Learn MS SQL Server 2017 With Db Design Techniques

With real time data base designing techniques, SQL, Joins, SPs, Functions, Views, Transactions, Triggers and lot more…

What you’ll learn
  • By the end of this course you will be in a position to do the following :-
  • Creating, Altering And Dropping DataBase Creating Tables
  • Primary Keys, Identity Columns and Unique Keys DataBase Diagram and Creating Relationships between tables
  • DataTypes In SQL Server
  • Insert Statement, Update Statement and Delete Statement
  • Select Statement with Top(), Order by, Where, in, not in, between, not between and Like Clauses, Aggregate Functions like Sum(), Avg(), Min(), Max(), Count() etc.,
  • DateTime Functions Like getDate(), Day(), Month(), Year(), DateDiff(), DateAdd(), etc.,
  • Group By and Having Clause with Joins Like Inner Join, Left Outer Join, Right Outer Join, Full Outer Join. Implementing Joins Like Inner Join, Left Outer Join, Right Outer Join, Full Outer Join.
  • Creating Stored Procedures With No Input And Output Params Creating Stored Procedures With Input And No Output Params Creating Stored Procedures With Input And Output Params and Creating Functions
  • Need MS Sql Server express of any version higher than 2005 installed on your system.

Q: Is it possible for me to learn query writing against MS SQL Server database, even if I don’t have any basics of DBMS?

A: Yes! you can learn and this course is perfect for those who are absolute beginners in MS SQL Server technology. In this course we are going to learn every thing from scratch i.e., right from installing MS SQL Server management Studio, creating database, tables, understanding relationships, performing basic insert, update, delete and select operations, using basic builtin functions till all types of joins.

We will also understand how to write different kinds of stored procedures and user defined function. Then we will go for writing sub querieswhich includes scalar, multi valued and correlated sub queries.

Moving ahead we see the programming logic in query writing using T-SQL and understand how to write conditional statements in your large complex stored procedures. And finally we will try to understand the advanced concepts like viewsscope identity functiontransactions and triggers.

So, I ensure you that you will enjoy each and every minute of the videos by learning something new

Topics Covered are :

  • Introduction-Database-Table-Keys (36:14)
  • DataTypes-ForeignKey-DBDesign-Techniques (37:26)
  • Insert-Update-Delete-Select Start (37:42)
  • OrderBy-Where-String-Aggrigate (48:11)
  • DateTimeFunctions-GroupBy-IntroToJoins (40:46)
  • Implementing 2 And 3 Tables Joins (24:16)
  • SelfJoin-Union-Simple-Correlates-SubQueries (34:26)
  • Views And Common Table Expression (CTE) (31:25)
  • StoredProcedures-Functions (33:00)
  • Table Variables – Transactions – Slowly Changing Dimensions – ScopeIdentity (36:26)
  • Triggers – Admin Tasks – Assigment (34:00)
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