27 Best Medical Website Templates 2019

You can achieve entirely new successes when you create a website with any of these HTML5 medical website templates.

Medical doctors are rightfully held to a very standard. Few people can have such a direct and meaningful impact, and this responsibility requires a very professional attitude. However, private practitioners must also rely on marketing to advertise their business. A medical website must be as impeccable as an operating room.

HTML templates are a cheaper and more efficient alternative to web development companies. These products are versatile skins which promise to enhance the page from a practical and aesthetic standpoint. Installation and customization are very user-friendly, and almost anyone can use them. That being said, let’s look at some of the best HTML5 Medical Website Templates:

Jevelin (WordPress)

If you would like to create a strong and lasting first impression on all your visitors and increase the potential of winning them over, a banging website is a must. With Jevelin, you do not need to worry about positively impacting everyone and taking your medical business to the next level. In the package of very many predefined samples, there is one specifically made for everything medical-related. It is beautiful, clean and modern, perfect for pushing your services and departments.

Some of the features of the particular Jevelin demo are sticky navigation, accordions, call-to-action buttons, animations, pricing plans and Google Maps integration. Of course, Jevelin also does not miss an online appointment form which even comes with a date picker. Take things to the next level and start on the web strong with Jevelin and a nifty medical page.

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Medicare (WordPress)

Medicare is an exclusive medical, doctor and health-related WordPress theme with a solid collection of templates and features. What’s more, you can easily be someone who has never in his or her life hammer out a website and still succeed with Medicare. Along with the predefined contents, Medicare also ensures a codeless experience, thanks to Bold Builder.

Kick things off by selecting one from twelve remarkable demos. These alone ensure a quick start of something fresh that will benefit your company greatly. With Medicare, you can create clinic, surgery, cardiology, laboratory, pediatric, veterinary and physiatrist websites out of the box. But do introduce your creative touch to Medicare and you unlock yourself even more options.

Other goodies of Medicare are timetable, online booking, before and after, cost calculator, medical icons and parallax effect.

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Divi (WordPress)

divi medical website template

Divi is a sophisticated and all-in-one medical website template for doctors, dentists, hospitals, clinics, and other health institutions. You can already build different pages with the demo material; however, you can easily take things a step further by performing customization tweaks to Divi’s default settings. Let the idea of editing Divi not scare you. One thing is for sure, you definitely will not need to do the programming work. Not only that, but you also will never have to seek help from a professional.

With Divi, you do the work yourself. Along with hundreds of ready-made sample layouts and other elements, Divi also contains a user-friendly page builder. Moreover, it also follows all the technical aspects of a modern page for a flawless, steady and secure operation on all devices and platforms.

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Webify (WordPress)

Webify is a neat and contemporary medical website template, a full-blown solution for your business if you will. You only need Webify and all the rest becomes history. Moreover, just install the dedicated medical demo with a single click, customize it according to your preferences and you are ready to roll. It actually is a simple as it sounds, doing the web development work with Webify. You also probably noticed that I did not mention coding because there will not be any.

Any medical institution, doctor, dentist, clinic, hospital, you name it, can put Webify into play. For a professional and sophisticated online presence, Webify has you covered in full. Along with all the design stuff, Webify also rocks all the technicalities to ensure top-notch overall performance at all times.

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Syring (WordPress)

syring medical website template

Syring is a specialized medical website template with more than ten dedicated samples. With Syring, you can almost instantly create a page for clinic, dentist, pediatrician, hospital, medical shop, medical blog and similar. Each layout is also 100% customizable and editable for you to get the most out of Syring without a hassle. Avoid building a website from scratch, when you can simply employ the powerful features and functions of the extraordinary Syring.

Key features of Syring are drag and drop page builder, Revolution Slider, mega menu, one click sample data import, CSS animations, unlimited colors and MailChimp support. Syring is also optimized both for fast loading speed and SEO. For a small investment, you can now take your health and medical business to new heights, offering support to everyone in need on a much larger scale.

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LongLife (WordPress)

longlife medical website template

In the modern era, we live in, starting a medical website is way easier than you think. As you know by know, you need to be no expert to make it happen. Moreover, you also need to have no coding and design knowledge and you will also not need to hire someone to do it for you. All that is required is a simple to use web design, like LongLife. From then on, it is all fun and games. The process of establishing a page with a medical website template is a piece of cake, thanks to all the amazingness it has in store for you.

In the LongLife kit, you will find four complete demos to choose from. Pick the one that suits your requirements best and go from there. With the WPBakery page builder integration, you will have no trouble altering the default LongLife look to your wants with the effortless technique of dragging and dropping.

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medico medical website template

You can make five entirely different websites with MediCo. HTML5 medical website template. One for dentist center, the second for ENT hospital, the third for pregnancy center, the fourth for cardiology hospital and the last but definitely not least, for a surgery hospital. While five samples come out of the box, you do not have to feel restricted in any way. MediCo. is no stranger to adapting to a broad range of businesses. Easily customizable and quick to readjust to almost any type of business within the medical industry.

MediCo. allows you to choose between wide and boxed layouts, dark and light navigation and sticky or static menu. Furthermore, choose one of eight color schemes, add a background image or go with a pattern but a solid color is possible, too.

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responsive medical website template

With any of the Medical HTML5 website templates you find in this collection, you can construct amazing pages for the health industry. Medical is more of a general template with many practical elements and a nifty web design. Of course, it does not miss responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility and esnures cutting edge UX. And yes, it works just fine with all the Apple devices and retina displays.

Medical template helps you out with two home styles and does not shy away from performing individual tweaks and improvements. Included is also a detailed documentation in case you might need extra guidance. Without further ado, begin building the medical website you are after and have it finished shortly after.

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If you are searching for an exemplary HTML template that can improve your websites, look no further than Canvas. This product can be used for multi-page or single-page sites, depending on the client’s specifications. It is also very versatile, suited for a broad spectrum of possible business fields: media agency, web app, restaurant, travel, wedding, construction or medical. With Canvas, there is no limit to what you can achieve. More than 75 fully-functional home page variations are offered, in addition to 550 HTML files. Basically, a template must be a blank slate for the owner’s creativity. Canvas allows you to create a site that perfectly reflects your professionalism and commitment towards health.

There are working Ajax contact forms, and Less CSS files. Your website will benefit from 165 creative templates for your portfolio, and more than 50 scalable shortcodes. Despite its regular $14 price tag, the premium Revolution Slider plugin was added free of charge. To increase site revenue, it is possible to open a personal online store. Canvas has some gorgeous ecommerce shop templates that can facilitate the distribution of merchandise. There will be a limitless number of footer layout variations, and more than 7 sliders with 20 templates each.

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KALLYAS is a super HTML template that can improve your medical website. Its design is modern, clean and streamlined. It can be used for a variety of pages, given its versatility and commitment towards quality. Over 100 site elements are available, in addition to 14 distinct home page variations. Regardless of what you choose, the results will look incredible. There are many personalized pages, in addition to a dynamic PHP contact form. KALLYAS has incorporated the Page Builder tool, and it has more than 114 elements. Your will be given complete creative control over the entire setup process. Drag and drop technology is used, and even those who lack technical expertise can easily setup an exemplary medical page. You only need to select an element, and drag it across the screen. It’s that simple!

This template has unique hero scenes, and it is powered by the prolific Bootstrap framework. Many premium plugins were included, free of charge. This spares you from having to shop for additional third-party add-ons.  KALLYAS features the iOS Slider, Slider Revolution, Wow Slider, CuteSlider, and iCarousel plugins. For those who want to sample KALLYAS without having to commit to a purchase, a live preview was added.

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LeadGen is a professional and responsive medical website HTML/CSS website template. It  is an ideal template for webmasters from any background, regardless of experience. Anyone can articulate handsome, effective professional websites in a matter of minutes. LeadGen lets you deploy any of 32 different demo websites with a single click. Professionals and businesses count on LeadGen to deliver their portfolios to the world. Showcase your professional services and advertise them. LeadGen is built for marketing and will allow you to reach a wide audience.

Medical industry professionals and clinics find in LeadGen a quick solution. You can establish an effective social presence with plentiful customization capabilities. Customize your headers and footers at will and craft impressive navigational experiences. Engaging menus and sliders keep your potential clients interested in your content. LeadGen lets you reach social media platforms with integrated sharing features. Sleek and lightweight, LeadGen keeps server uncongested even during peak traffic usage cases. The Bootstrap framework makes LeadGen readily responsive and cross-compatible. You can appeal to users across devices, browsers and platforms with ease. LeadGen gives you the landing pages you need to welcome your patients. Take your practice to the next level today, with LeadGen at your side!

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HealthZone is a charming HTML template which can be used to improve any medical website. If you are a clinic manager or health care professional, this product can be your best friend. HealthZone’s design is classy and simplistic, capable of reflecting the professionalism of your craft. Strong color accents will complement the look of your pages. With every download, customers will receive 24 PSD files and 8 HTML files. In total, there are more than 20 page variations and over 200 vector icons. The template uses free fonts exclusively, allowing you to personalize the typography for each post, to a certain degree.

As the market expands, there is a growing need for sites which can be displayed on mobile devices. Thankfully, every HealthZone element is responsive. It can easily function on the Desktop, iPad and iPhone platforms. Resizing errors were eliminated. It should also be mentioned that your website will benefit from cross-browser compatibility. Website creation can be daunting affair, especially for novice users. Whenever you encounter a problem, be sure to consult the online documentation source. It contains information regarding every HealthZone element. For those who want to sample the template, a live preview was made available.

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webster medical website template

If it is a multi-purpose website template, then it must be equipped with all the must-haves for pretty much any website, right? Something like that. Sure, you might perform additional improvement tweaks on your end but those are ridiculously simple. Still, for the majority, it is only a matter of the type of content that you add to it what will define the niche.

In Webster’s example, you are treated to a large website template with over fifty home pages and a total of 450 HTML5 pages. That is humongous, I know. And when it comes to a medical website, one of the demos is dedicated to the industry in full. It has a full-screen slider, appointment form, integrated Google Maps and an option to choose between wide, framed and boxed layouts.

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findoctor medical website template

You probably guessed it already what FINDOCTOR HTML5 medical website template is meant for. It is a directory template with an option of online booking. So it goes like this; patient finds a doctor and books him or her straight away, without the need of visiting any other website.

FINDOCTOR has four index pages and one with a cookie bar for all the sites located in EU. Moreover, it has sticky horizontal navigation and sidebar, practical mobile menu and two date and time pickers. Responsive pricing tables, admin dashboard, CSS3 animations and search engine optimization are other fine characteristics of FINDOCTOR template. The web design of FINDOCTOR is clean and straightforward with all the essentials. With such template, you can start bringing into being the needed website right away.

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pharma medical website template

With a small investment of time and effort on your end, you can have pharmaceutical websites ready using Pharma+ template. When you have a collection of the most promising HTML5 medical website templates at your fingertips, happy days are ahead of you. You are looking at a banging one which will make you an expert developer even if you happen to be not even close to one. The final medical website you are yet to construct will look modern and professional with a great set of features. Both performance and user experience will be smashing.

Key features of Pharma+ template are visual page builder, free fonts and icons, CSS3 animations and PHP widgets. But to start on the right track, first, watch the video presentation and get familiar with the process.

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baconta medical website template

You can acchieve great things with a creative website template like Bacotna. Due to its versatily and adaptability, it is not only for agencies and corporate websites. Instead, Bacotna has over fifty predesigned first pages for all sorts of niche businesses, including medical. A beautiful layout awaits you to put it to use and bring into being the requested website. It is clean and elegant with eye-catching features for visitors to have a pleasant experience browsing your page.

Bacotna comes with Revolution Slider, a whopping 49 color presets and multiple headers. Sweet hover effects, parallax, working contact form, blog-ready and features packed footer, deploying outstanding page with Bacotna is an easy task. Have a medical website sorted out in the shortest space of time possible.

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klinik medical website template

Klinik is a clinic with two “K’s.” Clever. But what is even more clever and smart are all the outstanding features and extensions Klinik HTML5 medical website template delivers. To kick it off, Klinik is responsive and retina ready, as well as entirely compatible with all the major web browsers. In short, no matter the device and browser the patient uses, your websites powered by Klinik template will work seamlessly at all times.

With a total of 55 pages and six different home styles, you, more or less, have it all available and ready to put together your page with. What you also get with Klinik are appointment pop-up, invoice with automatic calculation, different sliders and a comfy menu with drop-down.

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labora medical website template

Labora template’s primary purpose is the production of laboratory and pharmaceutical websites but other business pages are quite as possible. The tool has horizontal and vertical navigation bars, as well as sticky and static. Sidebar is scrollable but the quickest way to return back to top is to use the button which is located in the bottorm right corner. Many shortcodes are available for you to customize the look and improve it per your appeal.

What is more, Labora has numerous inner pages predesigned for careers, services, partners and cases to name a few. In the package, you will also come across two PHP mail configuration files. Labora has a built-in mailing system to take care of your email promotions.

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Dental Pro

dental pro medical website template

Dental Pro might be for dentists but in reality, it can suit any type of medical website. You can effortlessly tailor Dental Pro to a variety of businesses in the health industry. It all comes down to the powerful features and unlimited possibilities, beginning with index page variations. Those are for one- and multi-page websites, for those who prefer the boxed look and for RTL needs. Pick the predefined color scheme or customize it so it follows your branding to the T. Benefit from parallax effect, modifiable calendar, widgetized mega menu and the before and after slider.

Any page supported by Dental Pro will be responsive and smoothly adapt to any device screen. The user experience will always be top-notch what calls for happy clients.

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Senior Press

senior press medical website template

While Senior Press is specialized in elderly care and physiotherapy, other medical type of websites can take it to their advantage as well. Many predefined demos are at your disposal with a wide range of different looks. From wide and boxed layouts to light, dark, split home and one-page. Indeed, Senior Press also fully supports right-to-left (RTL) languages and is entirely translatable.

To spice things up and create a supreme first impression, Slider Revolution and the mega menu will do you exceptionally well. When your site loads, those first seconds are crucial. Amaze them with something noteworthy and have them turn into loyal clients. But at the end of the day, it is your services what will keep them forever.

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promedi html5 medical website template

If taking care of other people is your passion, then ProMedi is absolutely for you. This HTML5 medical website template is very attractive, appealing to the eye and professional. Ideal for hospitals, doctors, clinics and other health-related websites, this template looks patient-friendly and parent-approved. There are various layouts to choose from for home and internal pages. With ProMedi, you will never run out of choices.

ProMedi defines functionality with endearing features such as MailChimp, AJAX Contact Form, smooth transitions and IcoFont, guaranteed to flavor your website. Enjoy creating a captivating yet technically sophisticated website with ProMedi. The tool is also based on Bootstrap Framework what ensures smooth operation on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Get your name out there, share your services and talents and take your medical business to new heights.

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smartmed html5 medical website template

Do you want to craft a truly mesmerizing website? Look no further, as SmartMed is just the right solution for you. This HTML5 medical website template is a highly recommended option if you are looking for a responsive web design. SmartMed has three unique and trendy homepage layouts that will exceed online standards. It also adapts to different screen resolutions for smooth, pleasurable viewing. SmartMed is a flexible site canvas that also works great on all modern web browsers for everyone’s convenience.

Other core features include smooth animations, cross-browser compatibility, retina support, video backgrounds, service-based pages and many more. Other goodies come in the form of three headers, ten preset color skins, free updates and parallax effect. SmartMed’s customer service provides respected and welcoming support so expect top quality service even in the busiest of situations.

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preclinic html5 medical website template

If you are looking forward to designing your admin with a clean look, then PreClinic is your pick. Tailored to look simplistic, this HTML5 medical website template is essentially jam-packed with features that will put your dashboard on top. It works best with any plugin that’s relevant in the medical and health niche. Personalize your pages to your liking and fine-tune PreClinic according to your application. You can integrate notifications, tooltips and charts as well.

Never worry about your site’s overall look, since PreClinic has responsive and pixel-perfect attributes. If you are in need to create a medical and clinical management web platform, you better consider using the impressive PreClinic. The layouts and features are ready and set for you to utilize and take to your full advantage. Also, PreClinic is a Bootstrap template for the flexibility and extendability that are a must for every modern online space.

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RedStar Hospital

redstar hospital medical website template

Since you will spend quite some time in your website’s administrator, managing and maintaining your web project, it is important that it sports all the needed. But a few extras definitely will not hurt anybody. That said, if you need a solid tool for dashboards of the most advanced level, let’s inspect RedStar Hospital template. The product is based on Bootstrap 4 and Material Design to make handling it a piece of cake. But if you feel like you need any additional support, hit up the friendly team and they will guide you to launching your medical admin successfully.

Along with quite a few variations of dashboards, you can also choose between dark and light versions and a nice collection of custom color options. Lots of widgets, charts, Google and vector maps, payment analysis and a chat bar, RedStar Hospital thought of it all.

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Health CarePlus

health careplus medical website template

Clinics, dentists, hospitals, you name it, Health CarePlus HTML5 medical website template covers them all. Adapting to different site owners’ needs is not an issue for Health CarePlus. And you can do customizing tweaks and make it appear even more special than it already is. Health CarePlus supports unlimited colors, is responsive and turns you into a pro at building websites. Have in mind that you do not need to be skilled at doing it since all is so well documented and will guide you through each step of the code. It will feel like you already developed tens of websites, that is how easy it is.

Health CarePlus has appointments, testimonials, specialists section, filterable gallery and social media feeds. You can quickly create pages like FAQ, pricing plans, team and compelling about us. Hover effects, sticky menu, newsletter subscription widget and full blog support are additional treats of Health CarePlus template.

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plume medical website template

For freelancers who help clients build websites for their businesses, a multi-functional template comes super handy. One of such tools that covers several industries is PLUME. Speaking of industries, PLUME has variations of front pages for dentists and general medical websites so you can start whenever you are ready. For your information, PLUME is always ready.

Key features of the mega template are responsiveness, clean code, functional AJAX form, MailChimp newsletter and thorough documentation. It is all described in detail so your work becomes even simpler and entirely uncomplicated. For extra customization, PLUME comes with more than forty shortcodes, fourteen different headers and six footers. Creating a website might mean just assembling the ready-to-use material and adding your content. It enhances your workflow and keeps it a the same professional level no matter the project you work on.

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psychologist medical website template

Psychologist is a more niche oriented HTML5 medical website template. While its initial intention are psychology websites, you can use it for other similar business freely. In the kit, you will find one-page, multi-page and admin layouts with a visual page builder. With the available, putting together a medical website is so easy it is hard to believe.

With a Bootstrap 3 template, you know responsiveness and great performance are part of the deal. Psychologist sports both and gives you freedom with performing adjustments that you demand. Before you jump on board, you can first check out the video presentation. It covers all the basics which will help greatly if you are new and constructing your first page.

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If you are tight on budget, you can also check out our outstanding collection of free medical website templates.

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