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Microsoft has dropped Aero glass transparency, start button and start menu features from Windows 8 operating system. Even though according Microsoft, the recently released Windows 8.1 update is largely based on consumer feedback, it has only restored the Start button and users who would like to get other features have no option but to use third-party tools.

While there are over a dozen software out there to disable the Start screen along with all modern features and enable Windows 7-style Start menu, there are only two software available to enable Aero glass feature in Windows 8.

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As you probably know, Aero Glass for Windows 8 is the only software out there to enable true Windows 7-style Aero glass in Windows 8. WinAero Glass, the other software designed to enable Aero lets you enable Aero without blur-effect.

Big Muscle, the developer behind Aero Glass for Windows 8, has just released the first public version of Aero Glass for Windows 8.1 and is now available for download.

For those who have upgraded from Vista or Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 by skipping Windows 8, Aero Glass for Windows 8.1 enables the missing Aero glass transparency in the newest version of Windows. This free software not only enables Aero glass but also adds rounded corners to windows and glow effect.

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Since it’s a pre-release software, Aero Glass for Windows 8.1 isn’t available as an installer. As with the case of Aero glass for Windows 8 pre-release builds, you have to download the zip file containing all required files and then manually install the library into Windows by following the instructions provided on the developer’s page.

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Even though installing Aero Glass is relatively simple, it requires editing default Registry values. We recommend you create a restore point before installing Aero Glass so that you can easily revert to the original settings with a few mouse clicks.

Please note that the current version of Aero Glass for Windows 8.1 is compatible with 64-bit Windows 8.1 machines only.

Download Aero Glass for Windows 8.1

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