28 Best Charity And Church Website Templates 2019

When digging the world wide web to find the best church website templates, you might, at some point, find yourself lost. Instead of jumping from page to page, from template to template, stop the tedious process immediately. There is no need to further explore other websites to find templates for churches, cathedrals, basilicas and abbeys. Fortunately, we have all the products that will help you spread His Word.

We went one step further and mixed church website templates with charity and non-profits. In brief, they are all perfectly suitable for your needs and requirements. They follow all the latest web and technology trends and have a beautiful web design. Sometimes, you just need a tad more options at your disposal.

By owning a website for your local church, you can reach even more people. Anyone who is unable to experience the Sunday Mass can get a glimpse into it on your website. Publish sermons, write about the Holy Spirit on your blog and grow your community. Accept donations and warmly welcome every online visitor and share with the online community your missionary work.

For everyone who would like to test the waters, we have special and free church website templates ready for you.
Start distributing the God’s Word and gospels with a pure and fresh website.


Creating a page for a church, a ministry or even a charity is possible with Divi. It is a multi-purpose solution for getting your idea going with tons of predesigned demo layouts and elements. Also, Divi gives you complete freedom to create any type of page you want. On top of that, you can also customize and modify the look with the integrated builder. It is the simplicity of dragging and dropping that you can take to your full advantage and swiftly make the web design that matches your taste.

With Divi, you also do not need to worry about the technical aspects of a website. By following all the latest regulations, you know your outcome will operate seamlessly. Divi is compatible with mobile devices, retina screens, web browsers and all popular plugins. It is also fast loading and in tune with search engine optimization.

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Start your journey online with Jevelin – as simple as that. Once you fully get the gist of it, you will understand the effortlessness this tool brings to the table. Jevelin comes with several samples to choose from, as well as all these other elements and functions for you to take to your advantage.

Avoid doing the work from scratch, when you can simply choose Jevelin and you are closer than ever to launching a church website. You do not even need to seek help from an expert web developer, thanks to the drag and drop site builder, WPBakery.

The customization features of Jevelin go through the roof. Moreover, with Jevelin, you will have no trouble managing and maintaining a website, updating it and keeping it fresh for years to come.

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vatican church website template

Vatican is a dedicated church website template with wonderful demo content and all the bits and pieces necessary for a successful page. It comes with all the needed sections, like sermons, pastors, donations, events, news and more. You will also discover a blog section and an online store. In short, with Vatican, you can establish a complete online space which will help you spread God’s Word over and beyond. You do not even have to be an expert at establishing pages and you can still enter the world wide web with a bang.

What’s more, Vatican ensures 100% responsive and flexible layout, which will run on every device without a hitch. It is also cross-browser compatible, retina screen friendly, fast loading and easily expandable with other popular plugins (if the need arises). Right in front of you, you have an entire solution for establishing a church page quickly.

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shelter website template

With numerous amazing options and even more possibilities to choose from, Shelter can help you create a stunning church website. It is a highly adaptive tool with easy customization for you to alter it to your needs and requirements precisely. In the Shelter kit, you will discover five stunning and optimized home page design that you can utilize right off the bat. Pick the one that suits your needs best and start something fresh straight away.

Shelter is a Bootstrap 4 based website template that offers every user a fully responsive solution for their neat websites. It is also 100% cross-browser compatible to work on Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox and the like seamlessly. Create enticing slideshows with help from Revolution Slider and save time with two different contact page styles. Yes, contact form and Google Maps are included, too.

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churhius website template

Are you planning on building a page for a church, non-profit or charity organization? Then you should consider relying on the Churhius template. Just form its name alone, you know it is really meant for churches and similar institutions to sort out their online presence. Churhius has all the right and necessary features and assets that are ideal for churches and other organizations that are not out to make a profit.

Churhius has two home variations, multiple header and footer layouts, as well as all other internal pages that will be of great use. It has a micro-niche web design that will spark everyone’s interest and get their curiosity going. The template rocks a mega menu for comfortable navigation, pages for sermons and ministries and fully supports RTL languages. There is a ton of content pre-made for you to have a safe and quick site launch for your church.

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liftfund website template

With as beautiful and modern template as Liftfund is, you can do amazing things online. Not only will your church shine on the web, but you will also get a chance to expand your reach as wide as you want. For as long as there is an internet connection, everyone will be able to access you even if from an entirely different location. On top of that, Liftfund is also mobile-ready to work smoothly on all devices (browsers, too!).

It is the full-screen slideshow that welcomes all your guests and loyal followers. Impress and amaze them with imagery and other needed information that you need to share with your audience. Other assets of Liftfund are parallax effect, working contact form, call-to-action buttons, video support and filterable gallery. Introduce your volunteers, share your upcoming events and make the donation form active and raise funds for a cause.

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charitify website template

There are a lot of church website templates that are available today. It is not the easiest to pick the right one if you do not have a clear idea about the various features they offer. This very moment, what you can do is to check out what Charitify delivers.

A lot.

This template is specially designed for churches, NGOs, charities and non-profit organizations. It is super responsive and compatible with whatever device they use to view your page from. Charitify is also meant to be effortless to customize so you can have a functional website up and running in as little time as possible. That’s how simple and straightforward it is to edit and use Charitify template.

With a total of fifteen pages and two home designs, a sticky header, active contact form and all the must-haves that come along ready for you to utilize, your page will be up sooner rather than later.

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fokir website template

Fokir was initially put together for charities and fundraisers but will work for church and other religion-related websites well, too. For the most part, the majority of work has already been done for you. There is very little work required on your end to get things going and turn Fokir into a website that will help you spread your word out. Fokir utilizes all modern technologies, like Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery.

Why’s that?

By following all the latest practices, Fokir makes sure your websites will always work seamlessly and perform at the highest degree. You church page will work great on all devices and appear intact regardless of the web browser they use.

Other goodies of Fokir are two predefined home demos, sticky and multi-level drop-down menu, shop and blog readiness, you name it, it has it all at your disposal.

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adoptpress website template

If you would like to go against the norm, do your thing and stand out from the crowd, you might want to go with AdoptPress website template. Sure, it is meant for the adoption of children and pet first thing but that does not mean it will not work with your church, too. AdoptPress has a very smooth and clean look that will help you differentiate yourself from all the rest.

There are five index page designs, three menus and three footer styles pre-build and ready for you to get things done quickly. When in need to customize and improve AdoptPress, there is no need for you to feel intimidated by the idea. AdoptPress is easy to use and simple to modify. Do not hold yourself back, enrich it with your personal touch and make it follow your vision to the T.

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Rite Charity

rite website template

Building a website is becoming easier with each following day, thanks to templates and predesigned content. You just have to find the right one that would be suited for the type of website that you are working on. If you are building a church or a charity page for example, then you should definitely need to look for a solid church website template.

Look what we have here.

Not only is Rite Charity one of the best you can get, but all the rest in this collection are also just as professional. Rite Charity is a great web design that comes ideal for churches, as well as charities, non-profits, fundraisers and NGOs.

What’s awesome about Rite Charity is how easy and quick it is to adjust it. You can freely customize Rite Charity according to your needs. The look of the template is clean, modern, bringing your word front and center.

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onehope website template

Are you looking for a contemporary church website template that you can use to create your own web space on the internet? OneHope is a modern template that you can use for all sorts of intentions, like charities, churches, non-profits and other similar organizations. It is very user-friendly what makes working with it child’s play. You can customize and alter it to fit your needs without any difficulty at all.

All the elements to the very last detail are professionally put together for a cutting-edge web design. OneHope also includes LESS files that allow you to change fonts, colors and other elements in a breeze. The appearance of OneHope is clean and elegant with a full-screen slider, contact form, animations and a neat gallery widget. Create a neat and sophisticated website for your church in a very short time and go live as of today.

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sacredia church website template

Convert your church or non-profit organization into a community hub with Sacredia. This church website template has groundbreaking features that can elevate your website tremendously. Present your sermons and events and keep your followers updated on a regular basis. Also, you can add donation pages, prayer walls, charity landing pages or news details and blog posts for a nice touch. All of these sections are based on the powerful Bootstrap Framework, mobile-ready, compatible with web browsers and retina screens.

When working with Sacredia, you can fully avoid starting everything from scratch. There are ten demos and a total of 26 HTML pages available for you to use however you fancy. Sacredia’s eternal, expansive design and creative and minimal color scheme can benefit any religious and NGO institution. Try it now, see the live preview page and you will never look back.

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charityo church website template

Spearheading a fundraising organization is more like a devotion. There will always be challenges that test your patience. If you are one of those hardworking and passionate individuals who genuinely want to start a cause, then here is a church website template just for you. Charityo is suitably named for all non-profit and religious organizations around the world. Start building your site right away, without the stress.

Charityo contains intuitive, familiar and comfortable to use tools that will skyrocket your web presence. You can benefit from five home demos, different footers, smart navigation, preset color skins and CSS3 animations to name a few. Also, no need to worry about the technical part, like mobile-readiness and cross-browser compatibility, Charityo sports it all and then some. Now start your journey and share the word with the global audience.

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nobility website template

Nobility is one of the top crowdfunding and church website templates that you can get your hands on today. In order to succeed online and reach a global audience, you need to have the right website. A website that would reflect your aims clearly and in the right terms. It will also help if the website is aesthetically pleasing at the same time. That is where Nobility comes in with its remarkable design and numerous stupendous features and assets.

With all the required elements and material included in the bundle, Nobility makes crafting your website fun and enjoyable. For some, that means changing the content of the demo and they are already set to go live. Meanwhile, all the rest, you can tweak the look however you fancy and modify Nobility to your needs precisely.

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The Fund

the fund website template

Crafting and establishing a website for a church or a charity is not like building sites for other organizations. It takes a great deal of skill and a lot of special knowledge. But who are we kidding, with a proper church website template, all the previous vanishes immediately. All of a sudden, you do not need to have tons of prior experience and no one asks you to invest loads of time and effort into it.

To make things easy for you, simply use The Fund when setting up your site. The Fund has a design very appealing to the eye that will get your church to stand out from the masses. With two home page designs and many other elements and assets, The Fund makes sure you are served all the necessities and then some. On top of that, improving the template is something you can easily accomplish as well.

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kicharity website template

If you are planning on building a charity, fundraising, donation, even business, or church website, then you should check no further than KiCharity. This tool has a lot to offer and that’s why you should surely not miss it. It is a top performing and highly optimized template with a ton of material ready-to-use. Although a different aim by default, we can still call KiCharity a church website template without giving it a second thought.

The template was built using Twitter’s popular grid system, Bootstrap, which means that it will be super responsive. Meaning, your website will have a fluid layout that will adapt to any device seamlessly. Besides, KiCharity also supports all modern browsers so performance stays intact no matter of the platform being used. Of course, they pre-tested it on various devices and the results were phenomenal.

KiCharity comes with 22 banging HTML files, three index pages and all the rest to get your site look exactly how you want.

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saviti website template

There is a lot of things you can do with the impressive Saviti template. With the versatility it sports, you can use it for charity, church, fundraising and many other similar projects that are in need of extra recognition. Start with the web first and move to other segments next. It is a website that is the best way to market yourself and show how professional you are at what you do. Entice everyone with something fresh using Saviti.

Do your thing.

The tool uses Bootstrap Framework and follows other modern web and tech regulations. With this in mind, the end product will always deliver the same amazing experience to all your visitors. Regardless of the device and web browser they use, Saviti displays its content beautifully and reshapes to the desired screen resolution instantly.

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charitypress website template

When you are crafting a website for a charity or a church, you need to have a reliable and convenient church website template. Of course, you can create the entire page from scratch.

But why complicate?

With all the content that is at your fingertips in this day and age, sometimes, you just want to take a shortcut. But to take the right type of a shortcut, you would want to look into CharityPress. The tool was carefully put together for such pages like NGOs, fundraisers, non-profits and, of course, churches.

CharityPress comes with an entirely responsive layout which fits perfectly on any kind of device from where your website will be viewed. Whether it is desktop, tablet or mobile, CharityPress is compatible with all. Along with three different front pages, it also comes with all the sections and elements that are going to be useful for these types of pages.

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believed website template

For when you want to bring into being an elegant and shipshape website for your church, then you should examine Believed. It is a modern and powerful church website template with a multi-page layout that will give you the space you require to share your word with a global audience.

First thing’s first, responsiveness. Believed is mobile-ready. It does not matter where it will be viewed; whether it is a desktop or a mobile device, Believed will provide the right level of performance.

Second, Believed has all the right components. You can adjust and modify it according to the needs that your website has.

On top of all the stuff, you will find in this amazing and exceptional bundle, Believed also has a very attractive and eye friendly design. Without further ado, let’s begin.

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wrapkit website template

WrapKit is a multi-purpose website template with unlimited possibilities regarding your website creation. You can call it almost whatever you want and church website template is one of the names it has. With over 26 pre-made niche demos, five hundred elements and page layouts, as well as 185 killer UI blocks, you are set to a quick and successful launch of a brand-new church website. Let WrapKit do its thing for you and have a page up ASAP.

Based on Bootstrap, WrapKit gives you the pliability and fluid layout that you need for your web presence. You definitely need to take care of your mobile users or you might run into quality issues. WrapKit is also optimized for search engines and speed, is easy to manage and maintain and supports retina screens of gadgets or desktops. Have an open mind and always be a step ahead of all the rest.

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salat website template

Salat is an exclusive website template for an Islamic center. This nifty church website template has it all neatly packed in one handy package full of solid features and assets. If this kind of a page is what you are looking for, Salat is the best tool to go with. It is mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible and delivers a cutting-edge web design with incredible performance. Indeed, Salat is also RTL compatible and comes with an entire demo dedicated to these sites.

Well documented, clean code, simple to use, quick to edit and stuffed with multiple ready-made internal pages, Salat provides the required and loads more. The contact page is equipped with an active form and Google Maps while footer section sports a newsletter subscription widget. A small investment leads to a high ROI when using Salat.

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trust website template

Regardless of the type of a page, you are about to build, keep in mind that simplicity and cleanness win all the time. There is no need to have all this fancy stuff on your page. It might look good to you but it will only be a distraction for the end user. The website should be straightforward and very easy to navigate. Sure, a tasty touch of graphics and animations might do good but you should stop here.

Trust is the charity and church website template that follows all the above regulations. It will keep your space tidy and neat while bringing forward your content.

The kit comes with seventeen total pages, four homes and four blogs, a contact page and a section for volunteers. Trust is fluid, well documented, simple to customize and in tune with all the major browsers. No need to hold back any longer, choose Trust and create a trusty church page.

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paper website template

Once you unlock yourself the doors to Paper, you can do many things online regarding websites creation. It is a multi-purpose template for doing and establishing loads of different styles of pages. While the vast amount of demo content will rapidly speed up the process, you can still put in the next gear and add your creative touch to the final web design of your web presence.

For churches and charities, Paper has a cool, clean and minimal demo available. It goes straight to the point and does not over clutter the web design. Meaning, your visitors will enjoy browsing your page entirely distraction-free. You can also add a blog or an online shop and do not need to worry about how to best execute the contact page. As far as the latter goes, Paper has two working variations at your disposal. Get things done by using one super powerful site canvas and the rest is history.

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mxpro website template

Mxpro is not your usual mutli-functional website template. It comes with a page builder and that’s what’s its major selling point for sure. However, there are loads of other features and assets that make Mxpro a highly-wanted tool.

In our case, Mxpro has a beautiful charity and church demo predesigned and ready to utilize for your online appearance. The layout is clean and modern with all the requisites to achieve the particular web design you wish for your organization.

From a full-screen banner with text and call-to-action button to mega menu, sticky navigation, newsletter subscription form and social media links, Mxpro delivers out of the world traits. It is also important to know that using, editing and customizing Mxpro is uncomplicated. With the terrific page builder, you can craft jaw-dropping pages with little effort involved.

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fundpro website template

You know already that the products we prepared vary so be ready to have your dream site sorted out completely. And no, you do not have to hire anybody to do it for you. These tools are all very simple to use and work with.
While FundPro is a template for charity and crowdfunding websites, it is powerful enough to also fit the church niche. The beautiful item is responsive and retina display ready, built on Bootstrap Framework for extensibility. Your FundPro based website will look outstanding on any device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop. Indeed, desktops will show your page just as gorgeously.

With an endless amount of ready-to-use HTML files, your church site will be up and running in no time. You even get premium Revolution Slider and Menuzord mega menu at no additional cost. Hurray for a marvelous first impression. Keep the spirit alive online and offline.

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fundpress website template

You need to understand that all these charity website templates that you find in this collection are fully compatible for creating church pages. Now, when that is cleared, let’s move on with FundPress template.

It all begins with, hold tight otherwise it might blow you away, with forty and counting homepages. That is a number that is hard to process but when you do, you immediately know that there sure is a layout that suits your needs best. Hot layouts, boxed, dark, RTL, you name it, FundPress has it all and then some. On top of that, FundPress is structured in a way that is very simple to customize and modify precisely to your likings.

If you are searching for an all-around template, give FundPress a shot. Take a peek at all the live demos and you will soon know whether it is a yes-I-need-it template or you need to find another one. You are in luck since we have loads more!

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bountypress website template

HelpingPro is another immense template with so much ready-to-use material it will take quite some time to investigate it all thoroughly. But you will soon know whether or not it is the right product for you. You only need to check out one of the one- or multi-page, boxed or dark layouts. Be impressed not only by the number of predefined content but the quality, too. If you need a wide variety of options then large templates, like HelpingPro is, are one of the best solutions for you.

Every section and every detail of HelpingPro was carefully designed for the best performance and experience. Smooth animations, parallax sections and plenty shortcodes help you boost your web presence. A good deal of headers and footers, donation forms and events make building with HelpingPro even simpler.

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Grace Church

grace church website template

Grace Church website template is a remarkable tool with a selection of required sections and pre-made content. Front page comes in two different variations and accompanied by other components, like sermons, events, about, blog and contact. To make your religious websites shine, Grace Church has Revolution Slider for the most eye appealing slideshows. It is one of the first things visitors see when they come to your page. Make it stand out and let the slider draw them in.

Kick things off which Grace Church template. The design does not overcomplicate with features, yet there are all the necessities for you to deliver the content in a way everyone will enjoy surfing. Section for upcoming events with countdown timer, animated stats, clean and filterable gallery, testimonials and top partners slider, you can feature it all or a few on your page.

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