How to Put Hollywood smile on Face and its Benefits?

Do you know what a Hollywood smile is? How can it be done? Are there risks and positives associated with it? All this and more, you will know in the following article.

We have noticed in the past years that people tend to take care of their teeth more than before, or even imitate celebrities with respect to the smile of Hollywood, as they have become most interested in obtaining finely aligned and bright white teeth.

But what is the Hollywood smile and how do we get it? Is there any tax due to obtaining it?

What is a Hollywood smile?

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The beginning of the Hollywood smile is a very thin Veneers peels that are specially made for each individual, then placed on the front side of the tooth with the aim of:

  • Improve his shape.
  •  Permanently increase its whiteness.
  • Thus improving the general shape of a person.

 These scales change the color, shape, size and even length of the teeth, in line with the patient’s jaw and mouth shape.

Usually, these crusts are made of Porcelain, it is a material that is able to resist stains, and it very closely reflects the nature of the tooth, to be more like a natural smile and not artificial.

Why resort to a Hollywood smile?

Resorting to this type of smile is mainly for cosmetic purposes, but of course, Hollywood’s smile and these porcelain scales can address some dental problems, which are:

  • Teeth that change color and stain with some stains.
  • The presence of large cosmetic fillings between the teeth, which lost their color and became different from the color of the neighboring teeth.
  • Teeth that have been broken.
  • Teeth that have deviation or are not equal in size and length and in shape incompatible with other teeth.
  • Teeth that contain voids between them.

How do you get a Hollywood smile?

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The decision to obtain a Hollywood smile is followed by three visits to the cosmetic dentist, which are distributed as follows:

  1.  The first visit to the doctor is for the purpose of counseling.
  2.  The second and third visit to the doctor is to make the scales and then install them.

Steps to prepare and install

Obtaining a Hollywood smile and scaling may not include all teeth, and the doctor may only install these scales on the front teeth only or those teeth that suffer from the aforementioned problems.
Steps to get a Hollywood smile to include:

1- Diagnosis and treatment planning

This step includes explaining to the doctor about the results expected by the patient, the doctor also examines the teeth to make sure that the scales fit the patient, and explains to the person the mechanism that will follow.

2- Preparations

Preparing the teeth to place the scales on them involves removing 0.5 mm of enamel on the surface of the tooth, which is close to the thickness of the scales that will be placed on the tooth.

Then the doctor makes a model for the scales by sending them to the laboratory, this process takes approximately 1-2 weeks.

3- Experience and completion

Before the final scales are placed, the doctor will place them on the patient’s teeth to confirm the color and size, as he will be able to fine-tune the scales as required if they are not appropriate.

After making sure of that, the teeth will be cleaned to permeate the scales permanently using a custom adhesive, and then the doctor will place waves of light intended to fix the scales.

The doctor may ask the patient to return after a few weeks to check the gums and confirm their reaction to the new scales, in addition to checking the location of these scales.

Pros of a Hollywood smile

Having a Hollywood smile and scaling ensures that the patient has the following advantages:

  • Provides a beautiful view of the teeth.
  • Ceramic crusts are resistant to various stains, and therefore remain white for a long period of time.
  • Peels help  obtain a beautiful smile,  while correcting some of the aforementioned dental problems easily and free of pain.

The downsides of Hollywood smile

As for the downside of Hollywood’s smile, it includes:

  • It is not possible to remove scales and return to teeth as normal without scales due to the removal of  the enamel layer  from the teeth.
  • Peels are costly.
  • The crusts are usually irreparable if cracked.
  • Teeth may become more sensitive to drinks and hot or cold foods because of the enamel stripping.
  • The color of the scales is not subject to change after application, so the appropriate color should be chosen carefully.
  • Peels can fall off, so the person who put them off should stay away from some habits such as:
  1. Nail-biting.
  2. Biting the pens.
  3. Dental ice breaker.
  4. Open cans with teeth.

Important information about Hollywood smile

Here are the most important information you should consider before deciding to place the peels:

  • Scales usually remain on the teeth between 5-10 years before they are replaced.
  • Peels don’t require any extra care, but you should continue brushing your teeth with the brush,  floss and mouthwash as usual.
  • Although ceramic scales are stain-resistant, your doctor may advise you to reduce the amount of food and drink that causes these stains on teeth,  such as tea and coffee.

Before deciding to get a Hollywood smile and putting peels off, you must know all the information on the topic. Talk to your doctor at length and ask all the questions in your mind.

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