Fundamental of Electrical Power System Protection – Freecoursesite

Protection & control systems are a critical part of the transmission & distribution systems that feed power to megacities & industries. This course aims to introduce all of the basic principles associated with electrical power systems protection with examples. freecoursesite I have tried my best to include a practical example from the field as I … Read more

Krav Maga The Complete Knife and Stick Certification Course.

The course “Krav Maga The Complete Knife and Stick Certification Course” is the solution you ask for for all the attacks and threats that you can face in the streets with knives or sticks. In the course, we will demonstrate and teach you all the defenses in the most common attacks that you can have … Read more

Learn python: Basics + Advance + GUI programming Course

Learn python: Basics + Advance + GUI programming Course Learn python in detail— Basics + Advance(Object Oriented Programming) + GUI programming (Mega Course) What you’ll learn Learn python: Basics + Advance + GUI programming Course learn Python language in detail (Basics + Advance + GUI programming (tkinter)) Object Oriented Programming – Class and Object, Inheritance, … Read more

Sanctions Compliance Bootcamp – Including AML/KYC Lectures

Did you know that the single highest fine for sanctions violations was for the unbelievable amount of 8.9 billion US-dollar? In 2015, the French bank BNP agreed to this penalty and pled guilty to settle charges it concealed roughly 8.8 billion US-dollar of transactions with countries like Sudan, Iran, and Cuba. Click Me For Joing Our … Read more

Autonomous Cars: The Complete Computer Vision Course 2021

Autonomous Cars: Computer Vision and Deep Learning The automotive industry is experiencing a paradigm shift from conventional, human-driven vehicles into self-driving, artificial intelligence-powered vehicles. Self-driving vehicles offer a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution that will dramatically redefine the future of human mobility. Self-driving cars are expected to save over half a million lives and generate enormous … Read more