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This course is a Project-based course and involved coding in C at every stage of the course. 

Beginners to Intermediate level audience can opt for this course.

This course assumes that you have done the UG course on – Theory of computation and at-least you know the basics.

Doing such Project-based Courses develop the critical skill of translating a real-world Problem into a Computer Algorithm.

I guarantee, you will love the final product of this Course, and you will play around it like it is your favorite toy.

Whatever you learn through my courses, you learn from absolute ground level. This course does not violate the principle and teaches you how to FSM library step by step from absolute scratch – No framework, tools, supporting libraries or anything – just pure programming language of your choice is enough. Emphasis is on learning the concepts, not fancy tools.

No Third-Party libraries

Whatever logic you implement, you need to implement it from scratch, beginning from #include . This course does not suggest taking the help of any third-party library to get the jobs done. The use of external libraries completely defeats the purpose of the course.

Who this course is for:

  • Students who have passed their 3rd semester of UG
  • Working Professionals
  • Job seekers for Development Roles
  • Enhance Critical thinking of software designing
  • Content From:
  • Building a RegExp machine Course

Coding Project – Programming Finite State Machines – Course Site

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