Directory of Metro colors including their HEX, RGB, CMYK color codes

Some two weeks ago guys behind Bootstrap front-end framework released Bootstrap 3. Since I was using Bootstrap 2 before for several of my projects I decided to give it a try to build some test project. I didn’t have a lot of idea what that could be as most of my effort these days are around WordPress themes. The very first thought where to build Bootstrap 3 powered WordPress theme but after quick research I dropped this idea. The thing is that there are so many Bootstrap powered themes that it would be pointless to create another one.

I dropped the idea for Bootstrap testing for some days until I started to work on new theme where I decided to use Metro UI style and Metro Colors. I did some Googling and found that there are no one good resource where information about Meteo colors can be found. This led me to new beta project – Metro color directory.

List of metro colors

I gathered 18 Metro colors and created a document that contains all the information about these colors starting with short description all way up to binary RGB codes. The main goal of Metro color directory is to keep all the information about Metro colors in one place so designers can easily find these colors and use them for their work. Personally I already found this directory very useful when creating my WordPress themes and I hope other will too.

Along description and preview of each and every metro color there are total of 14 colors codes for each color. Here are list of all of color codes provided:

Metro color codes

  • Hex color code
  • RGB Decimal
  • RGB Percent
  • CMYK
  • HSL
  • HSV (or HSB)
  • Web Safe
  • XYZ
  • xyY
  • Hunter-Lab
  • RGB Binary

This project is in early stage and if you have any suggestion on how to make it better, please let me know on comments below. Any feedback and recommendations are welcome.

Meteo colors were introduced with Windows Phone and Windows 8 and become very popular because of entire design concept which involves flat design elements alongside nice looking colors. Microsoft has received a lot of complaints about drastic changes they have made in Windows 8 but people are slowly getting used to it and flat Metro UI style and colors are trending in web and graphic design.

Don’t wast times on this and go and check Metro colors in action on my latest project where I tested Bootstrap 3. Needles to say that website is mobile device friendly and fully responsive to any screen size.

In case you are not familiar with front-end web framework called Bootstrap you can find more information about it here.

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