30 Marvelous WordPress Photography Blog Themes 2019

In the past, if you wanted your picture taken, you would have to pose for a portrait. Nowadays, even our mobile phones have high-resolution cameras. Although we have gotten used to the idea, it is amazing and profound that you can capture time in frames and immortalize a special moment.  Of course, you can squander this ability by taking bad pictures in odd angles, yet there are people with an artist’s touch.

Of course, those talented individuals will need a medium through which they can express themselves. Creating your own photography blog seems like a great idea, considering the popularity of this trend. Even massive photography salons use these sites as a method of advertising, providing samples of their work.

However, everyone expects an artist to have an eye for quality. If you own a shoddy website, people will not get to see your post. They will move on, as soon as they see your home page. In addition, you need to avoid issues like slow loading speeds, poor coding, or resizing errors.

But how can you manage these issues, if you are a person who lacks technical expertise? The answer is to avoid them entirely. By purchasing a WordPress theme, your site will gain a versatile kit that improves its practicality and aesthetic design.

Gillion (Trending Item)

Gillion is a packed up specialized WordPress theme that will make you shine. It has so many panel options and customizations without the need of coding! It is made with Unyson framework and uses Visual Composer to build. Gillion has a highly customizable layout with blogs styles and 7 demos included. You will find a responsive and fast page loading thanks to SEO and speed optimization. Gillion gives you a great support team to aid you in anything as well. It is a theme thought for tasks to be done quick and easy. It is oriented to blogs and magazines. Have fun playing with its unlimited colors, headers styles and more! Get Gillion!

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Soledad is a completely visually stunning and expansive, graphically polished and attractive, highly technologically articulate and meticulously designed, well structured and very flexible, feature-rich and easily customizable responsive WordPress magazine and blog theme. It’s a theme that while sufficiently strong and nimble to adapt itself to a whole slew of diverse website archetypes, has been uniquely designed to perform at top level as a blog and magazine website theme, and due to its graphical proficiency and image-laden layouts and design approach, is peculiarly well suited for the purpose of designing, building and maintaining modern, sophisticated and elegant photography blog websites.

Whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional, a freelance travel photographer or a professional wedding photo studio, Soledad has the right plugins, features, resources, tools, templates and shortcodes to let you smoothly sail your way to a gorgeous and powerful photography blog that lets you tell your tales and show your works in the most favorable spotlight, every single time. Soledad includes over 250 fresh-faced demo websites with 250 different Live Customizer options for you to fiddle with, so you can rest assured your photography website will definitely be one of a kind. Strut your stuff, with Soledad!

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If you would like to start a blog about photography and everything related to it, do things in style with Photosy. This elegant, contemporary, creative and rich website canvas is packed with features for hammering out the precise blog your want for yourself. Each of the included nineteen demos has a blog section which you can put to use without the need to make any changes to it at all. All this tells you is that Photosy’s blog section is already spectacular, as well as very versatile.

Amazing page customizer, fully responsive and mobile-ready, a ton of handy shortcodes and eye-catching typography, these and loads more traits Photosy has to offer you. As far as the blog goes, Photosy’s supports all types of posts; standard, video, gallery and audio. With Photosy, you can make what feels right for you and create a fully functional photography blog in a snap.

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Owning and updating a quality photography blog can be a very rewarding and challenging endeavor. Moon is a quality WordPress theme that is both powerful and user-friendly. It is a virtual Swiss Army knife, with a large variety of features at its disposal. There are multiple post format variations such as video, standard, link, image, audio, and so on. You can also feature content from popular online platforms such as SoundCloud, Vimeo, and YouTube. The internet gives, but it also takes away. Although it offers untold opportunity, it can be hard to hold onto your work while posting online. Moon has integrated a smart photoprotection feature for your pictures, making it impossible for someone to download your work by right-clicking it.

Certain pages and sections can be closed towards most followers in order to provide exclusive access for certain clients. No technical knowledge if required: simply select the password and let Moon do all of the work. This photography blog theme can help you to harness the potential of social platforms, as it has introduced an intuitive social interface. The interface is non-intrusive, as it doesn’t occupy a lot of screen space. For those who wish to sample Moon, a live preview was made available.

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TheGem - photography blog design template

For all the enthusiastic photographers who are looking to start their own project, do it like a champ with the use of TheGem. This killer WordPress photography blog theme is equipped with all the necessary materials and components for a quick realization of your dream website. You can employ TheGem to share your works with the world or to speak about everything photography-related in general. Whatever suits you best, make it happen with TheGem and get things moving forward without a hassle.

TheGem sports all the latest trends and regulations of the current web and tech trends. In other words, it is highly responsive, mobile-friendly, cross-browser compatible and in tune with all web browsers and retina screens. Needless to say, TheGem is also optimized for fast loading and SEO. Get it all in one pack and go with TheGem.

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Breviter Pro

Breviter Pro is a WordPress theme ideal for writing and displaying updates. It features IU and UX design being even mobile friendly. You will get it with a live demo and the right for custom support! Breviter Pro uses interesting perks like a unique top bar and 6 custom widgets. Play with amazing headers and footers to choose from too. Try its elegant slider and confirm its power!  Breviter Pro uses social media through icons to pin and its documented. With its life customizer you’ll see everything you do! Start getting the hang of this powerful tool! Start using Breviter Pro!

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Kalium is a fresh and youthful, lightweight and flexible, aesthetically minded and very responsive WordPress creative multipurpose, portfolio and online shop website theme. This theme is a truly unique platform for developing websites, an intuitive, powerful solution capable of exhibiting all sorts of content in the most appealing, attractive presentations, owing to its gorgeous customization features, the inclusion of the Visual Composer premium plugin to fine-tune your layouts without writing a line of code, and a whopping 30 diverse styles for presenting your image portfolios and galleries in engaging fashion to a discerning audience.

Kalium is always dressed to impress, with an uncomplicated approach and a polished feel that responsively adapts to every device and browser on the planet, so everyone can enjoy your content. Kalium is a perfect theme for photographers, travel photographers, photobloggers and all related industries and fields. If you are looking for the fastest and most flexible way to showcase your photographic works to the public in the best possible light, Kalium is where you need to go. Unique, smooth hover animation effects will impress your visitors while they browse through your works, the LayerSlider and Revolution Slider will keep them entertained and connected, while you sit back and enjoy the traffic!

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Uncode is a visually stunning and professionally designed, eloquent and expressive, highly creative and responsive WordPress creative multi-use multipurpose website theme. This theme is a marvelously flexible and incredibly versatile website building platform constructed around an enhanced presentation of the intuitive Visual Composer drag and drop page builder, which allows you to quickly and effortlessly customize and make your own any of the 30 beautiful concept homepage template websites provided with Uncode for your convenience and time-saving benefit.

Uncode is a visual masterpiece to behold, and its gracious usage of premium plugins such as the LayerSlider and Revolution Slider, along with its deft and capable handling of multimedia galleries and a multiplicity of post styles, types and formats, makes Uncode a fantastic fit for a photography blog website. With the premium and incredibly gorgeous custom iLightbox, showing off your impressive visual content is now easier than ever and with really memorable results in your end user experience. Uncode is perfect for travel photo blogs, family photo blogs, photography journals or photography aficionado collection websites. If you’re keeping the world up to date on your visual musings and findings, Uncode is the right theme to do it in style! Try Uncode today!

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bridge wordpress photography blog theme

As a photographer, amateur or professional, you would want to own your own website. Make the right move and pick Bridge, a WordPress photography blog theme. Of course, this tool goes way beyond photography thanks to its multi-purpose web design and hundreds of ready-made demos. You can now start your photo project and take it to new heights with a sophisticated, creative and modern page that Bridge gets you to create.

Bear in mind, you do not need any prior experience to work with Bridge. The tool is not only super simple to use, but also comes with video tutorials, documentation and access to a team of friendly experts. Working with Bridge will never feel lonely and building a masterpiece is an utmost guarantee.

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Jannah is a beautiful and flexible WordPress theme. It’s suitable for many kinds of creative business, even photography blogs. It has more than 15+ slider layout, a bunch of color layer options. Choose between 15+ pre-skinned demos or over 800 Google fonts. Plan your site with customizable layouts, and limitless header styles. Besides, it has Post pages, post layouts, and masonry layouts. The only limit is your imagination. It’s compatible with slider revolution to show your work in the best way. A photograph blog requires being integrated with the social media community. Buddy Press design offers you that. And you can add notifications to your menu.

Jannah is built-in custom widgets. It means that you can select from 12 social counter or social widgets. Amazing ha? Yes, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, subscribers, Flickr, among others. Besides, post list widgets, like recent content, most viewed content, popular post, and so on. Also, you are able to integrate your website with content from Instagram. Take advantage of Parallax effect and video background: construct a beautiful landing page. Jannah provides you with lifetime free updates and six-month free support. Also, it has a quick an easy setup. Get real your dream, launch an astonishing photography website. Get Jannah!

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Travis WP

Travis WP is a photography and gallery dedicated WordPress theme. It has tints of orientations to photoblogging, but photos none the less. It was built with 18 gorgeous gallery layouts and a one-click data import. Travis WP has dark and light themes and uses Elementor as page builder. This very powerful retina ready tool is WooCommerce ready too. It’s made for professional photographers and experimented freelancers who want portfolio building. It isn’t however just a resume website. Travis WP is pixel, perfect, widget ready and SEO friendly.

It comes with an excellent child theme, free constant updates and 24/7 custom support system. It is translation ready thanks to WPML plug-in. Travis WP has a special gift: no coding skills required! And thus, it has a simple panel and intuitive menu to use. You can play with unlimited color pallets and custom files for CSS and JS. Publish in grid, masonry, regular columns or just galleries! Travis WP is meant to be a photo guru, as simple as that. For writing posts, titles and general texts, enjoy +650 Google Fonts. You’ll also get Google Maps and AJAX compatibility. Get crafty and quick with this stunning theme…Start using it Travis WP!

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Blogging is a WordPress theme that can enhance every aspect of your photography website. It is also very versatile, considering that it can fill almost any role. Blog construction is facilitated by the presence of unique widgets, along with HTML5 and CCS3 markup. This product understands that delivery is part of the artistic process. With Blogging, your page elements are well-organized, avoiding screen space waste.  The entire layout is intuitive and easy to navigate, resulting in one of the best browsing experiences on the web. Basically, this theme gives you the impression that everything is where it needs to be.

This additional level of organization is vital for content-heavy blogs that provide regular updates. Your site will be optimized for search engines. This gives you a great chance of obtaining high search engine rankings. As a result, both your view count and your profit margin can increase.

If a page is not responsive towards mobile devices, its follower base can diminish. Thankfully, that is a situation that Blogging avoids, given that it can display your gorgeous photographs on tablets, desktop PCs, laptops and smartphones. It will also work with most major web browsers. For a free sample of this theme’s features, the live demo can be accessed.

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Interactive is a charming, modern and addictive website theme. If your goal is to create a stunning photography blog that manages to captivate its audience, this product can be your greatest ally. With Interactive, you will be able to convert one-time viewers into die-hard fans who follow every post. If written reviews aren’t your thing, be sure to check out the Live Demo in order to experience the theme’s main features. In terms of aesthetic customization, Interactive lets you alter the blog’s color palette. Don’t be scared of running out of options, as there is an unlimited number of choices.

This product does its best to reduce the waste of screen space. For example, the implementation of an Off Canvas Mobile Menu assures that your options interface will be hidden if it is not being used. For a more comprehensive guide of Interactive, the expansive Documentation source can be consulted. It is especially useful if you are new to the WordPress network. Most of us will justifiably refuse to follow a page with sluggish loading speeds. Thankfully, your site will be lightning-fast, displaying your artful content without delay. It should be mentioned that following the purchase, this theme can be used on more than one website.

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When searching for an excellent, high-quality WordPress theme, why settle for anything less than WordX? It is functional and efficient, while offering a gorgeous and intuitive interface. Despite its power, it remains simplistic and easy to use. WordX realizes that not every user has a computer programming degree. Thankfully, its customization and installation process can be completed by a child. It is also very quick. From start to finish, it only lasts a few moments. You can literally design a top-notch photography blog during your lunch break.

WordX supports high resolution images, assuring that your customers can enjoy your best work on their Retina device screens. In addition, this theme is completely responsive. WordX showcases every single post on the screens of laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Cross-browser compatibility was included as well. This adaptive theme will allow you to work from anywhere, uploading and updating posts while on the move. WordX has incorporated a charming option that allows you to feature your artful photographs on a jaw-dropping carousel. If you plan on posting often, this feature is a must-have. Of course, you deserve to be compensated for your hard work. Adsense was added to guarantee a constant stream of advertising revenue, while avoiding intrusive ads that can ruin your reader’s browsing experience.

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If you are an artist who is attempting to create a jaw-dropping website, look no further than NewsPaper. This high-quality WordPress theme can be your greatest ally, considering that it has many practical features. Nothing can ruin your site more than slow loading speeds. Users might forgive a low-quality post, but they will never forget if you waste their time. Thankfully, with NewsPaper, you won’t have to worry about those issues. This is one of the fastest themes on the web, providing an ideal browsing experience for your loyal followers.

NewsPaper is optimized for search engines, giving you a great chance of climbing those pesky search engine rankings. SEO-readiness usually results in more exposure, and an increase revenue stream. If you purchase NewsPaper, you can use it for other websites. The offer stands, even if the site in question is not yours. However, your theme support privilege will not extend to the new sites, and they can only be covered if a Membership plan is purchased. For those who wish to sample this theme, a live demo was included. In addition, you can also view the voiced tutorial videos. Despite their short timeframe, they manage to explain everything in detail.

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If you are looking for a WordPress theme with a flawless, breathtaking design, be sure to check out Tulip. Its layout is streamlined and clean, while its interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Tulip incorporates many useful features, resulting in a staggering degree of versatility. Basically, it can fit any role or market niche. However, it is best suited for artist, photography, or writing websites. Indeed, this product can properly showcase your photographs, videos, galleries, or articles.

Regardless of your user’s device, he/she will be able to access your content. Tablet and smartphone owners can benefit from the same quality experience as their laptop and PC-loving counterparts. In order to facilitate customization, Tulip has introduced 9 different layout variations for your blog. You can also designate sticky posts, eliminating the need to establish specific categories for post sliders. In addition, this theme incorporates Original Customized Widgets and 7 Custom Widgets.

Raising brand awareness is crucial for any respectable marketing campaign. Thankfully, you may now implement your own personalized logo via the amazing WordPress customizer. With this tool, users can also modify the background images, include custom favicons, hide sections, and so on. Typography modifications are easy to implement, considering that there are over 600 Google Font.

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Brook is a spacious, light and versatile WordPress theme for blogs. Its primary purpose is to enhance every single aspect of your website, elevating it to new levels of artistic quality. The site creation and customization process has been greatly simplified, due to the inclusion of a large roster of practical features. While designing a theme that is suited for website developers is a respectable goal, Brook has decided to go in another direction. Realizing that most of its users lack any programming knowledge, it has streamlined and simplified every single feature. With Brook, even a toddler can create an amazing website.

In addition to being very user-friendly, this theme offers improved speed. Few WordPress products can match its lightning-fast loading times. For more information regarding Brook, you can either check out the expansive documentation source, or you can access the live theme preview. Your website will incorporate personalized widgets for: blog gallery grids, about author sections, blog lists, Instagram, and social media links. These widgets expand the theme’s capabilities, and enhance its market value. It is without a doubt that Brook can manage to increase your view count, and your profit margin. Last but not least, we need to mention that you can translate the entire page due to the integration of WPML support.

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phoxy wordpress photography blog theme

Phoxy is a massive WordPress photography blog theme with an assortment of ready-to-use content that will create an extraordinary space for your photo project. With 38 demos, over forty galleries and more than ninety blocks, you have it all available and ready to put to use. For the fastest website launch, you can use the demos you dig out of the box, update it with your material and you are ready to roll.

Personalize your website however you want with Phoxy and the convenient customization features it offers. Although coding knowledge is not necessary, advanced users are also allowed to edit the code of Phoxy and alter every section of the theme to the very last detail. Every user also gets free lifetime worth of updates for your website to stand the test of time.

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skylon wordpress photography blog theme

Differentiate yourself from the masses with Skylon, a drone aerial WordPress photography theme with a blog. Five predesigned home demos and more to come ensure a quick-start of your unique project and make you appear professional from the start. With only one click, you get to import the sample and you can already start tweaking and improving it with your sophisticated work. Incorporate all the inner pages and you can be ready to get online quicker than ever.

WpBakery page builder, Revolution Slider and Booked Appointment are three premium plugins that Skylon offers for free. If you would like to make a strong impact on the industry, start your online photo project like a pro with Skylon. The outcome you are about to realize will also be mobile-ready, search engines compatible and optimized for superb user-experience.

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Unlike other themes which treat blogging as an afterthought, Redwood is specifically designed for this market niche. This high-quality WordPress theme will surely manage to impress followers with its gorgeous, classic and clean aesthetic design. It incorporates a marvelous slider that can display your most artful photographs, placing them front and center. This can improve user retention rates, as it puts your best foot forward.

Most themes will only give you a dark or light site skin option. However, Redwood offers an unlimited color palette. It unshackles your page from the limitations of conformity, allowing you to design a photography blog that matches your vision. It is refreshing to know that this product strives to be a universal solution to every web development problem. In fact, Redwood is probably the last WordPress theme that you will ever need to buy.

Its layout can resize and adapt to the screens of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Regardless of the device, browser, or operating system, your pictures will turn some heads.  Multiple post format variations were added, including Music Posts, Video Posts, Gallery Posts, and Standard Posts. As your site grows in popularity, you might want to keep your followers updated. Thanks to the innovative MailChimp feature, you can now compose interesting newsletters.

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untica wordpress photography blog theme

Did you become interested in sharing your outstanding photo content with the world? Why you could not come at a better place. We have tons of remarkable WordPress photography blog themes here for you, and Untica is one of them. With four marvelous demos, you can now start your own online project in a snap of a finger. No need to be tech-savvy either. Untica suits users of all skill level; in fact, even it is your first time creating a blog, you will succeed at it with Untica.

Untica is also 100% compatible with Gutenberg block builder, supports unlimited colors and lets you customize all layouts and sections. Besides, if you feel like translating Untica, you can do that, too, without a hassle. With little work, you can now craft a spectacular web space for your photography masterpieces.

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kotlis wordpress photography blog theme

To create a strong and unforgettable first impression on all your visitors, Kotlis is what you should go with. This WordPress photography theme is unique, original and out of this world. Besides, Kotlis also follows all the latest trends in web development, which make it professional and sophisticated. No need to look further, you can stick with Kotlis and shine online in as little time as you can possibly imagine. In fact, it is hard to understand how quickly you can have your photo page live; but by taking action, all will be much clearer to you.

Kotlis has seven different home designs, dark and light layouts, six portfolio styles and engaging scrolling effect. Other treats include drag and drop technology, custom widgets, MailChimp integration, subscription form, shortcode generator and striking parallax effects. Distinguish yourself from the masses by putting Kotlis to play.

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newman wordpress photography blog theme

You do not really need much other than a solid WordPress photography blog theme to start making moves online. To get things moving forward, take a peek at Newman. It is a comprehensive solution that will help you establish the desired web space where you can share the most amazing photography from all sorts of different locations you have been to. Whether an amateur or professional photographer, an online portfolio coupled with a blog is definitely wise to own.

Import and install the demo content with one click on the mouse and begin benefitting from the amazingness that Newman brings to the table. Page, header and footer builders are ready for you to tweak the layout of Newman and make it follow your unique style precisely. With Newman, you also will not need to worry about responsiveness, browser compatibility, fast loading speed and search engine optimization.

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The Voux

the voux masonry style magazine theme

For bloggers who are searching for an ideal WordPress theme, The Voux is an exact fit. It includes a large number of useful features, resulting in versatile site that can fit any role. Basically, every element was designed to increase your chances of success. With this product, your blog can attract more viewers, turning casual fans into die-hard followers.

Love it or hate it, the impact of social media in modern society is undeniable. Its relevance makes it hard to ignore, if you are attempting to run a business.  Usually, WordPress blogs will include some token social widgets in order to complete their feature list. However, The Voux goes all out.

There is a special section for social media data in the Theme Options tool. Parameters such as data relevance and availability can be controlled from the theme backend. You can even select individual networks on which to post updates. The Voux promises a loading feature that can display articles while the reader is scrolling. In addition, it is now easier to link specific posts, as the URL automatically adapts to the page that is being showcased. If you wish to experience these features without having to spend money, you can always access the live preview.

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Paperio is a beautiful and responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. This theme is an eloquent website building platform for amateurs and professionals alike. Articulating custom blogs for any purpose is a walk in the park with Paperio. Sophisticated demo websites and page templates speed things up. All you have to do is fine-tune your layouts and elements with advanced admin settings. The Live Customizer lets you really switch things up and craft anything else. Endless colors, hundreds of fonts and dozens of animations and transitions await you. Paperio is very media-savvy and handles galleries, video and audio without a hitch.

Photographers love showcasing their work with Paperio. It’s a great tool for telling powerful visual stories. Grid, masonry and column list layouts let you narrate the way you want to. Single photo or full-blown gallery posts look great across all devices. Paperio’s awesome SRCSET technology makes image loading very efficient. Users only load your content in the highest quality their screens can render. This saves you considerable traffic without loss of quality with the mobile audiences. Slender and lightweight, Paperio plays well with social media. Custom social feeds are built right into this theme. Take your photography to the world, with Paperio!

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Rosemary is a WordPress theme that will capture your heart. This is a product that can enhance your website, properly showcasing your artful pictures. Rosemary’s simplicity and dedication towards quality will never go out of style. This product shuns excess, and concentrates on what is important: your photographs. It offers some post and layout versions, and it includes a stunning area slider tool.

Several important widgets were added: Custom Social Widget, Custom Instagram Widget Plugin, Custom Facebook Widgets, and a Custom Latest Post Widget. Social media integration is extremely important, in a time when these networks are home to billions of user accounts.

Multiple post types are available, including: music, gallery, video and standard posts. Also, there are 5 different layouts for your blog, each bringing something different to the table. Even if you do not possess coding or programming knowledge, you can easily personalize your site via the WordPress Customizer plugin.  Options are simplified, intuitive, and user-friendly. From start to finish, even a child can create a decent page in a matter of moments. Any site that wishes to grow must consider translating its content for an international audience. Thankfully, Rosemary customers can design an excellent multilingual page that is sure to impress users from across the globe.

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Elegance is a WordPress theme that can help you remain relevant in a hyper-competitive environment. Contrary to popular belief, online business success does not depend on talent alone. It requires research, marketing strategies, and a deep understanding of search engines. Without engines like Google, the web would be an unconnected pile of sites. Themes like Elegance understand the algorithms and criteria that search engines use. Every site element, keyword, and code, is implemented in order to increase your search rank positions. With this product, your view count and profit margin are sure to improve, as a result of the increased exposure.

In addition to generating revenue, merchandising stores can spread awareness regarding your site. However, users will refuse to do business with a shop that they do not trust. Thankfully, Elegance has implemented one of the most trustworthy eCommerce plugins on the market: WooCommerce. If you are short on time, you can always import some demo pages. This spares you from having to start from scratch. Also, demo pages allow for further customization and improvement, acting as basic design templates. Elegance has implemented a useful off-Canvas Menu, and an Infinite scroll function. If you wish to sample these features, a live demo can be accessed.

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Lily perfectly reflects the artistic spirit by implementing an elegant and simplistic design. Every post can be improved and complemented by this WordPress theme, given its vast roster of practical features. It also offers versatility, as it is able to adapt to any website or blog niche. Lily has 4 distinct variations for your home page, in addition to some eye-catching Parallax sections and CSS3 animations.

The power of any popular product lies with its accessibility. While many sites have neglected mobile device integration, this theme has chosen the opposite route. All Lily site elements are completely responsive, capable of showcasing your quality photographs on smartphones and tablets. Basically, as long as something has a screen and a Wifi connection, it can view your content. We should also be mention that your blog will feature cross-browser compatibility.

Font Awesome Icons were incorporated, along with 600 Google fonts. All successful sites must consider a multilingual format, given that it can increase your view count and profit margin. Thankfully, Lily has incorporated the versatile WPML plugin, which facilitates the translation of your blog. It also supports Right to Left writing, for languages such as Hebrew, Arabic or Japanese. For more information, be sure to access the live preview.

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Few WordPress themes can ever hope to reach the same level as Oxie. This is a charming, sleek and simplistic product that refuses to be mediocre. Its strength lies in its and practical design, free from any unnecessary interface elements. Oxie is quite versatile and it can adapt to any role. However, Oxie is ideal for image-heavy blogs, travel, food, fashion, and family web pages. Unlike other WordPress products, Oxie offers more than just a binary dark-light color scheme. An unlimited range of colors is at your disposal, and you can create your dream site. Indeed, you photography blog will only be limited by what its owner can imagine.

Customized typography can greatly enhance the appeal of a site. Thankfully, this product incorporated over 600 incredible Google Fonts. With such a broad selection, even the most cynical users can find something that suits their needs. There are 20 variations for homes pages, in addition to 30 distinct blog layouts. Monetization and social media support are also part of the package. At the end of the day, Oxie takes care of the unpleasant parts, while letting you enjoy the passion and creativity of blog ownership. If you wish to see what it has to offer, you can check out the live theme preview.

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piemont - minimal wordpress blog theme

Piemont is an excellent WordPress theme for photography bloggers. Using its awesome features, you can design a fully functional site in less than 2 minutes. It incorporates some valuable premium plugins that further expand its capabilities. For example, you can use WooCommerce to facilitate the creation of your online stores through which you can easily distribute your merchandise. Considering that thousands of sites have chosen WooCommerce, it must be doing something right.

In terms of customization, the possibilities are virtually endless. There are 20 different styles for headers, 5 different blog styles, 5 blog listing layouts, over 650 fonts, and 4 Featured Post Slider Layouts. If you want to alter the page’s color scheme, you can use the available 11 pre-defined layouts. However, nothing is stopping you from designing your own. You can easily control and alter all options via the powerful Piemont Control Panel.

Despite is size and scope, this panel is well-organized and intuitive. Everything is where it needs to be, facilitating navigation even for novice users. If you wish to learn more about Piemont, you can access the free Documentation source. In addition, the developers added a useful Theme demo. Your blog will be able to feature limitless menu variations, variable logo positions, and a MailChimp newsletter option.

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