60+ Modern & Creative WordPress Themes 2019

As far as tasks go, some patterns from, based on how certain issues are approached and solved. For example, some people are more methodical, with a keen eye for detail that often focuses on procedural perfection. Efficient and proud of it, this type of person is usually an excellent practitioner of his craft, regardless of what that might be.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the creative type. When most people hear “creative,” they often picture artists like painters or musicians. Although such occupations are some of the most prominent examples, creativity represents much more than. Say, for instance; the previously mentioned regular person encounters a problem that he/she was not trained to handle? Or an artist has to produce entertainment for his peers continually.

As the name suggests, creativity is the ability to create things that were not there before. Just about anyone can memorize something and apply it, but it takes real creativity to inventor craft something original, that never existed before. However, this creativity comes at a cost, because the overall process is not as voluntary as a repetitive task. It should also be mentioned that being methodical and being creative are not mutually exclusive, as there are plenty of people that are both of these things.

It’s not like doing push-ups, you cannot force yourself to write a great song, or paint a great painting. Your responsibility as an artist or creative person is to be a conduit for when inspiration strike. You must lay the groundwork and wait. That’s why many great artists, musicians or comedians walk around with notepads. They realize that a great moment or idea is just around the corner, so they must be prepared to scribble it down.

Art, Technology, and Advertising

Art is just a reflection of society, often parodying, copying or praising its events and trends. It is only normal that as society evolves, creativity closely follows. The IT technological revolution is arguably the greatest game-changer in human history. Nowadays, our notepads have taken the form of mobile devices, and our websites often become the canvas of our arts. Do not be fooled by the stereotype of the aloof, uncaring and messy artist, as the marketplace is quick to punish those that shun consistency or quality.

In many ways, being organized is just as important as meeting deadlines or putting pen to paper. You have to realize that most of your eventual clients do not know you personally. All you have is your reputation as an artist, and you will undoubtedly be judged by the quality of your work and your website. Most of us can agree that a bad first impression is very hard to shake off, so why not make a good one instead? A good website is paramount to the success of any businessman, regardless of his/her field of activity. For many people, this is a burden, and they refuse to see it as an opportunity.

The truth is that advertising costs money, a lot of it. A website is nothing more than a dirt-cheap form of what used to costs thousands of dollars. Even more, while a commercial or newspaper ad only gives you a few minutes to plug your product or service, you can spend hours on your page, explaining and detailing everything. Of course, that is based on the assumption that you can get their attention. In the truest sense of the phrase, you have only seconds to peak a visitor’s interest, before he/she will move on.

So how can this be achieved?

Well, there is no right way, you have to find something that will make your page unique. For many people, the answer lies in WordPress themes. These themes are more than skins, although they provide that service as well. Their benefits surpass the realm of aesthetics, as they incorporate plenty of useful plugins and features that increase functionality. That being said, let’s take a look at some of the best creative WordPress themes.


Uncode is a superbly nimble and flexible, technologically pliable and sophisticated, developer-friendly and extremely easy to use and customize, visually polished and refined, professionally graphically designed and highly expressive responsive WordPress creative multiuse theme. This theme has been developed from the ground up as an all-inclusive WordPress theme that is a complete solution for needs at every level of the website design, construction and maintenance process, requiring little to no coding skills whatsoever and fully capable of producing high quality results that are impressive and deeply memorable, engaging your audience in a long-lasting way that has a direct, measurable impact on your traffic and conversion rates.

Uncode builds on the power of the WordPress platform with powerful premium plugins like the drag and drop WPBakery Page Builder, LayerSlider 5, Revolution Slider and a host of other incredibly powerful and smooth features to expand and augment your websites, out of the box. Uncode includes the gorgeous iLightbox feature for highlighting your media in the most handsome way. Creative types will feel right at home with Uncode, with tons of advanced customization options integrated for your convenience. Uncode is remarkably responsive, capable of rendering seamlessly across a vast set of devices, browsers, and platforms, maximizing your exposure. Get Uncode today!

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Massive Dynamic

Massive Dynamic is an incredibly innovative, robustly reliable, cleverly coded and deliberately designed responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website builder. This theme is a brilliant and thorough, flexible platform for the construction of gorgeous, attractive and modern WordPress websites across an enormous variety of fields, and it is uniquely well suited for usage by the most creative and inventive webmasters with or without previous development experience. Empowering webmasters through the Live Website Builder, which allows for minute detailing of your website’s look and feel in a dynamic, real-time presentation with WYSIWYG philosophy, you will be able to switch around colors, layouts, columns, shortcodes, rows and much more in a matter of minutes.

Dynamic layout tools afford you the creative freedom to alter your website’s entire design with a single click, from boxed and full-width presentations to multiple sidebar styles and even slick floating content. Massive Dynamic’s unique live builder offers live preview, access to all settings and shortcode deployment and customization all from a single interface. You will be impressed by the flexibility of Massive Dynamic’s advanced header technology as well. With Massive Dynamic, there is hardly a visual statement you can imagine that you can’t faithfully reproduce with this powerful builder!

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TheGem is a surprisingly flexible and amazingly ambitious, imaginative and innovative, readily responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. It’s a wonderful toolkit for crafting powerful modern websites in a matter of minutes without having to write a single line of code yourself and with an endless capacity for visual and graphical branding and customization. TheGem has also been packaged along with over 40 professionally graphically designed demo website templates and over 150 unique page templates for specific purposes, each conceptually conceived to match the nature and tone of different website archetypes.

Versatility is the order of the day with TheGem, and the WP Bakery Page Builder plugin as well as a set of amazing advanced theme settings put you at the helm of your website’s look and feel every step of the way. TheGem includes hundreds of creative and stylish Google fonts, endless color scheme combinations, unparalleled layout customizing freedom and much more under the hood. With TheGem, eight different navigational styles with over 20 custom settings are available for you to choose from, offering your users an immersive navigational experience that positively impacts your returning traffic rates. TheGem is the perfect outlet for all your creativity! Try it today!

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Kalium is a WordPress theme that inspires and nurtures creativity. It includes many amazing features, and it’s the best in its niche. Its large number of portfolio items will make your portfolio look great. The amount of options for personalization is staggering, giving you the possibility to showcase every item in a fantastic way. Customers can alter the text’s configuration, spacing, and the alignment of the images. This is advanced, streamline WordPress portfolio theme. However, it can be used by anyone, even those who are not tech-savvy. The page setup process is very quick, and it lasts only a few seconds. The Visual Composer is one of the most prolific and efficient page builders. It is featured with Kalium, available from no extra fees. You can take the reins of your own site because this theme makes you less reliant on web development companies.

Developing your own site is surprisingly satisfying, and Kalium has the tools required to get the job done. The Theme Options facilitate the process and provide an accessible means of customization. The theme includes a very large number of fonts, and even has a feature that highlights the most prolific ones. If you dislike all of the 600 Google Fonts, you will have the option to go to the Admin Panel and upload something that is more suited to your taste. This theme has over 800 amazing icons, and there are some pre-made skins that are included with the Kalium theme package.

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Jevelin is a colorful and imaginative, innovative and tech-savvy, dynamic and engaging, readily responsive WordPress premium multipurpose website theme. This theme has been developed for webmasters with a uniquely creative flair who aspire to accomplish professional levels of detailed customization without having to know absolutely any coding. For Jevelin, website building is all about ease of use and variety of choice.

That is why Jevelin lets you not only install your preferred demo websites and page templates with a single click, including all high resolution images featured in the demos, while the visual page builder and advanced admin tools let you make your website your own within a few easy clicks and in the blink of an eye, featuring extensive branding, page by page graphical customization and color highlighting, unique layouts for your portfolios and blog pages and much more under the hood. Jevelin is perfect for webmasters in need of absolute creative freedom, providing meaningful customization at the full website level, individual page level, section by section and even element by element, there is not a setting or animation within Jevelin that you cannot turn inside out to your liking. Try Jevelin today, and let your creative juices flow freely!

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Gillion (Trending Item)

Gillion is popular among creative people of all types, including bloggers which do not require a large number of visually striking features. Regardless of plugins or features, a solid premium theme is expected to increase the owner’s chance of making a successful web site. A great way of approaching that issue is by targeting a broader audience.

Online, this is not a problem due to the global nature of the web. Language is the major challenge, and Gillion has managed to solve this as well. It is translation ready, and it can be displayed in any conceivable language. It is also fully responsive, so you will not encounter any compatibility issues with your content.

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Divi is an outstanding, easy to use and super advanced creative WordPress theme which you can use for all sorts of different intentions. After all, with its multi-purpose features, Divi easily adapts and adjusts to your needs and requirements. If not out of the box, then you can effortlessly enhance and adjust the look of Divi to your branding needs. Whether you are starting an online store, a portfolio, a blog or you are building a corporate website, Divi is here to take care of all your needs.

Since Divi follows all the latest trends and regulations, it guarantees you that your page will stand the test of time. Mobile-ready, cross-browser compatible, optimized for performance and search engines, you name it, Divi thought of it all and then some. Create multiple different project websites, still using the same theme but no one will really know it.

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webify creative wordpress theme

Out of the box, Webify is a super creative WordPress theme, perfect for nearly any intention and project idea you have. Along with the twenty predefined samples, Webify is also entirely customizable, to the very last detail. With this in mind and knowing that you will never need to code, you can now go after the creation of the baning web space with confidence. Webify also comes with in-depth documentation and a team of experts who are always down to help you out.

What’s more, Webify makes sure your page will load lightning fast, as well as operate flawlessly on all devices and browsers. It is SEO-friendly, too. Without really spending too much time on the web development part, you can now hammer out a sophisticated website with Webify swiftly. Brand it, personalize it or simply go with the default settings, whatever suits your needs, the end product will surely be a masterpiece.

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Studio 8


For creative professionals who wish to craft an exemplary site, Studio 8 is an ideal choice. This modern theme is highly adaptable and streamlined, capable of enhancing every single feature of your page. Its design is responsive, as any user will be able to view your high-quality content. Studio 8 is compatible with smartphones, tablets, desktop PCs, laptops, and all web browsers. The theme offers built-in short codes, allowing site owners to personalize posts and articles. The Option Panel is powerful, yet it remains very user-friendly. Even novice users can navigate it with ease. Basically, this product facilitates creativity by not burdening you with boring technical apects. As long as you can imagine it, Studio 8 can make it happen.

The installation process only takes a few minutes, and the resulting site will be lightning-fast. Everyone will benefit from a theme that has earned a Page Speed Grade of A98%. If some errors occur, feel free to contact the excellent support team. Their polite and professional representatives are eager to resolve any issue. A live Demo of Studio 8 was made available, allowing clients to sample the theme before deciding to buy it.

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The Voux


Creativity is a volatile and traitorous quality, and it almost seems to have a mind of its own. It comes and goes as it wishes, and the artist can only hope to enter an environment that encourages creativity. Thankfully, themes such as The Voux are here to offer that environment, in a very accessible and user-friendly manner. Even if you are a novice, this product enables you to create a website that is worthy of hosting your work. It gives you an option to personalize the page, shaping it into something that perfectly matches your vision. Despite the complexity of The Voux’s layouts, you will never encounter resizing errors. Tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers are supported, along with most web browsers and high resolution Retina devices.

Beautiful galleries can be used to shine a spotlight on your content, while the nifty Header Mega Menu makes it easier to navigate through content. Tags, categories, and sub-categories can be added. In the time that it takes to boil an egg, your website theme will be installed. After that moment, you can select a modern pre-made layout and start the customization process. Drag and Drop technology is used, so no coding knowledge is required.

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X Theme


The job of a great WordPress theme is to get out of your way, while providing you with top-quality customization tools. Most clients want a highly-personalized, creative website that perfectly reflects their vision. Pre-made designs may be attractive for those with tight schedules, but they often fail to reflect the individuality of the users. Thankfully, X is a heap of raw material from which you can construct a jaw-dropping site. It is packed with versatile features, and more than a dozen premium WordPress plugins.

With this theme, the client can implement static, personalized backgrounds that feature solid colors or images. However, the background can also shift as the user scrolls through posts, similar to a slideshow. Due to the WordPress Live Customizer, you will be able to express your creativity. This innovative tool can be used by anyone, even those who lack programming knowledge. It is also easier to experiment with different design variations, given that all changes can be previewed before they are applied. You can’t claim to have a creative website while maintaining a boring font. Thankfully, X clients can choose between 600 Google Font variations. bbPress and BuddyPress were also implemented, offering followers a way to interact with the site administrators.

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The Agency


Let your photographs stand out and grab the attention of your target audience using WPLook’s The Agency WordPress theme! The Agency has a clean and minimalist design that will make your photographs or images standout and capture the interest of visitors. This theme also offers unlimited design and customization possibilities because it is built on SASS, which offers extensive features and capabilities compared to other CSS extension language out there. It is completely responsive to ensure that everyone could effortlessly visit your website despite the type of device they choose to use. The theme is fully packed with HTML, XML and PSD files to expedite website design and development.

The 2 custom post types and 3 widget areas included in the theme allows you to set up beautiful and functional pages for your photography website. It has a smart and powerful theme options panel that lets you choose the perfect colour scheme for your photography agency website, change the header, customize the background design and upload your own favicon and logo that represents your agency’s brand. Moreover, you can use its full size slider for showcasing your stunning works and attracting your target clients. The Agency WordPress theme has a very intuitive drop-down menu that helps your visitors explore your website with ease. Finally, this theme is developed using clean HTML5 and CSS3 code for guaranteed flexibility and usability. Its pages load really fast with a page speed grade of A98%. What’s more? This theme is multilingual ready to help you reach different clients on a global scale.

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Crane is a brand-new versatile WordPress theme. With it, you can promote any kind of services or make your business grow. It offers several features that represent uniqueness and creativity. Crane also has hundreds of prebuilt layouts available. With this WP theme, you will receive a unique menu builder with an online library of presets. The highly customizable Groovy menu is integrated as well. If you love to personalize everything you do, Crane is for you. Also included are 25 free Shutterstock photos and more than 2,000 icons, and from the more than 150 inner pages provided, you will find layout designs for portfolios and galleries. They could be classic, cells, masonry, or modern, with options for each kind. Any content will do, from the text and graphic to the audio and video.

In short, Crane is an ultimate tool for creating and managing a profitable website. That is evident with its seven premium plugins, including WooCommerce for sales. You won’t need to buy anything else to build a remarkable and practical website. Last but not least, Crane is responsive and Retina-ready. Thus, your website will look terrific on any device your customers use. Products, portfolios, images, and such will look stunning. Use Crane for unlimited options for an imaginative mind!

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Jannah is a refreshing WordPress theme. It takes a fresh look at the world of desktop publishing in today’s modern age. Jannah dazzles with a stunning design and fresh layout options. Its modern sharing options make a difference. And, the integration of most popular WordPress extensions gives to Jannah, unthinkable flexibility. You have the possibility to choose your skin with pre-skinned demos. You prefer dark? light? or something in-between? Use all the GIF you want with Gif support. Enjoy the powerful and easy to use Theme Options possibilities. They are so many features to create the website of your dreams.

No limits designing (Customizable layouts, unlimited footers and headers styles). More than 15 slider layouts and incredible color layer options. Your imagination is a unique frontier. Get benefits with up-to-the-minute plugins. Build your own shop. WooCommerce extended integration and pre-defines add spaces are ready for you. Whether you need something complex (with Smart Filters). Or simple that looks incredibly elegant on mobile, Jannah has you covered. Get worldwide your business with WPML multilingual plugin. Share your work with the social media community through the BuddyPress plugin. If you are any kind of artist, your website with Jannah could be your masterpiece. Get Jannah!

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creative sea

It is no secret that SEA is a super creative WordPress theme which caters to very many different projects and intentions out of the box. With a collection of over thirty ready-made templates, you know you are in good hands. Even if you use all the layouts and predefined elements and components out of the box, you can bring into being a banging outcome that will amaze and inspire everyone. However, with the newbie-friendly drag and drop site editor, you can go over and beyond with the design of SEA. Make it unique, following your signature style to a T.

Other treats of SEA are speed and SEO optimization, outstanding portfolio features, mobile and browser compatibility, three slider layouts and RTL support. By the way, with SEA, you can also start a blog and sell products online. Mainly intended for agencies, but you can effortlessly employ SEA for something entirely different, too.

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Art is a minimalistic portfolio and showcasing WordPress theme. It is ideal for all of those with an artistic vein. It comes with several demos and super flexible codeless content builder. Art is visually aesthetic and has a black and white smooth simple style. It comes with a flexible layout with countless projects to set. Try arranging positions with unlimited lists and 7 custom post types. Several blog pages and 6 header variations are also given.

Art is ready for business all the way. Thanks to its WooCommerce integration you get to show and sell at once. You will find it with widgets, advanced typography, lazy load and even icons support. This a premium quality and powerful theme that is fully translatable. Art is connected to social media to easily expand exposure. It also offers SEO optimization for people to find you on filters. It is focused on great user experience that is proved by its 5-star rating. Have a look at this fast and documented tool! It even includes video tutorials! Have fun and let your artistic side loose with ART!

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funvita creative wordpress theme

Funvita is a versatile and super adaptive creative WordPress theme which you can use with multiple businesses. For instance, Funvita works great with finance, construction, marketing, consultancy and insurance businesses and companies to name a few. Of course, you can go entirely against the norm with Funvita and employ its powerful web design for something entirely different. When you have access to a modern, professional and easy tool like Funvita, a lot is possible.

Some of the countless features of Funvita are eleven ready-made homes, Slider Revolution, WPBakery drag and drop page builder, one click install and fully optimized code. No need to worry about responsiveness, SEO friendliness, fast loading speed and cross-browser compatibility, Funvita rocks it all by default.

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ekko creative wordpress theme

Ekko is a creative WordPress theme for agencies, bringing you a superb web design. With Ekko, you will have a great impact on all your site visitors and potential clients. The tool keeps its style clean and minimal, yet professional and sophisticated. All your works and services will appear even better than they actually are when you mix and match them with Ekko’s awe-inspiring look. In short, if you would like to boost your potential, do it in style with Ekko.

From awesome slider and call-to-action buttons to sticky navbar, loading animations, pricing plans, footer reveal and social media icons, Ekko has it all and more. Excellent portfolio layouts, blog pages and even online store section, yes, Ekko is a serious deal that will impress all and everyone. Make it your way or use it out of the box, Ekko works both ways fantastically well.

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Doyle is a multipurpose WordPress theme built for creatives to get sassy! It is a Bearstheme creation that mixed minimalistic concept with versatile customizations. Thus it presents an aesthetic look that has little pre-built and lot to be made. Doyle offers +10 demos each with their own homepage. It provides tools such as Visual Composer page builder and Bootstrap framework. Everything will run smoothly thanks to its clean code. Getting creative with Doyle means using +85 elements and playing with unlimited colors. It means Slider Revolution and Essential grid for page content and multimedia upload. It is basically enjoying having pixel perfect graphics.

Doyle will give you versatility to portray a personal site or a professional one. Its creators are committed to help: with purchase you will receive 24/7 custom support. Constant updates are also on the way. It is fast thanks to speed loading optimization and ready for translations. Google fonts typography is also provided. Doyle is perfect for small creative businesses on the rise. You will get it with Google Maps services for any delivery service or physical stores to add. Have a quick look! It is all you will need to fall in love! Go for Doyle!

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Werkstatt is an innovative and responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. This theme is an ideal framework for webmasters from all backgrounds and walks of life. No coding experience is needed to get sharp, professional websites with Werkstatt. Just select your templates and layouts and shape them as you wish with the Visual Composer. Within minutes you’ll be customizing your advanced settings and animations or transitions. Your creativity can run wild with Werkstatt’s utter visual freedom. Perfect for showcasing your content, creative webmasters love Werkstatt.

It provides them with such a breadth of choice for their portfolios. You can choose from hundreds of unique portfolio elements. Each has been carefully crafted for a unique purpose or a niche application. They provide a quick solution to building handsome, smooth pages in a matter of minutes. You can further customize these through your advanced theme settings with just a few clicks. With powerful commercial capabilities powered by WooCommerce, selling your wares is easy. Market your products or services and product catalogues with speed. Caft unique headers and eloquent footers without any effort at all. Responsive to the core, Werkstatt is cross-compatible with browsers the world over. Check out Werkstatt today, and find out!

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Norebro is a fresh and innovative creative WordPress multipurpose website theme. It’s a flexible platform for crafting unique, expressive modern sites. With Norebro, webmasters without coding experience can master the art of website design. A plethora of versatile, intuitive visual tools let you work from scratch, or with any of over 30 demos. Each one is a polished open canvas where you can deploy your unbridled creativity. Over two dozen artful portfolio layouts empower you to showcase your works your way.

Powerful custom options are available through the ACF Pro plugin, included within. Amazing headers and footers powered by cutting-edge tech entices your visitors. The Slider Revolution plugin captivates your audience with stunning showcases of your content. Creative blog layouts bring new life to your stories and make your readers engage. With Norebro, you can build the website you have been dreaming of!

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Vincent Eight

vincent eight creative wordpress theme

No doubt, Vincent Eight is a super creative WordPress theme for startups, agencies, freelancers, apps, software and knowledgebase websites. Due to the multi-purpose approach to web design, of course, you can employ Vincent Eight for other projects and businesses without hassle. The minimal, trendy and sophisticated look acclimatizes to other intentions almost instantly. For your information, Vincent Eight contains seven beautiful demos which you can import with one click.

For any additional improvement tweaks, you do not need to code. How so? It’s the drag and drop technology that allows you to build and create visually which just happens to be ten times more fun. You can craft one- or multi-page websites, craft impressive slideshows with Revolution Slider and even sell items online via WooCommerce plugin. A ton is possible with the spectacular Vincent Eight.

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amedo creative wordpress theme

Artists, freelancers, creative agencies and other professional individuals, Amedeo is the creative WordPress theme for pushing your works and making a difference. Once you unbox Amedeo, you immediately get hit with a collection of fifteen remarkable demos. Along with supporting online portfolios, Amedeo allows you to create vCard and eCommerce websites, too. The options Amedeo brings to the table are numerous. And when you mix it with your creative spirit, the limits truly are none.

Loads of portfolio options, custom-build shortcodes, and widgets, crafting the niftiest web appearance with Amedeo is as easy as pie. Enter the online space like a professional on your initial launch and blow everyone away. There is indeed no need to know how to code to be able to work with Amedeo and establish an online portfolio page that will boost your creative business.

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Folie is an original, resourceful and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. It’s a flexible and boundless WordPress website builder. It offers a slew of advanced technology and visual effects without writing a line of code. Folie’s unique WYSIWYG live builder empowers you to bring the website of your dreams to life. Built on the Visual Composer, it incorporates fantastic premium plugins, including 2 sliders. Design and customize every element and section as you would see it on your website. Choose colors, fonts, animations, effects, from a vast, polished selection.

Folie is the perfect theme to let your creative side run wild. Design agencies, artists and freelancers love expressing themselves with Folie. Folie’s ContentBlocks let you mix and match elements from any templates and demos. This theme gives you the tools you need to stand out from the crowd with your creativity. Get Folie today!

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Simple & Elegant

Simple & Elegant is a WordPress theme of multiple purposes. It is a diverse and edgy design of Withemes and an Elite Author product. It has high quality supported add-ons compatibilities and lots of internal features. Simple & Elegant is a focused theme: it wants simplicity and nothing more. It is responsive in all ways (screens, devices and browsers) and user friendly. It even comes with a child theme and a live demo! Simple & Elegant provides several layouts with either boxed or wide format. It comes with an incredible live customizer that lets you see changes in real time!

It even features 300+ options specially designed for it. Simple & Elegant uses MegaMenu and supports blogs and portfolio pages too. Make different versions of layouts and arrange posts in different ways including grids. You also get to have fun with Google Fonts library or your own set. Simple & Elegant uses Visual Composer Revolution Slider as the major page building plugins. It is compatible with WooCommerce to set up shops and WPML to translate. Start using this really cool and practical tool without second thoughts. Build amazing showcases or projects with one click. It already has all the documentation and support you may want! Start using Simple & Elegant!

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You is a beautiful and creative, colorful and bold, youthful and fresh, readily responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. This theme has been conceived as a modern and flexible solution for webmasters from all walks of life, with or without previous development experience, to effectively put together sophisticated modern websites across a veritable cornucopia of imaginable industries and fields, from business to corporate, personal to professional, You can handle them all. Deploying the ultra-intuitive Visual Composer drag and drop page builder alongside the industry standard Revolution Slider premium plugin, You can produce the most attractive websites on the internet today without skipping a beat.

With powerful capabilities like bbPress social forum plugin compatibility, You can deftly handle all sorts of massive online communities across any number of niche markets and demographics in the blink of an eye. Visual customization is straightforward with You, using accessible and readily modifiable Advanced Theme Options to empower you to decide on the look, feel and behavior of every element in You. Integrated WPML plugin capabilities mean you can easily reach around the world, or across a wide set of demographics within a geographical context, greatly expanding your user base overnight. You need some You in your life!

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Intact is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It has 12 pre-built demos of one-click install. It is a high-quality versatile theme with multiple specialized areas. Intact is Redux framework based giving customization a whole new level. You will get a smooth, modern look of fast response. A child theme is also provided. Intact is retina ready and mobile-friendly. It uses well known Visual Composer and Revolution Slider for page building. (these even count with shortcodes and +30 content elements).

For styling, you have CSS3 animations compatibility and Lightbox plugin. Backgrounds can use Parallax too. Intact’s code is clean and simplified for user experience to be easy. This makes panel access intuitive and coding becomes unnecessary. You will find customization in many layout aspects. Intact, aims to be the best high-quality multipurpose theme out there. It has +600 Google Fonts available and supports Typekit. The theme was made to be compatible with most WordPress plugins. Among them you get WPML, JetPack and Contact Form 7. You will get lots of re-built layouts and portfolio styles. Headers and footers to modify can be found as well. Want to build an edgy XXI century high image quality page from scratch? Have a look at Intact!

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LeadEngine is a crafty, creative and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. It streamlines website construction so your creative juices can start flowing. Install your demo with one click, picking from over 30 curated pre-built websites. Customize layouts at your leisure with WPBakery Page Builder, and make your dreams come true. More than 200 custom elements offer all kinds of features for you to play with. Pricing tables, custom quotes, category searches, graphs, charts and more.

Impress your audience with smooth premium sliders and animated galleries. Showcase your creative works in minimal, clean portfolios. Tell the world what you’re all about with customizable blog pages. Market your creative products and services through built-in shop templates, with payment handling. Whether you’re a freelance designer or a professional agency, your creativity will shine. Dazzle potential new clients and grow your creative business online, with LeadEngine!

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Kallyas is an imaginative and responsive creative multipurpose website theme. This theme is a resourceful platform for developing handsome websites overnight. Filled with flexibility, Kallyas puts you in charge of every nook and cranny of your websites. Fine-tune your elements and settings within a few clicks through the Visual Builder. Deploy smooth sliders instantly with the Revolution Slider. Design and customize your sections as you see fit, and save them for later use. There are no limits to your creativity within Kallyas. Incredible workflow tools are built right into your back-end.

They simplify image processing so you can manage your own content with ease. The unique Kallyas Smart Loader ensures your pages load fast no matter how creative you get with them. By only loading the resources your users need every time you keep your server loads at a minimum. Your website will feel speedy and responsive at every turn, regardless of how much is going on. Awesome visual effects like smooth 3D Parallax presentations are always at your disposal. With tons of template pages and demo websites to get started with, Kallyas is a big time-saver. Kallyas is also built on Bootstrap, and thus cross-compatible out of the box. Try Kallyas today!

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Total is a fresh-faced and youthful, engaging and easy to use, clean and colorful, modern and responsive WordPress multipurpose website theme. This theme is a modern and full-featured framework for the speedy and uncomplicated creation of clever and purposeful websites spanning a veritable cornucopia of industries and interests across the board. Total has been honed to service websites requiring a uniquely creative edge, and with hundreds of possibilities and customization options under the hood, Total puts the power to shape your website’s look and feel in a matter of minutes, in your hands, a few easy clicks away.

With powerful plugins like the Visual Composer, Revolution Slider and Layer Slider providing a broad set of features and capabilities you can deploy to engage your audience with and keep them interested in your content the entire time. Total is perfect for creative photography portfolios and blogs, creative agencies and design studios, or creative artisanal online retail outlets; you name it, Total can help you accomplish it with ease and speed, and polished results every single time. Built on a modern design, Total is natively cross-compatible as well as inherently mobile-friendly, greatly broadening your audience. Check out Total today, and find out!

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Air is a portfolio and photography WordPress theme. It is emphasized in being light weighted and fast like the air itself. It has a responsive layout with unlimited styles for portfolios and galleries. Air uses a Drag & Drop page builder with many advanced admin panel options. It also features 7 posting formats including video, link and quote. You will find custom social media icons on footers. Air is a theme that provides pre-built choices for professions oriented to creativity. It has a customizable design with tons of colors, typography and icons. You will get 600+ Google Fonts and 400+ Font Awesome Icons to post in +4 columns.

It even offers a section to put a brand logo! Air has WooCommerce compatibility to set up shops and uses BM Slider for galleries. It supports WPML multilingual plugin, Right-to-Left (RTL) text and AJAX loading. You will get SEO improvement and shortcodes to make actions simpler and intuitive. This last two will help with speed loading and fast performance. Air is widget ready and support high resolution formats. It is quite responsive and adaptable to all screens or devices. You will get it with free updates and large documentation. Try this 5 star rated tool right away! Try Air!

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Argenta is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with lots of specialized demos. It has a very responsive design with a one click install format. Argenta seeks to be the example on simplicity with versatility at the same time. It has lots of pre-built features and it is SEO integrated. You will also blog pages and portfolio building options. Argenta is a premium quality theme of high resolution and is Retina ready. Posts can be displayed with Masonry and grid layouts and backgrounds are customizable. For basic page building you get Visual Composer and Slider Revolution.

Argenta is WooCommerce ready for online stores and WPML compatible for translations. It uses shortcodes to make panel admin flexible and intuitive (no coding required!) You will get lots of footers and sidebars of your choice. Layouts and headers are pre-built. Argent is a smooth Pixel perfect Colabrio creation. It is specifically created for smooth and clear display. You will get lots of icons integrated, including those of social media. Argent uses ACF Pro and it is SEO optimized for better searching. Tags related to its most poplars homepages’ topic are also available. Get your questions cleared with its amazing custom support system. Go for the best, Argenta!

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Orion is a Multi-Purpose WordPress theme with over 24 original demos (and 1 homepage each). It uses Visual Composer and Revolution Slider for free and has a 1 click install demo. Within its design, you will find unlimited layouts with preset colors and skins. Headers and footers on the other hand, are completely customizable. Orion is a premium product for its high resolution and use of Retina Ready plug in. As well as its speed optimization features. Orion has lots of subpages and styles for blogs and portfolios. It uses Amazing Portfolio Integration and it supports AJAX.

Sidebars, widgets and background colors are customized. You will get compatibility with Translation Ready (po/mo files). Orion is thought out for high level projects and to build the best status. It uses popular Mega Menu for display and WooCommerce for commercial transactions. It comes with Google Maps and pays attention to visual appearance fonts features. (Both Google Fonts and Font Awesome). Ultimately, it is compatible with all relevant browsers and screens. Orion is a well-reviewed (5 stars!) versatile product from Elite Author, that will blow you away with countless options. Try the best features of the market with Orion. Just get it now!

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FatMoon is a sleek and attractive, modern and engaging, easy to use and profoundly intuitive, rapidly responsive WordPress creative photography multipurpose website theme. It’s the result of an intensive and laborious design and development process by a dedicated team of designers and coders working in conjunction to produce a finely crafted, fully functional and very user friendly platform for creative professionals, photographers, web designers, freelancers architects and related, intensely creative professional fields to quickly and effectively solve all their online portfolio needs and requirements in a single place.

With FatMoon, making a visual statement that is memorable and unique is the order of the day, and with 41 conceptually conceived demo websites for you to get things started, it really is no wonder. FatMoon incorporates the uncomplicated Visual Composer and Slider Revolution premium plugins to ensure graphical customization of your end user experience is speedy and hassle-free. This theme features some of the classiest and most elegantly unobtrusive portfolio template pages on the market today, with advanced grid and masonry configuration capabilities, smooth transitions and animations and much more under the hood. FatMoon’s native, Bootstrap-powered responsiveness makes it mobile-friendly from the ground up. Try FatMoon today, and see for yourself!

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Paperio is a creative and responsive WordPress multipurpose blog website theme. This theme is the finest thing to happen for publishing since the printer. Capable of taking any shape and form you can think of, Paperio is very flexible. Packed with polished demo websites for specific purposes, you can mix and match them to do what you want. The Live Customizer lets you fine-tune your colors and fonts and more on the go. Masonry, grid layouts, column lists, endless sidebars and many more options are waiting. Paperio lets you unleash your creativity and present your blog in a unique way. Customize a variety of headers and footers and frame your words just right.

The Awesome MegaMenu lets you present your blog in a creative, thoughtful hierarchy. Guide your users by the hand as they peruse your visual experiences. Creative navigation styles make your blog stand out and get noticed. Engaging featured content sliders can be deployed on any section or page. Bring in your Instagram feed and take your social media game up a notch. Post videos and galleries, set up email subscription newsletter blasts and much more. Paperio is a theme for going wild with your blog. Try Paperio today!

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Oshine is an amazing, versatile, multi-layout WordPress theme that can improve any portfolio. In addition, it includes over 18 distinct demos. Oshine was voted Best Portfolio & Photography theme by many upstanding popular blogs. Attention to detail is the cornerstone of each demo’s design philosophy. Clean, streamlined and modern, your site will surely impress potential employers. A customized experience is guaranteed, given the option to combine features from multiple demos. Having a distinct and recognizable look is important, considering that the market often shuns mediocrity and unoriginality. Oshine is a masterpiece, and it allows you to create a site like no other. Every page can be tailored to accommodate your specification, thanks to the diverse roster of features.

It incorporates the powerful drag and drop page builder. This builder is capable of generating impressive pages in a very short amount of time. Customers can benefit from visual previews in the backend, and amazing features such as copy & paste. The Theme Options Panel has no limits and it offers precise color controls, and 500 beautiful Google Fonts. Oshine incorporates 5 menu layouts, 3 footer and body layouts, in addition to 10 distinct header layout combinations. Each of these options can be combined in order to reflect your vision. Gradient overlays, variable gutters, multiple columns, 7 Title Styles and 8 Hover options are offered.

Full screen sliders, background videos and images, can add another dimension to your pages, combining practicality and solid aesthetic design. Oshine has gone through rigorous testing in order to assure that all users will have the same quality experience. The result is a fully responsive theme that works on all platforms.

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Lorem is a very elegant and aesthetically flexible yet elegant, creative and imaginative, colorful and fresh, intuitively customizable and structurally robust as well as pliable, seamlessly responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. It’s a competent, solid and capable WordPress theme that employs a cutting edge W3C valid HTML5 code as a backbone to a sleek, ambitious and flexible CSS3 scripting technology articulated through a modular Bootstrap design that is completely mobile friendly and inherently responsive, cross-compatible with platforms, browsers and devices the world over.

Lorem includes the clever and user friendly Visual Composer page builder, which requires absolutely no coding in order for you to build your own entirely unique website layouts to fit your every spec and satisfy your every need. This theme is a gateway to completely one of a kind websites that stand out from the crowd and make a bold, memorable statement. With Lorem, every website has a unique flair that is palpable through every bit of your creative, imaginative web creations, from custom widgets and shortcodes to sleek, responsive sliders and flexible, all-purpose templates and layouts covering needs from portfolios to blogs and galleries, as well as custom WooCommerce interfaces, and so much more! Try Lorem today!

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POFO is an inventive, polished and responsive WordPress creative portfolio website theme. It puts you in charge of top-notch, sophisticated design tools, plugins and widgets. 25 homepages and 200+ custom pages streamline the design process, with ample choice. Find the right fit and make it yours with WPBakery, the successor to Visual Composer. The advanced WYSIWYG builder offers real-time editing and a plethora of custom settings.

Creative webmasters appreciate the freedom Revolution Slider provides in POFO. A wealth of sliders, carousels, and Parallax effects, ensures no shortage of attractions. Amazing portfolio options offer an outlet for your creativity to run wild. Stunning animations, transitions and combinations will engage your audience with your works. Build an audience with Yoast! SEO, keep in touch through your blog and with MailChimp and monetize it with WooCommerce. POFO has what you need for your passion to succeed!

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Collective is a resourceful and responsive WordPress minimal multipurpose website theme. This theme is a gorgeous framework for webmasters across the board. Whether you’re dealing with personal or a professional project, Collective is what you need. The Visual Composer keeps customization simple and easy. Convenient elements let you showcase your works and products in a clean presentation. Over a dozen unique homepage demo websites let you hit the ground running. Designers, architects, creatives and marketers can succeed with Collective on their corner.

The seamless minimal design lets your users focus on your content without distraction. That’s why online stores love using Collective to market their catalogues. AJAX technology powers advanced searches, filtering and portfolios. A beautiful AJAX mini cart is included as well. Every element in Collective is a thoughtful, handcrafted feature that expands your functionality. Deploy galleries and animate them with smooth transitions. Boxed, full width and framed layouts switch up how your content is presented. With ContactForm7 integration, your audience can get in touch with you with ease. And the awesome Bootstrap framework powers Collective’s thorough cross-compatible responsiveness. Reach a wider audience and make the sale, with Collective!

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Verve is a stylish and aesthetically accomplished, visually eloquent and very seamless and minimalist, rapidly responsive WordPress high-end multipurpose website theme. It’s a unique and powerful website building platform that has been constructed catering specifically to the demanding needs and requirements of high-end audiences and demographics across all sorts of imaginable businesses and industries, from stylish high end online magazines and specialized travel journals to professional and corporate portfolios and presentations, Verve can do it all, and it can do it in the most jaw-dropping gorgeous of styles.

Amazingly detailed spoken video tutorials are included with Verve to ensure you always make the most of this incredibly flexible theme from day one, taking you by the hand through the uncomplicated single click demo import process, the intuitive Visual Composer customization and layout crafting process, and a number of additional tutorials expansively explaining how to achieve professional quality sprawling image galleries with engaging animations and transitions, beautiful, breath-taking high resolution featured image and content sliders, or utter e-Commerce readiness by enabling the integrated WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin suite features with the flick of a switch, so you can instantly market your wares. Verve is for webmasters that can’t afford anything but the best. How’s that sound?

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H-Code is a massive and imaginative, incredibly convenient and time-saving, visually enticing and wonderfully responsive WordPress creative multipurpose website theme. This theme is an ambitious, massive platform for the intuitive and uncomplicated development of professional quality websites across an enormous range of businesses and fields of interests. H-Code has been endowed with a vast collection of professionally designed multipage and single page or homepage demo websites, each completely functional right out of the box and optimized for all kinds of niche or general applications.

With H-Code’s integrated premium Visual Composer and Revolution Slider plugins, graphical customization is the order of the day, and you can really let your creative juices flow freely, producing unique, relatable and enveloping websites every single time. H-Code includes outstanding features, widgets and elements, totaling in at over 200 and all readily available to drag and drop into the action and customize to suit your behavioral and visual expectations. With amazing transitions and animations, you can make true works of art within H-Code, which will look ineffably seamless and stylish regardless of what device, browser or platform your users are coming in from, thanks to Twitter’s Bootstrap based modular design. H-Code is your soundest ally in expressing your creativity online!

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Brando is an innovative and responsive one page multipurpose website theme. This theme is a fantastic resource for webmasters looking for some creative freedom. With Brando, you get access to a series of resourceful conceptual demos. You can modify these demos with hundreds of custom elements, layouts and shortcodes. Making Brando websites unique and eloquent is easy. With custom headers, footers and navigation styles, your website will stand out. Attractive animations and transitions can be custom styled to your heart’s content. Parallax visual effects make your websites modern and seamless.

Brando’s sleek one page design makes it a hit with mobile audiences. That’s why the Bootstrap framework powers Brando’s total cross-compatibility. Your expressive websites will be rendered seamlessly across all browsers and devices. You will feel free to craft engaging navigational experiences, knowing everyone can enjoy. Endless custom fonts, colors, icons and more are all waiting within Brando. Gorgeous galleries and portfolios showcase your finest creative works to the world. Enticing and minimalist blog layouts let you keep audiences interested with content flow. The AllIn1 SEO Pack makes Brando a powerful search engine performer, increasing traffic. Brando has the tools to take your project to the next level. Check it out now!

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luisa - clean minimal portfolio theme

LUISA is a fresh, clean and minimalist website template ideal for portfolio website. This theme is ideal for creative individuals, agencies and business who want to showcase their stunning works and projects. Its clean and minimalist design allows you to implement any website design that you can imagine. You can easily setup, customize, and run your website thanks to its one click demo install functionality. The WordPress Customizer allows you to modify certain theme elements. Its minimalist appearance makes your content take the spotlight and helps you successfully achieve the purpose of your website (showcase your works, promote, gain more followers or sell). This theme comes with a very fluid layout design that efficiently adjusts on any types of mobile devices. This theme is built based on Bootstrap 3 framework to ensure quick and easy website development.

It includes portfolio post type to let users easily post images and other visual contents with ease. LUISA uses isotope and masonry grid layout that makes your website look clean, ordered and easy to view. Moreover, this theme supports video files so you can also easily share video presentations in your blog or portfolio. This theme also implements AJAX navigation to ensure that your web visitors easily find their desired content. This theme has parallax effects for headers and portfolio sections that will certainly grab the attention of your target visitors. This simple theme is fully optimized for SEO and designed using clean and valid HTML5 and CSS3 technologies. To end, you will never regret choosing this theme because they have an outstanding customer support that could help you make the most of this minimalist yet fully functional WordPress theme.

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Hellen is a stylish and responsive WordPress elegant and minimalist multipurpose website theme. It’s a design-driven platform for articulating eloquent websites. There is no end to what you can accomplish using Hellen. Its modern design pivots around a strong visual hierarchy, well-suited many projects. Bloggers, retailers, magazines, businesses, marketers and professionals love Hellen. It furnishes them with the tools to introduce themselves and their philosophy to all. Seamless visual stylings accompany each of Hellen’s awesome demo websites and templates.

The Visual Composer lets you craft unique layouts within each of them without coding. Extensive portfolio, gallery, showcase and social elements are built right into Visual Composer. Drag and drop anything you want into the action and customize it at will. The beautiful Revolution Slider powers your smooth slideshows. Engage and impress your audience with modern, sleek sliders in a few clicks. Customize them with videos, images or custom featured content. The flexible Content Dock feature keeps your pages dynamic and functional. A professional quality off canvas menu lets you handle mobile users in style. Responsive and mobile-friendly, Hellen looks gorgeous across all platforms. Fast-loading and optimized, nobody beats Hellen’s sheer speed. Check out Hellen today, and see for yourself!

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roua simple and minimal portfolio theme

ROUA is the ideal WordPress theme for people who wish to create an impressive web page. Artists, graphic designers, photographers and illustrators can enjoy its features.  ROUA is very user-friendly, as anyone can navigate its options.

The installation process will not take long, and the resulting website will run on all devices. This theme has its own personality, distinguishing it from its competitors. The secret to personalization is to give customers the option to craft their own experience. This allows you to include important projects, and display them in an enticing manner. Professional presentations will always use some video files, in order to contextualize and exemplify the subject. ROUA has full video support, as clients are free to include whatever they want on their portfolio projects and pages. The developers added several custom templates for pages, which you can add with a few clicks. In addition, your site will benefit from Parallax headers, adding a new dimension to your content.

ROUA is search engines friendly. Even the best sites can be forgotten, if they do not show up on the top spots of search results. That will never happen to you. When creating your site, you may choose to start from scratch, or simply take advantage of the awesome demo data. It serves as a perfect template of what a page should look like, helping your ascension towards success. Some customers may choose to translate their content. Thankfully, sites that use ROUA are WPML-ready, as every line can be displayed in another language. If you encounter any problems, be sure to contact the 5-star rated support team. They can help you to navigate any issue.

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notio clean minimal portfolio theme

Instead of aiming for another mediocre WordPress theme, Natio tries to focus more on quality. It is an E-Commerce Deluxe Portfolio theme that aims to leave its mark on the industry. Notio tries to change the status quo by introducing a full-stack animation library which results in excellent animation that can be displaying on any screen, regardless of the device.

Notio’s pages do not rely on templates, as they are made with the help of the Visual Composer tool. This results in an endless variety of potential layouts, for you and your visitors. You would have to pay an inconceivable amount of money in order to have an agency do construct each individual page. Notio definitely lives up to its promises, and saves you tens of thousands of dollars. This theme has 10 layouts for your portfolio and 8 portfolio detail pages. If you want to create a respectable online store, there is only one way to go: WooCommerce. This plugin is as prolific, as it is impressive. Using it, your merchandise will definitely have a head start.

Another important feature is the Revolution Slider. It is a staple of any successful theme, this Slider can create impressive slideshows, with eye catching animation in-between images. Notio is compatible with WPML, allowing for the translation page. This brings the added benefit of expanding your potential customer base, and building a multicultural community around your site. The installation process is not difficult at all. It only takes one single click and you are ready to roll.

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Contrary to popular belief, creativity does not live in a vacuum. It requires an environment that nourishes thought and expression. However, it can be hard to focus on quality content while handling a cumbersome website. Brixton is a WordPress theme that promises to take care of the heavy lifting. This gives you time to focus on what is truly important: your writing. The site creation and customization process is very user-friendly, and even a child can design a professional blog. You don’t need any coding knowledge to use this theme.

Brixton has multiple post templates: audio, gallery, link, video, and standard. It is possible for site owners to upload their own favicons and logos. In addition, your creative website will benefit from CSS animations and features. Should you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to consult the detailed help file. It contains relevant information regarding all major features. Readers will always appreciate a creative website that does not waste their time. Thankfully, Brixton benefits from lightning-fast loading speeds and a very intuitive interface. Brixton has two main versions: boxed and full width.  Regardless of the version you choose, your page will surely look incredible. You can experiment with different site color schemes since there is a limitless number of color palettes.

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sekko creative wordpress theme

Chic, stylish and elaborative, Sekko is the ultimate theme for passionately innovative individuals. This creative WordPress theme has tons of astounding portfolio and inner page layouts to select from, so you will never run out of options. If you are in need to create the most marvelous online portfolio website, by all means, go all-in with Sekko and see the magic happen. Besides, blogging as well will never be the same again, as you will get more inspired by Sekko’s impressive and functional tools.

How about online selling? This theme covers the base very well too! It works smooth with WooCommerce what unlocks a whole new specter of possibilities for you. Furthermore, never worry about viewing your site from different devices, as Sekko is very responsive and retina ready. Take a peek at Sekko and experience its stunningness.

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brunn creative wordpress theme

Showcase your craft professionally with Brünn; a theme made for agencies and businesses with an artistic side. This creative WordPress theme delivers a practical approach with its designs, to assure so that every dollar is well-spent. Choose from the twelve ready-made gorgeous homepage layouts and extra internal pages to start forming the dream website right off the bat. Play around with its user-friendly, powerful interface and you will find out that this theme is easy to use. Even if you have no skill in programming, you can still succeed greatly with Brünn.

Overall, Brünn is the only theme you will ever need, packed with tons of features that will be of great benefit. Make sure you use Brünn to its full potential and modify the web design according to your desire precisely.

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centaurus creative wordpress theme

Let your imagination run wild and free with Centaurus. This creative WordPress theme utilizes an Elementor front-end builder which entails that you can simply drag and drop elements to build a website. In just one click, you can try out any demo that you fancy until you come up with the best design that seamlessly resonates with your project. With more than five hundred different options and counting, you will never get tired of mixing and matching design combos.

Every layout or component is responsive and stunning, making sure your Centaurus website runs smoothly on all devices. Last but not least, language barriers will not be an issue since you can translate your site in any language, thanks to the .pot files which are part of the package deal. Craft an exciting online portfolio, start a compelling blog or even sell items online, Centaurus is here to satisfy all your needs.

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electric - creative portfolio wp theme

Websites usually fall into one of two categories: those with niche specialization, and those that can fit a variety of roles. Surprisingly, Electric is a WordPress theme that an easily adapt to both roles. It can meet the requirements of any job, accommodating both new users and experts. Electric is an exceptional product, and it should be your first choice, if you are looking for a reliable, quality WordPress theme.

Electric is the theme for everyone, as it eliminates those difficult, steep learning curves. It will give you the tools required in order to craft an amazing site. It is refreshing to see such a versatile product, available for such a modest price. You can add or remove practical shortcodes, adjust the layout design, and alter the home page. This theme can suit your preference, and your needs. After you finished the installation process, you can enjoy the 8 distinct portfolio designs. You can implemented them on your home page and inner page. Further customization is possible, thanks to the revolutionary Page Builder.

There are often many compatibility issues when attempting to display content of smaller, mobile screens. Problems like cropping around the corning and stretching beyond the screen are quite prolific. Thankfully, Electric gets rid of any inconvenience due to the fact that it is fully responsive.

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If you want a WordPress theme that is brimming with the potential, Pile is your ideal choice. It sports a somewhat unconventional look, representative of the creative community that usually it is aimed at. As if the 15th of November, the theme is at its 1.3.1 version, signifying an attentive developer team will is sure to update and support their product in the future.

If you want to sample their content and see what it’s about, a live preview is available on the website. The price is quite affordable, considering the versatile features that it puts at your disposal. The creators added an online documentation source that allows customers to learn more about the theme.

The overall design of the theme has a refined flexible and daring feel, making it the ideal skin for those seeking to establish a creative website that truly stands out from the competition. You can access the organization of your page, given the drag and drop interface feature.

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koncept innovative minimal portfolio theme

Regardless of how detailed a written review is, it cannot match the demonstrative power of a simple live preview. If you wish to see what this theme is about, you may access a live preview. KONCEPT is a theme that offers an excellent solution for those that need a strong portfolio.

Its overall design has a simple, minimalist and elegant style, based on an impressive modular concept. The portfolio grid itself is based on the masonry style. The plethora of options, shortcodes and features assure a versatile experience. The developers aimed this theme for web pages but you can still use this to adapt on many other roles.

If you want to commercialize your service or product, you can freely use the Woocommerce plugin support included in this theme. This plugin serves as an industry sweetheart when it comes to safe online transactions. Koncept can surround all of your arts and creative solutions with quality and display it in gorgeous high fidelity.

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corpuse - creative portfolio wordpress theme

Corpus is an incredibly flexible, amazingly powerful, lightweight and intuitive WordPress responsive multipurpose theme, built with the needs of all sorts of webmasters in mind, from personal to corporate and commercial, sizes big and small, who share one common characteristic—a relentless creativity, often stifled by restrictive options when trying to find a simple way to build your website solution. This theme is the answer to those expressive prayers—it is the embodiment of creative freedom in the form of a WordPress theme, capable of twisting into any shape you need with WPBakery’s drag & drop Visual Composer and the pliable Redux framework. Tons of shortcodes, widgets and features are available and customizable to your heart’s content.

Whether you’re building a recipes blog, a freelance photographer portfolio or a game developing studio, Corpus has everything you’ll need, from an incredible Featured section that can be wholly customized in shape and size and can include maps, videos, images, you name it, to tons of blog and portfolio options, CSS animations everywhere, incredible sidebar options and liberty in terms of number, content, placement, behavior… Corpus is as thorough as it is comprehensive in the vastness of the array of choices it makes available to you. Let your ideas run free, backed with Corpus, today!

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Creativity is a very intangible and ethereal property. It comes and goes as it pleases, and an artist’s job is to channel his creative states as soon as they arise. Quality WordPress themes like Fashion Blog must be able to provide an environment that encourages and nurtures the artistic spirit. This product has a charming and intuitive layout that is sure to attract many readers to your content. You do not need to be an expert web developer in order to benefit from Fashion Blog. The installation and customization process has been greatly simplified, due to the inclusion of demo content.

With a single click, you can swiftly import pre-made content. After the setup stage is complete, users can shape every page into something that matches their vision. The developers made this possible by including the extraordinary WordPress Live Customizer tool in the theme. Additionally, you can have a live preview of the changes you made before you implement them. Fashion Blog has completely eliminated all resizing errors, and users can access it from any device, operating system, or web browser. This can make your job easier, given that you can now work from anywhere, at any time. Despite its power and versatility, this theme remains lightweight, practical, and simplistic.

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Throne is a wonderfully designed, visually attractive and appealing, dynamic and engaging, modern and technologically savvy, vibrant and colorful, aesthetically clean and minimalist, fresh-faced and accessible responsive WordPress minimal multipurpose theme, a sophisticated, elegant and refined theme that has been jam-packed with a series of powerful and impressive widgets, features and functions in order to enable Throne to effortlessly handle a wide range of website needs, but that has been kept extremely easy and intuitive to customize with potent and resourceful options available that empower webmasters of any skill level to produce extremely professional and polished websites that perfectly match their vision.

That is why Throne reigns supreme amongst creative WordPress themes, and it is an outstanding solution for all sorts of creative websites, from artists and photographers to musicians and performers, from illustrators to designers and many more—if you dabble in the creative fields and need a website that can properly allow for your self-expression to take place unhindered by hassling or distracting redundant elements, Throne’s refreshingly light user interface and visual language will sweep you off your feet. Built on a Bootstrap framework, Throne makes sure that you can seamlessly display your carefully designed webpages across all devices capable of accessing the internet.

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bridge expressive multipurpose business theme

Bridge is a nifty WordPress theme that includes a versatile QODE slider, and a page builder that is both powerful and user-friendly. Your users will have an easy time cycling through your content, thanks to the transitions that can be seen between content pieces. These transitions are fully animate with impressive effects.

The video background is another big selling point of Bridge, as it really makes your page come alive with motion and color.

All of your content is retina ready, and you can display it on high-resolution screens. Bridge includes a multitude of shortcodes and a custom mega menu. Check out the live preview to see this theme in action, and see if it’s right for you. The rate is affordable, and the amount of content means that you will be getting a pretty big bang for your buck.

It features a main master theme, along with 54 incredible, user-friendly demos.

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brooklyn productive creative one page theme

This is one of those creative WordPress themes that developers constantly maintain and update. This almost guarantees continuous improvement and the eradication of potential issues. Brooklyn is able to display your content in both multi-page and one page setup. The amount of content that is available more than justifies the modest, reasonable price. It has 12 pre-made demos, 7 styles of global header, 6 home hero types, and an unlimited number of page styles.

The package is WPML certified, allowing for the translation of your content and broadening your potential reach and market demographics. It is obvious that the developers spent a lot of time making a theme that can stand up to scrutiny, and generate positive results for clients. It takes only one single click to initiate the installation process, thanks to the aptly named One Click demo installer. This product is great for large companies, or smaller passion projects. The range of applications are limitless.

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Given that there are thousands of sites created each second, you need something that makes you stand out. Himmelen is an excellent creative WordPress theme, capable of enhancing your website. It allows you to express your individuality though a series of wonderful options and features. Regardless of your niche, your content will look incredible.

Customers will be able to treat their page as an empty canvas, customizing every aspect via the Advanced Himmelen Control Panel. Despite its power and versatility, the panel is very user-friendly. There is no need for HTML or CSS3 expertise, resulting in a very intuitive experience for all users.  There are 3 basic menu positions, each with its own style: Footer, Top, Header and Canvas. The layout offers cross-browser compatibility, and the developers built it using Bootstrap 3. Your entire site will be Retina-ready and responsive. Smartphone and tablet users will experience no problems while browsing from their devices.

Of course, your creative website will benefit from limitless color options. You may design your own scheme, or implement one of the 12 pre-designed skins. There are multiple header variations, and different footer styles. For new users, they provided a detailed and informative Documentation source. It offers to guide you through the installation process.

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moon - creative photography theme

It used to be the case that programmers and web developers would dominate the online market. With Moon, that is no longer true. This WordPress theme does its best to accommodate those who have no previous experience. Its theme layout is very user-friendly and intuitive, aiding and guiding customers as they construct their website.

Although its versatility allows for any application, you can best use Moon for enhancing the pages of creative blogs and portfolios. An extensive documentation source offers to assist users, while gif snippets and video tutorials complete the experience. There are multiple format variations for each of your posts, and the possibility to include audio files from networks such as SoundCloud. You can feature videos from Vimeo and YouTube as well.

For a more interactive and impressive browsing session, users can overlap their photos on a world map. Your visitors can view all of your photos by clicking on a specific location. You will also be able to display a list of your available services, and determine their price. Do not forget to encourage potential customers and you have a much higher chance of winning them over. Thankfully, Moon can facilitate appointment booking, giving you more information about their required service and time schedule.

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hazel successful creative portfolio theme

A great indicator of an adequate WordPress creative theme is that it overwhelms the potential customer with a huge amount of handy content. If you wish to experience what Hazel offers, you can look for the live preview on the developer’s site. In the context of 3 editions, 35 demos are available, spread out in the Hazel, Hazel glass and Hazel gold categories.

This theme is easy to customize because it lets you make plenty of choices regarding the aesthetic and functional aspect of your future page. You can create something that fits your vision, and you don’t have to be a tech savvy programmer in order to achieve it.

All of your icons will be retina ready, and they can show up on high resolution displays without any compatibility issues thanks to Hazel’s fully responsive coding. The theme also includes an unlimited number of layouts for title areas and headers, along with a full screen men and sticky menu content.

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stockholm resourceful multiconcept theme

The developers pride themselves in developing a theme that is genuinely a multi concept product. If you want to see what Stockholm is all about, check out one of their 20 stunning multi concept demos, or the live preview feature. These will probably inform you regarding the quality of the product, and how it can aid to climb those search engine rankings. The developers made the admin panel user friendly, so you don’t need a large amount of coding. Even a child can create and manage a successful website, if Stockholm is the theme of choice.

Upon purchase, you are not getting a static, unchanging single product In fact, you can expect plenty of updates and support, free of charge. The overall design features a large amount of attention that they placed on detail, along with extensive documentation regarding theme installation and use. All devices can access and display the sections of your page, with every element being fully responsive.

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specular quick witted creative portfolio theme

When you name your product Specular, it better be good or you risk looking foolish. Modestly priced and well balanced, this theme is versatile as it can work with almost all types of creative websites. An interesting trend has developed among the WordPress community, where the developers release some really comprehensive demos, allowing customers to make informed decisions regarding their purchase.

For example, Specular offers you some preset demos that cover a multitude of activity niches. You can modify the Minimal, Business, Agency, Medicine, Portfolio and Restaurant demos to fit user specifications before you even decide to buy them. This accurately shows the capabilities of the theme, without any financial risk on the customer’s part. You can efficiently resolve any issue using the support forum developed by the community. If you are relatively inexperienced with page building, the developers also released some awesome theme documentation files that you can read online with no download required.

Overall, Spectacular lives up to its name due to the powerful customization features, preview options, and strong user accessibility.

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nantes eccentric minimal woocommerce theme

To be honest, Nantes is a bit more expensive that other WordPress themes. The question is obvious: Is this theme worth the few extra dollars that it asks for? The short answer is yes, given that it is a highly creative corporate and eCommerce theme. When in doubt, check out their live preview for more information.

The developers were kind enough to add some 4 demos, including Blog, Corporate, Portfolio and Shop configurations. Try them out and decide what is best for your web page. You can your own versatile and stable online store by using the implemented Woocommerce plugin.

This theme includes a login and rating system, along with the possibility to add some advanced reviews. The general direction in which your theme will go, is totally up to you. Do you want it to be focused on the eCommerce side of business, or do you want an impressive corporate or agency page? Regardless of your choice, Nantes can support your dream with its features and well programmed interface.

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rosie crisp creative wordpress portfolio theme

Rosie is a fully responsive creative WordPress Theme that appeals to bloggers, photographers, writers and the like. Corporate firms will find this theme priceless. Say hello to awesome design features like parallax effects, transparent menu options, full page scroll and motion backgrounds.

You can view fonts from a preset standard online. There is an added option to import or export whatever you deem fit. The creators built Rosie with a user friendly AJAX based operating interface. You get to update your theme for as long as you have it!

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