The Complete Hands-On SwiftUI Apps Using Firebase – Free Course Site

Firebase is the most popular backend in the mobile community and it is used in thousands of iOS apps. In this course, you will learn how to integrate Firebase into the SwiftUI application. You will build several SwiftUI apps which will use Firebase Authentication, Firestore, Storage, and Real-Time Updates. This is a fun course with real-life hands-on coding projects. … Read more

Simple iOS Chat App in Swift 4 & Firebase 4

In these courses, students will be able to build their own Simple Chat App. The Simple Chat App can be used in iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone 10We will use the new programming language of Apple Swift 4, the new Google database Firebase 4, and the new programming tool … Read more

SwiftUI – The Complete Cookbook of Code – and SwiftUI Bible Course

Welcome to “SwiftUI – The Complete Cookbook of Code – And SwiftUI Bible” This is a SwiftUI reference guide and cookbook of code for everything SwiftUI (note – this is not a project-based course) My name is Steve DeStefano, an iOS / macOS developer, and working together with the brilliant programmer J.D. Gauchat, I have … Read more

SwiftUI Animations – Animate almost anything with SwiftUI 2

SwiftUI Animations – Create smooth and engaging animations with SwiftUI. This is a fun course with many projects for any skill level…ranging from easy, to intermediate, to advanced, that explore and use various kinds of animation. All you need is a working knowledge of the Swift language, and you’ll be right at home here. Using … Read more

UITableView Swift course for iOS Developers * Swift 5 Course

Learn how to create and configure UITableViews in iOS Apps using Xcode 10 and Swift 5. Improve TableView knowledge. What you’ll learn UITableView Swift course for iOS Developers * Swift 5 Course Useful information and understanding of how to implement a UITableView in your iOS App How to Create TableViews from scratch and configure UITableView … Read more

SwiftUI – The Complete Guide – Build iOS Apps with SwiftUI Course Site

SwiftUI is the new declarative, modern Development Framework by Apple.  It was created to bring the modern programming and design paradigms to a new level – so that without any hassles, developers, and designers of all levels, we can prototype, build and ship stunning apps. SwiftUI is revolutionary in that, it focuses on a declarative syntax, that … Read more

NEW: Level Up in iOS Auto Layout (Swift/Xcode) – Course Site

NEW: Level Up in iOS Auto Layout (Swift/Xcode) – Course Site How to build iOS applications using iOS Auto Layout in Swift What you’ll learn NEW: Level Up in iOS Auto Layout Swift/Xcode Course Site How to layout UI components that will adjust for size and orientation How to leverage Auto Layout to layout and … Read more

SwiftUI Cookbook – Over 100 Recipes for Building iOS Apps

SwiftUI is Apple’s new framework for building next generation iOS, macOS, watchOS and tvOS applications. If you have been developing apps using UIKit then you will find SwiftUI to be quite different. This course is designed to teach you SwiftUI in the form of small tasks called recipes. Each section will cover different aspects of … Read more

Swift Video Diaries

Introduction: This class is for people who are just starting to learn how to program. It’s a good course if you want to learn how to write code in Swift and make great iOS apps. I’ll show you how to build great apps. If you take this class, you will learn good coding habits that … Read more

Introducing maps with MapKit in SwiftUI

The Map view entered the SwiftUI universe with the introduction of iOS 14. The view of the map has an integrated map interface. You may use the map view, which shows an area directly in the SwiftUI view. You may show or monitor a position in the map view, as well as interact with the … Read more