other words, an all-in-one editor for your pages. In minutes time, you can now have a striking website on the web, attracting new visitors and potential clients. Of course, all Yola layouts are 100% mobile-ready, as well as retina-friendly and cross-browser compatible. That said, your content will beautifully display on all devices and platforms, making sure the experience is of the highest degree all the time.

With Yola, you don’t need to spend even a single penny to get online. However, once you start growing your website, you can pick from numerous premium features they have in store to keep pushing your web space to new heights. Bear in mind, even when you do decide to upgrade, Yola offers a 3-day money back guarantee in case you reconsider it. Instead of countless hours working on the ideal web design, you simply go with Yola and all the rest becomes history.

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simplesite website builder and hosting

There is no need for you to be involved in web development and design to craft a page for your business or project. Any of the free website builder and hosting software solutions from this list allows even utter-newbies to turn pro. One tool that makes your lives a whole lot simple is SimpleSite. Everyone has a few minutes to spare and that is all that SimpleSite requires to establish an online presence. To be more precise, three steps are all it takes and you can already start driving traffic to your website.

While all the layouts and designs of SimpleSite are mobile-ready, it also features full-blown mobile editing. Meaning, you can edit and update your website using nothing but your mobile device. Choose the right ready-to-use theme, customize it, add your content and you are prepared to shine online.

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ukit free website builder and hosting

If you prefer a more simple, minimal, yet organized, look for your website, then uKit might suit your taste. Of course, this is not the only type of page this tool can do for you. uKit is a free website builder and hosting packed in one software that matches freelancers, businesses, designers and others in need of a page. Basically, whoever wishes to display their portfolios, services or products, now is your chance to shine. With uKit, you can showcase everything, thanks to its huge collection of over 350 pre-built designs in 38 different categories.

uKit contains many practical features and insightful help files which will aid you in getting familiarized with this editor in just a few minutes. Of course, your website will appear well in browsers and on mobile phones, as well as tablets. Thanks to its responsive features, it is a guarantee that your masterpiece will work seamlessly all the time. Besides, uKit has typography, color schemes, online store features and promotion tools, as well.

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readymag free website builder and hosting

When it comes to business and online publication types of websites, Readymag is the best one out there. Needless to say, it is a free website builder and hosting with sleek animations, reliable features and a unique look. Without hassle, Readymag will elevate your website to the next stage and boost your online presence to the extreme. Readymag has an adaptive design with tons of themes to pick from. It also comes with over 1,500 web fonts, powered by Typekit, Webtype, Google and TypeToday. Besides, you can also upload custom fonts if you want.

Readymag has a mobile-ready framework which is ideal for any handheld device. Other goodies include newsletters, forms, social media integration and SEO friendliness. You can also protect any publication with a password and have it accessible only to a particular group of people. Lastly, feel free to contact their customer support, as they are more than willing to assist you.

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site123 free website builder and hosting

Today, you can have your own website live with the help of Site123. How is that possible? With the right free website builder and hosting, you do not really need anything else to enter the world wide web in style and with great fashion. With all these in mind, Site123 is here to put you on track and gives you a chance to finish establishing your online presence with rapid speed. While it takes you just three steps, the entire process is also as easy as saying 1, 2, 3. You might be hearing me say this before, but it truly is a breeze working with Site123.

The main features of Site123 are an intuitive, code-free website editor, free web hosting, SEO tools and a mobile-friendly layout. You can also choose a custom domain and start an online store. Without further ado, pick the template you fancy most, edit it and you are done. It could not get any simpler than that.

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strikingly free website builder and hosting

I bet just reading the name of this next free website builder and hosting alone already got you excited to take action. Indeed, Strikingly is a striking software which combines not only the site editor and hosting, but loads of other assets as well. This means templates, analytics, domain names, sign up and contact forms and social feeds to name a few. One tool to rule them all? That is hard to say, since all builders you find listed here are extraordinary works. But you will only truly understand their power once you put them to use.

From a simple store to blog and all the rest in between, Strikingly is here to materialize ideas. Spice things up with a video background, display attention-grabbing sliders, protect content with a password and experience an SEO boost. The list of features does not end here. Instead, it keeps on getting better and better. To increase your comfort while using Strikingly, you can hit up the team of experts anytime.

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zoho free website builder and hosting

Convey your story effectively and turn passion into art with Zoho. This free website builder and hosting tool serves multiple purposes – whether you are into blogging or business. It does not discriminate when it comes to skill level as well. You can enjoy personalizing your site in any way you prefer. Not only that, but even if you are entirely new to website development, you are still welcome to use Zoho. No doubt, it will feel very natural employing Zoho’s features and crafting the desired web design for your business or project.

Let your voice be heard effectively with SEO tools, social media sharing and auto-publishing functions. Add media content and asymmetrical scrolling to keep visitors at bay. Publicity is important, but privacy is equally vital as well. With Zoho’s access restriction tool, your site will be safe from prying eyes. Moreover, collect information, capture event attendees, leads, feedback and more with custom forms.

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pagecloud free website builder and hosting

Pagecloud is an extremely flexible website builder and hosting that comes with a 14-day free trial. Once it is over, you can continue for a cheap monthly cost and keep on spreading your name and growing your business on a consistent basis. However, during the trial period, you will get to experience all the hidden gems that this fantastic software offers to all its customers.

First and foremost, you can do everything yourself. Hiring someone to do it instead of you is a thing of the past. This goes to everyone out there who is interested in starting something new online. Making and editing a website is possible without code once you enter the world of Pagecloud. On top of that, you are in total control of your web space, which is something you should never skip. Know how it is performing, adjust accordingly and see even better results.

Pagecloud provides complete design freedom. It allows you to go as creative as you would like, coming up with the best and most ideal web style for your page.

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mozello free website builder and hosting

While it is already ridiculously easy building a website, some services take things a step further and offer you to do it free of charge. Mozello is a free website builder and hosting software with uniqueness and originality written all over it. And to take it even further, you can pick between setting up a website or an online shop. In short, with Mozello, you have all the features you need neatly packed in one kit. This is just the beginning to what Mozello has in store for you.

Mozello follows all the latest technologies to ensure that your website will run safely and stably. The final products are all mobile-ready and in-tune with popular web browsers. Of course, your page will also load fast, which is especially important for mobile device users who are doing online shopping straight from their smartphones. You can localize or globalize your website with Mozello’s multilingual feature and push it to the limit with marketing and SEO tools.

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moonfruit free website builder and hosting

A gorgeous website is just around the corner when you become part of Moonfruit. After you sign up, you can start utilizing its 14-day free trial right off the bat. Before you notice, a 100% active and functional page is right in front of you. How quick was that? Sometimes, it is hard to process the fact how powerful these page editors are. And that’s not it! After you go through all the features and traits, in this case, Moonfruit, has available you realize that you are a winner already.

The goodies of Moonfruit are almost endless. From tons of predefined templates and drag-and-drop system to image editor, animations, SEO, social bar and apps, these are all available for you to employ. You can also connect your newly crafted page with Google Analytics and Google Search Console and have a better understanding of where you are at with your web presence.

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bookmark free website builder and hosting

Create an elite page that gives you an edge over your competition. With Bookmark, your ideas become a reality with little effort and in barely any time. This free website builder hosting comrade is creative, clean-looking and intelligent. Its designs are promising indeed. Bookmark has all the features you are looking for when you want to make an online portfolio or a business website. All are put together professionally, helping you impress clients with your projects and services.

You can freely access Bookmark’s creative prowess, thanks to its artificial intelligence design assistant, or AiDA. Furthermore, the software is user-friendly, letting you create an amazing look for your website effortlessly. Learn something new with the included and free courses, programmed by industry experts and catered to everyone. And with Bookmark’s AiDA feature, you will have the ideal web design for your page ready in two minutes. Get things done the right way.

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IM Creator

im creator free website builder and hosting

With millions of satisfied customers, IM Creator is undeniably well-loved for its accessibility and ease of use. This free website builder and hosting platform has scalable and responsive properties that cater to any niche and industry. All of their pre-made layouts stand out so much that you will probably have quite a hard time choosing which one is the best for you. Yes, all are so insanely pretty! Be ready with your concept in mind and IM Creator will materialize it just the way you specify.

Give your website an identity by personalizing it with colors and fonts, available in multiple forms. Although, you can also stick with the default settings if they suit your desires. IM Creator has search engine optimization and eCommerce tools as well to help you easily reach out to your customers. Lastly, IM Creator’s team of experts is always glad to assist you anytime you are in need of help.

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doodlekit free website builder and hosting

It is quite hard to find a free site builder with the complete package. Worry no more, as Doodlekit provides the ultimate solution to your concern. It is both a page editor and a web host that has everything under the sun when it comes to web design. Just pick, edit and share a template that you can dress up according to your style. Pick icons from the library to combine with different web page elements, like border effects and background patterns.

Raise your brand awareness with advanced features like banners, logos, email marketing and more. Build forms, optimize your site for search engines, create a blog and start an e-shop. You can also spring into life an online community in the form of a forum, protect content and track your website traffic statistics. Before you commit, you can also first check out some of the website examples to see what is possible with Doodlekit.

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godaddy free website builder and hosting

Pierce through your customers’ heartstrings by showcasing them your web design, the kind they have not seen yet. GoDaddy is the ultimate businessmen and artists’ reliable assistant. This free website builder and hosting companion enables companies to boost their online presence to attract more customers. Bring your ideas and plans online with a convenient builder that is ready for any challenge. Online stores, corporate pages and lifestyle blogs, you can realize all with GoDaddy.

How does GoDaddy do it?

With its design and features, of course. The services are all in one place and easy to use. While a web hosting provider first and foremost, GoDaddy also offers solid website building tools for your convenience. It has a front-end framework that speeds up the process of web development. Not sure what you exactly need? GoDaddy has support ready for you to talk to at any given time of the day.

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