Blockchain Implementation with JavaScript

Learn and create a simple Blockchain in JavaScript to demonstrate how technology with cryptocurrencies work internally

What you’ll learn

Almost everybody now has heard about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but few people actually know how the technology behind these work. In this tutorial we will create a simple Blockchain in JavaScript to demonstrate how they work internally. The training will include an introduction to Blockchain and to learn how traditional business network work. Then we will move on to tracking ownership with/without blockchain and key business benefits. We will be learning the followings:

  • Building Trust with blockchain
  • Why it is called Blockchain?
  • Transaction records with blockchain
  • Working of Blockchain
  • How are Bitcoin and Blockchain different
  • Propelling Business with Blockchains
  • Blockchain in Action: Use Cases
  • Steps to create Blockchain Application
  • Decentralized Applications
  • Structure of Smart Contracts
  • Etheureum
  • Geth and Installation
  • NodeJS and Solidity
  • Solidity Data Types
  • Creating Blockchain with JS
  • Analysing Output of Blockchain in JS
  • Checking if Blockchain is Valid through JavaScript
  • Proof-of-work in Blockchain
  • Mining of Bitcoin
  • Generating headers in Bitcoin
  • Solving the Proof of Work Problem
  • Overview of the structure of Block
  • Transactions of the Blockchain
  • Bitcoin NodeJS
  • Bitcoin Part 4- Create a Brain Wallet
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