Laravel8 classified ads web application – Freecoursesite

The best way to become a pro software engineer is to build real-world projects just like a classified ads web application- A place to buy & sell products. This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Laravel by making a project. Laravel is an open-source PHP framework designed to make developing web apps easier and … Read more

Vue 3, Nuxt.js and Django: A Rapid Guide – Advanced

Learn how to create an Ambassador App using VueJS, Nuxt.js, and Django Rest Framework. We will build 3 frontend apps Admin, Ambassador, and Checkout and they will consume a big Django API. In Django you will learn: How to create APIs with Django Rest Framework Use Docker Create protected routes Login with HttpOnly Cookies Login … Read more

Vue 3 and Deno: A Practical Guide Course Site

Learn how to create an Admin App using Vue 3 and Deno. In Deno you will learn: Use Typescript Object-Oriented Programming in Javascript Create public and secure routes Connect with MySQL Run Migrations Generate Jwt Tokens Use HttpOnly Cookies In Vue you will learn: Use Vue with Typescript Use Vuex How to use Composition API … Read more

Vue JS Essentials with Vuex and Vue Router Course Site

State management with Vuex? Yep.  Drag and drop image upload? Covered!  Authentication with OAuth2?   It’s here! If you’re looking to learn Vue, Vuex, and Vue Router in record time you’re in the right place!  I built this course to help you understand Vue in a fraction of the time that other courses require.  You’ll find absolutely no filler content here, only direct, … Read more

Learn InertiaJs using Laravel and Vue – FreeCourseSite

This is a comprehensive Course that describes Scratch as to how InertiaJs works and how to integrate it with Laravel and Vue3. The Course is based on VILT Stack. The Course is currently divided into 3 Sections. In the first section, we will understand the Basics of InertiaJs. Some of the topics that we will … Read more

The Ultimate Authentication Course with Django and VueJS

In this course, you’ll learn how to keep your VueJS and Django app safe. You will learn: Use the Django Rest Framework to connect to your site. Make sure your Django site is linked to MySQL. Use Access & Refresh Tokens Use HttpOnly Cookies Send Emails Using 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) with Google Authenticator, you … Read more

Vue JS 3: Composition API (with Pinia & Vite)

If you already know how to use Vue 2 and the Options API, this course will teach you everything you need to know to switch to Vue 3 and the amazing new Composition API and get started with them. I’m an independent app developer and the creator of Fudget, which is the best-rated personal finance … Read more