How to Create a Basic JavaScript Calculator

Making a basic javascript calculator

What you’ll learn
  • Students will learn on how to make a basic html, CSS and Javascript calculator
  • Basic HTML structure
  • How to style an HTML calculator
  • How to use basic input tags to display an element
  • How to manipulate and operate the DOM
  • How to use the switch statement
  • How to use the substring method in javascript
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, Javascript and CSS.
  • A smartphone, computer or tablet

This course is about making of a basic javascript calculator

  1. It involve making the HTML structure
  2. It also involves using the input tags, form tags  and using the input tags to create buttons and the display
  3. Making the calculator body I.e using HTML and inline javascript
  4. It also involves the calculator using CSS
  5. It also involve using the switch state
  6. It also involves using the substring method


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Who this course is for:
  • Students learning about HTML, CSS, and Javascript
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