27 Newspaper Mockups For Entrepreneurs and Editors 2019

The newspaper covers a wide variety of topics including sports, politics, fashion, business, world’s events, entertainment, etc. Hence, the newspaper is a very good source of information and can help anyone improve knowledge in general. On the other hand, the newspaper is also a great tool to add to your marketing strategies. Typically, newspaper advertising works best for local businesses as it can greatly influence consumers when it comes to information search and final purchase decisions. Furthermore, the newspaper statistics prove that the newspaper is still a strong performer. As a matter of fact, in 2016, a certain study found out that more than 169 million adults in the US read newspaper in a month. So, if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to venture on newspaper advertisement, better check out this list of newspaper mockups that we handpicked for you!

If you think that print media advertising has lost its effectiveness in business, you better think twice! Advertising in newspapers contributes to the brand awareness campaign, the introduction of new products, visiting a store and many other benefits. Moreover, statistics reveal that newspaper advertising cause people to visit the advertiser’s website; saves the ad for future reference, recommends the product or service to someone; encourages people to inquire with the products, visiting the store and even consider purchasing the product or service. Knowing these facts, it would be great to venture in this form of advertising. If you have been thinking to do such, you should check your advertisement designs if it contains all the important details and always look fantastic in every angle. In order to achieve professional and attractive ads, you must utilize newspaper mockups. These newspaper mockups can present your designs in a stylish and realistic manner.

Why You Need These Exceptional Newspaper Mockups

Designing a newspaper ad would be great if you can preview your designs before it gets printed. As much as possible, your advert designs should be engaging enough to attract attention. In this collection of newspaper mockups, you can find various ways to present your ads. In particular, you can see in this list hand holding a newspaper, a man reading a newspaper, page peel newspaper, a newspaper in bundles, folded and slightly open newspaper.

Also, we have included newspaper mockups that offer a horizontal ad spot and a vertical ad. If you wish to see a preview of your ad on the front page or inside pages, you can also find those newspaper mockups here. Particularly, these mockups have smart object layers where you can insert your own designs fast and easy. So, why not scroll through this list and see which ones you will need for your upcoming newspaper ad projects.

A4 Newspaper Mockup

a4 newspaper mockup

Although mobile devices and browsing the world wide web is a thing of today, still, many pick up a newspaper to learn about what is hot and trending. That said, if you are designing a newspaper or you would just like to test out how your advertisement would look in a printed version, pick this A4 newspaper mockup.
In the bundle, you get eight high-resolution PSD files of 4500 x 3000 px dimension. Also, with the use of Adobe Photoshop, you only need to search for smart object layers to edit and customize each template according to your needs and requirements.

Tabloid Newspaper Mockups

tabloid newspaper mockup

For everyone who is exclusively looking for a tabloid newspaper mockup, this particular template is the ideal solution for you. It is clean, modern and sophisticated, perfect for displaying your contents in the best possible light. Have in mind, the set treats you to five different PSD files, each offering you an entirely different view. Moreover, all the mockups are fully organized and layered for quick and effortless editing. After you import the PSD file, all you need to do is to double click on the smart object layer, drag and drop your design and that is it. Before you save it, you can also alter and readjust the appearance of your content, making sure it appears exactly how you visualized.

Newspaper Mockup Template

newspaper mockup template

A nifty newspaper mockup template in all sorts of different views, open and closed. You can create front and back page design, as well as content-rich inside with a spread presentation. Each layout is of the highest definition, making sure the outcome delivers a great experience. What’s more, the mockup is very detailed, giving you a chance to create the exact appearance of your newspaper idea or particular element that you fancy. Alter shadows, add a custom background, choose your favorite colors and enjoy up to three different reflections. Witness the swift and straightforward editing process and get things moving forward in just a few clicks.

Newspaper Adverts Mockups

newspaper adverts mockups

If you are designing an advertisement for a newspaper, this is the mockup template you should take into consideration. With seven different PSD files, you can hammer out all sorts of different styles and views of your advertising design ideas. You can also come up with a bunch of different variations and combinations before you decide on the winner. With a photo-realistic presentation, you have a better understanding of how your advertisement would appear real-time. No need to look elsewhere, pick this newspaper adverts mockup, slide in your creation via smart objects and see the results instantly. Make sure everyone reading the newspaper sees your message right off the bat.

Tabloid Size Newspaper Mockups Vol.8

tabloid size newspaper mockups

Another outstanding tabloid newspaper mockup that includes nine layouts for you to put into play without a hassle. With amazing customization features, you can easily and efficiently establish the presentation which will display your contents originally. You can modify background, shadows and lighting, creating an atmosphere that meets your desires to a T. With all the varying positioning and angles, you can create a presentation of the entire upcoming newspaper issue. With the ready-made templates, you can expect a super speedy realization of a life-like newspaper presentation. This ensures you to come up with a bunch of different views of the advertisement or any other content you would like to push with a newspaper.

Free Newspaper PSD Mockup Available with Useful Features

newspaper mockups

A newspaper is one of the best media to advertise your business. By adding a seamless ad in the newspaper ad spots your brand will be exposed and widely spread. So, whatever type of business you are running you can get your products and services exposed in a given range of distribution. Here’s a Free Newspaper PSD Mockup Available with Useful Features that will aid you in your design process.

Featuring hands holding a folded newspaper, this mockup can help you polish your advert designs on a newspaper. Just use the smart object layer in integrating your designs and in just a few clicks, you will have your designs ready for a presentation. This mockup can showcase your artwork in a professional manner. You may also change the color of the background as you desire.

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Newspaper Design PSD Mockup Available For Free

newspaper mockups

Since newspaper covers global and local news, many people are considering it in seeking information regarding nearby store openings, job opportunities, sales, and even entertainment. If you’re an editor, a publisher or a designer this Newspaper Design PSD Mockup Available For Free will be useful to you.

This mockup features a hand opening a newspaper – displaying its left and right pages. Each page contains a smart object that lets you add your own design to the scene. Furthermore, each page has a perfect shade effect that makes the appearance of your newspaper even more realistic. If you want to change the color of the background, you can also do it.

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Free Newspaper Advertisement Closeup Mockup in PSD

newspaper mockups

It is a good thing to keep updated with the latest events, technology or issues happening globally or locally. And, newspapers can provide that information efficiently. So, as a designer or entrepreneur, always make sure that your advert designs are clear and attractive so you can invite people to visit your shop or your website. Here’s a Free Newspaper Advertisement Closeup Mockup in PSD that you can use for the presentation of your ads to a client.

Featuring a close up isometric view of a newspaper, you can perfectly showcase your advert in a clear and readable manner. Specifically, you can display your designs vertically using the smart object layer. Just place your design on the ad spot and it will reflect in this newspaper mockup. Check out this useful freebie today!

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Newspaper Ad PSD Mockup Available in Horizontal Design

newspaper mockups

Whether you want to advertise an upcoming sports event, new gadgets, business events a newspaper ad is an excellent way of getting a wonderful exposure. In case you need help in evaluating your designs, you can choose from these newspaper mockups we have gathered for you. Here’s one that you can use for your evaluation, a Newspaper Ad PSD Mockup Available in Horizontal Design.

This mockup features an ad spot in a close-up angle of a newspaper with a dark brown wood texture. Apparently, you can add a 15 x 6 inches design of your advertisement through smart object layer. Just before you finalize your designs, see to it that your logo or your company name along with the color scheme of your business are placed in an organized manner. See if this is what you need for your design evaluation.

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Newspaper Advertisement PSD Mockup Available For Free

newspaper mockups

Although the rise of digital news is popular these days, print media has never lost its fame when it comes to acquiring information. It’s still one of the most reliable sources of information regardless of age. Well, if you need help in polishing your ad on a newspaper, this Newspaper Advertisement PSD Mockup Available For Free can be the one you have been looking for.

This mockup features a vertical ad spot on the right page of a newspaper. The spot is located on the bottom right where you can insert your own design via smart object layer. Typically, you will have a clear preview of your ad so make sure your logo, company name, contact number, address or whatever relevant information your potential customers must have!

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Newspaper PSD Mockup Available With User-friendly Features

newspaper mockups

The habit of the reading newspaper is part of modern life. It gives a person a wide outlook of different fields and enriches knowledge as well. So, as part of the editorial staff, always make your content clear and organized. To help you check your layout and other things you need to consider, we handpicked this Newspaper PSD Mockup Available With User-friendly Features that is very useful for your newspaper ad design evaluation and presentation.

This mockup contains three different scenes of newspapers in PSD files. The first scene displays various copies of newspapers folded and tied with a rope. Specifically, you can add your own design to the front using the smart object. You also have the option to use the plain color background or the background with texture. The second scene you can showcase two copies of your newspaper design – the one on top showcases the whole front page while the one at the back is in the folded state. You can add the front page using smart object layers. Same goes with the background options. The third one displays your newspaper in a folded angle that lets you showcase the front page and the back page using a smart object as well.

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Free Newspaper Cover Plus Chair Mockup in PSD

newspaper mockups

Reading the newspaper carries a lot of benefits. It is both beneficial for the readers and is also advantageous for entrepreneurs. For entrepreneurs, they can use the ad spots in the newspaper to introduce their new product, new services or any promo they want to spread. Hence, if you’ve decided to opt for that strategy, you can test your designs using newspaper mockups. Here’s one that you can grab, Free Newspaper Cover Plus Chair Mockup in PSD.

This mockup features an isometric newspaper on a red chair. Specifically, you can insert a 27 x 39 inches design of your newspaper. As this mockup comes with smart object layer, it is easier for you to replace the existing design to your own. Just slide in your designs, save it and it will reflect in this newspaper scene.

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Free Man Reading Newspaper Mockup

newspaper mockups

If a person needs information on politics, sports, entertainment or job listings he can opt for a newspaper and find what he’s looking for. That’s how beneficial a newspaper is. It can spread information with a reliable source. Meanwhile, the newspaper can also be used for advertising any business. So, if you plan to incorporate this into your business, you must not miss this Free Man Reading Newspaper Mockup.

This mockup comes with two different scenes of a man reading a newspaper. The first scene features a man reading the inside pages of a newspaper, showcasing its front and back cover. Particularly, you can integrate a design on those pages using the smart object layers. On the second scene, it features a man holding a newspaper displaying the first page or cover page of a newspaper. This time, you can only add one design via smart object layer.

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Free Tabloid Newspaper Mockup in PSD

newspaper mockups

If you wish to see the final appearance of your tabloid newspaper you can utilize newspaper mockups that can yield realistic results. Here’s one that will guide in designing an advert on a newspaper. A Free Tabloid Newspaper Mockup in PSD that is ideal for your personal and commercial projects.

This mockup features a tabloid newspaper in a slightly open angle. Specifically, you can add the front and inside pages using the smart object layer. You may also adjust the shadows and color effects this mockup offers. It is a high-resolution graphics so your designs will never be pixelated.

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Free Newspaper Print Ad Mockup in PSD

newspaper mockups

Make your newspaper designs look realistic and adorable with newspaper mockups. If you’re heading for a client presentation, you should not miss the chance to exhibit your newspaper designs in an exceptional manner. Here’s a Free Newspaper Print Ad Mockup in PSD that will make your designs stand out.

This mockup features two newspapers at different angles. The one on top displays a hand holding an open newspaper – where you can integrate a design for the left and right pages using the smart object layers. The one on the bottom lets you insert a design on the cover or front page via smart object as well. You may also change the background color to meet your desired result.

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Free Realistic Newspaper Mockup in PSD

newspaper mockups

Do you wish to see your designs on a vintage newspaper? Do you want your designs to stand out in a client presentation? Well, you better check this amazing freebie that we’ve included in this list of newspaper mockups. A Free Realistic Newspaper Mockup in PSD perfect for polishing your designs well.

This mockup features a page peel vintage style newspaper, folded the newspaper, old grunge book cover, cup set, vintage pen box, cap, iPhone 6, pencil, and a plant pot. In particular, you can add designs on those items on the scene via smart object layers except for the pen and the plant pot. However, the color of these two items is customizable. Each of this item is placed in properly named folders and layers.

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3 Free Newspaper Advert Mockup in PSD

newspaper mockups

The contents of your newspaper should be properly evaluated. This includes the heading, the images, stories, and other relevant information – all of these should meticulously scrutinize. Moreover, the layout should also be checked if it’s readable enough. Here’s a set of 3 Free Newspaper Advert Mockup in PSD that you can freely use to yield realistic graphics.

This mockup contains three different scenes and appearance of newspapers in PSD files. The first one features a bundle of newspaper on a light brown wooden texture tied with a rope. Basically, you can insert your own artwork in the front page via smart object. On the second scene, you can see two folded newspapers piled one after the other. They also have two distinct smart objects for easy design integration. The third scene displays three newspaper in various angle – the one on top exhibits a folded newspaper, the middle is in closed view and the bottom is in open view where you can display the left page only. Check it out!

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Double-Spread Newspaper Ad Mockup

newspaper mockups

Do you want to test a double-spread advert design? Are you not sure if your client would love your artwork and give you more opportunities to stand out? Well, you should grab this Double-Spread Newspaper Ad Mockup so you will know if your work will be satisfying or needs more improvement.

This mockup features a man holding a double-spread newspaper with realistic and excellent manner. It has a smart object layer where you can insert a design with a size of 21 x 16 inches. This mockup lets you insert your designs with ease and adjust the light effects to render a fantastic design.

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Free Customizable Newspaper Advertising Mockup

newspaper mockups

Looking for a reliable source of information regarding politics, economics, current affairs, business or entertainment? Newspaper can be an excellent mode of mass communication. In case you need to design one for a client, this Free Customizable Newspaper Advertising Mockup will be more beneficial and valuable to you.

Featuring a vertical ad spot in a newspaper, this mockup can showcase your ads with style. Specifically, you can add your own artwork, advert designs on the bottom left of the newspaper using a smart object. You may also adjust the color of the ad spot, the background color and the brightness of the scene.

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Free Newspaper Advertisement Mockup in PSD

newspaper mockups

Most people want to be updated with the current events and newspaper can fill that needs. So, if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to utilize newspaper ads for your business, you should not miss this Free Newspaper Advertisement Mockup in PSD that will transform your flat designs into a realistic graphics without much hassle. All you need to do is to prepare your designs and slide it in this newspaper mockup.

Featuring a man reading a newspaper, this mockup can help you test your designs well. It offers you a perfect ad spot where you can place your advert designs with ease through a smart object. Once you insert your artwork and save it will reflect in this ad spot without blemish. See if this is useful to your projects. Download now!

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Premium Newspaper Mockups

Some mockups have greater features than the free ones. However, they may have the best features you need to yield the utmost product. Here are premium newspaper mockups that you can opt for your projects.

Vintage Style Newspaper Mockup Scene

Newspapers still exist even in these modern days. With its compatibility to carry news from all over the world, many people still love to read a print newspaper. If you’re working with newspaper project or want to see if your ads look clean, comprehensive and readable before it’s publicized then you need this newspaper mockup. Here’s Vintage Style Newspaper Mockup Scene that will help you finalize your designs. It comes with 4 mockup scenes in PSD files.

All of those mockups have smart objects to insert your ads or designs easily. It also has organized layers so you can quickly modify the element you need to without touching other objects. Items included in the scene are the newspaper, iPhone 6S, cap, business card, vintage style book, safety pins, pencil, flower vase and pen box.

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Berliner Newspaper Mockup

Never miss this Berliner Newspaper Mockup for an effective evaluation of your newspaper ads, finalizing your editorial page, or crafting the layout of your newspaper. This premium resource is an essential tool for editors, designer, and entrepreneurs and other professionals who wish to advertise with newspapers. Specifically, this mockup contains 4 PSD files in different angles and views of a newspaper. It also comes with organized layers in a high-resolution file so editing won’t be a headache.

Each of the mockups has smart objects where you can easily insert your own designs with ease. Moreover, each mockup features wonderful scenes that will truly tell you which components or object in your designs needs polishing. What’s more? If you wish to edit the background, adjust effects to achieve a realistic look that’s also possible with this mockup.

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Newspaper Mockup PSD

Newspaper in print and digital always play a vital role in spreading news worldwide. It’s not only useful for that, but it is also best for advertisement. If you plan to venture on the newspaper ad as part of your marketing scheme then check out this Newspaper Mockup PSD. It’s a fully layered PSD file that is fully editable.

This mockup contains smart object layer where you can easily integrate your design into the scene. It has a dimension of a 5184×3456 pixel in 300 dpi. This premium mockup can be used for personal and commercial use. With this tool, you can ensure that your designs are excellent and ready to publish.

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Newspaper Advertise Mockup

Planning to utilize newspaper for effective advertisement? Perhaps you shouldn’t miss this premium Newspaper Advertise Mockup. This mockup is a must-have for all businesses who want to reach a wide audience. Specifically, this mockup comes with 5 different PSD files in different angles as well that are completely customizable.

This can be edited via Photoshop with a high resolution of 4500×3000 pixel. Of course, the smart objects are included in this mockup for easy design insertion along with 8 backgrounds that you can play with. Check it out!

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Newspaper Mockup

newspaper mockup

Are you looking for the best newspaper mockup to showcase your layout designs? If you’re anxious about how your designs would look like, you can pick the best newspaper mockup to help you do the evaluation. If you need one for your project, you can have this Newspaper Mockup.

This mockup contains 8 PSD files of newspaper in different shots. With such various angles, you can be sure that your layout or designs will look great in such positions. You can find here folded newspapers, a man reading the newspaper, newspaper on a top view and many other useful angles. Moreover, you can customize the elements easily fully customizable with organized layer and separated objects like shadows, hand, and background.

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Newspaper Mockup Set

newspaper mockup

Mockups have always been useful especially for web designers and developers. These mockups let them see their designs in a realistic approach. Giving them the opportunity to see the flaws and refine your designs. If you need a newspaper mockup, you can opt for this tool.

This pack contains awesome 10 PSD files of newspaper in various angles. Basically, this mockup lets you insert your own designs into the scene through the use of the smart object. It’s a high-quality mockup with 4000×3000 pixel dimensions at 300 dpi. You may also change the background as this mockup offers six different options that you can enjoy.

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Newspaper Advertising Mockups Vol 2

newspaper mockup

With today’s digital news and magazine websites, you may think that print media advertising has lost its effectiveness. But studies reveal that print advertising is still a great part of the effective marketing tools. So, if you want to finalize your ads in a newspaper, you can pick this Newspaper Advertising Mockups Vol 2.

This mockup contains 13 high-quality PSD files of newspaper in different angles. It uses excellent photorealistic location and settings so your designs will definitely gain attention. Also, this mockup offers an easy way of inserting your design. You only need to use the smart object layer and your designs will reflect in the scenes. With this pack, you can be sure that your designs will be impressive and excellent.

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