31 Stunning Pagewiz Landing Page Templates 2019

So you need those pesky landing pages to turn those troublesome leads into that green dollars that we all love so much. The only question is – how do I get to do that? Well, the answer is also pretty simple: with free online tools that allow you to. Tools which will make your life easier a hundredfold, we now live in a time where anything can be obtained with a touch of a button, and so can websites – to an extent. Using it is not entirely that simple but trust me, even someone who’s never yet used a website builder in their life can make something that they can post online in an hours time pretty much.

All you need is English knowledge, slight technical term knowledge (which you can find on google for whatever you do not know) and basic computer as well as browser experience. Quite honestly it does not take that much these days. This is one of the reasons we have compiled the best Pagewiz landing page templates out there.

Also, another important thing is that Pagewiz makes this even easier on us with its intuitive editor and slick design. It is the ideal solution for all your landing page needs. Featuring single click integrations that can export your user data, follow those numbers, see what works best for you and convert those leads into paying customers. Coupled with the new lead email notification system which will send your clients information about your points from your brand directly. Moreover, if you want to go all-in, you can contact them to get their API which will fully integrate into your systems and give you unlimited options for customization. So what are you waiting for? Get PageWiz today, and alongside it, get all these sweet looking templates that we have got lined up for you today.

Let me talk a little bit about those. Are you interested in right now? Yeah, I know, I was as well. Very interested to how something so simple and so free can be available to me at any point like an outside tree. Of course, all these templates will feature complete cross-compatibility across all devices, a unique and modern look which you can edit completely with the powerful tool PageWiz provides, as well as SEO and marketing options tailored to your needs. So what exactly are you waiting for right now? All of them fully free demos and previews which you can check out whenever you want! In fact, do that right now. Trust me. You will certainly learn something, and you will not regret it. Also, who knows, it might even turn into something greater.


vibrantgym pagewiz landing page template

For all your health & fitness needs, VibrantGYM will carry your business to the ultimate level of design and fluidity. Easily customizable landing page template with a sleek design, a must try for any businessman!

Looking for a Pagewiz landing page template which offers ultimate modern design, a sleek and adaptable layout? Ready to push any business page to its absolute limits, you will want to try this one out folks!

More info / Download


relaxo pagewiz landing page template

If you are in need of a landing page which supports Pagewiz, drag & drop functionality and easy customization then Relaxo is the theme for you. Made for travel & tourism in mind, this theme will do you proud whatever you are aiming to make! Relaxo, among other Pagewiz landing page templates, stands out by making use of background images and bright-colored buttons and active colors. More info / Download


conference pagewiz landing page template

An all-purpose Pagewiz template designed for events and projects, Conference is the theme of your choice. Featuring loads of customization options and exceptionally high-quality PSD files in the template, you will want nothing more when starting a new business. More info / Download


massketing pagewiz landing page template

Massketing will bring your web page to life with beautiful design and a sleek UI which offers lots of customization options, ranging from drag-and-drop editing to have a desktop and smartphone integration; this theme will strive to bring your business to the top! With an exciting name and beautiful layout, this template is another favorite of ours in the collection of Pagewiz landing page templates. More info / Download


remote pagewiz landing page template

Ideal for showcasing apps and product, real estate agencies and other organizations, Remote is the Landing Page template you have always wanted. Minimalist and sleek design allows you to capture your audience’s attention and keep it. This theme is, without a doubt, another excellent pick in our collection of Pagewiz landing page templates that make use of background images and big, bold headlines to grab attention. More info / Download


visio pagewiz landing page template

Visio is a modern and sleek landing page used mainly for launching startups and promoting web services. It is highly customizable and has a clean user interface. More info / Download


avira pagewiz landing page template

Looking for a Pagewiz-ready template to take your real estate business to the next level? Avira is for you. Unlike the popular antivirus, this theme will bring customers to your website and keep them on it with its beautiful minimalistic design. More info / Download


modulands pagewiz landing page template

An all-purpose landing page template based on Pagewiz, Modulands is highly customizable and features desktop and smartphone integration. More info / Download


flatico pagewiz landing page template

Do you want a modern Pagewiz landing page that’s fast to setup and will look amazing when promoting your new smartphone applications? Easily customizable, absolutely easy to set up, definitely a theme you will want to test out. More info / Download

eBook (by Epic-Themes)

ebook pagewiz landing page template

Ebook is a perfect landing page for promoting your digital content online! With a unique and easy to use UI, you can edit each element of the page to your liking. Ideal for promoting your applications or for startup websites. More info / Download


urane pagewiz landing page template

Urane can optimize your website to be the perfect landing page. It can suit any purpose and can be edited to your heart’s content! If you have any questions, leave a comment. More info / Download

Flat Vault

flat vault pagewiz landing page template

Featuring superior layout and modern design, FlatVault is your Pagewiz landing page of choice for anything business you’re starting. More info / Download

Meta Start-Up

meta start-up pagewiz landing page template

Meta startup is an all-purpose landing page designed for promoting applications and startups. You will also get high-quality PSD files by default. Enjoy! More info / Download


adventour pagewiz landing page template

Adventour is a premium Pagewiz template designed for vacation & travel landing pages. It has a high amount of customization options as well as desktop and smartphone integration. More info / Download

Metro App

metro app pagewiz landing page template

Metro App is an all-purpose landing page designed for promoting startups and applications. You will get HQ PSD images by default with the template. Enjoy! More info / Download

Travel Tour

travel tour pagewiz landing page template

A perfect template for all your tour guides and travel agencies, Travel Tour will guide your audience’s attention to where it needs to be – your services. Offering multiple layouts and high-quality PSD images make this eye-catching them a must try for anyone trying to kickstart their business to the next level. More info / Download

Cube Consulting

cube pagewiz landing page template

For all you consulting agencies, Cube Consulting will give you a landing page worthy of its name. Its responsive design and unique look will bring your business to the next level. More info / Download

eBook (by demustang)

ebook demustang pagewiz landing page template

An easy to use and modern landing page template, eBook offers unique customization options for your web page. More info / Download

Universal e Course

universal e course pagewiz landing page template

If you want to make online courses, then Universal e-Course is the perfect landing page for your website. It has a clean and sleek user interface and is easily customizable. More info / Download


myservice pagewiz landing page template

A minimalist and clean design is what MYSERVICE offers for your newly made landing pages. With a wide range of customization options and features, create your dream landing page in mere minutes! More info / Download


royal pagewiz landing page template

Make a modern looking landing page in minutes without any coding experience! Designed with travel in mind, it offers a wide variety of features and customizations. Royal is another example in our roundup of Pagewiz landing page templates that makes use of bright and colorful color palettes and icons which give this template a different feel and look. More info / Download

Jwell Shop

jwell shop pagewiz landing page template

A sleek and unique design is what Jwll Shop brings to all your new landing pages! Never worry about a thing again. This example among our collection of Pagewiz landing page templates emphasizes bright and vibrant colors that make the design pop and stand out. More info / Download


expo pagewiz landing page template

Expo is a Pagewiz Product Landing Page, which has a minimalistic and multipurpose design in combination with remarkable parallax effect. This theme keeps tracks of your upcoming events and informs you about them. A beautiful design of mobile version is also included so you can manage your time right in your pocket. More info / Download


apper pagewiz landing page template

If you want to promote your smartphone apps or games, you will want to use the Apper Promotion Landing page. Featuring a unique and sleek design, giving you access to all the source PSD’s and iPhone mockups, this landing page will integrate seamlessly with mobile as well. More info / Download


foundation pagewiz landing page template

If we are talking about non-profit landing page templates for Pagewiz, we cannot not consider Foundation, featuring countless customization options; a uniquely modern take offers you a complete experience like never seen before! Another great pick from our collection of Pagewiz landing page templates, Foundation puts a focus on the content by using white and clean typography throughout the page. More info / Download


myearth pagewiz landing page template

Like playing around with endless features and customization options? MyEarth is a Landing Page for you! Boasting a unique design and seamless integration, make your new landing page in minutes with My Earth! More info / Download


flare pagewiz landing page template

More info / Download

Your Favorite out of Pagewiz Landing Page Templates?

That brings us to the end of our collection of Pagewiz landing page templates. In conclusion, we have seen some beautiful templates that are not only eye-appealing but also functional. Finally, let us know how you will be using these themes? Which one was your favorite template?

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