Asynchronous JavaScript

Become an expert in Asynchronous JavaScript, Callbacks, Promises, Async/Await, Generators & The Event Loop

What you’ll learn

  • Ace any asynchronous JavaScript interview question
  • Spend less time chasing down bugs in asynchronous code
  • Write fast performant JavaScript applications
  • Understand complex JavaScript concepts


  • Be familiar with `git` and be able to `git clone` repositories from github
  • At least a basic level of Javascript, you must have written an app or two already.
  • Doesn’t need to be an expert in Node but must know what it is and be comfortable running JavaScript in Node


Do you know what’s wrong with this code? Can you fix it without moving the last variable up the page?

function doAsyncTask(cb) {

doAsyncTask( () => console.log(message) );

const message = “Hello I am a teapot”;

If you’re not certain then this Asynchronous JavaScript course is perfect for you.


Understanding the asynchronous nature of Javascript is key to mastering the language.

This course is designed to take someone with a beginner level knowledge of async programming and turn them into an expert.

We do this by starting off very simple, explaining the core concepts.

Then step by step adding in layers of knowledge, punctuated by quizzes and coding challenges to cement and your knowledge before moving onto the next section.


I promise you’ll end this course an expert in asynchronous programming in JavaScript, with knowledge most other experts don’t even have.

You’ll ace any JavaScript interview questions related to asynchronous code.

You’ll spend less time chasing down bugs in async code.

3You’ll amaze your colleagues and friends with your level of knowledge and expertise in async programming.


I will explain what async and sync code really is, the advantages and disadvantages of each.

We’ll cover in-depth the various asynchronous patterns in JavaScript including Callbacks, Promises, Async/Await and even Generators with plenty of exercises to practice what you’ve learnt.

In the end we’ll go deep into the event architecture itself,  you’ll know how async code is actually implemented in these applications.


The ideal student for this course is someone with at least a basic level of Javascript, you must have written a few apps already.

You’ll also need some familiarity with node and be comfortable on the command line.

But everything else I will explain from first principles.Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who is a little confused with asynchronous code
  • Anyone who wants to know what the differences are between Callbacks, Promises, Async/Await and Generators
  • Anyone who is interested in writing fast performant code in Node or Browsers.
  • Anyone who wants to know what setImmediate really does?
  • Anyone who wants to know when requestAnimationFrame is run?

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Last updated 7/2018
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