SQL – MySQL Masterclass: Learn MySQL and Database Management

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (DBMS) that has experienced phenomenal growth in popularity and use. It offers the power of a relational database in a package that’s easy to set up and administer, and this course will provide all the tools you need to get started. In this course, you’ll learn methodically, … Read more

SQL with MySQL for Beginners & Non-Technical – Easy, Simple

Cut the unnecessary jargon and learn SQL with mySQL in a simple and easy way.Data is a critical part of any job these days. Having SQL skills will help you accomplish many of the data task that your job requires. Whether you are trying to add new skills to enhance your career or looking for … Read more

PHP for Beginners Course

Are you wanting to get into Web development, but are not sure where to start? So maybe you tried out some PHP and MySQL tutorials on Youtube, but found them too hard or outdated, and feel that you need a more comprehensive introduction. Maybe you want to learn how to write PHP the right way.  Secure code, OOP … Read more

The Complete PHP MYSQL Professional Course with 5 Projects

Have you ever wonder why there are so many PHP Mysql Courses but they offer very few practical skills. Even though if you search on Udemy the longest course will only offer 1 big project. Sometimes it’s difficult for beginners to understand the long project right after learning basics due to lack of practice. Furthermore, big courses just give … Read more

PHP for Beginners to Inventory POS Sales Project – AdminLTE Course

NOTE : COURSE PROJECT IS ABOUT TO COMPLETE Requirements You need to just a Computer or Laptop with Internet Connection and DESIRE to learn programming in PHP. You have to knowledge of Bootstrap, HTML5 and CSS3 basic principles for project, You can find free course for bootstrap , HTML5 and CSS3  on UDEMY from scratch. It’s … Read more

PHP MySQL Master from Scratch with Projects Course

In this course. You will learn PHP MySQL Master from Scratch with 10 Projects. I use PDO (PHP Data Objects). Also, I explain to work with MySQLi. No Doubt You will get to know everything about from the beginning level to advanced. Course Outline for PHP MySQL 10 projects in this Course. Don’t need to learn basic from … Read more

Create A Guestbook From Scratch: PHP and MySQLI Course

Do you want to become an expert backend web developer? Or maybe you’ve got a solid understanding of HTML and CSS but still, aren’t sure how all this PHP and MySQLi relates to the real world? If so, this course is perfect for you! In this course, I will teach you to step by step … Read more

Build a simple forum in PHP and MySQL Course

In this course, we will be building a simple forum that includes a login page, registration system, posting system and posts displaying system. We will be explaining every step we make in depth, as the steps we will make are ordered in a neat form so you can comprehend the sequence of the information, also … Read more

Complete PHP and MySql Course: From Beginner to Professional Course

Become Expert in PHP & Mysql only in 7 Hours. This is the comprehensive PHP course on Udemy. You will learn everything from the basics to more advanced PHP programming using real world examples. This Dynamic Web Development with PHP and MySQL training course will give you a working understanding of these important technologies and show you … Read more

Build a News Portal Website from SCRATCH using PHP and MYSQL Course

What you’ll learn Build a News Portal Website from SCRATCH using PHP and MYSQL Course How to create a news website from scratch Taking the project online Neat way of coding in PHP File Management PHP Programming Build a news website using php and mysql Build a website Write PHP like a PRO