32 Best SEO Friendly Website Templates To Rank Better 2019

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most commonly spoken complicated topics on the internet. There are many experts like Brian Dean and Rand Fishkin, who constantly share about the SEO tips that they have learned in their career. The SEO includes lots of complex factors like the backlinks, quality contents, bounce rates, page authorities and much more. These are the factors which we website owners can manage by ourselves.

The 50% main factor of your site’s SEO lies in the quality of the template or the theme you use. The quality refers to the coding of the theme and the templates. Well written codes don’t overdo or fail in their task. They just accomplish their task perfectly, such templates are often mentioned as the SEO friendly website templates. So at Colorlib we always try to collect the best templates and themes to make your search more simpler. Even we have shared some high quality website templates and WordPress themes for free with our readers. Here on this list, we have shared some of the premium SEO friendly website templates for you.


Without a shadow of a doubt, Divi is a striking, professional and sophisticated SEO-friendly website template. It is so powerful and practical, you can employ Divi for just about any page you want. One thing you need to understand before you start working with the tool – there are no limitations and boundaries. In fact, the only limitation you might have is your imagination. Start working with Divi with an open mind a whole new world of opportunities will unlock right in front of you.

Out of the box, Divi treats you to more than one hundred complete website packs. With these alone, you know already that you will find the one that sparks your interest. On top of that, Divi also rocks a handy drag and drop page builder, which allows you to edit the layout to your needs and likings precisely.

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Jevelin is another master web design solution for an assortment of different projects. It is also SEO-friendly, cross-browsre compatible, mobile-ready and in tune with all retina screens. On top of that, Jevelin is also optimized for fast loading speed to ensure killer performance all the time.

For your information, there are about thirty demos you can choose from. Moreover, with upcoming updates, which are free by the way, you can also expect new variations to drop. Jevelin also includes WPBakery page builder which helps you customize the default look without the need to touch a single line of code.

Additional specialties of Jevelin are forty custom-made shortcodes, parallax effect, back to top button, smooth scrolling, six blog layouts and video backgrounds. Jevelin covers all and everything for you to take your business to new heights with an enviable online presence.

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rogan seo friendly website template

Creativity has no limitations and nor should building a website have. If you are looking for an all-around site skin that creates an outstanding atmosphere, you better take a peek at Rogan. This creative, multi-functional website template follows all the latest practices, making sure the outcome is modern and sophisticated. In other words, Rogan is optimized for speed and SEO, in tune with all devices and compatible with popular browsers. Rogan also works with all new plugins for easy integration.

Kick things off by picking one from five predefined demos and go from there. With Rogan, you can effortlessly create agency, portfolio and landing websites. Some more features include different dark and light header styles, Elementor page builder, Bootstrap Framework, SVG icons and Sketch files. In total, you get well over seventy pages and more than one hundred shortcodes. Mix and match the available, introduce your style and establish a banging page with Rogan.

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bemax seo friendly website template

Bemax is one of the finest SEO friendly website templates that’s available today. It is a one-page parallax style template that business startups will find it of great use. However, Bemax is versatile and flexible enough to be used by web studios, agencies and other companies and projects that are leaned more towards the creative development. Due to the use of Bootstrap Framework, you can be confident that it is responsive enough for your needs but most importantly, for the modern mobile end user.

All the files that Bemax package contains, as well as the code, are organized and tidy for you to make any customizations to it with ease. Bemax includes six home page designs plus additional blog home and blog details pages. Last but not least, because it is search engine optimized, your site will perform well when it comes to search engine results.

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daniels seo friendly website template

To enhance your potential when it comes to driving as much organic traffic to your page as possible, you need a template that has been put together with latest SEO practices in mind. One such tool is Daniels. This one-page portfolio tool is packed with goodies that creative individuals and agencies will benefit from greatly. It is modern, beautiful and high performing template with a great attention to detail.

Four demos await every Daniels user and go like this: the main default version, a creative home, the one with particle effect and lastly a sample that fully supports video background. Cool typewriter effect, animated skillbars, hover effects, filterable portfolio and a working contact form, that and loads more is what you get with the wondrous Daniels. Get your skills and talent out there and put it in front of folks on a global scale.

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rupa seo friendly website template

Are you on the hunt for a modern and neat SEO friendly website template that you can use to speed up building your website? If that is the case with you, then Rupa could be one of the top solutions that you are looking for. It is a powerful HTML5 and Bootstrap template that you can freely adjust in order to fit the needs of your website. Rupa was set up in a way that is best used for marketing a digital product or even a physical service.

Three clean and unique home pages, responsive and retina ready layout, sticky navigation and free updates are just a few of the many great assets that Rupa offers. Rupa is compatible with all modern devices and browsers to deliver the same amazing and out of this world experience to each of your visitors.

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spring seo friendly website template

If you are looking for a clean and smooth web template for your websites, then Spring is a good option that you should look into. It fits project showcases like app, SaaS and software best. Still, you can easily forge other types of pages with Spring, too. Spring is one contemporary SEO friendly website template that you can use right off the bat to quickly establish your page.

Once you hit the live preview page, you will notice four different samples to choose from. Those are not only for presentational purpose but you also get all four in the Spring kit. Moreover, Spring is developed using spectacular UI elements that you can modify based on the needs that you have for your page. Its simple design calls for a quick adaptation to match various businesses.

As far as the material you get goes, it is all in perfect order what makes using and managing Spring a lot easier for you. There is also parallax effect in case you would like to make the experience even more remarkable.

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huge seo friendly website template

To start the hype early, you can do part of the promotion on social media and the other part using a coming soon page. Spark their curiosity and make them mark the date to come back and see what you are launching. Huge is an SEO friendly website template for coming soon, error and domain for sale pages. There are a total of over 120 pre-built layouts which will help you find the look you want for your page.

Whether you need something super simple or more complex, whatever you would like to do, chances are, Huge already has it at your disposal. Come on, 120 templates?! Anyway, along with the predesigned content, there’s more Huge has to offer. Making creative improvements to any of the Huge demos is possible just as well as using the desired look as is. No matter which option you take, the end product will help you grab their attention and start building your fan base in advance.

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kelly seo friendly website template

Designers or any other kind of creative professional, if you are looking for an SEO friendly website template, Kelly will knock your socks off. It comes with a very sophisticated and minimal design that will hook everyone as soon as they land on your page. Kelly sure will give your website a super professional and innovative appearance.

Due to responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility, it does not matter what kind of platform or what type of device they use to access your page. In short, your website will always look spectacular.

In the kit, you will find four easy to use and highly modifiable front page designs. You can make almost any change to the look that you would like and individualize Kelly to your needs. Make it follow your branding to the T and let your site be a reflection of your personality and work.

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dot seo friendly website template

If you offer the market something innovative and revolutionary, you better have your website following all the latest trends and technologies. With Dot, you do not have to worry about any of that stuff including the design part. It is a novel SEO friendly website template that specializes in apps, software and SaaS products. You get ten great index pages, two color schemes and over forty UI blocks that you can utilize however you want.

Dot is mobile and retina ready template that comes with over seven hundred icons, parallax effect, newsletter subscription form and cool CSS3 animations. For a small investment, you can have a fully active page ready to push your product and scale your business. What’s best, it will take you little time and effort to finish building your website, too.

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agency seo friendly website template

No questions asked, Agency is an awesome SEO friendly website template with great features and assets. Agency was put together with ease of use in mind. That said, you can easily make changes to it and tweak it however you fancy. All the files and code of Agency are organized and documented so you immediately know what you are doing. Nothing complicated with Agency what makes the template very beginners friendly.

Out of the box, you have a whopping eighteen different options for the index page. From static image and slider to form, solid color, particles effect and many more. Newsletter popup with MailChimp integration, animated elements, retina icons and Google Maps are just a few of the exclusive goodies you receive with Agency. The tool will also perform well no matter what browser or device your visitors use. It is an optimized tool for your business that will do you and your business good.

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eduread seo friendly website template

With this collection of top SEO friendly website templates, we try to be as versatile as possible. However, each template is versatile and highly adaptive anyway, meaning, you can use it for all sorts of intentions. EduRead is an education template with four home variations and many practical inner pages. With the help of all the pre-set material (25+ pages!), you are guaranteed a fast page launch using EduRead.

EduRead provides a comprehensive list of features that will enhance your web presence and take your educational project to new heights. Four different courses and event styles, awesome customizable blocks, sticky navigation and a full blog, EduRead truly delivers. Along with search engine optimization, EduRead is also optimized for devices, browsers, fast loading speeds and overall killer performance. Create a home for your valuable courses with EduRead today.

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salma seo friendly website template

Every website has the power to inspire, but only the ones who know how the system works would reign supreme. Be one with the elite through Salma. This SEO friendly website template is loaded with design templates and easy-to-use tools to help you publish a great website faster than ever. Perfect for any field, this site canvas focuses both on the creative and functional side of things. Simply edit content or utilize Salma’s default settings and use it as is. The choice is yours but it is a guarantee that, whichever path you take, the end product will always be a striking one.

Select from five outstanding, clean, contemporary and vibrant demos and go from there. Salma also includes over ten headers, Owl slider, free lifetime updates, photo gallery and more than ten styles of page titles to name a few. Salma is definitely what you need. Besides, you can always count on the instantaneous technical support from friendly staff as well.

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sedmy seo friendly website template

The business arena is highly competitive, no matter what field they belong to. Be a cut among the rest by choosing a stunning and super simple to use tool, Sedmy. This SEO friendly website template has all the features you need to hammer out the dopest landing page style website. It is built using only top of the line features to assure seamlessness in your craft. Sedmy is responsive, letting you view the website on any device or browser without hassle.

Sedmy has flexible and adaptive layouts which you can automatically tweak according to your preference, without disturbing your content. All designs work within your site’s theme for outstanding results. You will not worry a thing even if you are just starting out in the web design game and have little prior experience. At least when it comes to web design, you have it ready and set already.

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nikna seo friendly website template

Excite your customers 100% of the time by ensuring that your page comes out on top of Google search results. Make it possible with Nikna, an SEO friendly website template that’s perfect for you. Nikna is already making epic moves in the online world, ensuring you to enable to create a wonderful website in no time. With the amount of material you will discover in the Nikna bundle, you will immediately understand its power. FYI, Nikna is based on Bootstrap 4 and includes two homes and 22 additional internal pages.

Nikna provides you with the tools to make your content shine without boundaries. It also has a built-in blog tools to boost your online presence and help you start implementing content marketing. It does not stop there. Level up your site with your creative touch and make yourself a winner.

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way seo friendly website template

Get things done your way with SEO friendly website template, Way. It is a software landing page tool which will help you market your product and get it known. When you want to rely on organic traffic, for the most part, you need to have the foundation organized and optimized before you start doing any other special tricks. Way is the template that has all the technical part in total order so you do not have to bother taking care of it.

With nine ready-to-use layouts, it will be easier for you to decide how your final web design will look. Basically, there are three main looks of which each comes in a solid, image and video version. Moreover, Way decorates its web design with smooth on scroll animations, hover effects, testimonials and pricing tables. Get the word out and start scaling your user base.

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emily seo friendly website template

When a photography website is a must have, then Emily will be a good template for you to use. But first, let’s experience it a bit before you fully commit. This SEO friendly website template is one of the most outstanding ones available on the market today. The features, the looks, the innovative touch and all the comes along call for a novel page everyone will adore browsing through.

Emily’s home page and all sections including the gallery support all types of devices from mobile to desktops. It makes it easy for you to showcase your work to your visitors and have them glued to their screens. Emily allows you to choose any color you want what helps you find the ideal look that you visualized for your website. Get busy and before you notice, you will have a page live and attracting new guests.

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creatink seo friendly website template

Crea;tink is as creative as you can think. It is an SEO friendly website template with a multi-concept approach to its web design. Forty demos, three hundred UI elements, more than two hundred HTML files and a whopping 1700 icons, I know, Crea;tink is no joke. No matter how creative and artistic you are, Crea;tink manages all your ideas with zero struggle. Except for your imagination, there are no limitations when it comes to Crea;tink.

With Crea;tink, you can create blogs, photography pages, agency sites, personal web spaces and even online stores.

The best part?

For the most part, whatever you would like to craft, chances are, Crea;tink already has it at your disposal. Not only are the entire page layouts predefined but you also get a wild assortment of features and assets that you dominate the industry with.

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pixies seo friendly website template

Would you like to come up with an original and impressive portfolio site? No need to brainstorm it, not even build it from the ground up. If an online portfolio is what you are aiming for, Pixies is the tool for you. This SEO friendly website template gives you a chance to hammer out an excellent page filled with your best work. On top of that, you can also manage a blog and use it for content marketing simultaneously with Pixies

With many different and creative layouts ready to be put to use, Pixies makes you display your top-notch images in the best way possible. benefit from seven portfolio layouts, four gripping about pages, cross-browser compatibility and coming soon page. You are closer than ever to bringing your creations online and get them light up their curiosity.

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terahoster seo friendly website template

Whether you run a hosting company or you plan on starting one, TeraHoster is the template that handles your website creation. You might find your current page outdated or not performing that well, by all means, pick TeraHoster and refresh your web presence. It is tidy, modern and colorful web design that you can utilize without much prior knowledge. All the content is shipshape what makes TeraHoster very newbie-friendly.

Of course, TeraHoster is also an SEO friendly website template that will help you get your site ranking higher and gain more of the deserved search engine traffic. Other goodies of the page skin are parallax effect, smooth scroll, three different pricing tables and sticky menu. A working contact form is also part of this gem, as well as WHMCS version.

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corporate seo friendly website template

Its name alone should give you some idea as to what you can get with Corporate. Indeed, a modern and versatile SEO friendly website template, perfect for all sorts of businesses and professionals. It does not really matter what kind of service or product you offer online, you can adjust Corporate to match your needs effortlessly. Even with the three included front page styles, you already have quite a bunch of options for your online appearance.

Based on market research, Corporate makes sure you get all the needed and then some for making a website like none out there. The template is based on Bootstrap, features Slider Revolution, Font Awesome icons and an active contact form. The layout is responsive and retina ready, following all the modern web and tech directions. Skyrocket your business with Corporate and never look back.

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picasso seo friendly website template

Are you a creative professional or a hobby designer? Would you like to create a page that would showcase your masterpieces and talent? Look no further and consider choosing Picasso. You are looking at an SEO friendly website template that is perfect for crafting an online appearance for photographers, architects, designers, producers and other highly creative individuals.

Picasso rocks sixteen home variations for you to get the best fitting web design for your needs out of the box. Still, you can, of course, modify and improve each layout and enhance it with your individual touch. Picasso is full of golden assets and traits that will help you stand out from the crowd, winning over more clients willing to seal new project deals with you. Start pushing your thing with Picasso now and explore new opportunities.

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stack seo friendly website template

The Stack is a multipurpose website template. It is a value for money template collection. What type of template do you need? Name it, the template model will be there in this collection. With this template you get 40+ variations, each covers different niche and you also get landing pages and coming soon templates. The unique feature of the Stack template is you get a custom page builder exclusively for this HTML template.

The variant page builder has 240+ interface blocks which is customizable and easy to integrate into any part of the web pages. The page builder includes a wide variety of modern web elements, with the page builder you can customize the web elements to fit your needs. All the template follows a clean full-width design layout. All the templates in the Stack use HTML5, CSS3 and modern Bootstrap framework. Overall the Stack can be used as both personal website templates and professional website template.

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The SaaS

thesaas seo friendly website template

The SaaS is a modern website template for startups and tech companies. This template includes all type of variants from classical business sites to the modern websites. All the template follows neat design layout that fits the professional needs of a website. The SaaS template provides you nine homepage variants out of the box. You also get six header variations and customizable website UI elements.

The template is SEO friendly and code optimized. The SaaS template supports cross-browser and mobile responsive. All the templates use full width design layout, that utilizes the screen spaces effectively.

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pofo seo friendly website template

Pofo is a creative style website template. The template includes 25+ demo variations, which includes both colorful templates and minimalistic templates. Each demo variation uses different layouts and menu style, so you get enough options to explore and choose the template that fits your needs. Most of the template uses light skin color scheme, but you also get dark skin version in some of the template variations. The Pofo is a perfect choice for creative agencies, portfolio templates, and corporate sites.

The Pofo template uses icon collections from font awesome, themify and ET line icons. So you will never run out of icons with this template. This template provides you features like parallax scrolling, Instagram feed integrations, gallery and animated skill bars. To make the sliders more interactable with cool effects this template uses Revolution slider and swiper touch slider. Overall this is a feature packed website template, you get lost of premium add-ons along with this template. The WordPress version of this HTML template will soon be available, so try to check it out if you want this feature packed template in WordPress CMS version.

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webster seo friendly website template

Webster is a feature packed and one of the best HTML template you get. To this evergreen template collection again new demo variations are added recently, so you get plenty of template options to choose from with the Webster. You get full-width design layouts and boxed design layouts. All the templates use latest design layouts and modern web elements. So this template is future proof.

With this template, you get 40+ homepage variations and 300+ templates. This is a flexible website template, which provides you 50+ shortcodes and 380+ reusable UI components. Which means you can use the web elements where ever you want in the template, with the help of the shortcodes. You can also customize the web elements easily as per your design needs. This template also provides you premium plugins like revolution slider, mega menu, and MailChimp.

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listeo seo friendly website template

Listeo is single purpose website template. It does not include multiple layout options and multi concept demo variations with it. But it serves its single purpose flawlessly. The Listeo template is designed as a directory website template. You get all the necessary features and options to create an effective list site. The template follows a minimalistic design layout. With its full-width design layout, you have plenty of screen spaces and the white spaces add richness to the web elements and texts.

The Listeo template provides you four homepage variations and more than five design layout option for the list page. You also get dashboard templates with the Listeo, since it is a listing site you can use user dashboard to effectively manage the contents and the user. The template also provides you the option to include an interactive map, to show the places in the list effectively to the users. By default, this template uses red color as the color scheme of the template, but you have the option to switch between different colors.

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juno seo friendly website template

Juno is a cool looking photography website template. In fact, it is a photography website template collection. With this template, you get 12 variations. Each follows different layout options, which you can find in all the top photography website templates. Whether you need to create a royal looking dark skin website or clean looking white skin website, the Juno template includes both light and dark skin variations.

This SEO friendly website template uses latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. It is a flexible website template which gives you 11 color schemes and different header style variations. You also get premium plugins like revolution slider with this template, so it is also a wallet-friendly website template.

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maxo seo friendly website template

Maxo is a premium one-page website template. With its clean design, the template manages to get more than three hundred downloads. As of now, the template gives you nine homepage variations. All the variations follow simple and clean design layout. The logical design of the template helps the user to get more information from the site at a glance. In all the template you get a big header image section, here you can add image or gradient backgrounds. The template supports Font awesome icons, so you have plenty of multiple browsers compatible professional looking icons. This well coded website template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework. The Maxo also support Revolution slider, so you can create interactive slides easily.

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digital agency seo friendly website template

Cynic is a clean and professional looking website template for digital agencies and SEO agencies. The template includes six demo variations, which includes both modern and classic design layout. With this template, you get premium features like Slider revolution to create interactive slides and Linear icons to make a clean presentation. All the variants are multi-page templates, so you will never run out of the page with this template. All you need to do is to add your contents and kickstart your website. This well coded website template is SEO friendly, mobile responsive and Cross-browser compatible.

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Paper Multipurpose

paper seo friendly website template

Paper Multipurpose is a feature packed multipurpose website template. This template provides you 18+ homepage variations. All the variations follow a clean and professional looking website design layout. It is one of the few templates like Listeo that provides you dashboard templates along with its website layouts. With this template you get almost 30+ modern web elements, all are easy to use and to customize. Shortcodes are provided for the web elements so that you can use the web elements wherever you want on the template. Separate shop pages are also provided with this template, so you can use Paper as an e-commerce template as well.

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jacqueline seo friendly website template

Jacqueline is another single purpose website template on this list. This is a minimal website template for spa and saloons. To give users a relaxing feel this template uses light colors for the web elements and content blocks. It has all the necessary features you need to create a professional looking spa website. This template provides you three homepage variations. In the header section, you have image slider with smooth transition effects. You also have the option to add a call to action buttons. With this template, you also get custom icons that fit well with the overall design of the template. You also get a booking feature with this template. More info / Download

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