Python Deep Learning Recommendation Algorithms

We’ll start with tried-and-true recommendation algorithms built on neighborhood-based collaborative filtering before moving on to more cutting-edge approaches like matrix factorization and deep learning using artificial neural networks. You’ll learn about the problems you might run into when using these algorithms on a large scale and be able to use real-world data based on our … Read more

Mastery of Core Python Programming in 99 Days | 2022

Learn Python programming in 99 days with assignments, problems and solutions, real-world examples, and theoretical concepts. Anyone interested in learning how to construct Python applications successfully should take this course. Python has a number of standard libraries that let you work in any field and get the functions you need, such as web development, AI, … Read more

Build a Real World Project in Python with Django

You are cordially invited to the Python Django 4 Masterclass, where you will learn about Django and make a useful project. The most widely used programming language in the world is Python, if not the most. Python programmers are in high demand as a result. Many Python developers—possibly the majority—use Django as their preferred web … Read more

Complete Microsoft Playwright Python Training

You will learn Playwright, the newest and fastest-emerging automated testing tool, in this course. It is an open-source test automation library that Microsoft contributors first created. A cross-browser automation library for end-to-end testing is called Microsoft Playwright. Playwright aims to provide developers and testers with a common API to automate their online applications across the … Read more

Python Tool Development Training with PySide

There are various ideas or technologies that you should have a fundamental grasp on before you begin learning Pyside. The fundamentals of Python come first. The library is the second item. To make it easier for you to discover everything, these requirements are listed at the beginning of the course. But it’s usually best for … Read more

The Full Python Tutorial (2022)

Hello and welcome to the Python course. You will study Python and its principles in this video course. In this course, we have covered both fundamental and advanced Python concepts. It covers subjects like functions, classes, and objects, the dictionary, lists, sets, tuples, and more. It has 25 parts, 83 lessons, and 200 live-running source … Read more

Learn how to build Android apps using Python

Do you wish to develop mobile applications for Windows, Android, and iOS devices? Thus, you are at the proper location. In this course, you will learn how to use the Kivy library to build a mobile weather app that works on all platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and Mac. By the conclusion of the … Read more

Python Tutorial: How to Create Neural Networks

This course has been specifically created to teach students how to create and train deep neural networks with no previous experience. Many students don’t have 8 to 9 hours to sit in front of a computer screen and study the fundamentals. We sometimes need to pick things up as fast as feasible. And this course … Read more

Learn Python From Scratch to Master Object-Oriented Programming

Python is a programming language. Python is a programming language that was made for both people who have never coded before and experienced programmers who want to learn it to improve their careers. In reality, Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, and major corporations like Google have found … Read more

NumPy & Pandas Masterclass: Python Data Analysis Tutorial

This is a hands-on, project-based course designed to help you master two of the most popular Python packages for data analysis: NumPy and Pandas. We’ll start with a NumPy primer to learn about arrays and their properties, practice common operations like indexing, slicing, filtering, and sorting, and look into important ideas like vectorization and broadcasting. From there, we’ll … Read more