28 Free Newspaper Templates For Publishers 2019

Newspapers, though seem to be obsolete, play a great role in every people’s lives. As it provides news about a country’s economic situation, sports, games, entertainment, trade and commerce, its existence is truly valuable. Hence, it can widen one’s outlook and enhance knowledge as well. But that’s not the only role it greatly plays. For entrepreneurs, the newspaper is a powerful and effective tool for business. Advertising in the established newspaper will bring great success to your brand. So, if you plan to advertise in a newspaper soon, you should check out these free newspaper templates before you do the first move!

Ensuring the quality of your ads before you allow it to be published, is an essential task. Always make sure you have inspected all the angles of your ads or your newspaper so it’s ready for publishing. With such a goal, you can have these free newspaper templates as your tool for achieving a seamless design.

In this list of free templates, you can finalize your design with ease. Now you can see how your final project would look like just before you sent them for print. So, check out this list of free newspaper templates now!

A4 Newspaper Mockup

a4 newspaper mockup

An outstanding newspaper template in A4 size and eight different views. If you would like to make a super realistic presentation of your newspaper design, you better get your hands on this layout and make an instant difference. You can quickly and easily edit the layout with the use of smart object layers. In other words, just drag and drop your designs and you are done with the work. That is how effortless things are when you do the work with the right tools. Just insert the template to Adobe Photoshop and enjoy the process of quick realization.

Newspaper Mockup PSD

newspaper mockup psd

A simple newspaper mockup template for both experts and pure beginners. If you are interested in seeing how your advertisement design would appear in a newspaper, this is a fine tool to go with. Once you import the template to Photoshop, just double click on the smart object layer and replace it with your creative. This gives you a better understanding of whether or not the design needs additional editing or it already fits the advertising placement perfectly. You do not need to create the entire presentation from the ground up when you can save yourself a ton of time with a mockup.

Berliner Newspaper Mockups

berliner newspaper mockup

If you are particularly interested in creating a design for a Berliner-size newspaper, here is a mockup perfect for you. Instead of one, you get four impressive, clean and modern PSD mockups in different views. With the use of smart objects, you can speedily modify and fine-tune all and everything, making the mockup present your creation in the best possible light. All the layers are well-organized with realistic effects and shadows. Without breaking a sweat, you can now create a striking Berliner newspaper design in minutes time. Have in mind, you can also change the color of the background and make it super eye-catchy.

Tabloid Newspaper Mockups

tabloid newspaper mockup

Along with the Berliner newspaper, here is a Tabloid version. A similar mockup compared to the previous one, pretty and very appealing to the eye. Also, super swift and straightforward to edit and adjust according to your needs and preference. In the bundle, you get a collection of five outstanding PSD files, all entirely adjustable and editable via the smart object layers. All you need to do is to drag and drop your designs and see instant results. You can also alter effects, shadows and background, so the outcome meets your expectations to a T. Save when you are done and that’s it!

Newspaper Mockup Template

newspaper mockup template

A stunning newspaper mockup template for everyone who would like to make a positive impact on their clients or subscribers. With a mockup and a predefined design, you can have a life-like presentation ready to go in a snap of a finger. Even if you get the work from a designer, you can effortlessly edit it with the use of Photoshop. Just search for the smart object layers and all the rest is history. This tool comes with loads of different options and solutions which you can use to stylize the outcome accordingly. Shadows, light effect, background, reflections, you name it, do it your way without a hassle.

Free Newspaper PSD Mockup

free newspaper templates

Newspapers are one of the effective advertising media that entrepreneurs can utilize for their business. As most people trust the tried and tested medium for brand exposure, newspapers are indeed valuable. So, before you publicize your ads, make sure it looks seamless. Here’s free newspaper PSD Mockup that you can utilize for the presentation of your newspaper. Specifically, the scene showcases a man’s hand holding a folded newspaper. With this free newspaper template, you can easily create a cool preview of your design. You just have to download the file and open it in Photoshop. As it comes with the smart object layer, it’s easier for you to insert your own artwork into the scene. With its 4000×3000 pixel dimensions, your design will look realistic and professional. Moreover, this template lets you change the background color to meet your requirements.

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Free Newspaper Advertisement Closeup Mockup in PSD

Newspapers are great for displaying classified ads. Whether you want to publish job opportunities, car sales, upcoming events, the newspaper can exhibit well your ads. If you’re looking for the best newspaper template that will help you finalize your design, you should see this tool. Here’s Free Newspaper Advertisement Closeup Mockup that you can freely use for the evaluation of your ads. Apparently, this template lets you see your newspaper ads in a closeup view. You just have to download the file and apply your design in Photoshop. With the smart object layer, it would be easier for you to insert your own artwork into the scene. You just have to save it on that layer and see a realistic preview in no time! Thus, you can see your ad design stand out on a newspaper ad spot. Basically, this is best to use for branding, business, client presentation, etc.

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Newspaper Design PSD Mockup Available For Free

Free stuff is truly amazing! That’s why talented designers deserve recognition of the wonderful works they offer for free! Meanwhile, free newspaper templates are indeed useful for polishing your designs. Aside from seeing your ads or page designs on a realistic preview, it will also help you find the flaws and come up with a perfect design. Here’s Newspaper Design PSD Mockup that you can acquire for free! With this template, you can display the left and right pages of your newspaper. In this case, you won’t have difficulty in displaying your designs as it comes with smart object layers. Now you just have to drag and drop your design and you’ll have a nice, realistic preview instantly. Thus, you can see which elements in your designs need to be furnished to achieve a stunning look.

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Newspaper PSD Mockup

Newspapers are indeed relentless when it comes to distributing knowledge. People often look at newspapers for acquiring information for current events, entertainment, business, etc. If you’re looking for free newspaper templates, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s Newspaper PSD Mockup perfect for the evaluation of your designs. Apparently, this template has 3 cool and awesome scenes of newspapers. With this tool, you can showcase your newspaper designs in a folded angle and in a bundle. As it comes with the smart object layer, inserting your designs into the scene won’t be hard. By saving your artwork into the smart layer, you can have a close-to-real preview of your design. Moreover, as it is fully layered, you can easily edit the element you want to. Hence, you can make presentations, promote your brand and label, create branding identity and make your ideas close to perfection.

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Free Newspaper Cover Plus Chair Mockup in PSD

Newspaper is more than just entertainment. When you already have gained the trust of numerous readers, you can become a powerful influence. In turn, many entrepreneurs will invest in your newspaper for brand exposure. In that case, this Free Newspaper Cover Mockup is a must-have! It features a closeup view of the backside of a closed newspaper on an upholstered chair. It’s a layered PSD that contains smart object layer for easier integration of design. Therefore, having a wonderful preview of your designs will be seamless. Also, you have the chance to improve the artwork just before you send it for publishing. It has dimensions of 5472 x 3648 px enough to make your artwork pixel-perfect. Moreover, this template will also give you the idea which of the elements you need to remove or improve. Thanks to this free amazing newspaper template, having a cool view is just a matter of drag and drop.

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Free Tabloid Newspaper Mockup in PSD

Looking for ways to make your newspaper project attractive in your design presentation? If you do then mockup templates will be the perfect solution for your needs. Here’s Free Tabloid Newspaper Mockup in PSD that will help you create a gorgeous newspaper presentation. It has 2 smart objects of sizes 11.5 x 17.6 inches each so it would be easier for you to integrate your artwork into the newspaper scene. You can display your design on the left and right of the newspaper. With its 300 dpi and 3500 x 2300 pixel dimensions, you will have pixel-perfect designs. Since it is layered, you can easily edit the elements in this template. Basically, you can adjust the background, shadows and color effects as well. All in all, this free newspaper template will be very useful for branding, advertising and marketing design evaluation.

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3 Free Newspaper Advert Mockup in PSD

Are you in need of a template that you can use for designing your newspaper ads? Well, you can check out this list of free newspaper templates and see which tools you should grab for your projects. Here’s Free Newspaper Advert Mockup with 3 amazing newspaper scenes. All you got to do is to download this freebie and edit in Photoshop. Basically, you need to look for the smart object layer where you can insert your own designs and save! After that, your flat advertisement designs will reflect on this realistic newspaper. Apparently, this mockup has three different newspaper advert perspectives that you can take advantage of. As the template is fully layered and well organized, you can easily edit which elements you need to customize. So, make your designs stand out and enjoy using this tool for your business.

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Free Realistic Newspaper Mockup in PSD

Newspaper widens the outlook and knowledge of a person. Hence, newspaper designs ought to be clear, clutter-free and well-structured. If you think you still need to polish your designs, you should see these free newspaper templates and pick the one you need. Here’s Free Realistic Newspaper Mockup crafted to help you present your newspaper designs in a nice manner. This vintage and classy template indeed can enhance the look of your designs. The scene includes a vintage style newspaper, old grunge book cover, iPhone 6, cap, pencil, cup set, vintage style pen box and a plant pot. You can use smart object option to change the design of all these items except for the pen box and plant pot but you can change the color of the plant pot. All items are placed on separate layers so you can edit elements without touching the others. Moreover, you may move or remove items as well to meet your desired result.

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Free Newspaper Print Ad Mockup in PSD

Newspaper plays an important part in man’s life. It’s one of the ways to learn local, regional, national and international news. And if that’s an essential tool, better make sure that newspaper’s design exceeds readers expectations. Here’s Free Newspaper Print Ad Mockup that suits well for your personal and commercial projects. This template will help you exhibit your advertisement designs in a stunning and attractive manner instead of showing them to a client in a flat design. Apparently, this newspaper template offers three different smart objects to add your designs in the scene. Specifically, you can add designs on the left, right page and the bottom newspaper. The size of all three smart objects is similar – 11.6 x 17.6 inches. It also offers properly named layers to customize the shadows, light effects and background. This is perfect to use for ad design or any other related projects.

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Double-Spread Newspaper Ad Mockup

Newspapers can provide interesting things. That’s why its design should look seamless before it gets published. Or if you’re planning to advertise in newspapers, you should see to it that ad is perfectly designed. Here’s a Double Spread Newspaper Ad mockup that will guide you in achieving the best result. It’s a perfect scene that shows a man reading the double spread newspaper. Apparently, the template allows you to easily insert your own artwork into the scene through the use of a smart object layer. By saving it in this layer, you can now have a realistic preview of your designs in no time! This ready-to-use free mockup template offers a smart object of size 21 × 16.08 inches. Just add your design using smart object option, adjust the light effects using layers and showcase your designs with style. With such template, you can easily identify which elements you must remove or object you need to improve to make it look realistic.

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News Paper Mockup

Newspapers are informative and resourceful. These are the reasons why many people love to read them every day. In turn, many entrepreneurs can utilize newspapers for brand awareness campaigns. Well, with this newspaper template, your ads, newspaper designs, or any other similar projects will look realistic and practical. Here’s a Newspaper Mockup Scene that features a woman reading the spread newspaper. This newspaper mockup has the smart object layer so it’s very easy to replace the existing designs. Basically, you can add your designs on the right and left pages of the newspaper just use the smart objects and your designs will reflect in the scene.

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Free Man Reading Multiple Ads Newspaper Mockup

Don’t miss this newspaper template that will effectively guide you in creating your newspaper. Whether you’re an editor, publisher or advertiser, this premium mockup is a great resource to obtain. This Free Man Reading Multiple Ads Newspaper Mockup features a spread newspaper where you can add different advert designs on both ad spots on the right and left pages. You can use this for editing your ads before you send it to publish. Basically, you can insert your ads on the square-shaped spot (left) with a 2×2 inches size and a rectangular shape (right) on the lower spot having a size of 4×2 inches.

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Free Morning Tea Newspaper Mockup

Newspapers are meant to spread news, entertain, feature amazing stories, etc. On the other hand, newspapers are also useful for entrepreneurs as they use it for advertising. If you need a newspaper mockup to test your ads, then this Free Morning Tea Newspaper Mockup is more than a mere guide. This is a perfect choice to present your final preview of print ads and newspaper designs. This mockup has smart objects for easy design integration. Specifically, it features a folded newspaper on a wooden tray ready for serving. This high-resolution file has realistic effects and shadows for more creative design.

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Free Newspaper Mock-Up

Having newspaper mockups to test your designs is totally helpful and practical. So, if you’re looking for one, this Free Newspaper Mock-Up is remarkable. You might want to consider this mockup for your upcoming newspaper design presentation and evaluation. You may also use this for testing your ads. It features a tabloid newspaper that contains the smart object layer where you can insert your artwork with ease and speedily. This mockup has a good glare effect along with shade. You can use this to showcase ads on newspaper, editorial and other purposes.

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Free Download Newspaper Mockup

Mockup templates are truly useful and effective when it comes to client presentation and evaluation. You may never see how your final product would be without these templates. If in case you need to see your newspaper designs in a folded position, you should consider this one. Here’s Free Download Newspaper Mockup, one of the best free newspaper templates you can opt from this amazing list. It is a fully layered template that lets you insert your own artwork into the scene with ease. By adding your design into the smart object, you can have a cool, realistic preview in no time! Thus, your newspaper design will reflect in this folded newspaper in a bundle. Moreover, if you wish to change the background color, you may always do effortlessly.

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Free Half Folded Newspaper Mockup

Change the way your flat ad design’s look as you pick the ideal and suitable mockup template for your projects. Here’s a Free Half Folded Newspaper Mockup that you can take advantage of for a wonderful presentation of your ad designs to a client. This template features a folded newspaper lying on the near wooden floor. You just have to download the file and edit it using Photoshop. It has the smart object layer that allows you to easily insert your own design into the scene. Hence, you can ensure that the ads you’re going to publish soon will give you more business opportunities, more conversions and great exposure. It’s 3500 x 2300 pixel dimensions at 300 dpi will truly help you yield amazing results.

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Free Photorealistic Full Page Newspaper Ad Mockup

There’s no better way of seeing your designs in a realistic manner than mockup templates can do. If you need a newspaper template that will aid you in achieving a seamless result, you can pick this free newspaper template and stand out! This Photorealistic Full Page Newspaper Ad Mockup is another wonderful freebie you need to check out! This template has the smart object layer that will help you integrate your designs into the newspaper scene. It features an open newspaper lying flat on the floor in a perspective view. With this mockup template, you can showcase the right portion of the newspaper with a stunning, adorable folded effect. Now you can make your designs, ads or full newspaper page look seamless and remove the flaws in it.

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Newspaper Mockup PSD

Finalize the design of your newspaper and make it flawless as you pick one from these free newspaper templates. Now you can have a professional-looking presentation to your client. This mockup template is fully layered so you can easily customize the scene. Apparently, this lets you display the front and back portion of the newspaper through the use of smart object layers. If you wish to move or remove the coffee cup in the scene, you may always do so as it is placed in a separate folder too. Furthermore, if you wish to edit the background pattern, you may also do as you desire. All in all, you will have a stunning newspaper design presentation with this free awesome mockup template.

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Free PSD Newspaper Advertisement Mockup

Your ads on newspapers don’t need to be dull, boring and hard to comprehend. You can visualize your design via free newspaper templates. If you’re looking for one, here’s Free PSD Newspaper Advertisement Mockup that is ready to fill your needs. It features a top-down view of a stack of 3 half fold newspapers and an opened broadsheet newspaper displaying 1/2 page advertising space. It is a fully layered PSD that comes with smart objects too. Basically, you can add designs on the right inner newspaper, left inner, an advert spot, and the front folding newspaper. It also has the stunning shade effect, glare, cutout and shadow. What’s more? You may also change the background color to suit your needs. With this mockup template, you’ll be able to exhibit your designs to a client professionally and elegantly.

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Newspaper V02 – Free PSD Mockup

Acquiring the best and free newspaper templates are truly useful! These templates will help you refine your designs well. Here’s Newspaper V02 – Free PSD Mockup that is ideal for displaying the design of your newspaper. It features a woman reading the front page of a newspaper. With its smart object layer, you can easily insert the newspaper design. Now you can present your designs with confidence without compromising the quality of your presentation. Apart from that, the texture, light and shadow effects of this template will help improve the look of the newspaper. It has the 4000 x 3200 pixel dimensions enough to showcase your designs with very high details. Check out this template and see if this is the one you need for your upcoming newspaper design presentation.

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Free Brilliant Newspaper Adverts Mockup

Exhibit your artwork with confidence as you opt for the finest yet free newspaper templates. All you need to do is to get your newspaper designs ready and let this tool help you shine well! Here’s Free Brilliant Newspaper Adverts Mockup ready to display your designs with elegance. This template has 4 different smart objects where you can integrate your designs easily. Thus, when you save your artwork into that layer, your designs will reflect into the scene. Specifically, you can add a design for the front page, inner left page, inner right page and inner right page ad spot. As it has well-described layers you can easily adjust the background color, shadows and light effects that will boost the quality of the template.

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Free Newspaper Mockup PSD

In order to gain recognition from clients, you need to find the best tool to help you present your designs beautifully. Mockup templates make sense as it gives the client an overall view of what to expect from you. Here’s a Free Newspaper Mockup PSD a sophisticated breakfast scene that suits well for your projects. It features a half-folded newspaper with well-described layers. Thus, it would be easier to edit the color and light effects. Moreover, it has a smart object that gives you the easiest way to integrate your design into the scene. It has 3500 x 2300 pixel dimensions with 300 dpi perfect for displaying it in a pixel-perfect resolution. Altogether, this newspaper mockup template will be very useful for acquiring clients presentation.

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Free Newspaper Mockup in PSD

Mockup templates are more than just templates. They are very useful tools in refining the designs of your products. That’s why we see a lot of mockup templates in the market these days. Some are worth to be in premium lists and others are just adorable and are free! If you need a Newspaper Mockup template, you can check out this Free Newspaper Mockup in PSD. It’s a beautiful scene of folded newspapers on a wooden background. It’s fully layered and well-organized mockup that’s easier to edit and customize. With the smart objects in this mockup template, you can now insert your own artwork into the scene with ease. With this template, you can use 3 different backgrounds for your designs.

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