Arduino Based Piano: Step By Step Guide

>>> Make Your Own Arduino Based Piano in a Step by Step Manner, learn and have fun Practicing Arduino <<<


Welcome to this course.

This Course will teach you how to Make your own Arduino Based Piano at home using Few switches a buzzer and Tone functions, This Guide will take you in a step by step manner to know what each component is, why we use it, and what it does and how to wire it up, starting with the basics of Arduino and ending with Firing Piano Sounds using Buzzer.

You will know what is the actual working principle of Buzzers and Speakers, what is Tone Function and how to interface – wiring -and code all parts correctly so that you can Play Piano Sounds using different buttons in which each of the buttons will fire different tone depending on Your Code.


After this course, you will be able to make your homemade very own Arduino Based Piano and the choice is yours to use it and apply it with any application that comes in your mind that might include:

– Piano Sound Player

– Alarm System


All connections are explained in details, and you can choose the sound level for each tone and the number of Piano buttons to be used.


Goal From This Course:

– Make your own  Arduino Piano that works efficiently and effectively.

What you will learn in this Course

– How to make Arduino Piano.

– How to Deal with Sounds and Tones Using Arduino.

– How to set Each Piano Tone.

– How to interface Buttons with Arduino.

– How Arduino Can make your life easier.

– How Program, burn a code and wire Arduino.

– What are the right tools that you need to start making amazing projects?



Who this course is for:
  • Arduino Geeks
  • Electronics Geeks
  • Anyone Interested in Learning How Piano works
  • Anyone Interested in Learning How to Output different Voice Tones using Arduino
  • Anyone Interested in Learning New Things about Arduino
  • Anyone Interested in Learning How to make Arduino Based Piano
  • Anyone Interested in Microcontrollers

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