27 Book Mockups For Your Outstanding Designs 2019

By using any of the photo-realistic book mockups below, you are destined for great things, that is for sure. After all, the final product will appear very similar compared to the actual physical version. But before you start with the printing process, first try and test out different variations of the designs.

With these nifty free mockup templates, you can now create several variables which will ease picking up the best one. Only then, it is time for print.

Some of the book mockups offer you to edit front, some both the front and the back and then there are those who even let you play around with the inside. In short, you have very many options and solutions to craft the look that will amaze and impress others.

They are paperback and hardcover books, as well as different box sets and children’s book. We bring you all sorts of variations that will get things moving forward quickly, with as little effort on your end as possible. After all, it is the smart object layers that each PSD files come with, what makes the inclusion of your designs effortless.

Kick things off in style and present your book designs with a life-like mockup template that will capture everyone’s attention.

Three Messy Books Mockup on a Bed

three messy books mockup on a bed

You already know that you came to the right place if on the hunt for the best book mockups. We scoured the web for you to bring you only the most promising layouts for you to put to use and benefit from. And sometimes, these mockup templates allow you to edit and improve them in-browser. At least when it comes to Placeit, you do all the work without the need to leave the platform. For instance, you can edit all three covers of these books with your designs, as well as individual change the color of the book. With little work, you guarantee yourself a marvelous and photo-realistic outcome.

Minimal Book Mockup

minimal book mockup

For a more minimalistic approach to a life-like presentation of your creation, this book mockup is the ideal solution for you. This is also a great alternative for everyone who would like to increase the hype for the new release with a cool detail of wrapping. With the quick click at the upload button, you add your design, crop it, reposition it and you are ready to roll. The working area is of 1000 x 1400 px dimension, just so you know. Also, you can change both the color of the book and the color of the background. Additionally, feel free to add a text overlay for a call-to-action or any other message.

Mockup of an 11 oz Mug and a Book

mockup of an 11 oz mug and a book

This next book mockup gives a very cozy atmosphere, which will definitely spice up the experience. Along with adding your book cover design, you can also attach a design to the mug or simply leave it blank. Indeed, you can alter the shades of the book and the mug to just about any color you fancy. The practical color picker supports unlimited colors, so you match the mockup with your branding precisely. Slide in your designs which you upload with a simple, in-browser feature and you are ready to roll. Thanks to Placeit, anyone, regardless of your experience, can create a presentation of a book that will inspire and amaze your client or potential buyers.

Mockup of a Woman Reading a Book and Holding a Mug

mockup of a woman reading a book and holding a mug

To achieve a photo-realistic presentation of a book cover, here is a woman, reading the book while enjoying a cup of her favorite warm drink. If you are particularly interested in creating a design both for the book and the cup, this is the template that will do you well. Your client might be interested in selling the book as a bundle for the most loyal fans. With ready-made designs, you can swiftly enrich the layout in just a few clicks. Also, you can alter the colors (even the inside of the cup!), as well as append additional text.

Mockup of a Woman With Glasses Holding a Mug and a Book

mockup of a woman with glasses holding a mug and a book

When working on a design for a book, make sure you test it out first with a mockup template before you send it out for print. A book mockup can also work great as inspiration, as well as for your client to visualize the end product better. If in need of any additional improvements and whatnot, now is the right time to do it. With the use of Placeit platform, you instantly introduce your design. This exclusive and lovely template offers you to add both the front and the back cover designs, as well as a mug design. Change the color if necessary and the outcome is ready to impress.

Book Cover Mockup

book cover mockup

If you have a design ready for a book, you are probably wondering how it looks on the actual book. For a realistic presentation, all you need is a free book mockup and you are ready to roll. Yes, it truly is as simple as that.

Even when it comes to working with a mockup, all it takes is just some basic design knowledge, particularly Photoshop, and that is it. It is the smart object layer that makes things easy as pie for you. Thus creating a killer cover presentation does not take much time, as it only requires some dragging and dropping.

With that in mind and if you dig the workspace atmosphere, feel free to download this mockup now and make a difference.

Hardcover Book PSD Mockup

hardcover book psd mockup

Books come in all shapes and sizes, as well as paperbacks and hardcovers. If you are coming up with the ideal design for the latter, you better rush downloading this nifty free mockup template which will instantly make a change. That said, you have nothing to lose; only gain some positive feedback due to the excellent outcome you are about to bring into fruition.

It is a layered PSD file, equipped with the convenient smart object layers. You know already that the final product will be a fantastic appearance of a hardcover book with your design on it. It is a high-quality mockup template which allows you to edit it to the very last detail. Make it yours or let the cover follow the regulations and wants of your client accordingly.

Brand Books PSD Mockup

brand books psd mockup

Let’s face it, you always go for the book with the most interesting and attention-grabbing cover. To create a cover that will spark their curiosity, you can play around with a free book mockup template and save yourself time and energy. No need to actually create a physical product anymore. Choose a mockup that suits your taste best and go from there. You can include your artwork in a snap and see instantaneous results. How cool does that sound? Knowing this, you can come up with multiple different variations in close to no time.

On the mockup, you will notice two books at a different angle. Of course, you can edit them both, as well as the color of the background. Last but not least, the dimension of the template is 3800 × 2850 px.

Book Cover Design PSD Mockup

book cover design psd mockup

Instead of getting only one layout, this particular book mockup gives you access to three different designs. Use the mockup out of the box, but you can also take things to an entirely new degree by enriching the cover with your own marvelous designs. Thanks to the straightforward editing process, instant results are just a few clicks away. Drag and drop your masterpiece and see it in action right away.

While your creation might already turn heads, wait until you put it on the actual mockup of a thick book. Indeed, the story changes like a shot. Whether you are working on your own book or help a client out, a solid and photo-realistic presentation will do the trick. It helps with the decision of the final book cover, saving you all the extra time and effort.

Notebook Stationery PSD Mockup

notebook stationery psd mockup

To give a slight variation to this collection of the best free book mockups, here is one that features a nifty presentation of notebook stationery. First and foremost, the template comes in high-resolution, making sure the outcome appears top-notch. Not just from a distance but even when you create close-ups, this mockup template rocks the game. Very likely, you are already impressed by the professionalism and sophistication of the template, as well as the details that spice up the experience.

You can effortlessly utilize this exclusive mockup for a paperback book, too. Use your imagination, go against the norm and shine with a creation that will amaze everyone. With minimal attention on your end, a mockup allows you to strike everyone heavy with a presentation moves mountains. Make sure you are fully satisfied with how your design comes out before it goes out for print.

Cute Children’s Book PSD Mockup

children book psd mockup

So, the author sends you the story and it is now up to you to create a design for a children’s book. After putting in time and effort, all you need is an adorable free book mockup to create a presentation that will make their jaws drop. With this remarkable template, you get six different layouts of the book for the complete appearance of your impressive design. From then on, you two can further discuss on the final artwork, but if they dig it already, you win big times.

What’s cool, this mockup is free to use both for personal and professional projects. Now go all in, create a realistic presentation of the children’s book, you have been working on its design, and see it in effect straightaway. Very quick and straightforward if you will.

Catalog Book PSD Mockup

catalog book psd mockup

Whether you are designing a catalog or a paperback book, this is a clean, modern and easy to use free book mockup template. Instead of going through the long and tedious process and creating a photo-realistic presentation yourself, skip it entirely by downloading a free template instead. This gives you a quick, yet professional, solution to present your works and see them in action.

The dimension of the mockup is 6000 x 4496 px, making sure the end product is of the highest quality possible. This also allows for close-ups, giving you a chance to go very detailed with your design. Without further ado, take action and get your hands on the mockup now.

Sober & Free Paperback Book Cover Mockup

free paperback book cover psd mockup

A mockup almost cannot get more photo-realistic than this one. It features a teenager holding a novel in a room. If that is something you are interested in for the design artwork you are coming up with for a forthcoming paperback, go all in now and see the immediate outcome. As you see from the image alone, you know that the final product will be mind-bending, making an impression on everyone.

Replace the existing design with your art and even include text. Download, import into Adobe Photoshop and improve the default look via smart object layers. That is exactly how simple and effortless the entire process is. Due to its swiftness, you can speedily create multiple variations of the possible final book cover.

Free Book Mockup

free book mockup download

There are all sorts of ways how to market a new book professionally; still, the most impactful one is the cover. When someone is checking the shelves of the new releases, the one book that has the most interesting cover sparks their curiosity the most and all the others come second. Meaning, with a strategically designed book cover, you can expect a rise in sales, as it will surely make them want to read the inside.

Here is a book mockup that features two main working areas. You can individually edit the front and the back book cover. This comes handy for books that come in two parts.

Sober Book Cover PSD Mockup

book cover psd mockup

In this day and age, there are all sorts of tools and equipment available that enhance your workflow. And free book mockup templates are a remarkable solution for creating a presentation that everyone will enjoy viewing in great detail. It is free, it is easy to use and the outcome will be professional, what else you need?

Make things your way entirely with this fully editable mockup that ensures a sophisticated final product. Bear in mind, you can employ it for personal and professional use. Stop wondering how to execute a solid appearance of an actual book, as we bring you very many different options that unlock a whole new specter of possibilities.

Book Box Set PSD Template

book box set psd template

Instead of just creating a presentation of one book, here is a book mockup that features a set of three books. Along with the cover design, you can also put on display how the spine would look like. When working with a client, it is great to showcase them how the final product will look. With a mockup template, you now have a chance to make a realistic appearance without breaking a single drop of sweat. Just slide in your design via smart object layers and you are ready to rock and roll.

A mockup also allows you to not run into any inconvenience when it comes to the actual printing process. Be 100% sure that your artwork fits perfectly and win the game.

Customizable Book Box Set Bundle Mockup

book box set bundle psd mockup

Here is another alternative to the previous set of books. However, this one includes ten books and a box. Create a nifty bundle that will amaze the end user. It is a perfect solution for bringing into being a collectors edition. Now, whether the story comes in ten parts or there will actually be ten different books, that does not really matter. You can create the cover (6 x 9 inches) and the spine (1.2 inches) design.

What’s more, in this massive bundle of free mockups, there are actually a whopping 24 templates to choose from. There are enough options and solutions to make the exact presentation that you fancy.

Book Box Set PSD Mockup

book box set psd mockup

Creating the life-like presentation of a book bundle is a piece of cake when you have the design ready and access to an appropriate free mockup template. You are in good hands as far s the mockup part goes due to the fact of how many variations we hand-picked for you. This is another lovely and trendy layout of a 6 x 9 inch book that includes two styles; one with an image and one with plain text.

Along with adding your work on the cover of the book, you can also alter and fine-tune the spine. All the fun begins after you download this template at no cost and start playing around with different variations.

Open Book Design PSD Mockup

open book design psd mockup

Since our main focus were book covers so far, here is a cool mockup template of an open book. The pages of the book are fully editable. Meaning, you can stuff them either with images or text. Also, you can change the color of the book, as well as improve the background. Thanks to the easiness of the smart object layers, pretty much everyone and anyone can enhance the template with the designs and contents of choice.

Have a base for presenting the inside of the book sorted out with this mockup and boost your workflow through the roof.

Free Book Box Set PSD Mockup

free book box set psd mockup

A free mockup template of a complete box set of two books dimensions 6 x 9 inches with 1.25 inch spine. Of course, you can fully edit the box itself, the cover and the color, as well as each spine individually. Keep things super simple and minimal, but you can also take things one step further with remarkable artwork and imagery. Whatever suits your taste, test it out with this free book mockup and see the life-like version of it. And the entire process of including your artwork and enriching the presentation will be a piece of cake, thanks to Photoshop and smart object layers.

Children’s Board Book PSD Mockup

childrens board book psd mockup

When working with an author on the design of their upcoming children’s board book, you sure do want them to see how the final product would appear when fully realized. Instead of investing in multiple prints, just stick to a free mockup template and make the presentation that will capture their interest in a flash.

The mockup features a square-shaped board book with an adorable and sweet design. Of course, you can fully modify the design, the color and the font until the outcome matches your client’s expectations precisely. Download the template now and unlock yourself a whole new world of resources.

Square-Shaped Children’s Board Book PSD Mockup

childrens board book psd mockup

Getting a design on a mockup of a children’s board book happens in a breeze when the PSD file comes with smart object layers. And that is something you are treated to with all and every template you find on this list. That said, make sure you create a photo-realistic presentation of your creation so your client visualizes it easier. They will now have a much better idea of how the final product will look like and if it needs any additional editing and improving. You can do that, too – multiple times – and come up with all sorts of different variations.

Paperback Book PSD Mockup

paperback book psd mockup

For the presentation of a paperback book, all you need is to get your hands on this mockup and all the rest becomes history. Regardless of the genre of your book, this template handles them all with ease. Along with adding the cover of the book, you can also create the back of it and give everyone a better idea of how the outcome could appear.

Download this free book mockup now and start experimenting with the design possibilities it unlocks for you. Have in mind, the dimension of the book is 5.5 x 8.5 inches. With the simplicity of dragging and dropping, you can have a nifty book showcase ready to go in a just a few clicks.

Hardcover Book Mockup

hardcover book mockup

Of course, the story matters the most, however, if it lacks solid designs, you can expect fewer sales. With that in mind, take into consideration using a free book mockup which gives you all the rights to edit it accordingly. No need to wonder how the physical version will get back to you from a print shop. With a template, you can immediately create the presentation that will look exceptionally realistic.

Along with displaying the cover of the book, this mockup also comes with two additional views, back and inside pages. Keep things simple or go entirely against the norm with something unique.

Sober Book Cover PSD Mockup

free book cover psd mockup

Impress everyone not just with your designs, but with the solid presentation as well. As far as the latter goes, you can save yourself a ton of time and energy by simply going with a free book mockup template. This is a beautiful, yet simplistic, mockup which calls for an epic outcome. Just mix, match and blend in your creations, edit colors and that is basically it. Little work for superb results. That is exactly what you can expect from a fully layered mockup. With the swiftness, you can also realize multiple variables either of the same book or several different.

Landscape Hardcover Book Mockup

landscape hard cover book mockup

If you are particularly interested in designing the cover for a landscape hardcover book, you came to the right place. Here we bring you a terrific book mockup which comes at no additional charge. What’s more, this mockup does not include just one template, but four. With that in mind, you have more than enough variations to present the final design professionally.

All the different aspects of the book come with smart object layers which get you going as soon as you import them into Photoshop. Of course, you do not need to be an expert designer, however, basic knowledge is necessary. This mockup is very newbie-friendly if you will.

Free Hardcover Book Mockup

free hardcover book mockup

If you are looking for something more than just a mockup of a book, this is the template that will do the trick. It is free, first and foremost, allowing you to edit and improve it however you fancy. While you can enrich the cover of the book with your design, you can also rearrange the positioning of the elements and details. Make it your way entirely or keep things as is and have a better idea of how your design appears on a book right away. The whole process ends up being extremely simple, thanks to the organized PSD file and smart object layers.

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