30 Top Resume Website Templates For Online CVs 2019

To make an impression on the employer or potential new clients, you, as the professional, should not be missing building an online presence for yourself with resume website templates. It unlocks a whole new horizon of possibilities which can help you win big times.

Just imagine, you being the only one who goes against the grain and sends a link to the website instead of the boring old CV to the employer. It will definitely help you stand out from the crowd. Not only that, it might even be one of the main reasons why you got the job or landed the new project deal.

Create something extraordinary for yourself with the best resume website templates. You can keep things simple and straightforward, or you can bring it up a few notches with an advanced and feature-rich resume page. These tools allow you to take whatever path you prefer.

The fully functional products for building resume and CV websites are perfect for displaying your portfolio, skills, and experience in a professional way. Share your achievements and bring about a unique online CV that will help you score new business deals with ease.

In minutes time, you can have a personal website set up and ready to start attracting potential employers and agencies. You will be surprised how many jobs offers you might get straight to your email. Link it to your Linkedin profile and you have even more chances to wow those interested in working with you, picking you over the competition without giving you a second thought.

Are you ready to develop your very first resume website with a dedicated template? Even if you have little or no prior knowledge regarding constructing a site, you can make it happen. Responsive resume website templates are here to simplify the process.


To cut a long story short, Divi is one of the most all-around WordPress themes out there. You can literally use it for any and all websites you want. There is no limit except your imagination when it comes to Divi. Of course, Divi also works fantastically well as an online resume builder. Whether a freelancer or a job seeker, you can now establish a striking online presence that will boost your potential through the roof. What’s best, you need to be no expert to have a chance to win the online game with Divi. No coding and no design knowledge necessary. With Divi, you do all the building, designing and customizing visually.

Drag and drop page building, loads of predefined layouts, over forty website elements, hover effects, complete control over fonts and colors, you name it, Divi does not disappoint. Never. Go as creative as you want or keep things super clean and minimal, Divi is ready for everything.

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Constructing online resume and CV websites happens in a breeze with Jevelin. This multi-concept site skin comes with a massive pack of ready-to-use material that will get you going in close to no time. In fact, if you stick to the default contents, you can be live in minutes. However, you can always do further improvements and modify Jevelin to your taste. Whatever suits your needs best, you can realize it with Jevelin. Thanks to the WPBakery drag and drop site editor, anyone can easily get the most out of Jevelin. Without the need to have any prior experience, you can now get things moving forward instantly.

Some of the goodies of Jevelin include Revolution Slider, over forty custom shortcodes, one-click importer, Contact Form 7 and complete speed and SEO optimization. All users also get access to documentation, video tutorials and professional support.

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webify resume website template

Creating a first-class online resume website is a piece of cake once you have Webify in your full possession. For the fastest realization of your web presence, all you need is to employ the available designs and that is pretty much it. Even if you go with Webify out of the box, a cracking outcome is a guarantee. Of course, you can always improve the layout and make it follow your regulations precisely. Whatever suits your needs and wants, you can make it come about with the dope and always improving resume website template, Webify.

In the Webify package, you will discover all the essential stuff for an interest-sparking online resume page. From a full-blown layout to galleries, portfolios, outstanding filtering system, you name it, Webify sports it all and then some. You do not need to be tech-savvy either, to have a chance to succeed at crafting a top-notch resume with Webify. Impress your employers and potential clients with fabulous website.

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rezo resume website template

To increase your potential and boost your reach through the roof, make a page with Rezo. Not just any page, an online resume site that will help you win over more clients. And if you are a job seeker, you can impress your potential employer with a website that will stand out from the masses. By having a page, everyone knows you are serious about your business. However, to actually create a page, little work and effort are necessary to make it a reality. After all, all the layouts are predefined for you, ready for you to stuff them with your details.

Rezo comes in dark and light modes, has five different homes, includes drag and drop page builder and follows all the latest technology practices. You import the demo data with a single click, which gets you ready to start editing the web design right away.

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niko resume website template

Make things special and original on the web with Niko. If you are looking for the best way to present your skills, experience and services in the best possible light, get your hands on Niko. Kick things off by selecting the right samples, as well as dark or light look. From then on, you can employ Niko out of the box or you can step things up a few notches with WPBakery page builder. The latter unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you with a simple method of dragging and dropping.

All the essential sections are there, ready-to-use, helping you shine online and attracting new business opportunities. For your information, you can also utilize Niko to start a blog, where you can share more about yourself, your industry and other whatnots. A blog can also be a great marketing tool that will help you take your business to new heights.

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mugi resume website template

If you would like to keep things simple, yet exciting, Mugi is the resume website template for you. It gets things going either with a light or a dark version. Choose accordingly and start moving forward like a pro. As there will be no need to do any of the programming work, you can approach building a page with Mugi confidently. With the integration of Elementor website builder, Mugi allows everyone to get as creative and innovative as they want.

Once you unlock the box, install the demo with a single click. From then on, you can perform additional customization tweaks or simplify the process and use Mugi as is. Both ways produce an impressive outcome that will spark their interest. Moreover, Mugi also supports unlimited colors, comes with in-depth documentation and a team of experts who are always down to help you.

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cvio resume website template

Nowadays, you can do oh so much more than creating a classic resume. Have you thought about building an online resume that everyone can access and you have full control of? If that is the case, Cvio is the resume website template that will do you well. The tool sports a stunning and trendy dark design that captures everyone’s attention in a snap of a finger. Instead of starting from scratch, you can now speed things up rapidly with the amazingness of Cvio.

In the kit, you get six different homes, ten color schemes, pricing plans, contact form, six different portfolios and a nifty testimonial carousel. Moreover, Cvio also practices all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web. In other words, it is responsive, compatible with browsers, fast loading and retina-friendly. Boost your potential with Cvio now.

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solonick resume website template

You can easily use Solonick as a resume website template to push your talents and gain new projects. It is beneficial either you are a freelancer or a job seeker, in both cases, Solonick will help you create the website you need. No matter your expertise, again, Solonick will do the trick for you. Solonick is a creative template with eight different predesigned demos for you to quickly launch your personal website.

Moreover, Solonick offers eight different portfolio pages and an additional nine single portfolio pages. That’s quite a lot.

But we are not done yet.

Stunning parallax effects, full-screen background, music support, Twitter and Instagram feeds, you name it, Solonick is loaded with valuable traits. Spread your brand out there and skyrocket your career with Solonick and an enticing website everyone will love to browse through.

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imozar resume website template

Bring your creative mind, your experience and your skills to the internet with help from Imozar. It is a resume website template with an emphasis on creating a personal portfolio. Freelancers, photographers, web designers and all the rest in the creative field can benefit from Imozar greatly. Make something special out of it and shine online like a professional. Have your page as another proof that you are a real deal and not someone to doubt in.

Imozar has a one-page layout which is fully responsive and retina ready. On top of that, it is also compatible with modern browsers to make sure that your page works seamlessly all the time. Typewriter effect, smooth scrolling, sticky navigation and testimonials slider are just some of the features of Imozar. In the kit, you also get a working contact form so those that want to work with you can get in touch straight away.

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ryan resume website template

Nope, Ryan is not the one resume website template that only those with the same name can use it. In fact, everyone can use the tool and take it to their advantage. Moreover, you do not need to have a tremendous amount of experience building a website either. Ryan provides all the must-have and quite a considerable amount of extra for you to put to use and have a page life in a snap.

For your convenience, Ryan comes with six color presets, supports RTL languages and allows you to change backgrounds from gradient, solid color and image. Do what feels right and best represents you on the web and march toward scoring new business deals on a regular.

Ryan is mobile-ready, simple to modify and optimized for super fast loading speeds. The outcome, even if you are new to site development, will always be of the highest standards with Ryan.

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reva resume website template

Creating an online resume website has never been easier. With the amount of ready-to-use material that’s out there, you can have a page up and running in little to no time. One of the many great templates we have here for you is Reva. It is the kind of a tool that will boost your profession and help you gain new gigs or even the employer you always wanted to work for.

With Reva, you have three front pages at your disposal, as well as four different headers and an option to pick between dark or light looks. On top of that, Reva has five neat color schemes to choose from for you to have the broadest amount of options possible. The tool is also powered by Bootstrap 4 for the flexibility your website needs. Meaning, Reva works on all devices, from the largest desktops and down to handheld gadgets.

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navis resume website template

NAVIS is a creative, modern and sophisticated resume website template with an elegant and trendy web design. Do things your way and have complete control over your web space with NAVIS. It gives you an option to choose between three different homes, the one that uses a static image, one with a slider and the third that sports parallax background. There is no right or wrong answer to which you should choose. Each option is original in its own way and will deliver great results for you.

Stand out from the crowd with NAVIS and promote yourself on the web like a champ. Navigation is placed in the left sidebar and comes super convenient. Visitors do not need to scroll up and down when they want to jump from section to section. Speaking of sections, NAVIS’ are all super clean and shipshape, bringing your content front and center.

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chaos resume website template

Chaos is a one-page website template which you can use for all sorts of intentions. And if you are after creating a page for your personal brand to get the exposure it deserves, Chaos can do that just as well. It is a creative and contemporary tool with great performance across all devices and platforms. Chaos is responsive, compatible with browsers and fully customizable. But it is very likely to happen that you will find it fitting best out of the box.

Four homes call for a quick start of your fresh new page. Pick accordingly and start improving the preferred demo with your content. Little do you know, shortly after you start tweaking it, the final web design is ready and set to hit the web. Chaos also comes with PSD files, SVG shapes and many animated elements to spice up the experience.

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maha resume website template

Outplay the competition with a website that is fully imbued with groundbreaking tools and features. Maha is the resume website template you will ever need for your portfolio. It features a fresh and sophisticated look, ideal for job hunters who want to stand out. Of course, even if you are a freelancer, looking to expand your reach, again, Maha will do the trick for you.

This template is truly versatile as it covers every niche possible. There are multiple dark and light layouts to choose from, all formed to provide excellence. Maha is also responsive which elevates your website’s appearance. Not only does this make your website look great, but it also allows for effective online prominence with other modern and practical features. Lastly, contact support immediately as they are welcoming and compliant to answer your questions.

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arlo resume website template

With Arlo, you will get the total package of website design equipment and more. Perfect for personal websites, freelancers and even agency sites, this is truly one of the best resume website templates currently available on the market. Arlo comes with five unique, original and striking demos and you can expect more to drop with future template updates. On top of that, you can also modify and adjust Arlo to fit your personal brand without hassle.

By utilizing only the latest technologies in web design, it is guaranteed that your website will be mobile-friendly, pixel-perfect and cross-browser compatible. If you would like to get your name out there in a unique and original way, you better consider using Arlo. But first, head over to the live preview page and indulge yourself in the amazingness Arlo brings to the table.

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jonjul resume website template

Jonjul might become your favorite resume website template thanks to its easy to use structure that creates eye-catchy websites. Fully responsive, Jonjul’s ready-made material looks perfect on either desktop or mobile devices. Moreover, your outcome will also work smoothly on all web browsers and retina screens, ensuring a stable and outstanding experience. You can now create a dark, a light or a gradient-enhanced online resume or CV website that will push your professionalism to new levels.

Other treats of Jonjul are functional contact form, Linea icons, free Google fonts, Bootstrap 4 and impressive typewriter effect. Of course, the hype does not end here. Jonjul is a pack full of goods that will help you succeed no matter what your experience and skills are all about. You also have all the right to modify the web design however you fancy.

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hendrix resume website template

There is little work and time involved to finish page development when you gain access to Hendrix resume website template. Make it yours by introducing your personal touch to it and attract new visitors and turn them into potential clients. The opportunity is out there and you are leaving a ton of money on the table if you do not have a page created yet.

Equipped with all the required and then some, Hendrix provides loads of options for you to craft something special for yourself. You can utilize one of three different background styles and six color schemes and even start a blog. That’s right, blogging is possible, too, and you can use it for content marketing and to tell more about your works and process. No need to wait, start the journey now and get the traction going.

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jonny resume website template

Do not show your creativity only through your work, express it using your page, too. Sounds great, right? To make it happen without the need of doing it all from scratch, Jonny is the resume website template that will help you realize the idea swiftly. Jonny is a tool that is simple to edit and adjust to your project needs. The layout is also pliable and fluid what makes it resize itself to all devices instantly.

Everyone that lands on your page will be amazed and impressed by the top-notch performance. Flipping from section to section is executed with smooth transitions what appears very appealing to the eye. Jonny is also fully translatable for you to localize or globalize the encounter. Get things done in style with Jonny and make the journey to success a tad easier.

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mat resume website template

Mat is a trendy and elegant vCard and resume website template for anyone from doctors and musicians to realtors, photographers, models and all in between. For the five mentioned, Mat has dedicated demos predesigned with an addition of a default version which you can utilize for just about everyone. Indeed, Mat has handy customizing features so make sure to use it to its full potential. And its potential is immense.

Other master features and traits of Mat are Bootstrap, complete responsiveness, fast loading speeds and AJAX portfolio. Mat also supplies you with twelve widgets, over four hundred Font Awesome icons and free Google fonts. Personify the look of your online resume however you fancy with all the available stand out from the masses. For any additonal support, the team of experts is always at your disposal.

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profyl resume website template

Craft a tempting online profile by employing Profyl resume website template. It is one of the finest ways of bringing yourself in front of people, most importantly, potential new clients. With Profyl, you can do many things in very little time.

In the package, Profyl delivers three default front pages and six extra pre-made layouts for different occupations. You will find a demo for interior designers, barbers, wedding planners, photographers and doctors to name a few. You can also use Profyl for something entirely different. Besides the index pages, Profyl also rocks other inner sections which will be of enormous help to you, your talent and your completed projects.

Let Profyl do its thing for you while all you need to do is to fill it with your personal details and other whatnots.

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matecard resume website template

Get your works to reach someone on the other side of the world with mateCard. This sophisticated resume website template gives you all the options to make yourself appear on the web like an expert who you truly are. While mateCard is focused more on photographers, web developers and programmers, you can easily go against the norm with it. The website canvas is simple to edit so there is no need to limit yourself in any way.

mateCard is responsive, compatible with browsers, optimized for fast loading and includes documentation. Moreover, make it even more enticing with CSS3 animations and let visitors quickly find the work they are interested in with the filterable portfolio. Contact form and Google maps along with social media icons are also part of the whole mateCard experience.

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manisa resume website template

Manisa knows damn well how to make the perfect mixture of creativity, professionalism and modernity. It is a resume website template with excellent characteristics and even better traits. Once you download it, you can put Manisa to use straight away. Not only that, expect to have a fully working online resume available in little to no time.

With the number of different features and layouts Manisa has pre-built, you can quickly find the best combination for yourself. Pick between three different navigations and five headers and create a strong first impression. There is also a dark and a light version available to get things going even quicker.

Manisa practices all the modern technologies and follows all the latest web trends to have your page stable and always up to date.

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Portfolio and CV

portfolio and cv resume website template

With the selection of premium characteristics and advanced features, you cannot go wrong with Portfolio and CV. This is a modern, regularly updated and innovative resume website template.

First things first, the demo content. You can choose between two different looks, dark and light. Besides, Portfolio and CV also has all the other pages and sections at your disposal. Nope, there is no need for you to do anything from the ground up.

Second, the template is based on the powerful Bootstrap Framework what gives it pliability aka responsiveness. That is definitely a crucial feature your page should have in the modern era we live in. If it is not mobile ready, you can pretty much forget about it.

Third, the features. Portfolio and CV has a functional contact form, owl slider, supports videos and is retina ready. What else do you need?

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paper resume website template

If you pick the right multi-purpose website template, you can create just about any site you would like. There is a reason why a tool is called multi-purpose.

Such template is Paper.

What Paper does best, it realizes all your ideas in form of an attention grabbing website. You are just short moments away from bringing your plan to fruition thanks to Paper.

In the bundle, you will find countless ready-made demos of which one is ideal for online resume and portfolio pages. And it is the live preview section which allows you to see if Paper fits you and your business.

Paper has an insane performance, loads lightning fast and never breaks. Whatever you do with it, the result will always work like a charm. Get your work and experience in front of a wider crowd and expand your potential with Paper.

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dyon resume website template

If you do not know how to approach web design, simplicity wins all the time. Add a creative touch to it and you get DYON resume website template. It is very minimal at first glance but when you dig a little deeper, you see how much it brings to the table. DYON suits photographers, designers, developers and all the rest ideally. Yes, that adaptive it is. Not only that but DYON also does not mind how heavily you edit it.

The first thing you will notice when further investigating DYON are two layout variations. However, they both keep the split-screen approach. What’s more, each variation comes in several different styles, like particle, slideshow, stars, video and snow effects. In total, you have twenty options to choose from.

Set yourself up an uncomplicated, yet stylish, resume website using DYON template.

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PRO Card

pro card resume website template

When an item is called pro-something, then it surely must be something special about it. That’s the exact case with PRO Card. It is an online resume website template with a chill and trendy look. PRO Card gives your personal brand all and everything to express yourself the way you want.

You get twelve color schemes and a whopping 67 page in-out animations. From home and resume to services and portfolio section, all is polished and refined. Portfolio page comes with filters, services with pricing tables and contact page with an active form and Google Maps.

For all of you who find yourself in need of extra support, PRO Card’s detailed instructions will help you out a lot. On the other hand, support team is at your service 24/7 for when you need to sort out something that you do not know how.

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alpha vcard resume website template

While you already stand out from the rest of the applicants with an online resume, you can take things beyond that. In other words, make your web CV as unique and creative as possible. To avoid coming up with the design all by yourself, just pick Alpha template and be amazed by the number of valuable features it treats you with.

Twelve one-of-a-kind home pages, nine astonishing portfolio pages, six product detail pages, full blog and other super elements for you to find the right combination for your resume. Alpha uses Bootstrap Framework 4, is adaptable and customizable to suit every person and agency’s needs. In total, Alpha comes with over 38 HTML pages, original navigation and thorough documentation. It will be a breeze working and building with Alpha resume template.

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penelope responsive resume website template

Penelope template focuses on mobile users but is flexible enough to display your resume website even on the largest screens. There is a template for her and a template for him. The former is more colorful while the latter is dark and elegant. However, whichever you go with, the level of professionalism will always be top-notch. Penelope follows all the latest web technologies for the best site performance and user experience. If you like the demo data as is, you only need to add the information and visual content and you have a resume website ready.

Neat timeline, a light gallery with video support, contact form, compatibility with browsers and parallax background, Penelope is no joke. Typewriter text effect and other animations are tasty additions to Penelope resume website template.

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matresume resume website template

A little world play between Material Design and resume and Matresume was born. Of course, there was a lot more work involved but that’s the start. Matresume is a flexible and extensible resume website template, fully optimized and well commented. You can use it out of the box or perform different adjustments and personalize it entirely. All kinds of experts, artists, designers, managers and other creative and professionals people can build with Matresume.

Any website with Matresume template as the foundation will be responsive, retina ready and compatible with all browsers. Make it showcase your talent and accomplishments like no one else does it. Use your creative mind and take your resume website to an entirely different level. With any of the resume website templates you find in this article, you can do just that. Go beyond what is possible and create something remarkable.

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sakura cv resume website template

Sakura is a responsive and cross-browser compatible resume website template with two main demos for a quick start. If one does not feel like scrolling, top or left sidebar navigation will take him or her straight to the desired section of your online CV. Freelancers, creative individuals and other professionals, make your work and experience stand out with Sakura.

If you are applying for a job, all you need to send to the employer is a link to your page and your website built with Sakura template will do all the rest. Add social media links, share your story, incredible skills and expertness and benefit from the included contact form. Your online presentation will unquestionably be as professional as it can get. It will only enhance your creativity and innovation.

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