[NEW] Amazon EC2 Masterclass (Auto Scaling & Load Balancer)

AWS EC2 is the fundamental core component that every AWS Professional should know about. If you know nothing about EC2 or feel you could learn more, this course is for you!I guarantee you’ll learn something on EC2 you wish you knew all this time. In this course, we will explore in-depth, with hands-on lectures, all the components of Amazon … Read more

Web Developer Bootcamp with Flask and Python

Welcome to the Web Developer Bootcamp with Flask and Python! In this course, you’ll learn how to build and deploy dynamic websites using Python, Flask, MongoDB, HTML, and CSS! If you want to share your projects online and become a full stack web developer, you’re in the right place! I will teach you the latest … Read more

Introduction to Testing in Go (Golang)

Writing unit tests and integration tests is one of the most-neglected aspects of software development. All too often, a developer will find him or herself say “but it works on my computer!” when a project is presumed finished, only to discover that once taken out of the development environment, things don’t work as expected. Well … Read more

Tech Explorations™ Raspberry Pi Full Stack Raspbian Course

Welcome to Raspberry Pi: Full Stack, a hands-on project designed to teach you how to build an Internet-of-Things application based on the world’s most popular embedded computer. This is an updated and improved remake of the original Raspberry Pi Full Stack. This course will expose you to the full process of developing a web application. … Read more

Oseke Academy™ Getting Started with Electronics Design Course

What you’ll learn Oseke Academy™ Getting Started with Electronics Design Course Understand the Basics of Electronics Design Learn About Common Electronic Components and When and How to Use Them Get Comfortable With Using Tools Such As Digital Multimeters and Breadboards

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) From Ground Up™ in C

With a programming-based approach, this course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the most useful aspects of Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in an engaging and easy to follow way. The goal of this course is to present practical techniques while avoiding obstacles of abstract mathematical theories. To achieve this goal, the DSP … Read more

PCI DSS Compliance : The A-Z™ Information Security Course

The perfect course to get started with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. A detailed understanding of each of the sub-requirements and how they will be assessed is essential for PCI DSS compliance. It doesn’t matter whether you know the payment card industry data security standards or you are a security professional, this course will … Read more

Machine Learning Classification Bootcamp in Python

Are you ready to master Machine Learning techniques and Kick-off your career as a Data Scientist?! You came to the right place! Machine Learning skill is one of the top skills to acquire in 2019 with an average salary of over $114,000 in the United States according to PayScale! The total number of ML jobs … Read more

AWS and Linode: The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing [IaaS]

This course offers a comprehensive guide for aspiring cloud practitioners interested in learning the complete lifecycle of virtual instance deployment and configuration on popular cloud platforms like AWS and Linode. The course starts right from the basics, where we explore various cloud computing service models. This includes infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, … Read more

AWS, JavaScript, React | Deploy Web Apps on the Cloud

Welcome to our latest course. Here, you will learn how to deploy fully scalable React web apps on some of the most powerful cloud computing platforms available, including AWS and Linode. The course starts with exploring the foundations of cloud computing where we dive into a comprehensive overview of the three main cloud service models. … Read more