Hacking the SAT Math: Complete SAT Math Prep Course

 This course is designed to help you master the math portion of the new SAT through math hacks and math fundamentals. The hardest part of the math SAT is understanding what the question is asking you. In my course, you will learn how to read the SAT math questions and how to solve all the problems that the SAT can throw at you along with a study plan.
I have spent five years teaching SAT classes and tutoring students on the SAT Math. I have practiced hundreds of problems and narrowed down the most common problems on the SAT and the easiest way to solve them. All of my students have improved their scores after tutoring with me and I am going to share my techniques with you in this course.

What are the main topics in this course?

  1. How to read sat questions
  2. Quick mental math tricks
  3. Test-taking tips
  4. How to get x by itself
  5. Overview of math fundamentals
  6. Slope
  7. Graphs
  8. Ratios
  9. Probability
  10. Percent Increase/Decrease
  11. Geometry problems

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