35 Free One Page Website Templates For Effective Storytelling 2019

Recently the use of one page website templates is increasing, especially among the tech companies. One page website templates provide all the information readily to the user on a single page. All the user have to do is to scroll and know more about the product. This type of templates helps you to give an immersive storytelling experience to the user.

Following are the best free one page website templates helps you make effective storytelling. We have listed both HTML and WordPress free one page website templates to help you choose a better template for your site.

Divi (WordPress)

divi one page website template

Creating a single-page website should not be too much of a hassle. At least not when you gain access to the incredible web design, Divi. This tool is supplied with just about anything and everything you can think of. There is no need for you to start from scratch when Divi has it all predefined for you. From over eight hundred ready-made designs to tons of extensions and components, Divi is a serious deal when it comes to building pages. There is a good chance you will want to use Divi out of the box, brand it and be ready to roll.

Moreover, with the Divi page builder, customization goes over and beyond. You can go as creative as you want or keep things super simple and minimal; the outcome will always be a high performing one-page website. Move things forward like a champ even if you are building your first page, thanks to Divi’s user-friendliness.

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Jevelin (WordPress)

Jevelin provides all the must-have layouts and elements for the most outstanding one-page website creation. With the thirty and counting ready-to-use demos, you can start the process with confidence. All it takes is a single click on the mouse to import the sample of choice and you can already start fine-tuning it.

The integration of WPBakery drag and drop page builder offers everyone to bring into being the desired website. With Jevelin, you can establish business, agency, blog, online portfolio, eCommerce, law, restaurant and any other page you can think of. Limits truly are none.

There’s more.

The layout is responsive, in tune with web browsers, optimized for SEO and fast loading. Supplementary features include Revolution Slider, Contact Form 7, parallax effect, mega menu and custom-made shortcodes and widgets. Every user also gets video tutorials, documentation and access to speak to the team of experts.

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Anggita (WordPress)

anggita one page website template

Anggita is an exclusive one-page website template for building online portfolios. With this in mind, agencies and freelancers, get involved and have a stunning and eye-catchy page up and running in no time. There are also multiple demos available, as well as dark and light modes, to help you pick the right look you would like to sport online even quicker. Still, you do not need to stick to the default settings, thanks to the flexibility and customization options that Elementor page builder unlocks.

Custom header and footer, beautiful single portfolio layouts, one-click sample data import and Isotope filtering are just a few of the qualities of Anggita. You will also discover blog pages, Google Maps and a working contact form integrated into the web design. Craft an inspiring online space for your works and services and capture everyone’s attention in a snap.

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Free HTML One Page Website Templates

The HTML website templates help you to create a simple site easily. The HTML one-page website templates mostly used for landing pages to display the products and their features. When you decided to use a free one page website templates in HTML make sure you choose the template with all the features and segments you need on your site. Because you won’t get any customization supports in the free templates. If you need support then it is wise to choose a premium website templates. Saying that following are the best free one page website templates in HTML.


Unapp Free Template

Unapp is a free one-page website template with a clean, modern and contemporary look. The layout is 100% responsive, retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. If you are in the process of launching a new application or already run one, sort out a solid web space with Unapp. It is the page that will do the marketing for you. Unapp makes sure that gives you all the right material for a comprehensive presentation of your product.

Slider, on scroll content load, video support, animated statistics and newsletter subscription are a few of the goodies that you get with Unapp. Of course, there is more to it but we just do not want to ruin all the fun for you. Head over to the live preview page and enjoy Unapp’s amazingness and hit the download button – it is free!

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gaas free template

Gaas is a fantastic free one-page website template for software presentation, but you can use it for apps and services as well. In short, if you are looking to build a landing page style website, Gaas is a great solution that will create a fantastic online presence. The design is modern, clean and creative, making sure it grabs everyone’s attention and sparks their interest.

By following all the latest trends and practices, Gaas creates a mobile-ready environment. Your website will work seamlessly on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, as well as instantly acclimatize to web browsers. Sticky navbar, hover effects, pricing plans, testimonials and newsletter subscription form are some of the goodies that you get with Gaas. You can use the template out of the box, but you can also improve it and introduce your branding. Besides, you can expand your page with a blog section and use it for content marketing.

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comodo free template

If you are in the gaming industry and need to set up a single-page website quickly, get Comodo now. It is a free one-page website template with all the essential and then some for a comfortable launch of a fresh new online project. Utilize its original layout and enter the industry with a boom. It is all possible after you mix and match the power of Comodo with your outstanding products and services.

When it comes to features and traits of Comodo, first and foremost, it utilized all the latest practices. With Comodo, it is a guarantee that your website will operate without a hitch all the time. It works with mobile devices, web browsers and retina screens seamlessly. Even when it comes to search and performance optimization, Comodo practices both.

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educature free template

To kick off your online courses project like a professional, start with a free one-page website template, Educature. It is a 100% responsive web design that will help you hammer out a spectacular web presence that will attract and engage all your visitors. On top of that, even if you are building a website for a school, college or university, you can create one with Educature, too.

Above the fold, Educature features a courses search feature and a cool rocket launch animation. The navigation bar is a sticky one, the content loads on scroll and the newsletter subscription form helps you capture their emails for future marketing campaigns. There is also a fully functional contact section with Google Maps and form to save you additional time. You will surely have a blast putting together an educational website with Educature and share knowledge with a global audience.

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ultim8 free template

In brief, Ultim8 is the ultimate free one-page website template for business needs. Whether you need to create a page for your product or service, Ultim8 is the versatile layout that will adapt to your needs without a problem. The eye-catchy look of Ultim8 works excellent with numerous projects out of the box, but you can also enhance the experience with your creative touch.

Some of the features of Ultim8 are typewriter effect, slider, call-to-action buttons, animated statistics, pricing plans and portfolio. Other goodies come in form of a practical contact form, testimonials, subscription form, social media icons and blog. Utilize the available elements, introduce your branding or reshape the design where needed, you can do it all easily and quickly with Ultim8. Now, it is up to you to make things happen and get your business rocking the online world.

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Transcend Free Template

Transcend is a modern, stylish and innovative free one-page website template for every creative mind out there. Whether you are a freelancer or a design studio, Transcend handles you both easily. Full-screen banner is the first thing that warmly welcomes all your visitor and intrigues them. Transcend also rocks parallax effect which spices things up in regards to your site’s web experience, wowing all and everyone. But first and foremost, it creates a strong first impression.

What’s great about Transcend is the combination of amazing and large typography and portfolio for everyone to get hit with something awesome straight away. All the content of Transcend loads on scroll what makes browsing a page feel smoother and even more enjoyable. Now is your time to do things differently on the web and stand out from the crowd.

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CV Porfolio free template

For building online resume and CV websites, CVPortfolio is the free one-page website template that you need. It provides you all the necessary material for you to promote yourself on the web as a freelancer or even a job seeker. When sending them a link to your sophisticated website, they, undoubtedly, will be amazed by the level of your professionalism. And you do not need to do much to get to that degree.

CVPortfolio is a template that will suit all designers and other creative minds best. What it features is this full-width portfolio section which comes with filters for visitors to easier find what they are looking for. It places your creations front and center. CVPortfolio also does not miss other sections for about, work experience and education. Kick off your career in style with CVPortfolio.

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When you are in need of a web design that you do not see on a daily basis, Boxus is the site skin you need. This free one-page website template is as original as it can be. But the entire experience begins with a full-screen slider which you can use to introduce yourself, your work and whatever else you would like to add some additional shine to. However, the real excitement begins when you start to scroll. It truly is entertaining if you will.

Boxus enticingly guides a visitor through the world of your expertness and professionalism in a way you have not yet seen before. Not only do the elements move while you scroll, sticky navigation changes color, too. Pretty cool, don’t you think? On the other hand, Boxus has sections for your services, portfolio, to write about yourself and also comes with a working contact form.

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Creative Agency

Creative Agency is ideal for pretty much any agency that needs a web presence to sort out. Or even if your current page needs to freshen up, Creative Agency can do that for you, too. It is a free one-page website template with a solid assortment of features for you to take to your advantage. Besides, Creative Agency is also very clean and minimal with amazing attention to detail, tempting portfolio and fantastic icons.

Whatever you do with Creative Agency, the outcome is always first-class, ready to push your services and talent above and beyond. You can change the logo, customize the look to follow your branding and even start a blog. Creative Agency is a template that is simple to use. Meaning, do not feel limited in any way, shape or form. Modify the layout and let it give you the website you always wanted.

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Bobsled is a simple, framed-like one-page website template for creatives and everyone else who is after building a page to rock the online space. Vivid colors, responsive and retina ready layout, cross-browser compatible and all the other tech stuff, Bobsled practices it all. The template is also powered by Bootstrap Framework to give your site the amazing flexibility it deserves.

If something straightforward and easy on the eye is what you are looking for, Bobsled is the tool you should consider. There is also a fully functional contact form part of the package so you do not have to build one from scratch. In addition, Bobsled treats you to a subscription form to start capturing guests’ emails upon your page’s official launch. Look no further and start putting your creative mind to use to have a page up and ready shortly after.

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Celt supplies you a free one-page website template solution for your construction or building company. It is everything you need to bring your business online and attract new potential clients and thrive. The web design of Celt is clean and simple, putting your works and services front and center for everyone to get the most out of your web space. Speaking of everyone, Celt is responsive and mobile-ready, giving smartphone, tablet and desktop users the same browsing experience.

Due to Bootstrap 4, Celt is pliable and straightforward to use and utilize. Put all its amazing features to use and operate with Celt’s full capacity for the brightest and shiniest website in the industry. Build customer trust with testimonials and show that you are a serious deal by displaying clients’ logo with the handy slider.

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Halo Free Template

For photographers and photography agencies specifically, here is Halo. A mesmerizing free one-page website template that creates an online presence so enticing, no one is able to hold himself or herself back. Those interested in your services will rush using the included contact form and get in touch with you for a quote.

From the full-screen slider that will wow just about everyone to the full-width portfolio, Halo is no joke. The hover effects are too tempting, naturally convincing you to click. Also, make sure you display what you already achieved in your career and tell the world what you offer them. Not only that but why you are the best in the space. Like mentioned already, Halo comes with a functional contact form, as well as social media icons. Your photo project is about to get a fresh page that Halo will help you realize it for you.

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Words amazing and astonishing are written all over Noah’s web design. Not literally but it is just the expression I used to tell you how great this free one-page website template is. Out of this world! The look is light, bright and minimal, bringing your content in front of visitors and returning clients. When you would like to build a personal page for your freelancing business, Noah is one of the best choices you can make.

Instead of building and designing a page from scratch, save yourself time with the ready-to-use material. Invest all the extra time, Noah saves you, for building your brand and contacting more clients. See the success and give yourself a chance to become one of the most wanted professional individuals in your field. Thanks to Noah, you can now have a fine and novel page ready to attract new clientele.

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Onepro free template

OnePro is a free business landing page website template that creates a strong first impression and helps your firm flourish and expand. With the popularity of single-page websites, you might consider creating one for your project, too. There is no need for the potential client to click back and forth to find all the content they need. All the material is just scrolls away and beautifully displayed on OnePro’s incredible web design.

Some of the key features of OnePro are wide slider, animated skillbars, categorized portfolio, parallax effect and pricing tables. You see, the tool delivers just about anything that you need to cover all sectors of your business. In the OnePro kit, you also get Twitter and Instagram feeds and an option to grow your page with a blog.

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Robotics free template

While you are too busy doing your thing, there is no need to spend all this additional time on site creation. Instead, pick up any from our excellent and free one-page website templates and help yourself out.

If drones, robots and other mechanical creations are what you do for a living, Robotics is an exclusive template that you will find of great benefit. This is the time when you take a clever shortcut and save all the precious time you need to build and assemble the next big thing. Whatever that may be, let Robotics display it on the web for you.

Robotics is a Bootstrap 4 based website template which is 100% mobile and retina-ready, as well as in tune with all modern web browsers. The web design is light and modern with nice hover effects and all sorts of great details. The future is in Robotics technology.

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Landing free template

Landing is, needless to say, a fantastic free landing page website template for creative individuals, ready to push their services to a new degree. No need to be lurking around, show yourself, advertise your talent and see great results coming your way. You could be a writer or you could be a designer, heck, even a photographer, Landing is a great tool for all of you. Besides, the website canvas is versatile enough to quickly adapt to almost any niche you are in.

Utilize Landing to its full potential and make something great out of it. Even if you use it as is, you can have a really solid outcome. However, feel free to fill Landing with your individualism, after all, it is easy to use even if you are a beginner. Portfolio, parallax effect, back to top button, pricing tables, unique details, all this and more is what you get with Landing.

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Drimo free multi purpose template

Drimo is one serious free one-page website template for all sorts of different intentions. It is a multi-purpose single-page tool with a whopping eleven home page designs. Each serves for a different niche while, at the same time, all are highly adjustable to turn them into something distinct and original. Drimo is ready for mobile apps, web hosting companies, handymen, product showcase and more. There is little work needed on your end to turn Drimo in a functional website.

The template might be a free one but you will never really feel it. Drimo is loaded with tons of premium features for a cutting-edge web space that will amaze every visitor. It is also a responsive tool that follows all the latest web and technology trends. Not to mention, its modern look will never get old.

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Bitcoin free template

With the popularity of cryptocurrency (did you invest yet?), more and more companies are expanding their services to the coin market. Not only that but launching fresh crypto projects on a daily basis. If you are one who would like to start something new, Bitcoin is the free one-page website template that will do you good. The tool offers you a chance to quickly and efficiently launch a cryptocurrency page and help those in need.

From elements as big as a full-screen banner to small details that you only see once you further investigate it, Bitcoin is packed with valuable traits and assets. It even sports a neat currency converter, pricing tables and newsletter subscription widget. When it comes to web design, there is no need for you to do things from square one. Have your crypto project up and live on the internet in a breeze with Bitcoin.

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Book free template

There is no need to guess what Book was built for. It is a free one-page website template to showcase and push your latest literature work. The large banner is equipped with text and call-to-action button to skyrocket your conversion rate and make your book a best seller. Book also has other sections to introduce yourself, testimonials and pricing tables.

Along with book showcase, you can also use Book template for online courses. Get creative with the tool and do not be afraid to go entirely against the grain. It is easy to use and always makes sure that your end product is of the best and highest quality. Book is mobile-ready and compatible with all platforms for your website to work seamlessly at all times. Expand your reach and gain new fans willing to support you and your work with Book.

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Coffee free template

Coffee is nothing else than a free one-page website template for coffee shops, pubs and you can also use it for restaurants. Just like any other templates that we bring to the table, Coffee is also very easy to customize and edit to make it follow your branding to the T. Change what needs to be changed, leave all the rest as is and have the final creation ready for the launch in little to no time.

With Coffee, you can create the finest web presence and intrigue everyone visiting your site. One thing is for sure, they will be unable to hold themselves back and rush over to your place to order a cup of joe. The next time, it is very likely that they will come with a bunch of friends because this new coffee spot is too good not to visit it on a regular.

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Saas free template

SaaS gives you the creative freedom when it comes to crafting the exact page that you always daydreamed about. It is an ideal tool for software as a service based businesses but you can also apply it to mobile and web apps. The first thing you need to do in regards to marketing your product is building a page. And you could not come to a better place to complete the establishment of your new online space swiftly. Do it with SaaS template.

Contemporary and sleek design in combination with innovative characteristics makes SaaS a convenient product for creating websites. Sticky navigation, strategically placed call-to-action buttons and a solid selection of other features make SaaS one to think about. Have it all organized and increase your product’s potential with SaaS.

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Startup free template

Startups and small businesses, we have a special free one-page website template at your disposal that will take care of the tedious website establishment process. Plenty of work is already done, you only need to transform this powerful tool into an active website and make it hit the world wide web with a bang. Especially if you are in an extreme hurry, picking up Startup template is a wise decision to make.

The tool is equipped with all the essentials and plenty more characteristics for your products and services to see the light and spark folks’ attention. Startup is responsive, based on Bootstrap 4, supports videos and comes with a captivating portfolio. Pricing tables, testimonials slider, Instagram feed and newsletter subscription are included, too. Spread the word out and make your startup known with Startup.

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Watch free template

Watch is a free one-page website template that you do not have to use only for watches and other timepieces. It handles way more than that.

Why does this matter?

You can use Watch for pretty much any type of product that you would like to share with the world. Write about its specifications, showcase promotional video and, of course, sell it. You can answer frequently asked questions with the help from accordions and capture potential users’ emails with newsletter widget. Market them your products via emails later on and make them unable to resist your masterpieces.

Regardless your product, Watch makes sure it displays beautifully and smoothly on all devices. Mobile and desktop users will witness the same experience all the time without fail. With a solid product and a persuasive web presence, your chances of succeeding are high.

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Susan is a fresh news one-page website template. This template is full of vibrant colors and soothing visual effects. It is a feature-rich website template with all the modern web elements you need to create a professional looking website template.

Susan comes with two demo variation which you don’t get in free website templates mostly. It is a pixel perfect HTML website template with clean design and subtle animations. You also get custom icons that fit well with the overall design of the website template. On the clean white and greyish background, each segment is separated neatly. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework. Along with the homepage template, you also get template design for your blog.

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Colid is an app based one-page website template. It is designed for the mobile application landing page, but the pristine design of the template can be used for any business purpose websites. When you add your own contents and images the template is set to go.

This template follows a trendy futuristic design that impresses the users as soon as they land on your site. With this template, you get custom icons, neat content blocks, and price cards. The visual effects and other transition effects on the web elements are uncomplicated and pleasant to look at this professional looking website template. The most interesting visual effect on this template is the animated logos in the testimonial segment.

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BizPro is a modish one-page website template. This template is the best pick for agencies, businesses, and personal portfolio site. This template has all the necessary features you need to create a professional website.

In the header section, you have big image slider which can handle both images and the videos well. When you hover over the next and previous arrows in the image slider a preview of the next slide will be shown, it is an intuitive design. The service section also has cool effects and features to elegantly display your services. Custom icons are used in this template so that you can depict your services well in this template.

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MobApp, as the name implies this one-page website template is primarily designed for mobile apps. This template can also be used for other software tools and application based website. MobApp is also a perfect option for the landing page to display your product and features elegantly to the users.

Since the MobApp is a single page website template, the impulsively designed homepage provides you all the necessary homepage sections. You get sections like features, gallery, pricing and contact form. MobApp is a 100% mobile responsive website template, so your site can perform well in any type of device. This template follows HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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Datarc is a one-page website template for business sites. If you are looking for a trendy, colorful website template that really stands out from the crowd, then you must try Datarc website templates. Besides of being a free template, Datarc provides premium features in the HTML website template.

Datarc is a well-coded website template. It is flexible and easy to use website template. All you need to do is to add your contents and other details and that’s all your site is ready to launch. With this template, you get smooth scrolling, gallery section, and team section. This template follows traditional navigation bar at the top for easy navigation.

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Dinomuz is a boxed width one-page website template. With the exhilarating color code followed in this template, you can impress your visitors as soon as they land on your site. It is a multipurpose website template suits for any type of professional and personal site.

Each segment in the homepage are separated with neat white background and trendy gradient. This template uses custom icons that fits well with the contemporary look of this template. It is a simple looking website template with only necessary segments and features. The visual effects are also kept neat and simple in this template.

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Glint is a creative design layout style one-page website template for creative agencies and studios. This template uses the hamburger style menu option to provide users a distraction website experience. This template is the best pick for portfolio sites, agency websites and studios.

You get animated counters, parallax scrolling, and carousels with this template. The transition effects and other visual effects on this template are clean and professional looking. Each segment in this template is separated nicely with the solid green color and clean white background colors. This template also provides you custom icons to display your services neatly to the users. Glint template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework.

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CA App Landing

CA App landing website template is a fresh and clean looking one-page website template for mobile apps. This template follows trendy design layouts and uses modern web elements that meet the need of the modern world.

Since it is a one-page website template, each segment is designed intuitively so that you can say all the features of your site elegantly. This template can be used as a landing page for software tools, products, and applications. You also get the option to integrate video into this template easily. In the header section itself a call to action button to subscribe is given for better lead capturing

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Free One Page Website Templates For WordPress

Free one-page website templates in WordPress gives you plenty of options than in the HTML website template. Even if you select a template that misses one or two features you can easily customize it in the WordPress template. Managing and updating contents in WordPress is a lot more simple and user-friendly. Following are the best free one-page website templates for WordPress.


illdy free one page business template

Illdy is a feature-rich free one-page website template. It is a multipurpose website template that efficiently manages any type of personal or professional websites. With this template, you get font awesome icons, hero image, and responsive flat design.

In the header section, you get a big static hero image. You can say about your site with the bold and neat looking fonts in the header section. You also have the option to add a call to action in the header image for better conversion rate. Illdy is a premium theme for free, you get plenty of customization options with this template. It is mobile responsive and also translation ready.

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What’s Your Favorite?

That’s all for this listing, hope you guys enjoyed it and might find one of these free one page website templates interesting for your site. As told before, since these are all free website templates you get only limited support. For more advanced features and support you it is better to get a premium WordPress theme or premium HTML template. What’s your favorite free one page website template? Let us know in the comment section below.

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